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RFL 2011 REVIEW: 700,000L$


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READY FOR 2012...?

Photo credits: Honey Bender It has been a long time since we published an issue - and for a cause! Between March and December 2011, we ran several productions among which major Relay For Life© of Second Life© events that altogether raised over 700,000L$ for the American Cancer Society. You can check out the review of the events and the names of all the participating, generous designers and fashion charity auction winners further in this issue. If 2011 was a word, I would pick “maturity”. We reached our 3rd year anniversary this past August, and we are ready to embark with you on a stylish journey in 2012! GLANCE Magazine Stylists went to explore the most sensual and warm looks to wear during winter season: get an ultra-sexy look while wearing lingerie and stilettos or make yourself comfortable and stylish when going out. Our fashion spread “Under my Umbrella” will please fashionistas who love to wear seasonal items! GLANCE Model Academy first annual “Prom Night” has been held and the first crowned King & Queen were announced: congratulations to Celpoule Delvalle and LesPaul Ibanez! See you in 2012!

Patty Cortes

Magazine Publisher Layout Designer



MEROSI Photos Credits: Leah McCullough


ello Julia! Tell me a little about you. Where are you from? What do you do in Second Life? Hey there, I am 25 and from Germany. I’m a designer of jewellery, accessories, nail-art, lashes and many other things in Second Life. You launched your accessories store “je suis...” in 2010. What decided you to produce these items for SL Residents? My first accessories were for BAX COEN Designs. I was bored of trying to find matching accessories for the Boots featured in the store so I started creating some myself. In June 2010 I started creating different types of jewellery and accessories which was much more my style and so from there je suis... was born! What inspired you the name of your brand? I called my brand “je suis...” because I wanted the customer to feel this way: “I am...beautiful” or “I am... stylish” with each design they bought from me... but in English it sounded so strange. I’m



part French so it made sense to me to use the French version, “je suis...” With each release there is a special “feeling” attached to its name. What was the first product that you ever designed ? Matching bracelets for the first BAX Boots.

checking and thinking hard about it, we decided to move to give our customers the best shopping experience with a bigger, more organized store with much less lag.

What would you say sets you apart from other accessories shops? I’d probably say the passion I put into my products. I make them to a high Do you remember the feelings you had standard and I want them high qualwhen people started to buy your prodity, with extensive menus that offer coucts? lour changing options on gems, stones I jumped around toand metals without tally happy. I was having to purchase “ As I won the award I was over the moon that additional products. totally shocked and even people liked my Sometimes you just speechless. I wasn’t realproducts and wantwant all the colours ly able to say anything in ed to buy them! and this way you nevthis moment, haha! Hower have to make this You won an award decision: they are all ever I can tell you I was as the “GLANCE Best there in one product! more than happy, very New Designer 2011” The customer gets to proud and very thankful... “ and recently moved customize the prodfrom your mediumuct their way, and I sized shop to an enthink that’s the most tire sim dedicated to your brand. How important point. do you feel about your success story? I am surprised at how fast the brand Between male and female accessogrew in reputation. As I won the award I ries, which ones do you find the hardwas totally shocked and even speechest to produce and why? less. I wasn’t really able to say anything I just started with unisex products. I abin this moment, haha! However I can solutely want to cater more to men but tell you I was more than happy, very I find it so difficult. I’m not really sure proud and very thankful to all the peowhy. It’s possibly the shapes of men ple who helped me with pictures, texts bodies, especially for necklaces. They and managing it all. Thanks again to all are very difficult to handle for me perthese beauties! To get the full sim we sonally. Furthermore, finding inspiration were unsure we really could handle for male accessories isn’t that easy for it, counting all our pennies! But finally me. However I strive to keep trying and after what felt like hundreds of times promise there will be more unisex and


men products soon! How did you learn to design accessories for SL? Is it related to your real life skills? The only real Life skill I brought to my products in SL was Photoshop, but even that was also only a basic understanding. So finally I learnt in SL anything I needed to. I had a great Mentor and great friends who showed me the first steps of even building a cube! Later as sculpted prims arrived I had equally amazing Mentors for Blender and AC3D.

What are your future plans for je suis...? More unique, great products for women, men and even for kids. Yes, I’m branching out as much as I can. The best compliment you received so far? It has to be receiving the GLANCE Best New Designer Award. I mean the readers voted for that, and those are my customers. I like to believe they voted for me because they love my store and my products... that has to be the best compliment any designer could hope to get.

Who are some of “Many new products are your favourite SL Now is time for the under construction right fashion accessories bad question... now! Jewellery, bags and fashion designWhat is your worst and nails accessories for ers? customer experiboth men and women. “ If you asked me this ence so far? question 6 months I still have difficulty ago I would be able with why some custo answer that very tomers aren’t able quickly and shortly: to read a vendor Bax Coen for boots and Jada Humby text or a simple notecard. I think peofor clothes. I still adore them but in my ple click and want things so quickly exploration of SL I’ve noticed there are they often don’t stop to read the inforso many new amazing stores like Mon mation provided. It doesn’t happen as Tissu, The Secret Store and Celoe and often as it used to, but sadly it still hapI find myself unable to resist shopping pens occasionally. The worst situation I more! can think of is when a customer begins shouting at me or or at my staff because Are you working on new products ache didn’t read a notecard or vendor tually? that is clearly there to make things simMany new products are under conpler for them. After they read, they usustruction right now! Jewellery, bags ally are really ashamed of themselves and nails accessories for both men but some customers never want to and women. accept they made a mistake... At the end of the day, we all make them and



learn from them. What matters most to you as a Second Life Content Creator? I like to explore my creativity and keep my customers happy in the process. Hopefully, they love the things I create as much as I enjoy creating them. Quality is also important to me, everything I create has to be of good quality. I refused to release things this past fall season as they were below my standards, even though I spent many, many hours

“I like to explore my creativity and keep my customers happy in the process. Hopefully, they love the things I create as much as I enjoy creating them. “ working on them. That’s impressive! Tell us please: where can readers buy your accessories ? All of the je suis... products can be purchased for yourself or as a gift for a friend at the je suis... Mainstore, located at the je suis Sim: We also have a small selection available on The Second Life Marketplace and we are currently working on putting everything on there, but it takes a little bit of time...!


PURPLEMOON BY POULET KOENKAMP Hello Poulet, thanks so much for taking the time for this interview. We would like to know more about you and your career as an SL fashion designer. I got my start in Second Life as a builder. I first heard about Second Life in a newspaper, the main thing that caught my attention was that you could ‘create’. In my first shop I had furniture, houses, trees and anything I could make with prims. I got involved in a couple of artistic projects such as “Not Possible in Real Life” and “Burning Life”. Those two events fuelled my fire for creation in a way I can’t explain. My friend SilverMoon Indigo and I decided to get into the fashion business. Shortly after PurpleMoon was created I got

invited to be in the ‘Next Fashion Designer Challenge’ and I went for it. So I signed in and I happened to get to the finals, considering that most of the other participants where already involved in the fashion industry, I was surprised and motivated! Tell me, where do you find inspiration for your new creations? Is it a difficult aspect of the creation process? I find inspiration in many places, maybe I see a bird posing by my window, and I see the feathers, the pattern on those feathers, the shape, softness, and it keeps on going until it reaches my sketchbook. Hopefully the next step is SL after some hours in Photoshop. Real Life designers that I deeply admire are Armani because

of the elegance and simplicity of the designs and Michael Kors, just because he dares to do something unique. How often do you release new items? Do you have special creations for those who are part of your in-world or subscribers groups? I try to release new items weekly and sometimes more often it depends on how much time is available. Usually the group gets at least one of what I like to call ‘high effort’ gifts per month. There have been many special discounts for group members and occasional gifts for the subscribers What are the next projects for Purple-

Moon Creations? We will be moving to a bigger store, which I am in the process of building when time is available. Also I have many ideas on the drawing board but who knows which ones will actually be realized. How do you envision PurpleMoon Creations in the future? I like to leave the options open, not trying to restrict the direction of PurpleMoon in any way. Shop PurpleMoon Creations today at Etherea/110/76/1366






GLANCE style blog




4 34







y Bender its : Hone Photo cred

Hello Spooky and Lynn! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do an interview for GLANCE Magazine! Our readers would like to know what the Candy Cane Hunt is? Spooky: Candy Cane is a fun gridwide treasure hunt Involving about 225 stores. Each participating location hides a $1L gift for both men and women celebrating the candy cane theme. Lynn: Candy Cane Hunt features some wonderful vendors that provide high quality Christmas Themed items for our hunters. What was the inspiration to get the Candy Cane Hunt started? Spooky: The Candy Cane Hunt was actually the first hunt Lynn and I ever organized. At the time, I’d been a merchant in SL for a while but Lynn didn’t even have a store! (She opened [Electric] a few months later) I’d done several hunts organized by others and saw the immense promotional value they presented. Hunts brought a lot of new traffic to my store, exposing more people to my brand than any other marketing or advertising I’d tried. The problem was, by the time I got the applications and turned them in, I would end up with an undesirable placement in the line-up. I watched

and learned and realized the way to really truly benefit from a hunt was to be store number one. I intended to be exactly that! It just happened to be near the holidays when I decided I was ready. Lynn: Candy Cane Hunt was just an opportunity at the time to pick up great vendors during the holiday season. Many hunts were small and unfocused at the time. Bringing Candy Cane Hunt in was widely received by many and became an instant success. Why did you pick the name “Candy Cane” for this hunt? Spooky: The name came primarily from the desire to have a non-denominational hunt that was still in the holiday spirit. We didn’t want to alienate anyone. The other factor was to give just enough of a theme for the merchants to grasp and feel inspired by without being overly specific. And it had to have universal appeal. That was important! Who doesn’t love candy canes? Haha, that’s true! The Hunt seems to have been extremely popular since the first year. What is your expectation for 2011? Spooky: We’re thrilled with the way hunters and merchants alike have embraced the Candy Cane hunt over the

past couple of years. Last year, Linden Labs listed the Candy Cane 2 Hunt not only as a featured destination, but also as a Top Ten Hot Spot in the official SL newsletter. The amount of traffic the Hunt produced was far beyond expectations. Of course, one can never project how any hunt will go but if Candy Cane 3 follows suit, it should be quite successful.

easily be done in four or five. The hardest part is visiting all of the approximately 500 stores who applied and carefully deciding who would be in the Hunt and who wouldn’t. Even after the Hunt starts there is still a lot of work with helping Hunters, updating information and ensuring all participants are ready and set up correctly.

Wow, indeed, that’s a great feature! Could you tell us more about some of the designers featured in the hunt this year? Spooky: We have some excellent designers this year! We have several wellestablished stores, such as Mohna Lisa Couture, Vassnia, K-CODE, Sascha’s, Snowpaws, Vero Modero, Jewelry by Jake and Kastle Rock Couture. Some other favorites include Epic Toys, who has been repeatedly voted Best in Hunt on our website. +DV8+ is a popular stop wellknown as the home of the wildly popular Twisted Hunts. The creator of Altya’s Dream was recently nominated for a prestigious award. There are honestly too many to list here and all are carefully hand-selected. I’m excited about this year’s participants. We have many new locations that are places everyone should visit!

What are your plans after Candy Cane Hunt 3? Spooky: Lynn and I host hunts all year long and take turns being the lead organizer. Right now we were discussing a few ideas for February that are not even remotely about Valentines Day. We have a couple of Skull-n-Bones series hunts planned and will include another Pirate Hunt in those. We will most certainly host the third Midsummer Night’s Dream Hunt in June, which is our other big big hunt of the year. To be honest, you never know what we’ll come up with but it’s sure to be inspired.

It’s great to see how you two are passionate about the hunt! It must require so much energy, how long does it take you to set this event up? Spooky: Because we are also having the first annual Candy Cane Fair this year to run concurrently with the hunt, we allowed seven weeks set-up time but it can

What would be your top arguments for those who may be hesitating to visit the Candy Cane Hunt 3? Spooky: In regards to hunters, I think my top arguments would be that, unlike many hunts, we guarantee a male gift at every stop. Hunts are often discouraging to men because they get nothing but female items. Lynn and I wanted to make certain they were included to the best of our ability. The other point I think would be that we realize many hesitate when they see a $1L charge for each item. What I would say to those people is that there are some re-

ally excellent stores participating and we understand that you value any amount of money you spend. I personally promise you will end up with at least a few things worth the cost. You can avoid hesitating altogether by going straight to the starting point, Kastle Rock Couture, on Grand Isle. Isle/96/161/25 Lynn: I would say it is simply a way to give Vendors back all the efforts they put into our hunts for the hunters. Even at just 1 Linden Dollar, it is a small reward built up over time for the vendors participating. Thank you once again for taking the time to do this interview! Your last words? Spooky: At the end of the day, it’s all about community and having fun. Hundreds of merchants work together to make a hunt what it is and many friendships are formed between hunters as they come to one another’s aid. We all realize it’s a store promotion and that merchants enlist with the hopes of gaining a few new customers but the creativity evoked by a common theme and the festive social interaction is exactly what the Candy Cane Hunts have come to stand for. It’s like a five week long festival... with stripes!


DATES: NOV 21 - DEC 25, 2011 _____________________________________ SPONSORED BY GLANCE MAGAZINE __________________________________

MERCHANT SPONSORS: Kastle Rock Couture, [Electric], Altya’s Dream Creations, Mohna Lisa Couture, Treasured Cove, Grumble, Michigan’s Shack, +DV8+, Epic Toys, and TBA Visit the third annual Candy Cane Hunt, one of the most popular hunts of the year! This muchloved non-denominational holiday treasure hunt aims for quality and so every store was handpicked with you, the hunter, in mind. CANDY CANE HUNT Organizers are proud to present to you more than 200 of our favorite places. Each stop guarantees a male & female or unisex gift for the nominal fee of only $1L with many stores displaying their gifts beside their hunt signs and many more listing a preview on the official hunt blog. HUNT OFFICIAL BLOG URL: THE HUNT STARTS HERE: Isle/90/166/25

GLANCE Magazine is the proud sponsor of the third year edition of the hugely popular Candy Cane Hunt! Visit the official blog and start the Hunt today! Happy hunting!

159 39


$ L 0 0 0 700,

R O F D E S I A R RFL OF SL 2011

review & credits

Thanks to priceless advices from Relay For Life© of Second Life© Participants (all volunteers!), the talent of hundreds of Second Life© Fashion Designers and the generous support of thousands of SL residents, our RFL Team “GLANCE Runway For Life” raised over 700,000 Linden Dollars for the American Cancer Society in SL in 2011! We hope that you join us in 2012... Until there is a cure, we relay!

Front Row

volving in r u o t n io h s in-world fa n a d e t a in content rd rd a rw o -f GIA coo n io h Life®’s fas d n o c e S f ns each o io s t a re c dozen e u iq n vided 2 u ro p g, skins, o h in h w t rs lo o C t . L S f crea o y For Life la e R % 0 0 1 designed g re e w s e ri benefittin o s s and acce s e o dedih s e , h t ir a k h o , o s t e t n p e a v h s w”. This e o R t n ro F “ of dise y m e rn u jo a h g on the the shion throu fa f o rs e w s offering o ll n io t a in t s e cated fo d rid to style g e h t s s ro c a covery e cause. h t rt o p p u s o t ns creative desig io t a rn e t n -i e c ntrow.glan o fr / :/ p t t h it is V



FABULOUS FASHION DESIGNERS A La Folie! by Pixivor Allen MEB by MariaElena Barbosa DoJo by Sanders Beaumont SHIKI Designs by Shinichi Mathy Son!a by Sonia28 Jie AKEYO by Artoo Magneto Insatiable Fashions by AliannaMarie GossipGirl GiZZa Creations by Giz Seorn Ear Candy by Maeve Mortlock Iconic Hair by Neveah Niu Le Bloom by Heather Connolly District by Sommer Restless JANE by Janie Marlowe Femme Fatale Fashions by Sixy Grave -MZ- Animations by Monica Zemenis Nemesis by Calypso Clip Vanitas Vesture by SarahTheRed Aurbierre PXL Creations by Hart Larsson Vero Modero by Bouquet Babii BellaDonna Clothing by Bree Flanagan Body Doubles by Persia Christensen

& Lyra Blackthorne Aurora Borealis by Sequoia Nightfire G. Sloane Couture by Geryn Sloane Sage by Sage Pexie Finesmith Design by Yula Finesmith oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov Morgane Batista Poses Shop by Morgane Batista Bent! by Catherine Fairport Savoir Faire Shapes by Hybie Mynx Felicity by Felicity Overlord MStyle by Mikee Mokeev Shape it up! by Alexx Usbourne Letituer by Janie Acoustic SIGMA Jewels by Sofi Trenkins >> Poison<< by Corocota Torok KIM Bodysuits by Kimberly Flagon LollipoZ by Zeev Dinzeo Lolapop! by Lola79 Hienrichs Fandango! by Christine Svenska MINA Hair & Bijoux by Mina Nakamura ImmateriA by Naenia Demina Nefertiti Kimagawa by NFK Design



Sh ow ca se Cr ed it s Stage build: Charriol Ansar & Atrum Slade Script Writing: Charriol Ansar Show Photographer: Gala Caproni Models: Ji Nirvana, Amita Yorcliffe, Carley Benazzi, Dixiesweet28 Twine, Anna Sapphire, Tanaya Baxton, Rissa Friller, Gamp Lane, Giada Oh Featuring Front Row Designers




arefully c s n ig s e d e u red 27 uniq u t a All the fe . t rs n e e n v ig e s e d The n s top fashio ’ L S f harity o c 4 t 1 n y e il b s d h 8 e 4 ft a cra d during e t n e s re p duced re ro e p ” 8 4 # m o creations w CE Showro N A L G “ d e ll rticipata a p s u lo u b auction c a F he cause. t r fo owing ll y e fo n e o h t m n e o is d ra to rs are liste e n in W d n a rs ing Designe page. a n io t a rn e t n -i w.glance w w / :/ p t t h it is V




TALENTED DESIGNERS Eshi Otawara by Eshi Otawara SHIKI Design by Shinichi Mathy Terra D’Ombra by maiZon Rayna MEB Fashion by MariaElena Barbosa Vero Modero by Bouquet Babii House of Dashwood by Dashwood Muircastle Wretched Dollies by Star Fairymeadow House of Xevion by Vikeejeah Xevion Buttercups by Kaydence Genezzia Tayren’s Fashions by Tayren Theas Ruxy Designs by Rux Anthra BD Fashion for Women by Briher Destiny G&T Creations by Greenie Lane 22769 Couture by design team

Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale Havana by Ricco Saenz Mohna Lisa Couture by Mohna Lisa Nefertiti Kimagawa Designs by Nefertiti Kimagawa

GENEROUS WINNERS Revy Cortes Melvyn Meredith Candi Sciarri Ji Nirvana Shiloh Emmons Aphrodite Brianna kely Alderbury Bailey Dazy Fire Sabretooth Giovanni Tiepolo (and 2 Anonymous SL Residents) 49


Sh ow ca se Cr ed it s Stage build & Script Writing: Charriol Ansar Show Photographer: Gala Caproni Furniture Sponsor: Morantique by Mo Miasma Models: Aphrodite Brianna, Bianca Bender, Revy Cortes, Candi Sciarri, Tsukino Skytower, Tayren Theas, Georgia Schecter, Amita Yorcliffe, Cheercoach4ejs Gymnast With Catwalk TV Designers


Accessory FAIR

r edia e y d n o c e s visited the s t n e id s e R n 45 a L S h t 0 0 re ,0 o 4 m 1 r d e v re O air. It featu F ry o s s e c c sented A re p s re o t s h tion of the ic mong wh a s d n ra B s benefite s ri d e e c ro p Accesso e s ach who e s n io custom t 2 a d re c re e lo u p x iq e n u rs 2 The visito . e if L r o F y la Egyptâ&#x20AC;? e t n ie c n A â&#x20AC;&#x153; e ted 100% R h around t d e n om. ig s .c e e d if , L d im n s o ll c fu e t S buil event on d re u t a fe a s theme. It wa a n io t a rn e t n -i ir.glance fa ry o s s e c c a / Visit http:/




SPONSORS & DESIGNERS MOOD by Jori Watler GOS by Gospel Voom Gems&Kisses by Deliziosa Vendetta Finesmith by yula Finesmith


Jewelry by Jake by TJake Kearny Morantique by Mo Miasma R.A.Crystal by Rama Anatine !SyDS! by Serenite Stransky SIGMA Jewels by Sofi Trenkins [ bubble ] by Moonbubble Gothly {Zeery} by Zeerya Pyrithea Sin & Virtue by Chrome Runner U&R Dogs by Uta Karas & Ruriko Jewell Kumaki Glasses Style by Koguma Kumaki Donna Flora by Squinternet Larnia Bliensen + MaiTai by Plurabelle Laszlo Aluinn by Bratty Slade R.icielli by Fhara Acacia PXDTOXIC by Toxic Lemon Artistry by ~E~ by Endra Graves Ruchica by Ruchica Enimo Wanda’s by Wanda Umarov Split Pea by Melatonin Hax

Indy & Co by Indyra Seigo Dinki-Di Designs by Tinkerbell Footpad {*I <3FashiOn*} Accessories by Patty90 Paule LA Designs by Liaison Aeon A la Folie by Pixivor Allen {AHC} by AlexanderHunter Rembrandt Hatpins by Reghan Straaf TRIDENT Jewelry by Rossana Llewellyn croire by Emily Kaestner / erratic / by Erratic Rain ::{Favole}:: by Themis Enzo G. Sloane Couture by Geryn Sloane SoliDea FoliEs by Mila Tatham and Rodroguez Imako Jewelry Creations by Zuri by Zuri Rayna Illusions by Siyu Suen Le Bloom by Heather Connolly and Lawra Fredrickson je suis… by Julia Merosi LaGyo by Gyorgina Larnia Ganked Jewelry by Misti Merryman Air by Asian Kish Kunglers Extra by AvaGardner & Barbra Kungler Digital Eyes by Morgane Kincess Lazuri by Zuri Lyric [sYs] by Syane & Systi Cisse



Sh ow ca se Cr ed it s Stage build: Beth33 Beaumont Script Writing: Charriol Ansar Show Photographer: Alatiel Malies Models: AngeXX Quandry, Tyra Eiren, Barney Helendale, Eve Torres, Jeab Kungler, Hadaluna Daines Clothing & Accessories designers list and showcase review at


Mon Boudoir


owcasing h s t n e v E L F R t” was an re c e d furniS n ir a o s d e u h o t B lo n c ( o s M “ tic offering n a m ro d n ent to RFL a w s d e e c ro 15 upscale p % of sales 0 0 1 h ic h w m tures) fro of SL.

s out!

The Secret wa

Visit http:/

ationa rn e t n -i e c n la /www.g




AOHARU by Machang Pichot Abiss by Frasha Boa and Oggy Bonetto MudHoney by Rayvn Hynes YS&YS by Monyka Benelli Indyra Originals by Indyra Seigo Manba by Mew Denimore Bliss Couture by Amutey DeCuir Morantique by Mo Miasma Meghindoâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s by Meghindo Romano AZOURY by Mayhem Seetan Morea Style by morea Decosta Lisp Bazaar by Pandora Popstar Kunst by Kunst Himmel Boom Boom Cherry by Monica Zemenis

ABOUT RFL OF SL Relay For Life® is the signature fundraiser of the American Cancer Society. Relay For Life® of Second Life® (RFL of SL) is an annual activity that takes place in Second Life® in July each year. Volunteers form or join teams to have fun while fundraising and raising awareness from mid-March through mid-July. In July teams build campsites and walk a track, just like in a real world Relay. Team members build and gather at their team campsites, enjoy live music, participate in fun events, and explore the many Relay sims and the incredible builds by some of Second Life’s top designers, as the event runs overnight and into the next morning. In 2010 Relay For Life of Second Life attracted more than 120 teams with participants from over 30 countries, held over 300 team fundraising events between March and July, and raised over US$222,000 (that’s REAL US dollars) for cancer research and education. The funds raised go to research, advocacy, patient services and programs, with 12-15% going to international projects. Just as in the real world, RFL of SL is an international event. 58

RFL OF SL LINKS: Official RFL of SL Website: RFL of SL Updates Blog: Follow RFL of SL on Facebook: Follow RFL of SL on Twitter: RFL of SL on Wiki: >> Join “Runway For Life” and “GLANCE | International A-List” groups in-world and fight cancer with us in 2012! You can also create your own group on RFL official website (link above). 59



Sh ow ca se Cr ed it s Stage build & Featured Designer: Nefertiti Kimagawa Script Writing: Charriol Ansar Show Photographer: Gala Caproni Graduates: Carley Benazzi, Marty Feiri, Tyra Eiren and Tanaya Baxton Models: Dixiesweet28 Twine, Leah McCullough, Imani Enzo


The Finale


Model/Stylist: Natasja Schumann (Black) Outfit: Angel Dessous - MonaNight-c Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow-Black Hair: Little Heaven - hair23_estelle_chocolate_dark_L Jewelries: *PERSONA* black Pearl Drop earringss Skin: Tuli - Emma / fair / br :: 05 Sweetheart and Sienna Lips Model/Stylist: Linnda Scofield (White) Skin: sYs Skin Yang Hair: Vanity Hair Eden -Silver Lingerie: Angel Dessous Mona White Shoes: GField Platform Shoes â&#x20AC;&#x153;Rosetteâ&#x20AC;? in White Earrings: Finesmith wish earring Necklace: Mandala Milky Way2 Necklace Polly White Bracelets: Mandala Milky Way2 Bracelet White Nails: Mandala Milky Nails White Photo Credits: Leah Mccullough

Model/Stylist: Linnda Scofield Skin: Bodyline Sara NM1 purple Hair: Vanity Hair Gauloise in Bordeaux &Blonde Tipped Lingerie: Angel Dessous Cherie Plum Shoes: PurpleMoon Nikki in Purple & Gold Photo Credits: Leah Mccullough

Model/Stylist: Natasja Schumann Outfit: Angel Dessous EloiseOcean-c Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Anita - black Hair: *Plume* - Orchidea II/Majestic Jewelries: Alienbear Ambroisa black Pearl set Skin: Tuli - Emma / fair / br :: 03 Spring with Pink lips Photo Credits: Leah Mccullough

Model, Stylist & Photographer: Kalia Meiklejohn Hair: Clawtooth, True Betty Skin: LeLutka, Kit/HUSH Lingerie: Whippet & Buck, { Cheeky Girl } Effie Shoes: Pixel Mode, Baby Tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Jewelry: je suis..., sophistique Pose: Olive Juice, Call Me: Phones with Poses

Model, Stylist & Photographer: Novalita Constantine Hair: Milana- Lynn Skin: vive9- Sasha Slip: Oh LaLa- Lacey slip Tights & Garter: Sheer Shoes: LeLutka- Fame Necklace: SHADE THRONE- The big sea necklace Bangles: Mandala- Takara Bangle dark wood Tattoo: Aitui- Aka Hyou

Model/Stylist: Amalia Foxtrot Hair: *Plume* Mademoiselle Butterfly Lingerie: DeeTaleZ Lingerie pattern and lace black Shoes: STILETTO MOODY ZAHA Black Jewelries: Alienbear Mayur Set Photo Credits: Valeria Endrizzi

Under my


MODEL, STYLIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER: NOVALITA CONSTANTINE Hair: Loq- Baileys Skin: Vive9- Sasha Coat: Aoharu- Feminine Fur Tippet coat Tights:(part of) Maiterya Gold- Allure Scarf: Milk Motion- My vintage scarf Shoes: Anexx- Platform Wedgesole Umberlla: OTP- Black umbrella

MODEL/STYLIST: AMALIA FOXTROT Shoes ANEXX StrapWedgeBootee BlackWhite Skirt: AOHARU_DotChiffonSkirt_Black Shirt AOHARU_DotChiffonShirt_White Skin:-Belleza- Melissa Pale 3 (cleavage) Bag:*YS&YS* Espalmador Bag - Black Hair: Lelutka RAIN hair â&#x20AC;&#x201C; BlondeFun Photo Credits: Valeria Endrizzi




McCULLOUGH Hello Leah and congratulations! You are our Model of the Month for December 2011. How do you feel about this title? Thank you so much! It’s truly an honor to be selected and I feel humbled to be next to so many amazing models that were selected before! I love the magazine and GLANCE so I’m truly happy of this amazing opportunity! How did you get into the fashion industry? When I started in SL back in December 2007 I bought hundreds of freebies clothes and shoes, haha! I remember loving how you could combine clothes and attach prims. Then, I found out that there were models and I knew I wanted to be one! To cover the expenses I opened a little clothing store and that helped a lot with the modeling classes fees and getting good quality things. And that’s how all got started! What do you like about this industry? There are two things I love most about the fashion industry. Firstly, all the interesting, talented and different people I’ve met and how some of them have become very close to me. Being able to share our passion for fashion and for

modeling is very gratifying. Secondly, the infinite possibilities we have to create, to be original and unique when styling and modeling clothes. Always keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to present designers’ creation in the best light possible. Many people think that virtual modeling is easy task. What would you like people to understand about this job? Well it looks easy from the outside! I’ve had this conversacion with several starting models or friends who just were curious about it, and I have to say that being a Model is more than looking pretty, posing or walking the runway. There are hundred of small details, from having all the prims well fitted, to knowing how to combine colors, styles and themes, without forgetting how to chose the right pose for the right outfit. Besides, a good Model will know how to pick quality fashion items, how to work with other models in a harmonious work environment, she will react to feedback with professionalism and present herself with confidence when applying for a job, during a casting or a contest. There is also a technical knowledge to acquire, including but not limited to

a m a n a g n i v s ’ a l h e d d o n a m e a u o q t i l n a u i t g n n e i s e s b e s g y n a i d h t a e “Now le is som y t s g zin .” s s e c suc how to deal with lag while walking on the runway, how to edit prims or your shape to fit an ensemble properly, etc. Nowadays being unique and having an amazing style is something essential to a model’s success. For this you need hard work, a good sense of style and a lot of practice! I know that you are among the veteran top models and that back in your days one could hardly find a modeling school. Where did you get trained? And what is your position regarding today’s modeling academies? When I started I remember I visited two modeling schools EWA (if i remember correctly.. I’m very bad with names) and InStyle. At that time only InStyle was taking new models for training so in March 2008 I started my modeling classes.... I still have the notes of that first runway class! I think we were 4 in the class, all girls, and I learned things about SL I didn’t know... How to turn the camera, how to pose manually, etc. It was definitely an amaz-

ing and enlightening experience! Regarding today’s modeling academies I believe they are a good starting point for new models wanting to get experience and knowledge to become professional models. It gives them the possibility of learning from established and knowledgeable Models and to participate in a runway show. When a girl or guy approaches me asking me about modeling, I usually advice them to attend a modeling school, because I’ve noticed an increasing number of casting calls and contests that require modeling training from applicants. So while these aspiring models attend the classes we usually talk and I give them advices or I answer their questions, I’m some sort of a mentor to them. Last but not least, it is always good to go on a training even for experienced Models as you ideally never stop learning and practising in your career! Looking back at your career, could you tell us more about your achievements as





“I thi nk th e grea reach test a here i chiev s bein emen g able to hel t a mode l can p oth ers...”

a model? I’m honored to have been selected to work in several top agencies in Second Life, and this has allowed me to participate in shows for the most talented designers in SL. Also the chance of being part of charity events is something I cherish and value a lot. I think the greatest achievement a model can reach here is being able to help others, old or new, and that they come to you with styling or technical questions. That means that people appreciate your work and know that you have the experience and knowledge necessary to do a great job. Winning or losing a contest doesn’t make or break your career but sadly people now focus a lot on those things and there’s a competitive atmosphere in the modeling world. I think it would be better if we all focused on giving our best and helping each others in general. That’s why I’m not saying “I won this contest... I came second in this other or I didn’t make it in this other, etc.” Some of these achievements don’t always depend

on how good you are as a model, but it usually takes into considerations the taste and needs of the contest’s judges. It seems there is a lot of different conceptions when it comes to beauty. How do you define it? For me beauty is everywhere... if you can look at everything and try to find its beauty.... you will surely be surprised. Beauty doesn’t mean a perfect skin or body. Beauty also comes in the shape of imperfections, moles, beauty marks... all this is what makes each of us unique and perfect.... and beautiful. Helping others, smiling, having a positive attitude is also part of our beauty. This might sound a bit cliché but I believe in being happy and cherishing everything we have... this makes us beautiful in our eyes and reflects it to the rest of the people. Do you have professional tips to share with aspiring models? Practice! Be a model because you love it.. not because you want to be famous,

rich or well-known. Work hard, practice again, be responsible, be open to new ideas and feedback, be humble and accept your mistakes; aim to be the best and do it. Being a model is not easy, it’s not cheap and it won’t make you rich. But all the good things that come out of it, all the fantastic people you meet, that warm feeling after you finish a show, or the butterflies in the stomach before it starts, being able to create, to style and let your imagination go wild with someone’s creations... it’s all worth it! You have been promoted to Supermodel within GLANCE International Agency this past month. What is your feeling regarding this nomination? I’m still in awe! It’s truly an honor to be in the small group of talented and amazing Supermodels in GLANCE International Agency such as Veronica Krasner, Rhonda Pennell and all the other girls! I will do my best to represent the agency all the time! Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity! What can GLANCE Magazine wish you for the future? Happiness! We only have one life, no matter if it’s RL or SL.. There is just one... And we have to cherish and love what we have... and be happy!

“Being a model is not easy, it’s not cheap and it won’t make you rich. But all the good things that come out of it, all the fantastic people you meet, that warm feeling after you finish a show, or the butterflies in the stomach before it starts, being able to create, to style and let your imagination go wild with someone’s creations... it’s all worth it!”


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