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Open to the public for all your pet feeds and needs


Whe or mor ms ÂŁ25 food ite non

Open 7 days a week!

Monday-Saturday 8.45am to 5.30pm and Sunday 10.00am to 4.00pm

01724 271371 29 Warren Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincs, DN15 6XH

Bakers Adult Beef or Chicken 15kg

Only ÂŁ19.99

Butchers 12 Tins 400g ÂŁ5.99 Layers Pellets 20kg Chicken Feed ÂŁ9.95 Mixed Corn 20kg Chicken Feed ÂŁ9.75

Beta Adult All Flavours 15kg

Only ÂŁ21.99

Wafcol Salmon and Potato 15kg

Only ÂŁ39.45

Wafcol Beef or Chicken 15kg

Only ÂŁ25.50

Scan me with your smart phone to jump directly to our website!

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Great quality Great value

Great choice



Scunthorpe Market • Market days Friday & Saturday • Food Hall open 6 days a week

Ashby Market • Every Thursday

Now with 1 hour FREE parking For more details email: call John Fullerton on 01724 297815 visit

Come and discover traditional butchers, a fishmonger, quality fruit and vegetables, delicatessens and bakers. Shop for clothing, homewares, gifts, accessories and much more!

Scunthorpe History - the Market You might guess that Scunthorpe Market has been around for quite a few years – but did you know that in fact it goes back some 100 years?

Bacon Charlie’s is a household name in Scunthorpe and a market tradition that stretches back 100 years. Richard Neilson now runs the stall, but the original Bacon Charlie was his grandfather who ran the business until his death in 1960, aged 83. After his death, the business was kept in the family, being run by Charlie’s wife Ethel, then their daughter Joan and her husband and finally his grandsons, Richard and Robert. This tradition has led to generations of shoppers staying loyal to the family business. don’t forget glanford advertiser when you call delivered toto 21,mention 700 homes and offices monthly

Born in London in 1877, ‘Bacon Charlie’ had been at Scunthorpe market every Friday and Saturday since 1922. He estimated that he sold between 2 and 3 tons of bacon a week, and at peak periods as much as 10 tons.

Fruit and Veg More recently, Rooke’s Fruit and Veg is one of Scunthorpe Market’s best-loved stalls and for over sixty years it has been serving happy customers with fresh, quality produce. Established by the Rooke family in 1947, it catered for the growing post-war desire for fresh produce as rationing drew to an end. When the New Market Hall opened its doors in 1969, G Rooke’s ‘The Salad Bar’ moved to its present position at the entrance to the Food Hall. Generations of shoppers have called into Rookes for their weekly supply of fruit and vegetables, coming back again and again for the great quality and choice. More recently, the stall was taken over by Luigi Scatola whose 20 years of experience as a greengrocer and Sicilian passion for quality ensure that customers receive the same high standards and friendly service they have come to expect from the Rooke’s name.

Present Day Last year, at a cost of £150,000, a new town centre car park with spaces for 100 vehicles opened on the doorstep of the Market. The car park offers free parking for one hour. Couple the addition of the new car park with improvements to the rear of the Old Market Hall building and Scunthorpe Market is a force to be reckoned with and in a better position to compete with the likes of online retailers in the economic downturn.


You can be your own boss with a stall at Ashby Market for less than £10 per week! don’t forget to to mention glanford advertiser you call delivered 21, 700 homes and officeswhen monthly

The place to be... Great choice, great value With a great mix of stores, eateries and entertainment, The Parishes Shopping Centre, Scunthorpe is the place to be for the latest fashions, household items, perfect gifts and bargains galore.

/theparishes (01724) 857888 Fenton Street, Scunthorpe, DN15 6QX

Family Cafe Eat in, or take away it’s your choice! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!7!!!!!!!3.30!!

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““ Stephanie has been delight�l to deal with. Her professionalism is a credit to her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mark new territories with bespoke design and branding from ParrotDog

““ Stephanie was enthusatic and good to deal with - the results were great. Very happy, thanks Stephanie!

My nage is Sgephanie, and I'g barging gad abggg design! Wigh severag years' experienge in design fgr pring and web, I gan prgvide a sgigg seg ranging frgg brgghgre design, gg gggg design, and agg ghe way

parrotdoggggggggggggg parrggdgggwixgggg/parrotdog

gg videg prgdggtign, ghere's ngghing ghag ParrggDgg gan'g dg fgr yggg


whgge range gf serviges fgr sgagg and garge bgsinesses agigeg Wigh a

don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call

From Mums to Murders

GA interviews leading Lincolnshire writer, Stephen Wade GA: Where were you born? SW: In Leeds. I moved to Scunthorpe in 1974 and worked for 20 years at North Lindsey College teaching English. GA: How many books have you written? SW: 67 up to now. I wrote my first book in 1987 and I am currently working on a new book about the life of George Grossmith who was a Gilbert & Sullivan star in Victorian Times. I started writing poetry aged 17 and I still enjoy writing poetry. GA: Biggest influence on your work? SW: The 16th Century poet John Donne. GA: Greatest achievement as a writer? SW: It was working in prisons, where I was involved in a scheme called ‘Storybook Dads/Mums’, linking people inside to their children by book-sharing and writing to each other about the books they read. I was given an award for that. GA: Biggest selling book? SW: Unsolved Yorkshire Murders. That was a ‘Waterstone’s Choice’ one year. GA: Any other writers in the family? SW: Yes! My wife writes Romantic Fiction for Mills and Boon. I believe she is now on book number 60. GA: Present company excepted, have you met any really famous writers? SW: Yes. I have met and interviewed quite a few, including Melvyn Bragg, Seamus Heaney, Brian Patten and Roger McGough. One year I arranged for Roger McGough to come and speak at North Lindsey College and hundreds of Scunthorpe folk turned out to listen to him in the Main Hall. Stephen has written many books on subjects spanning crime, the paranormal, genealogy and the military. A number of his books are focused on Lincolnshire people.

More information on Stephen and his books can be found on his web site at delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly


Find Impy - win money! It couldn’t be easier! Find the little Impy images like the one opposite which are hidden in several of the adverts in GA if you find the right number then you could win £50 in cash! Handy for the weekly shop or treating a loved one!

Who’s Impy? Impy is GA’s variation on the Lincoln Imp which is the symbol of the City of Lincoln. The Imp is a well known emblem of the Cathedral and the City, to the extent it has been adopted as the symbol of Lincoln and by the 1930’s was established as the nickname of the local football club. The Imp began a commercial life in the late 19th century, when local jewelers, James Usher and Son began advertising a range of ‘charming and very appropriate souvenirs of Lincoln’ featuring the Imp. Lincoln Imp merchandise is still available today in the Cathedral’s shop. Recently, Lincoln Cathedral received a surprise when a carved wooden replica of the famous Imp was received through the post – all the way from Western Australia! To add to the mystery, the letter accompanying the Imp was brief, stating that it was being returned as its custodian had died and that it was removed on behalf of the cathedral during one of the wars. Experts in the Cathedral’s Works Department believe the Imp is a Victorian copy and is at least 100 years old…

How to enter the competition Find the total number of Impys hidden in adverts in this magazine. Email your answer with the subject as ‘Impy’ and including your name and contact telephone number to The winner will be selected at random from all correct entries and announced in the May issue of Glanford Advertiser. don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call

CONTACT: 01724 846883 delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly

History of the mobile phone Forty years in the making... We’ve all got at least one, some have several. But when did we start using mobile phones? You may not believe this but in The States the first mobile phones were used in cars as far back as 1946. The first hand-held mobile phone came into being 40 years ago, demonstrated in 1973 by two chaps from Motorola, John Mitchell and Dr Martin Cooper. It wasn’t quite as ‘mobile’ as the phones we know today, weighing in at around 2.2 pounds – and it cost $3,995! The first commercially available phone arrived in 1983 with the launch of the DynaTAC 8000x, a phone that cost $100 million to develop over a ten year period.

Between 1990 and 2011, around 87% of the World’s population were using a mobile phone with subscriptions increasing from 12.4 million to 6 billion!

Do you remember the early phones? Did you own a ‘brick’? What is your first memory of using a mobile? Send us your stories/comments and we will print the best ones in our next issue.

Contact us don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call

10 10

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly



don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call


delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly

Sat 25th to Mon 27th May



£2 each inc drink and some food

don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call


Hilstonia &26&453*"/

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly


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Gembec Dancewear

Specialist Dancewear shop catering for all styles of Dance children through to adults. Ballet – Jazz – Contemporary - Ballroom - Gymnastics

Winter Clearance Sale still on 282, Ashby High Street, Scunthorpe,

North Lincolnshire, DN16 2RX, Tel: 01724 289989 Opening hours: Tues, Thurs, Friday: 10am -5pm. Wednesday: 10am – 1.00pm Sat: 9.30am-4.30pm

Closed Sunday and Monday.

Bring this advert for an extra 10% off

Musical Solutions Professional tuition, conducting, arranging, instrument sales & rentals To your door service. Tuition for violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, classical/ electric guitar, electric bass, music theory & help with GCSE/A-Level studies.

Call 07450 341306 or email don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call



Scunthorpe Boxing Club Home Show (19:30 - April 13th, 2013) Our very popular home boxing show is at Redbourn Sports Club, Cemetery Road, Scunthorpe. The clubs boxers have the chance to show off their skills in front of home support and family . These nights are very well attended and always contain exciting and well matched bouts. We are also looking for local businesses to sponsor the fights. For details of the sponsorship package please get in touch

Ticket ÂŁ10 more info please call either Andy Richardson on 07917 715179 Dave Hampton on 07788 902662.

Scunthorpe Boxing Club is committed to providing high quality training facilities and helpful, knowledgeable coaches to all levels and ages of boxers and fitness enthusiasts. With training offered six days a week and even separate classes for girls available it's a great opportunity to get it and, in many cases gain confidence and discipline. With the club operating as a non-profit making organisation session fees are very competitive making it a great, low cost way to get fit ! SO WHY SHOULD YOU BOX ? When this sport is properly coached and supervised amateur boxing can be an extremely fulfilling and valuable experience for today's youth. It should be used as a vehicle to instruct sportsmanship, values of conditioning a positive release of frustrations and energy, as well as building self confidence and character. Amateur boxing can also provide an excellent means of conditioning for the school athlete during the off season. It is the ideal sport for youngsters who are not involved in a school sports program or aren't attracted to team sports. Amateur boxing can also give the young athlete the opportunity to satisfy that basic human need of recognition in a positive manner. All too often this need is met through delinquent behaviour.

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly


Sport Win tickets to the boxing! Enter our free competition to win two tickets to see some great Boxing action on 13 April at Redbourn Club, Cemetery Road, Scunthorpe. It’s Scunthorpe Boxing Club’s home show and it always proves popular – with several exciting and well-matched bouts. The night starts at 7.30pm. For further information on the Club, contact either Andy Richardson (07917 715179) or Dave Hampton (07788 902662) On the web, see

To win the tickets... Email your name and contact telephone number to Make the subject of the message ‘Boxing’. Winners will be selected at random. Good luck!!

don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call


Aries 21st March – 19th April It’s time for a change!! Your restlessness and mood changes are a sign that something needs to be different, and with a New Moon in your sign on the 10th, necessity or boredom will point you in the right direction.

Taurus 20th April – 20th May This month’s eclipse and full moon help you rewrite the rules of a partnership. It’s a great time to revisit a favorite location - the new moon will help you to see the familiar in a fresh light.

Gemini 21st May – 20th June From mid-month, make the most of the feel-good factor and get proactive. You’re in a positive mindset to get fitter and healthier.

Cancer 21st June – 22nd July Life gets a little easier when someone who has been difficult to deal with does an about turn. An eclipse means you won’t stand for any nonsense from younger family members.

Leo 23rd July – 22nd August Recognition connected to a creative project, coinciding with an eclipse, will make people take you seriously, for who you are and what you do.

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly


Turn your interest into income! Visit Virgo 23rd August – 22nd September This is a great time to study something that fascinates you or to take a trip overseas, with holiday romance possible.

Libra 23rd September – 23rd October It’s all about finance and romance this month. An eclipse causes a stir in your money zone making you take a grip on your spending.

Scorpio 24th October – 21st November The first eclipse of the year occurs in your sign, shaking up the way you feel, look, and act, while a new moon in your wellbeing zone kick starts a new health regime.

Sagittarius 22nd November – 21st December Venus and Mars work their magic on your wellbeing while an eclipse clears away the negative thinking that’s kept you from being the best you can be.

Capricorn 22nd December – 19th January Fulfillment lies in your home, family and creativity this month. One of the keys to being happy is to surround yourself with happy people.

Aquarius 20th January – 19th February Home is where the heart is this month after too much time spent working and too little looking after yourself. Ideas on how to maintain the balance will reshape your world.

Pisces 20th February – 20th March This month be more selective about who or what you merge with. Concentrate on things and people closer to home. don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call


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f a e L

Glanford Advertiser don’t only publish magazines – we also offer a very cost effective leaflet design, print and distribution service! Prices start at only £30 per thousand – and we can deliver to any post codes of your choice. Pizza shops, chip shops, Chinese and Indian takeaways… any business can benefit from this service!

For further information please email delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly



JEWELLER TO SIGN UP TO THE GOLD STANDARD Jewellers F. Hinds has offered a Cash for Gold programme in all of its 112 stores for the last five years, with excellent exchange rates but also exemplary management. It is now the first and currently only national gold buyer to have signed up to The Gold Standard, a voluntary agreement that ensures its customers will be treated fairly, will get a good price and will receive free face-to-face advice, item by item. It also makes it harder for thieves to sell their stolen goods as comprehensive evidence of identity is required. The Gold Standard is a voluntary code of conduct for the purchase of second hand precious metal and jewellery, and is a partnership initiative between the Police, Jewellery and Pawnbroking industries. The Gold Standard is endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Trading Standards Institute, National Measurement Office, British Jewellers Association, National Pawnbrokers Association and National Association of Goldsmiths. F. Hinds’ Cash for Gold scheme has the support of the police who have expressed their satisfaction with its practices and endorse it as a model of how a responsible gold buyer should operate. The aim is for the public to be able to see at a glance which retailers meet the Gold Standard and use them in preference to gold buyers who can’t show that they don’t deal in stolen goods.

A list of Gold Standard retailers may be found at: don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call





THE BEST VALUE ADVERTISING IN THE ARE TO MORE THAN 21,000 HOMES AND OFFIC Dependable and trusted local independent publisher FREE professional advertisement design

Nationwide leaflet design, printing and distribution services availa High quality full colour pages from cover to cover All your local community news and events

Packed with features and articles including free entry competition


delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly




D O !





Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 7PT

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For advertising/ editorial call us on 07443 008 349 or 07756 756 156 Fax us on: 0871 233 9440 Glanford Publishing, First Floor, 2-4 Oswald Road, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, DN15 7PT

Make Money From unwanted stuff SELL it here for FREE We guarantee NO CHARGE for listing your item We’ll let you have a picture of your item absolutely FREE

Gifts, Gadgets, Shopping and free to list auctions

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Royal Philharmonic Orchestra J u l i a n b l i s s P l ay s m O z a Rt The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe Sunday 19th May 2013, 7.30pm

Elgar Serenade for Strings Mozart Clarinet Concerto Vivaldi The Four Seasons Julian Bliss Clarinet Duncan Riddell Director / Violin ‘The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra ...remains a force to be reckoned with.’ Sunday Times

««««« «««« «««« Evening Standard

The Times


bOOk nOw! Tickets: £15 - £30 Box Office: 0844 854 2776 Online:

Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe DN15 7RG

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly

win two tickets to see the royal philharmonic orchestra


This is your chance to enter our free competition to win two tickets to see Julian Bliss play Mozart at The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe on Sunday 19 May 2013 at 7.30pm. The winner will get two premium seat tickets worth £30 each. Acclaimed young British clarinettist Julian Bliss takes centre stage at the Baths Hall to perform Mozart’s ever-popular Clarinet Concerto. Composed during the last months of Mozart’s life, it is a work rich in expressive melodies and ethereal beauty. Framing this exquisite Concerto are two works which will showcase the technical skill and luxurious string tone of the Orchestra. Opening with Elgar’s lyrical Serenade for Strings, the programme is completed with Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. In the dual role of soloist and director, RPO leader Duncan Riddell is the ideal virtuoso to perform this much-loved set of four violin concertos. Formed in 1946 by flamboyant maestro Sir Thomas Beecham, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) has enjoyed more than sixty-five years of success, giving first-class performances of a wide range of musical repertoire all over the world with artists of the highest calibre. Under the inspired leadership of Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Charles Dutoit, the Orchestra continues to flourish, maintaining and building on a demanding schedule of performances, tours, community and education work, and recordings. For your chance to win the two tickets simply send an email to advertise@ with the subject ‘RPO’ and including your name and telephone number telling us the year in which you think the RPO was formed. Winner will be selected at random from all entries and published in the May issue of Glanford Advertiser. Good luck! don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call

6 30

Jewellery , dresses and shoes, The dresses are also very affordable, average dress price about £30. In stock at least 70 different styles “we create individuality” Stocking curvy range sizes 16 to 26, as well as children's jewellery we caters for all shapes and sizes

NICKI TEAL Certified international makeup professional specialising in

Bridal makeup Nails & makeup HD brows & eyelashes Hen & pamper parties Face painting & makeovers

Gary’s Videos and Photo Have your wedding day on DVD

Call :- 07809417212

photos into an album or on canvas Mid week weddings welcome Transfer your photos to DVD with music

for a no obligation quote Tel :- 01724 846156 Mobile :- 0775 2969051 Email:

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly


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L AW R E N C E J A M E S B A S E D O N A S U RV E Y C O L L E C T E D O N 2 6 O C TO B E R - 1 N O V E M B E R 2 01 2 Agent 4 11.9% Agent 3 14.9%

Agent 5 10.4% Agent 6 7.5% Agent 7 - 6.0% Agent 8 - 4.5% Agent 9 - 4.5% Agent 10 - 3.0% Agent 11 - 1.5% Agent 12- 1.5%

Agent 2 16.4%



forsale S I G N A N A LY S I S





independenceassured For Sale Sign Analysis confirms that this advert is a fair and accurate representation of the information found between the dates shown. The quantity of For Sale and Sold signs does not necessarily equate to the number of completions.

0845 308 2004 路

Glanford publishing Limited, First floor 2-4 Oswald Road Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire, DN15 7PT delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly

19 33

As nights out go then the local Ctrl'Alt+Del sessions that are held at the local venue Henrys' with all the new style of Garage, House, and Techno a form of electronic dance music (EDM) that emerged in Detroit & Michigan in the United States during the mid-to-late 1980’s. So if you remember those days like me then this would suit you with all the new sounds and with a big mix of the 80's too, the beat really gets you into the swing and your ready to get moving on the dance floor.

Resident DJ's WHIPPS

Mark Barrow & Shaun Crellin are the guys who know their stuff and their crowd too. Doors open @10 and before you could get your drink the beat has you move-in to the groove. WHIPPS has the crowd shouting “Legend” “Legend in the making” and from the look of it!! his fan club is growing all the time- watch out for this guy, another rising talent.

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Hello and welcome to •High specification comfortable, modern touring coaches • Carefully chosen Quality hotels • Experienced friendly tour drivers and Helpful office staff • Excellent choice of destinations •Very well organized door to door pick up service

Door to Door British British and and Continental holidays. holidays. Family run and and established for over over 30 years.

(subject to terms & conditions)

ƔFantastic value for money

Call now for our 2013 brochure


w w


Established 2004

an M off with .O.T. adv this ert

All makes of vehicle serviced and repaired M.O.T Class 4 & 7 on site Fully qualified technicians Computer diagnostics Courtesy car upon request Fleet customers welcome

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly


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What’s on in (and beyond. The Plowright Theatre:

John Stokes’, ‘The Bachelors’ b With a string of hits which inc and ‘Diane’, The Bachelors we harmonies won them fans th All tickets £15. Call 0844 854

Grimsby Auditorium: Su

Pasadena Roof Orchestra The Pasadena Roof Orchestra created over 40 years ago. It h houses in London, New York, Tickets £18. Call 0844 871 76

The Baths Hall: 18 May

The Levellers Their debut album appeared although their key release wa “Levelling The Land” in 1991. T including “Hope Street”,“Julie” All tickets £21.50. Call 0844 8

Town Hall, Hessle Hull: S

Limehouse Lizzy Renowned for an action-pack spirit of Celtic rock icon Philip All tickets £13. Call 01482 648

Market Rasen Racecour

Rasen Rocks 2013 The first Rasen Rocks night fe racing. Children under 5 – free; Child

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly

n and around Scunthorpe ...)?


Friday 19 April, 7.30pm

bring the sounds of the 60’s to The Plowright Theatre clude ‘I Believe’, ‘Charmaine’, ‘The Stars Will Remember’ ere a phenomenon of the 1960s. Their soft Irish hat have followed them for almost half a century. 2776

unday 12 May, 7.30pm

a is a world class, unique formation which was has successfully appeared at major concert Dubai, Berlin Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpar 627

2013, 7.30pm

in 1990, entitled ‘A Weapon Called The Word’, as the song “One Way” and its parent-album They chalked up numerous hits in the mid-90’s ”,“15 Years”,“Just The One” and “What A Beautiful Day”. 854 2776

Saturday 8 June, 8.30pm

ked pyrothechnic-fuelled explosion of a show, Limehouse Lizzy continue to keep the p Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy alive, well and dominating stages worldwide. 8566

rse: Saturday 17 August, all day

eaturing Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. He will be performing a DJ set from the Grandstand after

dren under 18 - £6.00. Call 0844 579 3009 don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call


Fake Festivals returns to rock Winterton on 25th May 2013 Thanks to the success of the licensee system introduced last year, Fake Festivals is back for 2013. More parts of the UK than ever will get to enjoy live music right on their doorstep, and Winterton is again part of the 2013 tour on Saturday 25th May, with early bird tickets already on sale. Now in its seventh year, the Fake Festivals tour will be calling at Winterton Showground once again, bringing with it performances from some of the best and internationally acclaimed tribute bands in the world, including Jilted Generation (Prodigy), Kazabian and Total Stone Roses. Held inside the huge Fake Festivals marquee and boasting a main stage with a state of the art sound and lighting system, 2103 will see Fake Festivals visiting more places in the UK than ever before. “We’ve been performing for eight years bow and there have been so many great moments over the years from performing in Holland and Belgium, to headlining festivals, to playing all over the UK,” says Eddy, aka Keith Flint from Jilted Generation. “We are the world’s only full live tribute band to The Prodigy, and have been fortunate to even have former Prodigy guitarist, Gizz Butt, perform with us as part of our set.” Winterton Fake Festival’s line-up this year includes Jilted Generation, Kazabian and the Total Stone Roses. With previous tours selling out, people are advised to grab their tickets now at an Early Bird price (available until April 25th) either online at or from any of the local outlets listed in the box opposite.

delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly

39 Where to buy your Winterton Fake Festival Tickets • Fallen Hero, Scunthorpe • Martins Newsagents, Scunthorpe • Spar, Winterton • Co-op, Winterton • Nisa Local, Barton Upon Humber • Co-op, Barton Upon Humber • Today’s Local, Broughton Prices Early bird tickets bought before April 25th 2013 Adult (18+ years) £15.00 Young Person (10-17 years) £7.50 Family (2 x Adult, 2 x YP) £35.00 Tickets bought from April 26th 2013 onwards Adult (18+ years) £17.50 Young Person (10-17 years) £10.00 Family (2 x Adult, 2 x YP) £45.00

competition time! free entry, great prizes

For your chance to win a family ticket to the Winterton Fake Festival, simply email Glanford Advertiser on Mark the ‘Subject’ as ‘Fake Fest’ and include your name and contact telephone number. Winner will be selected at random. Competition closes 30 April 2013. don’t forget to mention glanford advertiser when you call

40 Inside marquee, Licensed bar & food

WINTERTON 3 top UK tributes:



– | 5 local support bands:




12.3011.30PM  WINTERTON SHOWGROUND BOX OFFICE: 0800 652 2852

Glanford publishing Limited, First floor 2-4 Oswald Road Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire, DN15 7PT "%6-5ʤ ʥbt:06/(ʤʰʥbt$)*-%ʤʰʥ'3&&t%003bʤ:06/(bʥ LOCAL TICKET OUTLET: FALLEN HERO, 8 COLE STREET, SCUNTHORPE, DN15 6QZ delivered to 21, 700 homes and offices monthly

Glanford Advertiser April 2013  

By locals for locals

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