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Finally, Filipa Portela has been essential for her practical help and artistic input, and much of the tricky logistics of concert organizing was made easier thanks to my family. Questions about experimental music will continue to be asked: why should composers, musicians and artists consider themselves ‘experimental’ at all? how can the word ‘experimental’ quilt an otherwise disunified field of artistic enquiry into a meaningful project? what role can this body of music play in our lives? Nonetheless, Glasgow Experimental Music Series has worked hard to bring people together, to share creative ideas and aesthetic experiences, and to have fun. Gregor Forbes

Glasgow Experimental Music Series Sounds – People – Together

Tomorrow Night GEMS Composing Experimental Music Workshop 6-8pm at The Project Café, free entry Limited space, so please email in advance to register your interest! glasgowexperimentalmusicseries@gmail.com A free workshop open to everyone and anyone, with or without musical experience, requiring only a curious and creative mind!

Cover image is page three of the score for Lauren Redhead’s Entoptic Landscape Glasgow Experimental Music Series wishes to thank Hinrichsen Foundation and Enterprise Music Scotland for their generous support.

The Project Café Saturday 9 February 2019 19.00-20.00


Welcome to Glasgow Experimental Music Series!

Samuel Vriezen – Crawling

It is with great satisfaction, and more than a hint of sadness, to announce that Glasgow Experimental Music Series will be on indefinite hiatus after this weekend. Since the very first concert we organized, before the Series had a name and when it was nothing more than a humble showcase of student work, GEMS managed to put on 14 concerts and featured a total of 71 different compositions by 34 different composers, from the earliest generations of self-declared experimentalists like John Cage, Christian Wolff and Alvin Lucier to bold and unconstrained young composers like Juta Pranulyte, Patrick Shand, and Henry McPherson whose musical training was brought to a peak in Glasgow and who are now venturing onto a larger stage internationally.

Lauren Redhead – lines that have been drawn on photographs of sculpture Patrick Shand – with commentary (first attempt) Lauren Redhead – entoptic landscape Jolon Dixon – RGB

[GEMS commission]

Gregor Forbes – Colour Fields

[GEMS commission]

We are very happy to have commissioned Patrick Shand to compose a new work for tonight’s concert, as well as Jolon Dixon, a composer from New Zealand who studied in Edinburgh, whose sensitive, thoughtful and radical ideas about musicianship, art and life are very close to the emotional life of Glasgow Experimental Music Series. Some of the first composer/performers to be involved with the Series deserve a special mention for their open-mindedness and enthusiasm, without which GEMS would very unlikely have continued: Samuel Beagles, who is now well known as a free-improvising bass trombonist, and Rory Comerford, who has recently released his stunning solo album Blues for Maria. More recently, it has also been wonderful to have support and creative contributions from wonderful composers who live locally in Glasgow and Edinburgh such as Emily Doolittle, designer/sculptor Neslihan Tepehan and artist Ewan Pearce.

Performers Gregor Forbes, piano, synth Rebecca Pericleous, violin Matthew Jansen Giraldo, clarinet, bass clarinet Emi See, piano

The Series has of course benefitted immensely from the outstanding talents of a huge number of Glasgow-based musicians who have performed in these concerts through the years: 41 of them, to be specific, many of whom have become regulars. They have kept this rather niche form of music-making alive in Scotland. Furthermore, a few small, inexpensive and friendly venues in Glasgow have been essential: above all, The Project Café, where we performed our first official gig on 6 June 2015, but also The Pipe Factory and The Old Hairdresser’s. Having some funding from the Hinrichsen Foundation and Enterprise Music Scotland in the past year has helped enormously to take the Series to a more professional level, and I want to thank Björn Heile and Alasdair Campbell of AC Productions for their help in this regard.

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GEMS - Sounds - People - Together (9 February 2019)  

Glasgow Experimental Music Series Sounds - People - Together

GEMS - Sounds - People - Together (9 February 2019)  

Glasgow Experimental Music Series Sounds - People - Together