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KAT MSARKO Kat wears ‘Ice mask dress’ by Ora Trei Designs / Photo credits: Tippy Fizz

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What does the end of the year mean to you? Family and christmas gifts, going back to childhood with tons of candy or rather setting new goals for the upcoming year? We are pretty much shared between these two options; ignoring responsabilities or taking them serious, schmoozing under the blanket or going out to get new projects done, celebrating with close relationships or enjoying fashion capitals with beautiful people by night... Life is all about choices. And at GLANCE Magazine, we understand that the more choices you have, the better you’ll enjoy life. That’s why we are standing by you through the end of 2009, with a magazine packed with top male fashion trends and models must-have. Your favorite designers wish you well in our trends report column, you are going to see the looks to party around the globe and our favorite ensembles for snowy days! Congratulations to Kat Msarko for being awarded as model of the month and a huge thank you to Potnia Theas who joined the agency as official sponsor. Her talent and kindness brought her the status of designer of the month - and her interview is just as sweet as her personality. And without forgetting the Glance’s sim shop of the month, which is nothing else than *Fleur De Lys* (FDL) by Sanders Beaumont. Make sure to visit the store today! You will probably enjoy our brand new column ‘fashion career focus’, that asks the right questions to a singular professional of the industry who is not a model nor a designer. Let’s also hope you like the brand new ‘fashion network’ interview which will showcase talented minds out there who are here to connect people in a stylish way. Simone Peterman was interviewed for this first ever column - his website is all about networking! Last but not least, my thoughts go to my dear and growing staff, Nieve Thor who stands by me for two months already and the brand new editor-in-chief Stacey Foxley. From the editor-inchief to the managing editor, from the stylists to the fashion writters, from show coordinators to top models - all members of GLANCE International Agency team wish you a beautiful end of year, full of glamorous moments. Before we meet again next month, get ready for 2010 this year will be more stylish than any before!


Sfounder/CEO E T R O C Y T y c n T e A ernational ag P glance int

HELLO W ORLD! I the new ed AM ito

r in chief

photo cred it : cheri e parker

GLANCE Magazine Readers, I hope this letter finds you well as we all welcome the official start of the holiday season! I know it may be a little early but this is one of my favorite times of the year. I am very excited that the December issue is here and Christmas and New Years are just a few weeks away! December is a great time to reflect and give thanks and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Patty Cortes for allowing me the special opportunity to join the GLANCE Magazine team as the new Editor-in-Chief. I feel very fortunate and honored to be part of GIA and the wonderful staff who works very hard each month to bring you only the very best in style and fashion. I would like to thank you for reading our magazine and being a part of the GLANCE International Agency family. We are excited about the upcoming holidays and can’t wait to fill you in on our December issue! Most of all, try not to get too stressed this time of year. Remember, it’s a special time to connect with your friends and family, so don’t forget to relax and have fun! See you in 2010! Love,

Y E L X O F Y E C n STAe magazine editor-i chief glanc


es i l f e m ti s m e e s it RE! E H S I R E B DECEM it : brie pinazzo red headshot c

Hi everyone, Day in and day out, without you realize (and I share this feeling), it is almost towards the end of the year. Yup, December is month full of something either wishing for the best Christmas presents or try to prepare your next New Year Resolutions. For this month, I’m so happy that all staff members of GIA Publication have prepared so many things for both of this holiday’s two major events. Some of these things might tempt you! You need to see each and every page and adorn the lovely winter styles or smashing New Year Eve party looks. Thank you to all the stylists for putting together such impeccable and elegant ensembles. I do hope that it is not too late for me to welcome Stacey Foxley as the new GLANCE Magazine Editor-in-Chief. It’s really fun to be working with her while helping getting the magazine ready. Thank you to everyone for making my December ride one heck of fun ride... With love, or vmaegazitnehmoanr ngliane aging edit ce


FEATURES gners wish you well

desi25 international gner of the month

getting to know potnia theas, the designer behind ora trei designs

focus 77style ALEIDA RHODE fashion 89Vintage JORDANNA HAMASKI

ker, the model and the artist. in this issue, cherie shares her thoughts on the fashion industry

MY DECEMBER 09 PROM Our recent graduates share their thoughts

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winner of november 09 contest

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who got the crown? find out in the review of this stylish pageant

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sensual designs, cuban vibes and sexy looks


FASHION TRENDS aymaker presents t stylish line 39

gia proved once again that punk is not dead

13 publisher’s note

patty cortes publisher’s note

POTNIA THEAS Photos credits: amerique silverspar // by Patty Cortes

The first time I visited Kimberly’s shop, I immediately felt in love with the extremely feminine line and its dark and elegant colors. KIM looks like no other shop on the grid, the collection is all about enhancing women’s beauty by underlining the curves and revealing the legs both in a sensual way. It was obvious that GLANCE Magazine cover featured this growing fashion designer, whose talent shines through her high-quality, meticulously executed ensembles. Sultry, glamorous and stylish - thanks to this interview, I found the brand to be just like its creator. I do hope you will enjoy this interview as much as I did! KIM will definitely glam up your life. Hello Potnia! Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do in Second Life ? Most of my time in Second Life is spent designing fashion, however I do make some time to spend with my friends at various events. I also teach design courses, occasionally coordinate events for the Fashion Designer’s Association, and work on various other projects. Where did you get the idea to name your brand «Ora Trei Designs» ? «Ora Trei» means 3 o’clock in Romanian. The idea is a concept of time and trinity: patience, perseverence, and practice. And I just liked the sound of it. What was the first outfit that you ever designed? I do not specifically remember my very first outfit, however my first gown was called «Green Velvet». It was designed for a quickly discontinued label called «RSVP».


Do you remember the feelings when people did start to buy your products? Yes, I was very excited. Even now, nearly two years later I get excited if I see someone wearing one of my outfits. It’s a great feeling to

know that someone else enjoys them. We know that Ora Trei Designs is starting to get more and more recognition. How does you feel about this growing success? It’s honestly a great feeling. I’ve not only worked hard to improve the store’s reputation and recognition, but so have the other members of the Ora Trei team: models and managers. We all get very excited about each new step forward. What would you say set you apart from other clothes shops? There are many fantastic shops out there. I think what helps us get noticed in the middle of all these great designers is the quality of our products, the originality of the creations, and our very wonderful staff who take such fantastic care of the customers who visit. I know you are designing shoes too, tell me, how does it differ from designing clothes? I am working on both a new shoe and hair line right now. I used to think that shoes where the most difficult thing to design until I tried hair. The difference with shoes is it can be very trying at times to get the movement to look natural. This is particularly true with boots. With hair, it’s the time spent coloring it and setting the alpha textures. How did you learn to design fashion for SL ? Is it related to your RL skills ? I learned to design fashion in Second Life the long way. I read tutorials online and practiced for more hours than I could ever count. However, all that time was very worth it. Now when I instruct new potential designers in the courses I can help them take some of the mystery out of things that can’t be found in tutorials. In real life, I am working on a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. Who are some of your favorite SL fashion designers ? There are SO many... I love the work of all the members of



the Fashion Designer’s Association, Apple May Designs, Baiastice, DeLa, Bliss Couture, Miamai, JCNY, Azul and that’s just to name a few. There are so many good ones. I also like many of the darker styles like RFyre, Ambergris, and Violator.

so far ? Ha ha... I couldn’t choose a best really. Any compliment is a good one. (smiles) Now is time for the bad question... What is your worst customer experience as of now ? I think I have been extremely lucky in this area. I cannot recall even one bad customer experience. With the exception of the occasional griefer, we have very nice people come in to the store.

Are you working on new products actually ? There are new designs just about every week. I eventually want to have everything fashion in Ora Trei Designs including skins and accessories. I am also working on sculpt map packs What matters to you most as a in blender and sculpt studio. fashion designer ? What are your future plans for Ora Producing quality designs and constantly improving my techniques Trei Designs? To keep growing! Honestly, I think on and products. Customer service is my feet most of the time. I try to stay also very important to me. flexible and try new things. Some of my long term goals include making Lastly, where can readers buy your more of a connection with Ora Trei to designs ? real life designs : graphic, animation, At the Ora Trei Designs main store and web design. I would also like to (here). Group members enjoy their translate some of the fashion lines I own V.I.P. section where they can buy quality fashions from earlier lines at create to real life clothing. discount prices. The best compliment you received

Find in the next pages the meticulously produced Ora Trei Designs’ latest releases presented by Kat Msarko, GLANCE Model of the Month. Photos credits : Tippy Fizz.


Ora Trei Designs - Firside

Ora Trei Designs - Crave

Ora Trei Designs - Globe

Ora Trei Designs - Dramatique

Versalles Pantsui

Ora Trei Designs - Versalles Pantsuit


Ora Trei Designs - Velvet Tree




// toky e hastings i l u j : s t i Photo cred

SKIN - -DAMIANI- Neo V2 Dark Stubble Hair HAIR - Uw.St AI-Hair type-B size-L black Jacket - *Valiant* Designer Showcase Autumn Suit Shirt - *Valiant* Stripe Summer Shirt 1 Pants - *Valiant* Designer Showcase Autumn Suit pants (+ cuffs) Shoes - Kalnins Shoes - Gallop

SKIN - -DAMIANI- Neo V2 Dark Stubble Hair HAIR - Uw.St AI-Hair type-B size-L chamois Jacket - *Valiant* Ness White Shirt with Undershirt Pants - *Valiant* Belted Blue denim Jeans 2 Shoes - AKEYO_chuck-LT swatch - *chronokit* watch no.33 *Zefu* male 01


ylist del and st o M , r e k a m ray

SKIN - -DAMIANI- Neo V2 Dark Stubble Hair HAIR - Uw.St AI-Hair type-B size-L black Jacket - *Valiant* Black military star shirt Shirt - *Valiant* Julian long sleeved top w/belt 2 Underwear - *Valiant* Julian long sleeved top w/belt Pants - Deviance-plainjane jeans-darkblue 1 Shoes - Kalnins Shoes - Gallop V1.2 Cig - [ hoorenbeek ] Cigarette #7 - Mouth Attachment Glasses - Gudshu Glasses - Block

SKIN - -DAMIANI- Neo V2 Dark Stubble Hair HAIR - Uw.St Hibiki-Hair type-B size-L black Vest - *Valiant* Starfish double Tank top Pants - *Valiant* Skulled Jean Shorts Shoes - AKEYO_chuck-LT Collar - :sey “greed”[guys-Xsmall-]

STYLE WISHES Photos and interviews by Isadora Vayandar / Intro by Patty Cortes

Your favorite designers are wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year! In their position of top content creators, their wishes for the end of the year are of course full of fashion sense and beauty thoughts... Read now what these gifted women have in mind for 2010!


Anyusha Lilienthal Ibizarre For Christmas, I wish for less stre ss, relaxation and to have a few peaceful days w ith all family and friends... no t only are my wis hes for myself, I hope everyone has the chance to get this. Regarding my N ew Year Resolut ions, I want to live life a bit mor e laid back and st ay healthy.

Ml ami Jewell Azu

the following : good My holidays wishes are g time with my family health, peace, and spendin g the holiday season as and dearest friends durin in the new year. we learn to live and grow


Athena Loring


For Christm as, I just ho pe my famil out to when y can hold I get off wo rk in the mo opening pre rning, before sents. Usua lly they don ’t! Ugh, I have a HUGE pro crastination should proll issue - so I y clean that up this com is my new y ing year, th ear resoluti at on. less lazy an d procastina I hereby resolve to be ty!


Rayna Narita cky Ticky Ta

den Labs to do My Christmas wish is for Lin benefit content creamore to protect, support and es and freedom tors... and peace in all sandbox ryone and free for all gor slaves, a tiny for eve lindens. organize my invenMy New Year resolution is to tory and be more productive.

Emma Gilmou r Sand Shack Surf Co

Being in Am eri of my loved ca right now and watc hing a lot ones suffer through this crisis is pre economic tty hard.. es pecially aro of year. I th und this tim ink I’d have e to say that I holiday sea wish for th son to bring is everyone clo and to focu ser together s on loved o nes and fam that there a ily and see re more imp ortant thing s in life. My New Ye ar ’s Resolu tions would to start rele probably be asing for S urf Co. mo (haha) and re regularly to start blo gging my c king endea o oking/bavors. I’ve been mean while and I ing to for a just haven ’t gotten ar (smiles) ound to it.

Ravenlynn Templar LVS&CO

For Christmas, I wish hat everyone who is having a rough time right now, whether it is in RL or SL, have at least a peaceful, joyful Christmas with their loved ones. As for New Year, I have two main resolutions. Number one, to stop and smell the pixel roses once and awhile... take some breathing time between work for once. Number two.. to get my pet project «Designers Who Care» up and running full throttle come the new year.


Stella Semaphore

Cheap Makeup

For SL, my chri stmas wish is to have maybe a bigger shop! Not too big, just a w ee bit bigger, you know, so San ta Claus can fit in side it. I’d like to have some mor e new things up in time for the holidays. And ho pefully some nice Christmas sales and discou nts! And for RL, a good end to this semester of college. Some ne w winter boots and a new coat! And my boyfrien d. ’ve never even do ne the whole New Year’s resolution thing. If anything, I shou ld propably stop eating McF lurries. OMG I L O VE MCFLURRIES!


a Faulkes Tatiaonnn y Fab.p

ver after the hoPeace on earth and no hango ngs and I’ll be a lidays. Yep, just those two thi happy lady this Christmas. nitely to be a My New Year Resolution is defi ink as much. kinder person and not to dr

Fae Erikson Fishy Strawb erry

My christmas wish... Well , I hope that our SL gets better and better, tha t all the elements that make our experience wo rse will disappear: no more lag, no more inven tory loss, no more copybotters or bling. This coming year, I will try to improve my skills and always do what I lik e and what makes me happy, without comprom ising.

berly Flagon Kim Fashion KIM

s is that say that my wishe ld ou w I , as tm is For Chr yself, more happy. For m be to ne yo er ev t an yIw my life about ever r fo n io at ir sp in e I want mor mily, ips, relationship, fa sh nd ie fr n, ig es (d thing to share want more people health, etc). I also ve! kindness. More lo nato do more fashio t an w I r, ea Y ew For the N ble designs.



ur ever




t) ni (Midnigh i M r i a h o M Posh ss Couture* i l ck B * t i f t u O erBoots_Bla h t a e L p U p i Z X_ Boots- ANEX Tan-Dk-Haze a r a S i b m a cB Skin- Atomi s Toapz Blond Hair- !VA!



Gold) hair Mini ( o M h s o P * e iss Coutur k-Shy Outfit- *Bl -Sara-Tan-D i b m a B c i m d o t Skin- A erBoots_Gol h t a e L p U p i Z X_ ns Boots- ANEX Boules brow s e L ! A V ! Hair-




Snow) hair Mini ( o M h s o P * e e iss Coutur _SilverWhit s t o o Outfit- *Bl B r e h t a X_ZipUpLe t-Ice Boots- ANEX -Sara-Tan-L i b m a B c i m o t Skin-A ks Wicca blac Hair- !VA!



R A E B Y hrug/ Pants S E k n i N M a i O l H * Ophe iss Couture

Outfit-*Bl ht) k-Ice Set (Midnig -Sara-Tan-D i b m a B c i m ck o t Skin-A erBoots_Bla h t a e L p U p i Z _ Boots-ANEXX s Viola black Hair- !VA!



in Red Collection e t l e v S m a e R* Snow Dr ed_ Outfit- *DN therBoots_R a e L p U p i Z _ X iren Boots- ANEX nblush-Lt-S u S a r a S i b cBam Skin- Atomi wns Mikido2 bro Hair- !VA!



Photos credits : Janaina Delvalle // Interview by Patty Cortes

Hello Kat and congratulations on being awarded as our December Model of the Month. How do you feel about this title ? I’m overjoyed to say the least! This is such an honor and privilege to be part of one the most prestigious magazines and organizations in all of of SL. How did you get

‘‘I’ve always loved fashion... every aspect of it’’ Designer

into the fashion industry ? I’ve always loved fashion... every aspect of it. So to make the transition from RL to SL was a pretty easy one. I was a model years ago in RL for a short time and missed some of the things about it, so this was a nice venue for me to still have a piece of that from my “former life”. What do you like


about that industry ? It’s ever changing. Something new always comes out of it... and it’s a constant thrill to see new designs and the latest trends hit the SL scene, much like RL. I’ve been eternally blessed being a part of Ora Trei Designs, and Potnia Theas, CEO - the winner of the NFDSL (SL Next Top

Challenge) has been my mentor and teacher. It has been like Christmas every day working for her at her store! Many people think that virtual modeling is easy task. What would you like people to understand about this job ? Ha! Walk a mile in my Stillettos

one day and you just might change your mind, haha! The most important thing for people to understand is that this kind of career takes a lot of dedication, commitment and professionalism. It’s not all about looking pretty and wearing the latest fashions. It is much, much more than that. You have to be a strong person and have

Where did you get trained ? And what is your position regarding today’s modeling academies ? I received my first training at the Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy back in 2007 and was accepted into the Evane Modeling Agency. I had a top notch trainer, Cherie Parker and to this day I hold in such high regard. I learned a great deal

a tough skin sometimes. One would really have to experience it for themselves to really understand all that we go through.. and personally... it’s a labor of love.

and continue to learn each and everyday from some of the best models there are! My advice for anyone who is thinking of doing this as their SL career is this. practice practice practice. There are a lot of really good schools out there..but do your homework and research. Looking back at your career,

‘‘I continue to learn each and every day’’

I know that you are among the veteran top models and that back in your days one would hardly find a modeling school.


could you tell us more about your achievements as a model ? After winning my first modeling contest and getting the cover of a magazine back in Sept 2008, I was hooked! Ive been involved in so many wonderful agencies and organizations since then, it’s hard to name them all here! I feel that I’ve been very blessed

to beauty. How do you define it ? This may sound cliché, but it’s true. Beauty is within. You can be the most gorgeous model out there but if you don’t have professionalism and respect for others then thats all people will see. To have confidence, without being cocky, have wit without being demeaning, and to have poise... even when you

‘‘This may sound cliché, but it’s true. fall off a runway... thats what Beauty is within.’’ haha... people see about

with some great friends and a wonderful husband, Wurlitzer Seisenbacher, Host of the Friday Night Talk show. He has been my inspiration and my main motivation to be the best I can be.

It seems there is a lot of different conceptions when it comes


you and THAT is what beauty is to me. (smiles) To be able to laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously and just have fun! Do you have professional tips to share with aspiring models ? Do your homework. Ask lots of

questions. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Joining the Model’s Workshop group would be the best place to start. Lots of great information to be found there. Monica Balut, CEO, is always willing to take the time to teach and the whole staff is great there! Surround yourself with what you would as-

feeling regarding this nomination? I’m so very honored to be chosen! My gratitude is unmeasurable for Patty Cortes, Herradura Baar (who is another one of my mentor’s - Love you Herra!) and all that have had faith in me!

pire to. Success breeds success. Its true what they say ‘‘You are your surrounding’’. So its important to align yourself with the best agencies, people and organizations SL has to offer.

for the future ? Well I hope to continue on this journey and see where it leads! I will do my utmost to represent GLANCE International Agency to the best of my ability and help anyone I can as many have helped me. Anyone who knows me knows my motto is ‘‘Friends helping Friends’’ I think that is best way to be. (smiles)

‘‘Surround yourself with what you would aspire to.’’

You have been recently promoted Supermodel within GLANCE International Agency. What is your

What can GLANCE Magazine wish you


Aleida Rhode Tell us 5 words that describe best :: Aleida :: quality, unique, clean, beautiful and radical What made you start :: Aleida :: in first place and how you do you see the brand in the future? I grew up with sewing machine in RL since my mother designed and sewed clothes for companies. But I was not interested in sewing myself, only my mother and I shared our passion for fashion. In SL I saw that it was possible to make clothes without a sewing machine - so that got me hooked and cant stop (smiles).

beside clothes. Which do you find more difficult to design? What made you want to branch out of clothing design? Designing skins is a big challenge but surprisingly for me also a lot more of fun. I didnt say that designing clothes are boring since they also give a lot of challenge and fun, but with skins it is so exciting from start to end to see how it fits into your avatar and you will become a character - thats what I am really speechless about. I actually started with designing skins long time before I released my first collection but I never fullfilled them - needed to learn more Photoshop skills to be able to work on designing skins.

Where do you get your ideas for your designs? It depends - mostly it happens like that I see something in RL and say: wow - I must create it into SL, but then when I open photoshop I always end up with something totally different but I think thats what inspiration is all about.

What is the biggest challenge you have found while designing in SL? To branch out and make yourself heard. It is very important to constantly be seen, make something that people want and not because you want. But it is also what I got most out of Where do you come from ? And how has your when the question is about learning experiencculture influenced or inspired any of your latest es in Second Life and since I love to constantly designs? challenge myself so it usually turns out to not I am from Denmark, Europe and my latest de- being a big challenge at a little later stage. signs, for example the skins, they are based on typical scandinavian character/looks with freck- Anything that people have yet to discover about les, so yes in many ways. My clothes are mostly you besides being a clothes designer, skin cresimple and clean - thats also typical scandinavia ator, and photographer? - it is not what I planned to do so, it just came Hummmm..I dont think so.... out like that - partly personal and partly culWhat would you like to say to those who are distural influence I would say. covering you through this interview ? You stated above that you do also design skins Hello, I love you - haha!


ALEIDA TOTAL LOOK Ricca Vintage Plaid Pants– Olive Leija Ballerina – Olive Shoes Karjara- Woolen Cardigan Sweater – Charcol Freya touch of tan – Nostalgia dark eyebrows Modeled and Styled by Kat Msarko Photo by Queroniza Fride

ALEIDA TOTAL LOOK Bjorg touch of light – Gothic Vamp dark eyebrows Leija Ballerina – Charcoal shoes Saga Folklore Flexishirt – Red Lima socks w.lace – Charcoal Karjara-Woolen Cardigan Sweater -Red Modeled and Styled by Kat Msarko Photo by Queroniza Fride

ALEIDA TOTAL LOOK Bjorg – touch of Tan – Seagull Dark Eyebrows Leija Ballerina – Charcoal Shoes Recontre de Automne – Ocean blue Modeled and Styled by Kat Msarko Photo by Queroniza Fride

ALEIDA TOTAL LOOK Freya – Touch of Light – thriller – Dark eyebrows Recontre de Automne – Black Leija Ballerina – Charcoal shoes Modeled and Styled by Kat Msarko Photo by Queroniza Fride

Models M

Photos courtesy of participating models

Being a model is not easy. I once heard a comment from some random that all SL models do is wear clothes and stand on a pose ball. Boy I wish our job was that easy! But every successful model always has a few tricks up his or her sleeve to make the job easier at hand. I’ve had a chance to chat with several of Glances top models to find out what their secrets or “Model Must-have” that make them successful.


One thing that the models are all about is poses. Walking on the runway or creating your own photos,

2 85

having a wide selection of top poses separates the top models of SL from everyone else. I had chance to talk to HoneyBear Lilliehook who stated that great poses are definitely high on her list of “Model Musthave” but it’s important to find unique poses. HoneyBear quoted us “As a model who does a lot of photographic work, I find that having great poses is very important. My current favorite pose store is Poses for Prose and Poetry. Great prices and original poses!” (1) Keeping in touch during runway shows is a must-


s // Article by Herradura Baar



have and using a system that keeps backstage chatter within the group is key. Some systems currently out there will do the trick, but anyone who owns the system can easily listen in including the audience. That’s why Violette Weymann says the “Model Must-have” item she owns is VPC. It’s easy to configure and password protected so only those with the password can hear the conversation. Violette had this to say about VPC - “I believe that a VPC is one of the must-have items of a model. We all know about the disadvantages of the DVC, and using the group chat during a show ends up

to over-input with chat windows the other models that are not currently in that show, who are maybe walking in another one “ (2) For SL Models, it’s always important to keep up a great look even when not on the runway or in front of the camera. For Fuzz Lennie it’s all about the hair. For on the job, Fuzz makes sure she has a wide selection of hairstyles to select from a diverse group of hair stylists. But one Hair Salon Fuzz can count on even at a moment’s notice is her styles from Mirone. We 86

asked Fuzz about why she felt Mirone hair was a “Model Must-have” and she told us this – “I do have a wide variety of hair to choose from all different styles. I usually choose the one the best hair which fits the outfit I am wearing but sometimes I am set for time. So I use my Mirone up do for moments I don’t have time to choose hair.” (3) We had a chance to chat with Honey Bender about her fashion “Model Must-have”, something she has owned since she first rezzed in Second Life - her Artilleri tattoos, a fun way to add unique twist to any fashion look. When I asked Honey about the Artilleri tattoos she said “I bought them when I was fairly new to SL, but they are still among my most treasured items. They are old school color tattoos like Sailor Jerry style, and when I was new to SL I was very much into rockabilly and pinup fashion. They give that great badgirl feel to any outfit - and these days I wear them with anything from bikinis, T-shirts to ballgowns and lingerie.”(4)


For me, Herradura Baar, there is one fashion “Model Must-have” that is the best $50L you can spend in Second Life. I love it so much I’ve bought at least a dozen and sent to my friends and that is Boot Fixer, which can be found on SLX. It’s just so annoying to see your ankles bent in weird positions that are unnatural looking but with Boot Fixers, a simple HUD just worn on oneself, it will straighten out the ankles so your feet and shoes have a much more natural look. I’ve not only endorsed this product, the Boot Fixer creator even used a picture of my Stiletto Moody clad foot as a ‘before & after’ picture. Anytime I see a model with crooked ankles I know he/she has not used Boot Fixer. And Boot Fixer works for all shoes, not just boots. (5)


Jordanna Hamaski Tell us 5 words that describe best Shabby Chic gle prim. I’ll just start creating based on that designs. single thought and the dress just starts to Beautiful, Sweet, Quality, Vintage, Fashion, come together. I love mixing fabrics, colors and patterns, and adding details that make What made you start Shabby Chic in first place the outfit unique and creative. I like to mix and how you do you see the brand in the fu- sculpted prims in so that the outfit has depth. ture? I’ve also begun adding scripts and animaI started Shabby Chic after I visited a western tions to increase the enjoyment of the outfit. role play sim. In order to go in to the sim - you had to dress in vintage fashion. I could only Historical or period fashion design is one or the find dresses that were sexy vintage or uptight rarest that people can find in SL. Is it giving vintage. I was really looking for the ‘Oklaho- you any advantages since Shabby Chics focus ma, Little house on the Prairie, Anne of Green a lot on historical fashion design rather than Gables’ feel in a dress. I believe the every mainstream (current) fashion? day styles of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s I have never thought of designing vintage are beautiful in their simplicity, and stunning in fashions as advantageous, mostly because the their quality. I have already branched out into number of ladies looking for a fabulous late contemporary clothing, furniture, food, build- 1800’s gowns is a much smaller set of women. ings - and I’m looking forward to doing more of So my designs tend to be seen by a much those things. I’m also excited some new real smaller group of people. I really enjoy creating estate adjacent to my current store. I plan to for that group of women, and I find the work have events, and hold clases in that area. I and the customers enjoyable. In that way, its am really looking forward to sharing what my- very advantageous. Its also a smaller comself and others have learned in a public format. munity of designers. I’ve been able to meet We will be planning a series of events and and befriend a number of vintage designers. classes to established designers interested in The SL designers I have met are an amazbranding tips, to new or potential designers ing resource to each other, to bounce ideas who want to learn about creation in second life. off when you can’t get something to work. Where do you get your ideas for your de- I find out you also design other things beside signs? clothes such as shoes & home decoration. I usually get inspired by a fabric or a sin- What is the difficulities between clothes, shoes

and home decoration? And what makes you want to branch out of clothing design? Making shoes and some of the early home decorations were a natural extension of the original business. It wasn’t until I enrolled in the yearlong Certificate of Virtual Worlds Program at the University of Washington that I decided to learn to do everything. I created my first machinima,first animation, tortured my first prim, created my first building and scripted my first door. Mastering the edit menu is still something I’m working on because I love learning, What is the biggest challenge you have found while designing in SL? Time is the biggest challenge to me. I work full time, have a family, and contract for a company in second life. Consequently, I don’t indulge in as much SL exploration any more or socialize beyond those who I come into contact with for business purposes - I just don’ t have the time. Anything that people have yet to discover about you ? I’m a Registered Nurse. What would you like to say to those who are discovering you through this interview ? I hope they have the time to stop by and check out the main Shabby Chic Store. It has a number of interesting unique high quality items. I am running a Christmas Bazaar right now in the adjacent sim. I have invited designers throughout Second Life to put out their merchandise. Lots of unique items in the Bazaar and I hope people have a chance to come by and check it out. In the next pages, find GIA Supermodel Cherie Parker, wearing Shabby Chic delicate creations. Photo Credits: Janaina Delvalle



Shabby Chic F

Shabby Chic


Raven Duches

c i h C y b b a Sh ade en m o r P y a d n u S

Shabby Chic Su enade

e l a y o R c i h C y Shabb

unday Prom-

GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Julie Hastings

What brings me into modeling, is simply my love for fashion and modeling. It is very exciting to bring life and personality to a designer’s clothes or work of art. The whole process from going to casting and getting picked for the show, getting the outfits together and presenting it to an enthusiastic audience whether in the runway or print is simply amazing. I decided to join because GLANCE Model Academy is one of the best in SL after much research. And I want nothing but the best to expand my modeling skills. I have worked with Wicca Merlin before and I knew that I can learn so much from her at GLANCE Academy. I’m the type of model who wants to continue learning as the SL Fashion World is always evolving. I absolutely love GLANCE Model Academy because it’s a one on one learning opportunity taught by a highly trained professional models based on the student’s needs and skills. WIcca is just a wonderful teacher and she has a lot of skills and lessons to bestow even to the highest skilled models today. The convenience of the classes and the easy going relaxed atmosphere makes learning enjoyable yet informative. I have enjoyed my experienced tremendously and I recommend GLANCE Academy to everyone who wants to learn and advance their modeling career. My graduation show was exhilirating. I was put in the PUNK show with many of SL’s supermodels and it was fantastic. From the set design to the outfits and Herradura Baar’s guidance, It was all amazing. I loved every minute of it and wish to model more for GLANCE International Agency! A good model is never ignorant and continues to learn and widen their depth of knowledge. I am constantly learning and looking for opportunities to perfect my modeling skills and grow as a person. I also set goals for myself and constantly strive to meet them. I just want to continue to grow and better my skills as a model. I want to continue to do my best always at every Job. I believe that with hardwork and dedication along with going to a reputable academy like GLANCE and building up a drama free work experience, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Just be yourself and BELIEVE.

RicoRacer Flux


GLANCE Model Academy Portfolio by Julie Hastings

I’ve always been atracted to the art and fashion world and I love the idea of being a canvas for other people’s creations, that’s how I got into modeling. The first person I contacted about modeling ever was Wicca Merlin, who then recommended I speak with Patty Cortes. So appropriately enough I heard about the academy from Patty, heh! After some thought and hearing a good recommendation, I decided that the Academy was for me. GIA is a highly respected name and I trusted them with my modeling education. I don’t regret it. The classes were fantastic. I learned a great deal of stuff that I never thought of before. Having that one on one interaction between student and teacher really helps and Wicca Merlin is a great teacher. My graduation show was fantastic and a lot of fun. We had problems with major lag at first but thankfully it settled down and we put on a good show regardless. I was extremely nervous at first because I wanted to make a good impression but everyone made me feel welcome. My modeling dream is to be signed to a few highly respected agencies, doing big runway shows on a regular basis and booking print jobs for stores and magazines. I know that my training at GIA Academy will get me there because it has already started. I’ve been using what I’ve learned and my modeling career has been picking up. I can’t wait to see where it goes and I owe a lot to GIA for giving me that education.

Seph Ishelwood





ezura xue

THE FUTURE OF FASHION Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? A fashion designer IRL and used to own a fashion boutique long time ago. After getting married and having children, I decided to stay at home full time. With some skills in Photoshop and Macromedia, I started to draw digitally and design websites during my free time. Currently, I only design for my store in Second Life. I grew up in a few countries like Malaysia and Singapore. I also used to work as a flight stewardess and was very lucky to get to travel all around the world and to see other cultures. Currently I am living happily with my husband and two children in USA. Do you have real life skills that helped you in your fashion designer career ? Since what I design right now is only for Second Life, almost all of my drawings are made in Photoshop, when I’m not scribbling on paper here and there. I have used photoshop for 10 years or so. What is your vision on the art of fashion ? Fashion is always evolving from one design to another. I have always enjoyed wearing, designing and experimenting with new fashion in real life or Second Life. Fashion also defines who you are as a person. What is great in Second Life fashion is the fact that I get to be whoever I want when I want. I can be a nerd today and a vampire tomorrow. How long have you worked as a designer ? For second life just about one year. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing ? This is an open ended question. It all depends on the individual’s opinion. To me, fashion has no rules. You are only limited to your own imagination. Quality to one can be a good texturing but to another is how the prim is utilized on a piece of clothing or item. In my designs, I always try my best to be as detailed as possible. I hope the results made my customer happy. When I compare my earlier creations and now, I feel like I have learned a lot because I think I have a better understanding of the mechanics of designing in Second Life. Sometimes I feel like designing and sewing in real life is so much easier, haha! You did your first fashion show with GIA exactly a year ago, how was it ?

I did my first fashion show last year in December when I officially opened my store! It was a lot of fun and everyone that participated were friendly and helpful. At that time GLANCE was new too and I can say they treated me like a pro! I was very happy (smiles.) Where do you find inspiration to design your clothes ? Style of my brand; I called it freestyle. I design what I love, and I love every item I make. More like whatever that popped up in my head. I like new and fantasy style but I also love vintage and medieval style. Isn’t that like almost all of them? (laughs). Fashion is my passion. When my husband told me about Second Life, I got so excited because I get to create and design at the same time! The best moment are when someone buys my creations and especially when I see people wearing my designs! It makes me so happy I get to share it with others. It does not matter if they got them for free or if they bought them. Recently I also got to contribute in two Relay for Life, cancer charity related events. One for the Fashion Expo 2009 and another for GLANCE’s Runway for Life series of events. I played many MMO and FPS games and I love food, movies and music, I also love looking at beautiful architectures. All of these gave me inspiration when designing. I am very thankful that I got a lot of support and encouragement from everyone and at the same time gave me the opportunity to do this as a business and contribute a little for our real life expenditure. Which goals do you wish to reach as your brand grows ? Goals. I have a lot of them to be honest, haha! I want my creation to be known and loved by every single resident of Second Life! Yes, I know I haven’t made men’s clothes yet, but one day I will...when time permits that is. Also, it would be great if I could contribute more in our home expenditure so that my husband could work from home! What would you like to say to those who are discovering you through this interview ? Come over to my store and have a look at my items! You probably will find something that you might like! Last question : the bad thing that people don’t know about you ? I’m a psycho! Beware! Not sure if that is bad though? Not for me! (laughs)




Hello Synthia, we are so glad to have you as our first guest speaker for the “Fashion Career Focus” column. We would like to know more about your debuts in Second Life? I was introduced to Second Life on July 16, 2008 through a friend i met on “The Sims Online”. He somehow dissapeared and I was left here in a world I had no clue about but found very interesting. How did you learn to shoot videos, and how long have you been doing it? I have always been a fan of filming and have always trained myself in various software programs for family events. Through hearsay from others on SL, I encountered the Machinima Institute, which shoots everything from Short Plays to Commercials. It was through them and a friend I met Constantine Carpaccio, that I horned my skills learning the appropriate techniques for camera settings, environment effects to software effects. I’ve been filming for over a year and a half now. Most videographers are into filming general activities in SL and you are among the few ones who like to film fashion shows. What were your motivations to start ?

Well while filming is a passion of mine, Fashion takes precedence. In August 2008, I was invited to a fashion event and encountered Mimmi Boa, one of SL’s Supermodels walking the runway in a design that blew my mind away. At the time my avatar needed an upgrade, sort of speak (smiles). I attended the Mimmi Boa Academy of Modeling at Evane to learn more about the fashion/modeling industry. It is there that I started recording every fashion show possible to keep up to date with the latests designs. Models, Venues, Fashion Gurus, Set designers and other second life members started noticing and prasing my work. Invidividuals I didn’t know would ask me “I’m getting married, think you can put a video together?” or “I’m doing a show for a designer, think you can create a commercial?” I continued to horn my skills more spent time upgrading my software, and received additional tips from videographers. It is my fans and friends that motivate me to create my next video. The worst enemy in any fashion show or a place full of people is the lag, how do you deal with it when shooting the video? Well one of the importances of modeling is selling a designers’ clothes. Heavy lag at a


large event is unappealing to both the audience and the designer. To go to an event and see models struggling to make it down the runway, appear grey, or have clothes which aren’t fully rezzed could be a dissapointment to both the designer and producers of the event. To avoid this I normally capture footage during dress rehearsals without an audience. It allows me to look at the model and have her (or him) rebake or adjust her (or his) apperance and then go back to capturing the footage. It may take a little more work but the results are excellent and designers are always pleased to see models, in their designs at their bests. What else have you done in SL beside videography ? I am trying to build up my modeling career to the bests of my potiential. I am currently active in up to ten agencies. Filming is enjoyable but Fashion/Modeling is my dream. I enjoy the thrill of preparing for a show and walking down the runway, presenting a designers’ clothes as well as I can to the public. When i’m not modeling I spend time with my “SL Partner” Willy Oakleaf exploring this wonderful world or just listening to tunes at a club. What brought you to GLANCE International Agency and what is your overall experience with the agency ? I attended a GLANCE Event and was once again blown away by the designs and production presented at their event. There are good modeling schools out there and then their are bad ones However, Glance is ONE OF THE BEST production and professional agencies out there. I befriended CEO Patty Cortes at this

event as I do with mosts CEO’s at any event, haha. I enjoy networking and meeting PROFESSIONALS in this industry. I casted with GLANCE International Agency and became a model with the agency last year. Their team is both courteous and fair with all their models. While modeling I also did some videos work with GIA. Overall i consider the Agency a home and the “Boss” Patty Cortes a dear friend (smiles). I have not done shows recently with GIA due to the opening of my new studio but hope to soon participate in future events as a model as well as Videographer. As a matter of fact Patty trusted my abilities to produce an excellent video for her and has really helped in getting me noticed. Her assistance and guidance will never go unnoticed. Last question HAD to be about upcoming celebrations... What is listed currently on your christmas wish-list ? Hmm... I really can’t come up with anything I need which is pretty weird as I always want something, haha! I will say they’re are some new fall clothings out there I’d like to get my hands on and they’re just too many to mention. I’d like to pick up some new attires from Miamai, Baistice, Bianca Foulon, Ginevra Lancaster. Hmm... 24shoos Shoes has some hot heels I must get my hands on. There are some new skins at The Obscene I’d like to get my hands on as well. Ah Chantkare has some nice fall outfits. I did manage to get my hands on a few but there are still others. I can go on and on.. really I can (laughs). At the top of my lists is health, peace, happiness and a propserous new year to all my true friends on Second Life and my immediate family.

PRIMAJICKA STUDIOS PRIMAJICKA STUDIOS BLOG PRIMAJICKA VIDEO PORTFOLIO For any interested parties who’d like to have their fashion event recorded or have any inquiries on having their wedding, modeling video portfolio, commercial or any other special occassion captured please contact Synthia Quintessa or Constantine Carpaccio In-World. You can also contact Primajicka Studio representants via emails. CONTACT Synthia: The team:


fashion marketing 101

Photo credits : RBK Gossipgirl // Article by Nathalie Ember

HI, your always obsessive shopper Nathalie here, and today lets talk about Advertising. OK, you have these great fashions, in all kinds of trendy colors, just waiting to get into the hands of eager consumers, like me! But how? Well it all happens through Advertising baby! By the early 1800’s publicity finds itself a welcome home within our fairly new world of industrialization, and the public’s insatiable march to big consumption.

of people.To promote a product, a company or individual will present or promote its products to its existing and potential customers.

thus free to make their own publicity choices. There are several means to advertise through SL.

· Starting at $30L a week, Most stores, companies, we can register a name organizations rely on mar- in « search «. We can put keting to create customer keywords linked with our interest of their products. object of advertisement to The consistent use of adfacilitate its access; vertising can help meet · notice boards; marketing goals or objec- · the organized events; tives. This includes regu· put a link concerning the larly developing ad camstore in the favourites tab paigns, in which a series of of your avatar; ideas for planning, crea· by the profile; ting, placing and evalua· on our own buildings; ting their advertising must · advertising SL agencies Advertising is a kind of be an ongoing strategy if like Glance, can also take marketing communication they hope to be successful care of your advertising who’s purpose is to grab and maintain that success. campaign. the attention of an aimed target (consumer, custoWithin a society, the puIt all sounds so easy, right? mer, user) and incite him blicity increases the exOMG, your work has just to purchase a product, or changes and accelerates begun. But the lure of sucservice, place, event or the distribution of the new cess is profound and new idea. products or the technocustomers are waiting to logical innovations and it meet you. I know I am! This advertising (publirepresents a very imporcity) is used to become tant economic weight. known to the public. It has Nathalie Ember long been thought of as Linden Lab (SecondLife) GIA Assistant a mass promotion, which currently has no specific is that a single message Nathalie wears an «Inspiprogram of advertising can reach a large number and marketing, each is rations by Inga» gown


A Punk World

k di hoorenbee


sensuality c



punk world SHOWCASE

GIA PROVES YOU ON THE RUNWAY THAT PUNK IS NOT DEAD I’ve always had a fascination with the fashion styles that evolved from the world of Punk music. For many people, they regard the clothes worn in the punk industry as nothing more than ripped t-shirts & jeans, dirty sneakers and an old leather jacket. But for us true fashionista, we recognize that Punk is a fashion statement that has been evolving since legendary designer Dame Vivienne Westwood first designed the outfits worn by the iconic punk band The Sex Pistols. After presenting the idea to my boss, Patty Cortes, and tracking down 3 very unique designers of Punk Style fashion, on November 14th, 2009 Glance International Agency presented “Punk World” – a showcase of Punk Fashions. Included in the show were 3 very unique style of Punk Fashions including the modern Pop-Punk styles of DeeTaleZ, the Brit Punk style of Faster Pussycat and the street-style Punk from Rebel. Babyhoney Bailey redesigned the main stage of Glance into an amazing Punk Street Back Alley and the models were given the freedom to accent their clothes with outrageous hair, tattoos and poses. Punk world was showcased to a packed audience who delighted at the amazing fashions and awesome tunes as spun by DJ Couer Auer. Out first were the designs of Steffi Villota of DeeTaleZ, one of the top designers of Urban, Hip-Hop and Punk fashions for Second Life. Starting off the show to the blaring sounds of “Baba O’Reilly” by the Who was Di Hoorenbeek in a modern Punk style from DeeTaleZ a super-short mini slip dress in black with patterns of red & white skulls intertwined over a faded red rose print on a black silk mini-dress trimmed in red lace. DeeTaleZ presented a modern viewpoint on Punk that blended with a bit of urban style, much like


today’s punk style music. We were excited to have our next designer to the runway – Honey Bender of Faster Pussycat. Normally we’d see Honey walking down the runway as one of Glance’s top models but today she was watching along the sidelines as her Faster Pussycat brit-style punk fashions were featured on the Glance Runway. Faster Pussycat style of clothing was a flashback the the early 70s of London where Glam was entertwined with Punk creating a very distinctive style. The highlight of the show was Faster Pussycat’s own version of ‘Sid & Nancy’, the tragic punk couple of the 70s that were the face of that generation. Salvo Waydelich and Sensuality Cordeaux portrayed the couple with Salvo wearing Chelsea, a combination of tartan beige kilt mixed with a skintight leopard print sleeveless shirt and Sensuality wearing Carnaby, Union Jack glitter tights paired with a black leather corset and Blue Fur bolero style jacket. Our last designer was Arian Voss of Rebel, who brought to the runway a more street-style punk commonly found both in Germany and the States. Rebel not only provided amazing punk outfits but styled the great Mohawks as worn by our models. Glance Academy recent graduate RicoRacer Flux closed out the Punk show with a classic combination from Rebel – Red & Black striped pants with the Bondage Belt and finished with an Anarchist T-shirt and the must have for anyone’s wardrobe – Rebel’s Punk Rock Leather Jacket. The jacket is available for men & women and has an amazing attention to details with the belted cuffs, riveted collar and spikes on the collars.

Showcase Credits Review: Evita Szuster Stage build: Babyhoney Bailey Script Writting: Herradura Baar Show Photographer: Hermes Kondor Models: Antuanet Forcella, Di Hoorenbeek, Mischa Cuttita, Salvo Waydelich, Sensuality Cordeaux, Tesan Lane, Wicca Merlin and Graduate RicoRacer Flux Designers: Honey Bender, Arian Voss, Steffi Villota

Ricoracer Flux

Twenty-four outfits in total were presented each a hit of their own. At the end of the show, the party moved over GIA’s club where for the next hour DJ Couer Auer took requests while patrons danced decked out in their recent purchases from the Punk designs available for sale at the Glance Runway store.

the goth show - GIA SHOWCASE REVIEW - 11

the after party

PHOTO CREDITS : hermes kondor


TA O L L I V STEFFI on by storm

hi taking fas

Tell us 3 words that describes your brand

deetalez Quality, individual, detailed

What made you start your brand?

First Label started more or less just for fun as I tried to make some clothes by myself... DeeTaleZ was born cause the name of my First Brand is an registrered Trademark and to not cause any Copyright Issues I needed something new (smiles)

How do you work on a new collection? Are you influenced by RL trends or has SL got its own trends and styles?

I wouldnt say I get influenced by RL Trends that much, of course if I see something I like it will be involved in a new collection but mostly it’s made out of my mind.

People have told that, New Year is when you take out the old and bring in the new. What will be the old things, should they be SL-related or more general that you want to take out?

We won’t take anything out right now cause DeeTaleZ is just a few month old and the «old things» which are Skins, Outfits, seperate Items have been moved into our Retirement Store already

Besides designing clothes, skins and shoes, which skill related to SL do you want to venture or try out more?

Right now I’m not designing Hair, but that definately will be the next thing to try out besides Animations & Poses!

What are the 5 most important items that you need when working on your new designs?

Cigarettes, coffee, silence, cigarettes, coffee – haha!

Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

My most favourite day definately is Christmas itself cause that’s the time to meet my Family in real life and be together. I don´t celebrate them in SL cause I’m rarely online these day.


s s o v n a ari

punk flair h t i w n o i fash

REBEL Tell us 3 words that describes your brand

alternative, dirty, rebel

What made you start your brand?

I built some other stuff like houses and stores before. I tried to make some prim stuff. Step by step, I tried to make shoes and clothes and it’s really fun to see when work is done and you can wear it on your avatar (smiles)

How do you work on a new collection? Are you influenced by RL trends or has SL got its own trends and styles?

my main influence is the punk scene. old (70`s) and actual too.

People have told that, New Year is when you take out the old and bring in the new. What will be the old things, should they be SL-related or more general that you want to take out?

I dont take out because I dont have «trendy» styles. Punk lives forever and the clothes are forever trendy (smiles).

Besides designing clothes and shoes, which skill related to SL do you want to venture or try out more?

Build sculpt and paint it.

What are the 5 most important items that you need when working on your new designs?

Photoshop, much time, much good temper, much silence and something to eat!

Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

I don’t celebrate holidays in SL!


r e d n e b honey PIRED ASHION INS


What made you start your brand? Fierce, funky and fun How do you work on a new collection? I have an almost perverted interest Are you influenced by RL trends or has in fashion, I have modelled for a SL got its own trends and styles? long time and worn the creations of some of the most talented designers in Second Life. Designing seemed to be the natural next step for me. People have told that, New Year is when you take out the old and bring in the new. What will be the old things, should they be SL-related or more general that you want to take out?


My ambition is to do 4 lines per year: spring/summer, fall/winter, and a cruise wear line. When I start I set a theme, visualize the clothes line as a story and create «characters» who have different personalities like in a play. And I try to make each line very different from the last. But I am heavily influenced by rock’n’roll so most of my creations reflects that. I have done a Rock Star Collection and a Punk Collection, and I am now working on a rockabilly line for spring/summer 2010. I am more influenced by RL styles than trends and love exploring subcultural phenomenons. But I think my choice of colors are very much inspired by RL trends. I definately think SL has its own trends. They are often very inspired by new designers tools, like the sculptie prim revolution. And not to mentioned when

FASTER PUSSYCAT the flexi prim changed everything. My avatar is so old I remember the time before flexi hair! Besides designing clothes, skins and I have but ONE resolution, and that shoes, which skill related to SL do is to clean up my inventory. It’s a you want to venture or try out more? mess! I want to continue modelling, it’s my BIG love. I also run a rock club with my DJ husband Coeur Auer and we want to work a lot more music related events together. What are the 5 most important items Texture samples, sculptie prims, that you need when working on your new music, photographs of people who insdesigns? pire me, and You Tube. I love wasting time on YouTube finding old videos and stuff that’s great for my imagination Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

I love Christmas, it makes me feel like a small kid again. I pig out on candy and watch cartoon movies in bed. In SL Coeur and I spend Christmas Day a day in advance, we set up decorations and open presents and then go dancing or just schmooze at home. The last couple of years we have celebrated New years Eve a day in advance as well with a big bash at our club Honey Thunders, where we celebrate, get drunk and party till morning!


Flyer Design by Rbk Gossipgirl Chck out the show flickr stream online Photo Credits : Hermes Kondor


Adzebil ls Accou nta nt

Nem i McCoy

th ly

Da rk Sta r Go

HOT LATIN NIGHTS Sensual and dazzling designs for sexy shoppers On Saturday, November 14th, GIA’s «Hot Latin Nights» show featuring the luscious designs of Angel Dessous, Azul, Virtual Impressions and Bax Boots evoked a feeling of cabana grotto within a tres chic lounge atmosphere. With a new and unique runway, incorporating the use of natural beauty and modern elegance, the scene was set for an exciting fusion of fashion and physical beauty. Keeping with the Latin flair, fashionista in attendance relaxed casually at intimate café seating, lending a playfully sophisticated atmosphere to the show. The models glided gracefully around GLANCE’s extremely beautiful new circular catwalk, giving the audience a fantastic opportunity to view the fashions from all angles. Within the center of the circular GIA runway, Agency designers included landscaping (the most demure and appropriate use of the outdoors I have ever seen) complimentary with the natural beauty of such a sensual and exotic show. Angel Dessous has been spicing up the fashion world of SL since 2007. Their exclusive designer (and co-owner) Nando Korobase has been busy creating some of the most luxurious lingerie in-world. Their uniquely stylish and sensual lingerie has something for every taste. From girly and demure to heartbreaker sexy, the clothing line has definitly won my heart. Angel Dessous’ Chantal, with its tuxedo structured corset and feminine detailing usually says: «it’s business time». But once introduced singularly on the runway paired with Bax Coen’s infamous black leather ankle boots... hearts were racing! The elegance of the entire show was most definitely crowned by the sophisticated and timeless jewelry from Virtual Impressions, designed by Chrissy Ambrose. From stunning necklaces to delicate earrings, wearing the jewelry collection assures you to make the first impression last forever! To sum up, Accountant Adzebills strutted the lingerie ensemble on the runway and looked like an angel wearing it.


Also a part of the show were the beautiful gowns from Azul by Mami Jewell. With the holidays soon upon us, ladies are sure to find the perfect party dress whether a beautiful cocktail dress or an elegant evening gown in her current clothing line. But the stunner for the evening was the drop dead gorgeous Aprodite Wedding Gown modeled by Leandra Breen. Any bride in her wedding gown is always the center of attention, but the Aprodite Gown was a treasure of beautifully textured lace and satin that floated around Leandra like clouds.

SHOWCASE CREDITS Review: StellaRae Luminos Stage build : Babyhoney Bailey Script Writting: Herradura Baar Show Photographer : Hermes Kondor Models: Accountant Adzebills, Cherie Parker, DarkStar Gothly, HoneyBear Lilliehook, Leandra Breen, Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, Nemi McCoy, and Svenja Drechsler Designer : Nando Korobase, Mami Jewell, Chrissy Ambrose, Bax Coen

Cherie Parker

The show was a truly dazzling affair. Imagine being front row at a real life lingerie fashion show, then complete this vision with lace, jewels and incredible heels! Models who walked proud and sassy on the catwalk made the evening a major event of the past month. I hope GIA keeps the runway warm, as this show was muy caliente, because we want to see more!

Leandra Breen

Angel Dessous also brought to the runway a collection of great outfits to wear for out on the town both for day (such as Emporio in salmon worn by Cherie Parker) and evening wearing (such as Eternity Lingerie in red worn by Nemi McCoy). One that will surely turn heads while keeping you warm was the Linnea ensemble as worn by DarkStar Gothly. This was a beautiful Sweater Dress made in Winter White Knight with a matching scarf and sexy thigh-high wool stockings - everything to keeps you warm. Of course, no outfit should be considered as complete without an meticulously produced, matching pair of boots designed by Bax Coen! Definately a winter wonderland ensemble.

the after party

PHOTO CREDITS : hermes kondor


E S A B O R O NANDO Kladies like nobody

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ANGEL DESSOUS Tell us 3 words that describes your brand

Sensual, elegance, beauty

What made you start your brand?

I wanted to do something creative so I started designing Lingerie and Clothes on March 2007

How do you work on a new collection? Are you influenced by RL trends or has SL got its own trends and styles?

I work with both. The influence of RL is in each design. RL is also involved as a source of inspiration to style up the SL ads.

People have told that, New Year is when you take out the old and bring in the new. What will be the old things, should they be SL-related or more general that you want to take out?

I think every person should think over himself or herself in general to eliminate old and bad things and bring in new and better ones. As to my SL Business and Brand I will bring out in the new Year a sophisticated Casual and Formal/Bridal Series. That will be the Angel Dessous ‘New Year 2010’.

Besides designing clothes and shoes, which skill related to SL do you want to venture or try out more?

In the next weeks or months I will be very busy with the Designs but in my free time I would love to visit more galleries and beautiful Sims.

What are the 5 most important items that you need when working on your new designs?

First, Leandra Breen and her opinion, my Photoshop, tons of Textures and Sculpties, the quietness of my atelier and last but not least my Coffee!

Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

My favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter and my favourite Holiday time is January for skiing.



Flyer Design by HoneyBear Lilliehook Check out the show flickr stream online Photo Credits : Hermes Kondor






INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY CELEBRATING GLOBAL MALE TRENDS Men’s fashion on Second Life is a lot like in the real world. There are plenty of stores that claim to carry men’s fashion and yet all they have to show is jeans and t-shirts. Real fashion is left on the wayside. GLANCE International Agency has a great group of male models and because of their connections has a «thumb» on the real SL world of men’s fashion. In this week’s show we focused on the men’s side of fashion and showcased what we felt were some of the best men’s designers in Second Life. *FDL*, Ora Trei Designs, Brocade Tiger, Bellissima!, and SHIKI Designs all made to the runway on some of the hottest male models SL has to offer. FDL’s styling can carry you from everyday to trendy and retro and back again... Sanders Beaumont, talented mind behind *FDL* (Fleur De Lys) brand, focuses on the details really well. «Scotsman» is a great example of his retro styling. He recalls the traditional kilt and all it entails. The plaid is not overdone or too bright and blends seamlessly with the jacket in coloring. The socks, beret and pouch only add character and classic appeal to the look. A few men nowadays will modernize their kilts with T-shirts or sweaters and that is possible with this as the kilt is its own piece. Bellissima!, designed by Elle74 Zaftig focuses on the badass image and does it well. They are very edgy, trendy and down right hip for the now generation. In striking contrast to the kilts from FDL, Bellissima tossed onto the runway their own kilts which are definitely modernized and made to look totally edgy/rock star and maybe even a bit goth. The black leather kilt hangs from a black and silver studded belt and the pouch blends in to the leather kilt seamlessly. The basic black V neck cotton shirt can be worn, or not, the choice is yours. Adding that accessory of edge Bellissima has touched it off with a shoulder armor piece that is leather and spikes. To me this screams MANLY MEN! I’d look at the man wearing it just to see who was so bold... Potnia Theas of Ora Trei Designs made her men’s fashion line debut at GLANCE as well. She is an amazing designer and was the winner of the SL’s Next Top Designer contest recently. Her designs are complete outfits that are stylish but not so overtly so. She tends to remain in that classic realm but then touches with accents and colors to make her outfits modernized. An example of that is of course ‘Mistletoe’. The tradition jacket and pants got a modern twist with Christmas green coloring and deep dark textures. The fedora had the cutest little touches and made the model look just like he came from the North Pole to grant sweet wishes girls. She knew what she was doing here. On a trendier note she had a wonderful suit called ‘Redford’ on the runway. It was every bit in its namesake’s masculine image. Black on black made the classic styling modern and trendy with the geometric pattern red tie to fly off the black canvas of the shirt. The upturned collar and well fitted pants put this on the forefront of a must have for the men of SL. It’s casual but NOT jeans and a t-shirt. Brocade Tiger by Lexi Vargas is a stunning example of the fashion that SL has to offer. Nothing traditional about this hot


Now, let’s talk about Shinichi Mathy’s designs known under the brand SHIKI Designs. They are definitely not the least, just the last one, on my list of wonderful men’s designers. SHIKI brings wonderfully made jackets with highly detailed textures combined with wonderful outfits to make it flow seamlessly. Let’s face it most of the time men aren’t fashionistos and SHIKI has made it nearly too easy for them to look like they are. Just buy it all and wear it. I loved the «Down jacket outfit». The fur lined jacket was a rich warm olive green and had plenty of texture lavished on it and then blending the colors of fall and colder months with the Burgundy sweater and green cords simple makes this outfit wonderful. BUT the one outfit that just made me ogle and think the man wearing that has it all together was the «Short coat outfit». Look at that jacket with all the wonderful details and it is a real must have for this Fall and Winter. Then tossing an edgy plaid in orange and brown with it and layering the orange turtle neck. I was enamored to say the least and would expect to find that outfit in any man’s closet...

Andreas Barrowstone

couture line of men’s fashion. I looked at every piece and was amazed at how much creativity went into each one. Lexi is an artiste and brings his creations to life on the wonderful chiseled bodies of our GLANCE models. «Lava» was in my favorite color… The jacket is so asymmetrical that it demands attention and does nothing more than accent the male form. Lexi knew this piece required a color that was breathtaking and my dear red is. «Pheasant Jacket» was another design of Brocade Tiger that I fell in love with. I could see my handsome man coming to me and whisking me away to the most romantic places where I would be able to touch that beautifully patterned jacket and totally fall for the charm of the man that wears this…

For many of the designs presented, the quality hairstyles of Zeev Dinzeo, the mind behind LollipopZ brand have been worn. They certainly added a stylish touch to the ensemble, the trendy flair that so many men around SL are looking for. If you want to style up your avatar, look no further, LollipopZ has everything for you today in the mainstore!

SHOWCASE CREDITS Review : Dixie Halfpint Stage build : Babyhoney Bailey Script Writting: Dixie Halfpint Show Photographer : Hermes Kondor Models: Seth Diabolito, Burningbright Nightfire,

Lorenz Hax, Mangosio Lohner, Tesan Lane, Seph Ishelwood and Guest Model Andreas Barrowstone Designers : Lexi Vargas, Sanders Beaumont, Shinichi Mathy, Elle74 Zaftig, Zeev Dinzeo, Potnia Theas

tesan lane

All the way through this show produced by GLANCE International Agency, Herradura Baar (Show Coordinator) and Patty Cortes (Founder/CEO) worked to make sure that men’s fashion was at the forefront and I believe they nailed it. From the kilts and holiday wear, to the classic and haute couture, they touched all levels of men’s fashion and every designer had a piece or two that just caught the audience’s attention. The models were fabulous and oh so wonderful and the designs were the crème de la crème of the SL’s men’s fashion design scene.

the after party

PHOTO CREDITS : hermes kondor


Flyer Design by HoneyBear Lilliehook Check out the show flickr stream online Photo Credits : Hermes Kondor

s a e h t a potni

addiction n o i h s a f your next

ora trei designs Tell us 3 words that describes your brand

Innovative, dedicated, versatile

What made you start your brand?

As soon as I knew what Second Life was, I knew I wanted to design fashion here. After a few starter brands I became completely dedicated to Ora Trei. I started it based on all I had learned from the previous labels and lines, I knew this was the direction I wanted to go as a designer.

How do you work on a new collection? Are you influenced by RL trends or has SL got its own trends and styles?

I attempt to set new trends now and then. I get most of my influences from real life magazines and movies. I love movies, especially classics. I like to combine the timeless styles with newer concepts. Most of my full collections are planned out to complement each other.

For this New Year, what will be the old things that you want to take out or you wish Linden can take out?

Group limitations. more groups!




Besides designing clothes and shoes, which skill related to SL do you want to venture or try out more?

I have been testing out building and doing furnitures. I plan to stick with fashion for now, but these are future possibilities. Also sculpt maps may be on the horizon.

What are the 5 most important items that you need when working on your new designs?

Photoshop, my menu driven pose stand, LinkRez, Sculpt Studio, Photolife Studio, and a lot of patience.

Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

Winter Holidays in general I love. I love all the winter sports like ice skating and skiing. I also adore winter balls and events. We recently had a combination charity ball, and ice skating for the Fashion Designer’s Association. I have also been skiing at some really great places this year.



e avatar

fashionabl e h t r o f clothes

Tell us 3 words that describes Classic, formal, princess-tyyour brand pe... But I have so many sides to me that I make all sorts of different things... I’ve started putting out more casual items in my shop... the more rocker, punk type outfits. I guess the outfits in my shop would be more eclectic than anything. What made you start your brand? I don’t have the average body in SL. Never had, never will. And I got tired of having to always adjust the prims to suit my shape so I finally just made my own clothes. As for the men’s stuff, my ex-partner was always on the lookout for a good set of pinstripes so I made a pair of trousers and that set me off making men’s clothing as well. How do you work on a new collection? Are you influenced by RL trends or has SL got its own trends and styles?


I’m not really fond of trends so I usually go with the classics. I’m influenced most by period movies and add my own twist to the outfit. I’m really really bad at copying something. Oh, I definitely think SL has it’s own trends

bellissima and styles. I mean... we can wear things here that in reality would be REALLY hard to wear, make or attach to your body.

For this New Year, what will be The bad economy, both in SL and the old things that you want to in RL. That would make everyone take out? happy. Besides designing clothes and Making my own sculpties and learshoes, which skill related to SL ning 3DS Max...being better at do you want to venture or try out Photoshop. more? What are the 5 most important items that you need when working on your new designs?

movie); atmosphere - the whole shebang... candles... rose petals strewn on the floor... a half naked guy in the room... no... that’s too messy... especially the rose petals... (laughs)

Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

I love Christmas the most but I also love New Year. Filipino traditions make them more homey and less commercialized. Lots of family and friends and really good food and BIG fireworks explosions (I miss that being in the US... so many laws about no fireworks...panzies!).


T N O M U A E B S R E D N A S d beyond n a e f i l l ua

rt evoking vi

Tell us 3 words that describes 1. Fleur, 2. De, 3. Lys your brand What made you start your brand? Only the idea to try out concepts. You can nearly simulate everything in Second Life and it’s interesting to see how we apply RL thoughts, ideas and behaviour into this ‘world’. How do you work on a new collection? Are you influenced by RL trends or has SL got its own trends and styles?

It starts with an idea.. doesn’t it? I think convergence and a concept for branding is the key. In my opinion trends and styles are overrated in Second Life. But there are some communities which are very interesting and which define some archetypes. If you reveal those and give them a final touch, then you may hit the taste. Combine it with authenticity, something like a story and then people want to be part of it.

People have told that, New Year is when you take out the old and bring in the new. What will be the old things, should they be SL-related or more general that

No. There is nothing to take out when you see everything as a process. You just can’t deny what you’ve been and what you are. The question is: «How do



you want to take out? you want to be?Âť Besides designing clothes and shoes, which skill related to SL do you want to venture or try out more?

The next half year I will focus on my final Thesis which I will write about architectural layouts, learning environments and the use of 3D platforms for processes of communication, participation and design-theory in virtual and real world. I will concept a university for architecture and metropolitan development which still needs to be built in 2012 but formally already has been founded in 2006 on paper. The concept I will create here will be used for branding and marketing strategies in the real world.

What are the 5 most important PS, Rhino, SL, Web-Tablet and items that you need when working some L$ for uploads (smiles). on your new Gimme? designs? Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

I don’t celebrate holidays in Second Life. This is something which is reserved for my close friends and my family.



vative o n n i n a g on growin


Tell us 3 words that describes Colorful. Glam. Unique. your brand What made you start your brand? I often joke that I got fired from my job as a stripper and needed a new way to pay for my hair obsession. There is some truth to that, but more I had ideas of what I wanted to look like and wear... and nobody out there makes men’s clothing like I wanted. So... it was up to me. I have a background in Art so it was not to hard of a jump to make.


How do you work on a new collection? Are you influenced by RL trends or has SL got its own trends and styles?

It all comes out of my head. If there is any influence at all it’s from the stage wardrobes of such people as Prince, David Bowie and Adam Ant. Sort of a synthesis of Victorian, cabaret, and futuristic styles.

People have told that, New Year is when you take out the old and bring in the new. What will be the old things, should they be SL-related or more general that you want to take out?

I keep hoping to take out my tendancy of procrastination but I never quite get around to it. Hopefully this year will be a bit different. Design wise, I think I may be giving up entirely on female fashion this year. It dosen’t inspire me the way men’s

brocade tiger wear does and there are so many talented designers that focus on just the ladies that I think I can devote my attention to dressing the guys. Besides designing clothes and shoes, which skill related to SL do you want to venture or try out more?

I would love to be able to build. I have this perfect mix of victorian style house and store in my head but my building skills are weak at best and not at all up to the task.

What are the 5 most important items that you need when working on your new designs?

Good Music. (Prince, Bowie or country. Yeah... I like country) A pose stand.A good idea.Photoshop. Someone to show things to now and then.

Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

I have never been too fond of Christmas It seems that the big meaning of the holiday has become a frantic rush to buy and get things. However I do love decorating for christmas and my store and my home on SL are awash in lights and holiday swag. I much prefer New years and its feeling of starting off all things new and fresh, leaving the old mistakes behind.




o the top t s d n e r t ale bringing m since 2007

What made you start your brand? When I started SL in 2007, I was discouraged by the variety of men’s clothes. Back then most of the clothes available were in monotone colors and not much variety. I thought that I could push the style factor up for men. How do you work on a new collection? I think it’s a combination of both. Are you influenced by RL trends or has For myself, I become influenced by SL got its own trends and styles? something that catches my eye. This could be something like the clear skies, a pretty fabric or a RL outfit I see. I always carry a digital camera with me and take lots of photos. I come home and do some sketches. Once the design is finalized, I get to work. That’s basically how I design. For this New Year, what will be the I will be taking out some of my olold things that you want to take out der clothes that’s for sure. Howeor you wish Linden can take out? ver my older clothes seem to be just as popular as my newer ones so I am thinking of expanding the store, or even creating a new wing for older ones. I’m working on the spring/summer collection 2010 so I definitely need room. As for the Shiki brand itself, I just want it to grow and improve.


*µSHIKI DESIGNS Besides designing clothes and shoes, At the moment, I design clothes and which skill related to SL do you want also did some scarves. I’d like to to venture or try out more? learn how to make shoes and other accessories so that customers can purchase a head-to-toe outfit in the store. I am definitely getting an inch to create shoes and bags. What are the 5 most important items My computer, photoshop, good nutrithat you need when working on your new tion, energy and will power! designs? Between Christmas and New Year, which is your most favorite holidays and why? How do you usually celebrate them in SL?

It used to be Christmas when I lived in America. Now that I live here in Tokyo, it’s a toss-up. Nobody really celebrates Christmas here but the city is beautiful with all the decorations and lights. Big difference with the decorations is that nothing is Christian based so it’s mostly about lights and decor. Very chic and stylish. Still it’s not considered a holiday. New year’s is a huge holiday. Everyone goes back home. My family live in Hawaii so this year I spend the new year holidays alone at home. I don’t know, I still cannot answer that question. I think it just depends whether I have a good time on that day or not. Christmas is bigger for me inside SL to tell you the truth.


Miss Uzuri 2009 was crowned on Friday, Nov. 27th Miss Uzuri Beauty Pageant 2009 has been an incredible opportunity for the driven and passionate woman who aspires to make a difference ! It has been an opportunity to demonstrate the diversity of SL women who want to present themselves in their perfected individual virtues of composure and charisma. The winning candidate of Miss Uzuri 2009 is therefore a strong, intelligent and charismatic woman, who uses her extraordinary beauty and talent to show that success is not just the destination but finding joy in the journey. She does r e n g also demonstrate that the importance of comsi zuri De U , t s a mitment to a goal takes more than just having omb Bella B a pretty face. No need to say that Slowly Bury was deserving to win Miss Uzuri Beauty Contest 2009. She had the most unique style and the moment Slowly was flashed in the screen with a purple bourbon top from Pixeldolls and the Baiastice black brocade black pants, most of us were mesmerized. She was so energetic in her presentation. She was simply glowing. I guess these are the factors the judges saw on Slowly which eventually convinced them to give the title to her. She did not just walk off the pageant runway and into a successful modeling career without some determination and hard work. According to the newly crowned Miss Uzuri 2009 , Slowly Bury “this final was a blast and the whole experience was overwhelming and amazing as an inspiring model”. But as the creator and owner of Uzuri brand Bella Bombast mentioned, it is gullible to think that one can become a Miss “JUST” instantly from being in a pageant. Our team, Bella Bombast, Ayanna Mubble and myself, Oshun Greymoon, were fully committed all along the contest which started back in October with more than 50 contestants. For 2 months, we had in mind to provide the people with the biggest, most glamorous and professional pageant possible. Therefore, coaching the candidates was crucial to the success of the event. The top 10 competed during the Grand Final on Friday, November 27th at Uzuri Store. Slowly Bury won the Miss Uzuri title and went back home with L$20.000 while Fuzz Lennie took the second place, L$ 5.000 along with Lessons at Patty Cortes’ prestigious GLANCE Model Academy. There was no “pain”, no tears, no frustration or anything like that. “It was just a fantastic journey of unforgettable experiences for all of us”, said Uzuri Manager Ayanna Mubble. Now let’s focus on the next events to come at Uzuri… We promise you something special ! Oshun Greymoon (Uzuri Manager & Uzuri Blog’s Writer)











BURY Y L W O L S miss uzuri

Halloween Theme

Winning Photo Submitted by blackLiquid Tokyoska


2nd prize by Psittapine Serrao

3rd Prize by Nefertiti Kimawaga


alle / janaina delv : s it ed cr Photo ia foxtrot ylist : amal Model and st

Outfit: X-mas Lady «Jador Fashion» Skin: Sophie Skin -Unique Megastore: Hair:MARLENE hair dirty blonde Shoes:N-core INFINITY XtremeHeel -Red


Photo credits : MEYA MEILER / model and stylist : alan ta matzui

Hat/Hair: *ARGRACE* ~ Fedora Hat «Natural mid» ~ (Dark brown) Coat: *COCO*Homme_WoolPeacoat_Red Pants: >>>Poison<<< Grey tartan jeans Boots: *COCO*Homme_LaceUpWorkBoots (Loosed)

Hat/Hair: *ARGRACE* Hunting - Natural Wavy - Dark brown Glasses: *ARAI* glasses05 Turtleneck and scarf set: *ARGRACE* With you ( Black ) Vest: *ARGRACE* Leather Vest Men`s (Olive) Belt: :sey D.L.Belt Jeans: *Valiant* Silver Fish Black/Blue denim jeans Shoes:*ordinary* -Loridae- tan


Photo credits : M and stylist : ala


MEYA MEILER / model an tamatzui

Hat/Hair: *ARGRACE* Beanie - Medium - Dark brown Sweater: /artilleri/ Marius knit sweater *green* Scarf: /artilleri/ Taylor scarf STRIPES (chest) *red/wine* Jeans: +grasp+/Stone Skull Jeans/03 Shoes: UBU Drunks (Color Change)

N A M R E T E P E N SIMO famous secondnighter st the mdo e hastings its : juli Photo cre

Hello Simone! It is a pleasure to award you Fashion Professional of the month. For our readers who may be unfamiliar with, could you please tell us what your website is all about? Well, Secondnights is a web community born to keep informed SL resident about the events in SL. We want to give a voice to the world of Clubs, live musicians, art galleries, fashion shows coordinators to basically promote all the fun events in SL. People can join our site and share photos, videos, words and music with all the others secondnighters, they can promote their events and create their fun group to share infos. We have also lots of media partners that support Secondnights, Magazines and TV. So people can read the latest issuu of their favourity magazine live on the site and watch their videos and shows. Some example ? Glance of course and Rezzed. TV, Fabulous Fashion, Live n’ Kickin and more... What was your inspiration to start SecondNights venture and how did you come up with the name? Well, the idea came during my career as DJ, after 1 or 2 months I started to think of

a way to let people know about my events. I did start to look outside of SL and I didn’t find something interesting. So I decided to try to create something by myself and after 30 nights of hard work, the site was born. What type of person is a Secondnighter, ideally? This is a nice question! A secondnighter is an explorer, a person who likes to spend a nice time in SL without any sort of stress and who wants to meet people like him. A Secondnighter is a creative person and a music lover too. But a Secondnighter is also someone who contributes to let people have fun, so a secondnighter is a dj, a musician, a photographer... All the peole who feel creative and full of enery are secondnighters inside, they only need to discover it (smiles.) And we are here to do that. You are actually known as the “Pirate DJ”. Why did you choose this pseudo ? Are you battling ships on the sea when you are not DJing ? Ah ah ah, thanks for the question! This is a strange thing. In fact, I love Adventures

PC Games and my favourite game is “The Secret of Monkey Island” Saga. I feel a little like Guybrush Threepwood. One of the first place I visited in SL was the BlackShip sim, and my first DJ party was on a Galleon. So what kind of name could be better ?

the world of Fashion is only based on the fashion-related events calendar. Fashion shows, live model castings, TV shows about fashion - this is not only new store or sales infos. There is lot of work to do and we are for some secondnighters who could help us on that.

How did you start your career as a DJ? And what types of music are in your favorites? I started my career playing at some parties at “Le Village”, a sim of my friend SebCaen Ulysse. After that I applied as a DJ in some clubs and started to work at the Studio54 and the Seven Ultra Lounge with Bianca Darling. Then I did also work at the Cirque Mystique, the Agua Lounge, La Tejita, The Bogart. I love Dance music of the 90s, so during my set I usually play tunes by Haddaway, Snap, Corona, Aqua and the other artists from this decade that I call the Golden Age of the dance. Well, I think that people need to have fun during a party and I think that melodic songs that can be sung and stay in mind are the best way to release the stress of a working day (smiles.)

Being the visionnary of this successful social network, what feature do you personally enjoy most on the website? I think that SecondNights is different from other social networks and its power relies on the fact that it merges different worlds together. Maybe is this the most important feature. On the site we have a Community, a blog, a video hub, a live magazines showcase and an event system. Maybe there are too many things but you can save time looking around, and our statistics say that people watch lots of pages on the website, so I’m happy.

Your website has really branched out into a variety of categories. We are curious to know how the fashion category got started and how is the response from the Secondnighters so far? Eh, this is an hard question... I come from the music world and the fashion is not my main field. On the web there are lots of blogs, feeds, sites that talk about SL fashion, some of them do so for more than 3 years. Is not my intention to get in competition with them. Our approach towards

Lastly, GLANCE Magazine would like to wish something fantabulous for the most famous Secondnighter. What’s your dearest dream for this end of the year ? Too Gentle! well we are a new website on the net and we are not big at all, but is not important for me. My dream is that one day (I think it is too early to think it’ll happen at the end of the year, haha) Secondnights becomes like other big SL-related websites such as or IheartSL. com for example. Join today for more fashionably and fierce fashion events! Of course GLANCE International Agency is member of this fast-growing online community. Look out for our group !




Skin: YS & YS - 04 Nina_Rose Hair: Roule - Yvete (Dirty Blonde) Skirt: Josina’s Yewels Shoes: {Meghindo’s} MVW Shirt: Mode’le Snowflake Necklace: Jasha Verandi


de ing and mo l y t s , s o t pho


vic zaka vlodo r i h c y b g elin

Ski Skin: AMG BOUDOIR #7 VICTORIA Hair: AMG BOUDOIR YVONNE Black 01 Dress: Illusstrated dress by Vitabela Dubrovna Boots: -P3- Cream Victorian Accessories: J and W Jewelers kiss of Camelot Onyx Spear: “Pohjola” Longspear by Tekeli-li

RalL I G P I GitOs:SS RphBotKo cred lv janaina de ipgirl le/ stylist: rbk goss

Dress: AZUL- Maggie- Pearl Hair: Magika- B&W- Pow- *White A* Shoes: Cherry- BowSlingbacks- *Ivory* Skin:Pink Fuel- Raine- *Bare* Necklace: Petite Heart Necklace- Silver


SKIN: Belleza - Mathieu Deep Tan HAIR: Gritty Kitty - Czech Mate Black SCARF: BareRose Masayuki Brown Scarf JACKET: Sey - Mouton Fur R’s Coat (Brown) GLOVES: En Svale Gloves (Beige) JEANS: EN-X - Jeans Light Brown


SKIN: Belleza - Mathieu Deep Tan HAIR: Uncleweb Studios - Lucio JEWELRY: Gabriel - Crest Choker JACKET: Leezu - Au revoir de Sade Jacket (Red) SHIRT: Aoharu Pinstripe Formal Suit Shirt PANTS: Gabriel - Leather Pants (Light Brown) BOOTS: Anexx Leather Riders Boots (Brown)



ua s a c y z o c red and


al looks

IlvRalL G P I GitOs:SS RphBotKo cred de janaina ipgirl le/ stylist: rbk goss

tfit Earmuffs: Gypsy Soul- Bunny ou ck* Hair: Deena - *Emo Bla orse2* Skin: Curio Skin- Sundust-*Seah at/Red Coat: DP Yumyum - A line Co hts -*Olive* Tights: So Many Styles- Shiny Tig ots- *Charcoal* Shoes: Shiny Things- Comfy Bo

SKIN: Belleza- Mathieu Deep Tan HAIR: CheerNo JAJAY Simple Black Pearl SCARF: BareRose - Masayuki Grey Scarf JACKET: Aoharu LeatherRiders Zac White SHIRT: Mr Poet Stripe Vest JEANS: CheerNo Escaldante Jeans SHOES: Boots Darksand Leather - Redgrave


h intern t i w g n i s s dre mik deling by otos and mo styling, ph


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SKIN: Belleza - Mathieu Deep Tan HAIR: Colors - Hair25 (Charcoal) GLASSES: Action Unisex Knox Sunglasses - Gold JACKET: RFyre Unseelie Mens Black Jacket (worn with Collar & Cuffs) TIE: A.C Store - Serius Tie BELT: A.C Store - Serius Belt JEANS: A.C Store - Serius Jeans GLOVES: Cheerno Poker Gloves (Pink)

ISADORA VAYANDAR photo cr edits: janaina delval le/stylist: isadora vayandar

Hair - Maitreya Bo - Henna Skin - :GP: Petal Breeze - Pure Towel - ~*RunoRuno*~ Poetik Bathhouse Towel Bra & Undies - *CUPCAKES Valentines



Photo cre

L R I G P I GitOs:SS RphBotKo cred al janaina delv ipgirl le/stylist: rbk goss

Lingerie Lingerie: Yazmin Dexler- Black Hair: Maitreya- Zoe- *Charcoal* t* Skin: Pink Fuel- Raine- *Starlet -*Blacks* Shoes: Cherry- Bow Slingbacks ace-*Black* Necklace: Yummy -Beaded Neckl *Gold* Bracelets:Glow- Thin Bracelets-

Y D A E R G N I T T t y night ou

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lle aina delva edits: Jan

E L P U O C STYLISNH AR E Y W E N C I T A s : nd stylist a s l e d FOR A ROjaM o M alle / naina delv its: amatzui Photo cred and alan t t o r t x o f amaliai

She wears: Dress: sf design carmelle gown - red Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Kiera hair black W/bangs Skin:LAQ ~ Drew Peach Shoes: N-core LUXURY XtremeHeel II -Red Pearls: JCNY - Buckingham Pearl Collection Necklace

He wears: Hair : Uw.St Reed-Hair Outfit: AOHARU_ BT_Pinstripe_FormalSuit_Set_Navy Shoes: Kalnins Shoes - Marteno

Hair : .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ BRAD ~ SB II Outfit: *Muism* Black Tuxedo Set Shoes: Kalnins Footwear - Elegance


o t n a l i m m fro ts: janaina delvall

i ssipgi Photo cred and rbk go i u z t a m a t alan


newdelsyanod rstkylists :

le / Mo irl

Solange! Fashions- Hollyday Dress *Gold* Furr Coat: Aleida- La Douce Foururre- *Black* Hair: Tiny Bird- Girl Anachronism- *Pepper* Skin: Pink Fuel- Raine- *Starlett* Shoes: Cherry- Classic Pumps- *Black*


SKIN: Belleza - Mathieu Deep Ta n HAIR: A.C Store - Jorjol Black Pe arl GLASSES: Solar Eyewear - Ara e SUIT: Sartoria - S002 Black Su it SHIRT: Sartoria - S061 Linen Sh irt (White) WATCH: JCNY Mariner XL Luxu ry Worldtime Watch

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a rockstar

AR NalD A Y A V A R O IphSotAo D / le lv credits: janaina de rl stylist: rbk gossipgi

nd Hair - Fri. - Allison - Anxious Blo Rainbow Shock Skin - [PF] Raine - <Honey> hite Coat - *Muism* [Yeti Jacket]_W Dress - (NO) Sequin Scales - Air Hot Pink Tights - (Soxie!) Nylon Tights caLLie cLine Ring - Diamond Cocktail Ring by - Silver Shoes - *Starz* Dancinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Heels


year poised for new gh (headshot), strawberry sin

sel photos credits: rogan die us (pasy shot), Kingston august bod l ful and e pos s oni (ad by kingston augustus sion IV poses) / interview

For Rogan Diesel, 2009 was the year his aspirations of becoming a Second Life™ business owner came into fruition. Starting his venture in the first quarter of the year, Rogan opened his pose and animation store, Diesel Works, in a small shop space. The brand offers a selection of male and female modeling poses (including female animation overrider stands), couples animations, and props. Within a relatively short amount of time, the store has become a very successful and has established itself as a preferred choice In a recent interview, Rogan shared his beginnings as a content creator. When asked how it all started, he replied, “Well, I started SL during winter of 2008. While SL initially remained a source of entertainment for me, hanging out with friends at sandboxes and clubs did show me the way to start "creating" stuff in SL. I started with building and dabbled with jewellery for a wee bit before discovering how to create poses and animations”. Diesel’s products are effusive and exude a flair of the dramatic. Take, for example, the Adonis collection of male pose products – 11 charismatic model stands with posturing that’s ideal for the highly confident male. As with all of Diesel Works’ poses and animations, the appeal seems to lie in the sensitivity

to the energy of the body movement and the diversity. Subjects delve beyond the usual “vogue” in front of the camera or down the catwalk and have included themes of theatrical and cultural significance and other specialties that includes the likes of South Asian inspired “Sundari Og”, nudist-friendly “Momo” and the nimble “Ballerina”. If you’d like to expressively drape your avatar over a chair a la Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, perch atop the rim of an oversized martini glass in the fashion of a pin-up model, or strike a pose within the receding perspective of a photography box, Diesel Works is your stop for modeling props. Many commercial pose makers provide posed objects within their merchandise to further enhance the photographic experience. Diesel one of a handful of creators within the pose/animations market that also has the ability to create, texture and sculpt a high quality object to enhance his poses. Rogan’s Diesel Works Hammock, released this past summer, became an instant favorite for homeowners wanting to get a little closer to their significant other and shutterbugs interested in uploading another sensual composition to their Flickr photostream. The hammock has 8 synchronized animations for the couple, pillow and blanket color/texture change options and a smooth, fluid swing animation – all-in-all, an illustration

of the creator’s thoughtfulness and artful hand. sel Works vendibles is the willingness of the creator to respond to customer feedback. The Gleaning inspiration from broad sources fuels growth of the brand continues to reflect this. Rogan’s vision for his brand. “I take my inspiration from the real world,” he shares. “Be it the “All in all, I am glad with how Diesel Works has pictures I use to reference or the theme/ideas I shaped up in the past few months,” Rogan exaccumulate before starting on a set. As you can claims. “ I'm proud of what I've been able to imagine with anyone who creates and releases achieve in the past few months considering I only their creations in SL, there's a lot of trial and had a 10x10 store in March 2009 when I started”. error involved. There are numerous poses lying in my inventory and my computer which I've So what does the future hold for Diesel Works rejected simply because I didn't like them. Poses and its growing customer base? According to and animations are still a learning process of me Rogan the New Year will hold new areas of and I can foresee the self-criticism and filter- exploration for Diesel Works brand as he coning to go on for a while before I can confidently tinues to develop a mastery of pose making. say that I've mastered the art of pose making”. He has already considered and strategized the direction that will drive the brand in 2010. Talented and humble – a rare and refreshing combination. For the most part, Rogan seemed vague about any particular specifics, sharing only: “While His unique vision and talents have allowed Diesel pose sets will continue to be a part of upcomto become one of this year’s most dynamic mer- ing releases I am looking forward to moving the chants and new business owners. When asked business towards an animation oriented one than how he feels about his creations, the poise pro- poses. AOs have taken a back seat at the moducer asserted that he’s always had a very clear ment, however, they are something which will be idea of the direction he wanted to take his brand. a big part of the future releases in the mid-term.” Says Diesel, “I wasn't interested in turning it into just another store. While I didn't set any hard tar- Whether you are looking for a cozy beanbag chair gets on a month-to-month basis, I think I have to lounge in while you watch a movie, or the perbeen able to achieve to a large extend what I set fect pose to showcase that must-have clothing out to do, which was basically to create an outlet item on your fashion blog, Diesel Works by Rogan for my creative side while generating revenue as Diesel should definitely be a landmark in your inwell. Creating animations and poses give me that”. ventory. With regular releases, quality product and a sensitivity to customer tastes, audiences will be Another reason behind the popularity of Die- attracted to Rogan’s brainchild for years to come.

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Photographer: Strawberry Singh Style Direction: Kingston Augustus

Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Winterberry] Hair: >TRUTH< Lucinda - cocoa Manicure: Nail-J’s Natural Real Red sweater: .: Naive :.Bolero Gitana White Skirt: MS-Romance Skirt White Rings: Bandit jewelry “Diamonds party” platinum Jewelry: DM Abstract Extravagence Set shoes: Maitreya Gold - Esprit Pearl

Skin: [LeLutka]-MadridTAN-base-FACE1_L Hair: >TRUTH< Robert - night Shirt: AOHARU_BT_SilkShirt_White Pants: Zaara : Chinos *white* (unisex) Shoes: SOUBRESAUT_[indigo_vermilion] LIMITED 200909 Glasses: ROLE OPTIC SG-56 Arcadi

Store of the Month *FDL* by SANDERS BEAUMONT Photo Credit : RBK Gossipgirl // Article by Amalia Foxtrot

Hello Sanders, I am really honored to talk with you and I am very happy to see you near me. First of all, I would like you to introduce yourself to our readers. Who are you and what do you doin SL ? Your store have been awarded Glance’s sim shop of the month for the December issue. How do you feel about it ? Sanders Beaumont: Hey Amalia, so nice to meet you. You look gorgeous! Oh well people call me Sands and I feel very honored that you have chosen me as Glance’s sim designer of the month. I actually don’t know why I should deserve that title. What I do in SL you ask? Hmm.. I’m not fixed on one thing here. I tried out nearly everything. Most I like the convergence this platform offers. I guess I’m not really a gamer or only a content creator. I like setting themes for my SL. So this year I was going a bit into fashion and figured out how it works. Last year I was more into roleplay and who knows how my waypoints will look like the next year. I actually make a lot of researches about digital ethnography, how media and interaction change our understanding and definition of spaces as well the affection on lifestyle, spaces and architecture in the real world. I have an upcoming project in this field which I will finish with writing a thesis in may 2010. Amalia Foxtrot: Oh very nice, I am sure you will go very far! Being recognized as our sim’s designer of the month means that you meet quality and fashion sense criterias. So we are wondering... does recognition feel good ? Sanders Beaumont: Honestly? I don’t feel a difference (smiles). I think titles are in general a bit overrated but same time very connected to the values and efforts we know from the real world. If you put a lot of passion and time into your SL, than you should be rewarded. I for my part think I don’t spend more then 3 hours per week in SL nowadays... At the beginning of my SL it was different. Now I work more focused. But this is of course something everyone has to decide for ones own. But... no I think there are a lot of people out there who know so much more than I do and who are in ways much more creative. But same time of course it honors me a lot that you privileged me. It tells me I’m doing something right and the decisions and steps I take using this platform. Amalia Foxtrot: Alright! Now I would like to know a bit more what you think about our


Fashion PR Agency, GLANCE International Agency? How had your relationships been since first contact with us ? Sanders Beaumont: High standard, professional, innovative, creative and contextual. Last is the most important, since we interact here in real time. Sometimes your boss (Patty Cortes) is somewhat very cocky, haha! But isn’t that what makes the difference sometimes? I like working with you and the challenges. I can imagine you bringing this agency more into a cross-reality-layer. You already do this very nicely with charity events and I am sure there are lots of other possibilities. Amalia Foxtrot: This is a question that almost everyone asks to designers so it may sound cliche... but we are REALLY curious to know where you find inspirations for your designs? I am sure it is a great source! Sanders Beaumont: I can’t really give you an answer to this question. It comes from a song I heard, a movie I saw.. an emotion evoked by something. But ideas come with a passion you develop for certain things. Sometimes you can bundle this into a style - into an image which brands your heart connected with a story and a feeling to it. I think that is inspiration. Amalia Foxtrot: Are you working on any new releases? It’s just that I am a big fan of your latest creations and looking for more... can you do some revelations about your upcoming fashion designs ? Sanders Beaumont: You know... the thing with plans is that you often don’t achieve them as you planned. So I will keep that answer to your question for myself and surprise you when time comes (smiles). Amalia Foxtrot: As New Year and Christmas events are almost here... What are your whishes ? Sanders Beaumont: I wish no-one to celebrate those days alone and gift your people something that comes from your heart and not from your wallet! But if both can be combined... then go ahead! And of course I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010. Amalia Foxtrot: Very sweet from you! So, do you want to improve anything in 2010? Sanders Beaumont: My aim is to make it better than 2009. Amalia Foxtrot:Thank you Sanders for this interview and I am sure to hear from you very soon! Make sure to visit *FDL* (Fleur De Lys) satellite shop on Glance sim! You will be blown away by these original designs catering to men and women.


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