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Welcome to the Third Annual Most Beautiful Filipinos In Canada Award of Recognition. It is a great honour and pleasure to present to you our fellow kababayans who are beautiful in their own way. These are the individuals or group who has done or has achieved something beautiful and made a difference in somebody else's life. At this present age and time, we need people like them. They can be looked up upon as role models for our young Filipinos. May their tribe increase! Producing a spectacular event such as this requires a lot of courage, time and effort. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a group of friends who are always there to help out and boost my morale when I needed it most. To the “stage mothers” and fathers of the past and present IPEN beauties particularly Canada’s and Metro Toronto’s Prettiest Filipinas...and to the IPEN Beauties who added glitters to the occasion...thank you all for being there and being here tonight. And of course my sincerest gratitude also goes to our “Beautiful” awardees of which without them, we will not have a classy and fabulous Awards of Recognition tonight. To our special guests and performers, maraming salamat sa inyong lahat ! Lastly, I would like to thank the two “J”s in my life. To my baby James who is always with me whenever I meet with the awardees rain or shine, whether it is snowing or not. And to Papa Jam who meticulously put up and choreographed this show tonight…..thank you.



ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the following individuals and groups who helped us made this event very prestigious and a big success

Parents of the Candidates The Candidates The Awardees Elle Delizo Edessa Andrada Willie Santiago Sherwin Sunico Joy Mitchell Friends of IPEN Dr. Jorge Jose Bodybliss Feri Arvin Ramos Balita Tess Cusipag Lurvie Deblois Marilen Patricio

Elle Delizo


The Production Team EDGAR F. SULIT Executive Producer JAM RODRIGUEZ Business Manager Stage Director/Choreographer KESIAH PAPASIN BEA SANTIAGO CHRISTINA DEVRIES Pageant Coaches Pageant Coordinators Tess Papasin Belgin Euperio Joey Aurelio


Joy Mitchell Miss Manila 2012

Edessa Andrada


Official Skin Care Specialist of IPEN Beauties

JAM RODRIGUEZ Aroma Therapist Skin Care Specialist 416 616 2798 6

Here they are‌ the next pages you will find the Best of the Best Filipinos in Canada. Beautiful in their own ways. Someone who has really made a difference. Someone who has done or achieved something beautiful. More often than not we describe beauty as an individual with physical attributes only. However, it can also be someone or a group who has demonstrated an extra ordinary achievement, success, a good deed or a humanitarian service. Mabuhay Kayong Lahat!!!!!!!!!



s the eldest of the eight children of the late Cipriano A. Tan, a government lawyer, and Emilia A. Benito, an elementary school teacher of Urdaneta, Pangasinan, Hilda was a role model to her siblings in the pursuit of good education and in the importance of success. After graduating in medical technology from the Pontifical University of Sto. Tomas in Manila, she briefly worked at San Lazaro Hospital and was in charge of the bacteriology department. She then left for the United States to pursue further training at St. John`s Episcopal Hospital School of Medical Technology in New York. Then, she worked at the Muhlenberg Hospital in New Jersey.At the conclusion of her training in the United States, she immigrated to Canada and worked at the Leamington Memorial Hospital in Leamington, Ontario and was in charge of theMicrobiology Department. She then moved to Montreal, Quebec and worked at the Montreal General Hospital, Microbiology Department and then later on moved to the Reddy MemorialHospital which was closed in 1997.She was a member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP), CanadianSociety of Laboratory Technologists (CSLT),and Quebec Corporation of Medical Technologists.Her contribution to HILDA TAN-VELOSO the cultural, civic and spiritual life of the community dates back to 1971 when she was elected board member of the Philippine Association of Montreal and Suburbs (FAMAS). As the chairperson of the Philippine Cultural Society of the FAMAS, she wasinstrumental in the first cultural presentation of " Filipiniana '71," a show case of Filipino songs and dances. She was a committee member of the first Binibining Pilipinasof Montreal Beauty Pageant initiated by FAMAS during the presidency of Alvin D. Veloso,an activity which has become a major source of income for the Philippine Association of Montreal and Suburbs.She continued to advocate for the promotion of our cultural heritage in her capacity as vice president of the Philippine Folk Art Society of Quebec and treasurer of the Kalinangan Dance Troupe of Montreal. She was a reliable help to her husband, Alvin, during his presidency of the Federation of Filipino Canadian Associations of Quebec and of the Philippine Folk Art Society of Quebec, and was supportive of her daughter, Michele, during the years that she served as the dance director of the Kalinangan Dance Troupe. The family involvement was instrumental in the formation and early success of the Kalinangan Dance Troupe. They worked together as a strong team that would take Kalinangan to a new level and face new challenges.Her interest in beauty pageants motivated her to assist the organizers of the Binibining Pilipinas of the World Beauty Pageant in Toronto and was also active for a period of time with the Montreal-based Global Beauty Quest and Miss Canada International founded by Leticia Bulotano-Wheeler as director and treasurer respectively. She and husband Alvin were volunteers of the Notre Dame des Philippines Catholic Mission since the very beginning. She was elected as one of the administrators of the Filipino Catholic Mission and at the same time appointed as the treasurer. She was also a member of the fund raising committee and the mission's Sandiwaang Himig Choir. Many will tell you that Hilda has a green thumb. Her passion for flowers and plants lead her to study floral designs and has developed a hobby by arranging flowers for friends and family. She served as a layout editor of The North American Filipino Star for five years; treasurer of the Philippine Centennial Ball and a member of the Overseas Philippine Tourism Advisory Council (OPTAC). She was one of the delegates to the First General Assembly of the Overseas Philippine Tourism Advisory Council held in Manila in September, 1997. Her activities were not confined to Filipinos alone but went beyond the community bounderies as a volunteer with the Folklore Canada International during the"Fete des Enfants"(Children`s Festival) sponsored by the City of Montreal, as a participant for the Philippine Folk Art Society at the "Asia Pacific Week" held at the Complex Desjardin and with the Asian Heritage at the Chinese Pavilion of the Botanical Garden.She is married to Alvin D. Veloso, a known,longtime community leader and past awardee of the Fil-Am Magazine, Washington DC; Binibining Pilipinas of North America Beauty Pageant and Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada. He is now a US resident and the department chairman of World Languages at a Washington DC suburban school, where he teaches Spanish. She and husband Alvin, have two grown up children, Melvin and Michele. Melvin finished his bachelor of commerce degree, major in Management Information System at Concordia University and his Masters in Business Administration from Ottawa University . He is married to Casey Thomas of Pointe Claire and both work with the federal government and live in Ottawa with their two children, Riley and Piper. Michele finished her bachelor of commerce degree, major in entrepreneurship from McGill University and a degree in fashion designing from Brown College in Toronto. She is married to Walter Vargas, a computer engineer and they now live in Chicago, Illinois. In recognition of her civic, cultural and religious contributions, the Binibining Pilipinas of the World Beauty Pageant in Toronto selectd her as one of the Outstanding Filipinos in Canada; a merit award and presidential award from the Philippine Folk Art Society of Quebec; Lakandula Human Service Award given by the Montreal Pinoy Post, and together with her husband, a certificate of appreciation,"Gawad Misyon" from the Filipino Catholic Mission




or over twenty years, Maria Guiao has been an active and dedicated member of the FilipinoCanadian community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You may recognize Maria in her visible role as Master of Ceremonies for many charitable events in our community, but she has also fulfilled several other leadership roles to help ad- Maria Guiao and her loving husband vance the profile and participation of Filipino-Canadians in the GTA. In 2006, Maria co-founded the Filipino-Canadian Community House in Toronto, Ontario, to improve community services to local Filipino-Canadians and new Filipino migrants. Since 2008, Maria has been a volunteer Coordinator for the Betisenian Canada Association (BCA). With BCA, she helps to organize social activities that connect Filipino-Canadians from Betis, Pampanga to their community roots in the Philippines. She has also served many other charitable organizations as a volunteer Facilitator, Board and Executive member. Through these organizations, she has helped to fundraise and support education and relief efforts for underprivileged communities in the Philippines. To inspire others and share her passion for community work, Maria has been invited to be a guest speaker at local events, including as a United Way Toronto Ambassador Speaker in 2009 and 2010. Maria has also received various accolades for her personal achievements, including the Newcomer Settlement Volunteer Award from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration in 2006, a Leadership Award from the Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation in 2011, and special recognition from the school boards in Toronto for her outstanding contributions to excellence in education for Asian Heritage Month in 2010 and 2011. Maria is currently employed as a School Settlement Worker/Program Worker at CultureLink Settlement Services in Toronto. Maria has been very happily married to her husband, Dario, for almost 34 years. Of all their achievements, they are proudest of their four adult children. 10

All the blessings! Everyday is a gift! Celebrate life everyday! Life is beautiful

David and Maria Guiao and Family



r. Shirley Cuevas Salazar -- doctor, mother, and servant of the Lord. Who is this woman behind the mask? Dr. Shirley Salazar is the sixth of eight children, born to distinguished parents Dr. Agapito Cuevas, himself a dentist in the Philippine Army, and Mrs. Norma Cuevas, a registered nurse. Born and reared in La Loma, Quezon City, Philippines, Dr. Salazar enjoyed a simple and funfilled childhood with loving family and friends.


She graduated in 1989 from Manila Central University with a degree in Dental Medicine. The same year, she immigrated to Canada and married Mr. Ronald Salazar. They have two daughters and one son. Dr.Salazar willingness, hard work and diligent hands to pursue her dental profession lead to opening her private practice in May 2000. Through the years she earned the trust and respect of patients, colleages and the Filipino community. Aside from providing dental care through her healing hands, Dr. Shirley Salazar always extends her hands to the poor and needy. She consistently supports organizations such as the Mother of Priest Foundation, The Herbie Fund, ANCOP International and Friends of Jesus Christ, and other projects. She also volunteers for the Philippine Dental Mission. She has a strong faith in God and Christianity. Her outstanding qualities of of generosity, compassion, and kindness make her a blessing to everyone she meets in her life. As she said, ''My heart's desire is to serve the Lord with the gifts and talents He has given me for His glory.'' Not only is Dr. Shirley Salazar a service provider of smiles and dental healthcare, but also a service provider of love for her people and the God of Israel.




r. Tricia Magsino Barnabé is the daughter of Dr. Romulo Magsino and Mrs. Patria (Leah) Enverga Magsino. Married to Dr. Norman Barnabé, they reside in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with their daughters Maya and Nina.


A successful dentist and active member of the dental community, Dr. Tricia Magsino Barnabé has volunteered her services to Open Wide (a day of providing free dentistry for those in need) and to the Manitoba Dental Association Communications Committee. She founded and chaired the AllDentists Musicals Group to establish a successful fundraising production, Little Shop of Horrors, for the arts community. For these efforts she received the 2012 Manitoba Dental Association Recognition (for significant valued service to the dental profession and the public as a committed volunteer). Other awards include the American Association of Public Health Dentistry Award (for special interest and achievement in community dentistry externship and dental public health) and the Martin Neville Award (for high academic standing in children's dentistry and a demonstrated high level of care, judgment and treatment of pediatric patients). Additionally an accomplished singer/actress, Dr. Tricia Magsino Barnabé was the first champion of the Tuklas Talino Competition. She has appeared in radio, television, Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, and musical theatre, most notably as the lead role “Kim” in Miss Saigon. Tricia was one of three featured performers hand-picked by Father Fernando Suarez to headline the HEAL LA concert at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in California for an estimated crowd of 15,000 people. Dr. Tricia Magsino Barnabé has recently been appointed to the Board of Directors for Cancer Care Manitoba.




nown to friends and family as Beth, Lilibeth Aviguetero Bobila was a former beauty queen, model, and actress in the Philippines before becoming the office manager at her husband's dental practice- Dr. Nestor Bobila Dentistry Corporation, in Toronto, Canada. A Bachelor of Science and Major in Management graduate at Far Eastern University, Beth first worked as a model and appeared on various TV commercials, during her youth. She was one of the original models of Levi's Jeans when the popular band was just starting up in the Philippines. As an actress, she has appeared on Lilibeth Aviguetero Bobila numerous TV shows such as "Oh Rosemary and" "Oras Ng Ligaya" to name a few. A former beauty queen, she was a top contender during the 1973 Miss Republic of the Philippines, and in 1976, won the Ms. Banco Filipino beauty pageant. The exposure paved the way for her to get a lucrative job in one of the top banks in the Philippines where she has worked as a banker for 18 years before her family migrated to Canada, where she worked for another three years as a banker before she retired to help with the family business. As the officer manager at the Dr. Nestor Bobila Dentistry Corporation, she is active in both the Filipino community and is supportive of various medical missions in the Philippines and charities that her husband supports such as the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Guimbanian Association of Ontario's scholarship program in the Philippines, and ANCOP to name a few. She counts her three children among the greatest of her many achievements. Her eldest son, Gian Carlo Bobila, a graduate of Psychology at York University, is the reigning 2011 World Championship of the Performing Arts Champion, garnering eleven top award in Hollywood, California last July 2011. Her daughter Chesca, a graduate of Bachelor of Environmental Studies at York University is pursuing a degree in Dentistry. While here youngest, Shalimar, is a Registered Nurse, about to finish her final year of law school in June 2012 at the University of Windsor.



People, Events and Places The road to the crown…… esiah Papasin has been in the pageantry scene since she was thirteen years old. Since then, she has joined many different pageants in Canada and the Philippines. She was a runner up in Miss Manila Pageant in 2005 and 2008. For Kesiah, losing a pageant is not the end of the line for her. She believes that it gives her more confidence and the will to strive to be the best in her future endeavors. She was right:; looking back she did very well than the winners in the pageants that she lost. She went on to become Bb. Pilipinas of the World Teen and bb. Pilipinas of the World in 2007.

Beauty from within….the essence of true beauty The Search for the 2012 Metro Toronto’s Prettiest Filipinas and Most Dashing Filipinos has begun. As a matter of fact some of them has been rehearsing for a “Beauty Concert” starring by the beauties themselves and IPEN Beauties and Talents. The “Beauty Concert” is a fundraising drive in support of The Yaman Lahi Scholarship Fund. Part of proceeds of this concert will go towards the tuition fees of the high school students sponsored by the beauty quest. The scholars will be based in Manila. This will create Friendship and camaraderie among the candidates and the scholars as they Will have contacts through the internet media. That way, we will be updated with the progress of our scholars.

In 2008, she was crowned as Canada’s Prettiest Filipina. Few days after she was crowned , she traveled to Manila to represent Canada in the Turismo Filipina Beauty Pageant wherein she bagged the Miss Derma Clinic Award for her flawless skin complexion and eventually landed as one of the semi finalists from a field of 79 candidates from the Philippines and abroad. Quite a fete for a young lady who was just seventeen years old then. She was also a finalist in the Miss Chin Bikini in 2011. Aside from being a beauty queen, Kesiah has also modeled for Philippines foremost couturier Mama Rene Salud. This year, Kesiah is slated to compete in the Miss Universe Canada Pageant to be held on May 19th. We are keeping our fingers crossed. GOOD LUCK KESIAH!


TERESITA TALON R.N. President Recruitment Specialist


Congratulations Tess

25 Magnolia Avenue Scarborough , ON M1K 3K2 Tel/Fax 416.261.7942 416 854 3854





he was the Trainer, Researcher for Bayanihan Philippine National Dance Company, and Assistant to the Dance Director Mrs. Lucrecia Reyes-Urtula, the Philippine National Artist for Dance. Her extensive primary and secondary researches on Philippine indigenous dances and music were included in the repertoires of the company where she joined three World Tours and many short tours as major solo dancer, and later became its Dance Consultant/Director before immigrating to Canada. Eno, as fondly called by her friends and colleagues, was the Choreographer and ELEANOR KALASH Dance Director of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT), Tanghalang Munti (Children’s Theatre) of the Folk Arts Theatre, Central Bank of the Philippines and the Army Reserve Command of the Philippines (ARESCOM). She was a lecturer and workshop facilitator for the Professional Artist Developers Association of the Philippines and had coordinated, moderated and directed projects for Folk Arts Theatre and Cultural Centre of the Philippines. She had given numerous dance lectures and workshops in Canada, and internationally including many parts of the Philippines. Eno is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education and was a faculty member of the Physical Education Department of the Philippine Women’s University and St. Joseph School. Her other studies were at: Laban Centre for Movement and Dance - Goldsmith College, University of London (England). The Place - London Contemporary Dance School (England) Pineapple Studio (England) Rosella Hightower International School of Dance (Cannes, France) With Paris’ Prima Ballerina Lianne Daydee (France) Douglas Nierras of Power Dance (Philippines) Eno has been the Artistic Director and Choreographer for Culture Philippines of Ontario (CPO) since 2002. Her extensive experience and expertise brought the group to become the bench mark of excellence and the finest authentic Philippine folk dance group in Canada. Eno had directed various Philippine, Asian and fusion shows in Canada and USA.



arolyn David Bella hails from Pampapanga. She is happily married to Ven Joseph and a very proud mother of Alexa Marie, 16, Krista Rose, 14, Toven Nicholas, 10 and Carla Mae, 5 She graduated in1986 at the Holy Angel University with a degree in BSBA Major in Accounting. In 1987 she came to Canada as a live in caregiver as a stepping stone towards her dream of becoming a successful businesswoman. Upon getting her landed status in Canada, she worked as a part time waitress at Swiss Chalet. She also worked for Northwest Airlines. After working with CIBC for nine years she decided to quit. Armed with her keen knowledge in business, she opened her own business which is ASAP TRAVEL AND TOURS in 2003.


With strong determination, hard work, perseverance and an excellent rapport with her clientele, Carol was able to transform ASAP TRAVEL AND TOURS as the most sought after travel agency in the Filipino Community. Although her business takes so much of here time, Carol still find time to be active in the Filipino Community, whether it is a fundraising event, socials or being a judge in a local pageant.




arima is the founding director of Surrey Philippine Independence Day Society, better known as SPIDS, an organization of Filipino-Canadians in Surrey, B.C. and surrounding cities. SPIDS is a duly registered and incorporated Society, known for staging well-organized, celebratory, entertaining, compelling whole day family events/festivals showcasing almost 100% Filipino culture, which includes the popular and colorful Santacruzan. Alongside with SPIDS Presidency and her work as a Licensed Realtor, Narima is also an active volunteer of S.U.C.C.E.S.S., OPTIONS Community Services (as language translator), and many different FilipinoCanadian organizations, her advocacy mostly concentrated on assisting new Filipino migrants in different aspects of their first few years in Canada. She is also currently the Chairperson of the Scholarship Initiative Committee of the Johnston Heights Secondary School Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and was once the schools’ representative to the DPAC (District PAC). She also advocates for the environment and the less fortunate residents, and has organized and joined a number of volunteer environment clean-up and community outreach projects all over Lower mainland, B.C. Narima landed to Canada in 1998 with her husband and 2-yr old son as independent immigrants based on skilled workers category. She finished the Real Estate Trading Course at UBC Sauder School of Business in 2006, took the Realtors’ Board Licensure Examination that same year and has been a proud Licensed Realtor for more than 5 yrs now, affiliated with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. For the year 2011, Narima Dela Cruz received six awards, all of which were from mainstream reputable organizations in B.C. On March 8th, she was chosen one of the 3 finalists for the Surrey Women in Business Award- Leadership Category by the strong 3,000 memberships and connection Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT). On April 27 th, she received a Director Award for Sales Excellence from the National Sutton Real Estate Group. On June 8 th, she garnered a Community Leader Award from the 9 th CLA of the Surrey-Delta Leader, and on November 29th, she was voted #1 in 3 Categories (as a Business Person, Realtor, and Social Activist) in the Surrey-Delta Leader Reader’s Choice Awards – which tallied a total of 11,000 total votes for the search. Narima is the only person voted # 1 in 3 Categories and the only Filipino voted in as an individual achiever.


As the first quarter of 2012 draws, Narima was chosen one of the shortlisted 75 Finalists among a selection of 300+ nominees all over Canada for the 2012 Top 25 Canadian Immigrants, the poll result of which is to be known on May 29th. She was also honored just last March 29th by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver with the REALTORS CARE award, an award given by the strong 11,000+ memberships of the Board to a member who exemplify excellent community volunteerism. Narima lives contentedly in Surrey with her husband, Joel Dela Cruz, a Licensed Civil Engineer in the Philippines and an Applied Science Technologist (AScT) in B.C., himself a mainstream awardee (ASTT-BC 2010 Top in Technology Award) and two talented and gifted children: Daryl, 16 and Glisha, 11.



‘Yan ang Pinoy

A special project of


FILIPINO Image Magazine James is a first grade student at Orde Street Most Beautiful Filipinos In Canada Public School. He loves to sing, dance and play Metro Toronto’s Prettiest Filipinas the drums. When he was eight months old, he used to crawl towards Metro Toronto’s Most Dashing Filipinos the kitchen cupboard to get the pots of IPEN and beat them like a drum. James is veryFriends smart for his age. When was two years old he can already type his Dad’s password in the internet and memorize the pin number for the ATM. His favorite subjects in school are Math and “recess”. At a very young ages, James is already a sports enthusiast. He likes To play basketball, soccer football, swimming and track and field. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

Our main goal is to sponsor the tuition fees of deserving high school students in the Philippines


Email us at if you want to be our next “He’s got the looks” celebrity.

‘Yan ang Pinay In 2008, IPEN launched the first ever Canada’s Prettiest Filipinas. Kesiah Papasin, Janna Euperio and Anya Ocampo were crowned Canada’s Prettiest Filipinas. In 2009 it was Joanna Mandap who was crowned Canada’s Prettiest Filipina while Audrey Coopman bagged the Miss Teen Canada title. In 2010 IPEN produced the Miss Philippines North America Pageant. Mary Cleverly won the title of Miss Philippines North America, Camille San Nicolas of Northern Marianas was crowned Miss Tourism North America while Elisha Ladeza bagged the Miss Teen Philippines North America title. THE BEST OF THE BEST In 2010 The Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada Award of Recognition was sponsored by IPEN. Now on it’s third year, this Award of Recognition has been established and making waves in the “who’s who” in the Filipino Community in Canada and the world over.

A special project of

Beauty from within…..the essence of true beauty 2011 was considered a very lucky year for Edgar and IPEN. That year, IPEN organized the Metro Toronto’s Prettiest Filipinas. Twelve lovely Filipinas were crowned in August that year. Two different franchises for international beauty pageants were acquired by IPEN. Two alumnae from the same pageant went on to represent us in two international pageants and a national pageant in Manila. Now on its second year, The Metro Toronto’s Prettiest Filipinas is considered a local pageant with an international caliber. This year we have added the Metro Toronto’s Most Dashing Filipinos as a counter part for the lovely Filipinas.


FILIPINO Image Magazine is a 9 year old grade four student Most Beautiful FilipinosPrincess In Canada at the St. Philip Elementary School. Metro Toronto’s Prettiest Filipinas She loves to play the piano and sings when she is in the mood for a karaoke Metro Toronto’s Most Dashing Filipinos songfest with her cousins. Friends of IPEN Princess is very organized with her

FROM TORONTO TO THE WORLD November 2011 was another milestone for IPEN. The birth of the Mr. and Miss Philippines of the World. We were able to acquire visitors visas for the three candidates who flew all the way from Manila to Toronto to participate in this pageant. Christina Devries, won the coveted Miss Philippines of the World title while Kristian Javellonar of Montreal was proclaimed the new Mr. Philippines of the World.

toys and other stuff. She wants everything in order and always keeps her room spotless. Quite a fete for a girl her age huh. Her favorite subjects are is French, Math and Science and she also loves to eat “bagoong” and rice.

Our main goal is to Princess sponsor wants to be a doctor someday the This year, IPEN is bent on producing moretuition quality showsfees of which will further enhance the positive Filipino Image of our kababayans here and the world over. deserving high school students in the Philippines

Email us at if you want to be our next “She’s got the looks” celebrity.


Greetings from Don Robert College of Health Care 2020 Bathurst Street Suite 5 Toronto, Ontario M5P 3L1

416 658 8779



and Louis.

ERESITA Talon was born in Diffun , Quirino, Cagayan Valley to Mr. and Mrs. Urbano Balot Jr. In 1992 she married Francisco Talon and they were blessed with two beautiful children Juness

Tessie has been an honour roll student in her elementary. She graduated salutatorian and was the president of the Kabataang Barangay in her high school days. Her ambition to become a nurse was fulfilled when she graduated as one with flying colors and passed the board examinations for nurses in 1979. She is also a Registered Midwife.


Tessie has traveled all over the world, and in 1987, she decided to stay here in Canada to settle. In 1`984 she brought her father, mother, four siblings and her husband in 1984. She has been doing a lot of humanitarian deeds since she arrived here in Canada. Many times she offered her home to the newcomers who do not have a place to live yet. In 1996 she did a fundraising and arranged the funeral arrangement of a mother who was murdered by her own son. She also facilitated the visa application of the deceased husband and other children. In 1996, another tragedy struck one of our kababayans here in Toronto. Our kababayan’s husband killed his wife who was three moths pregnant at the time. Tesie helped finance the airfare of the deceased parents from the Philippines in order that they can attend the funeral of their daughter. Tessie has been supporting the Philippine consulate wheNver there is a need for a helping hand in organizing events associated with conventions etc. She opened her home and hosted the few weeks stay of the delegates from the Philippines A very active member of the community, Tessie is the Vice President for the Ilocandia of Ontario for almost a decade. She was a Board Member of the Isabela Assn. of Canadian 1997, VP of Santiago City & Vicinity Assn. of Canada, member of FILCAN Seniors, United Filipino Canadian of Ontario, member of PAN, member of Urdaneta City Assn,, Victoria, Tarlac assn, Union Rep for Ontario Nurses Assn., Chairperson for the Canadian Womens League for membership and organization (President elect) Tessie is working full time at the North York General Hospital and she is the President of the Canadian International Employment agency. As if she is not loaded with her community involvement; Tessie also wants to join the URBAN ANGELS which consists of Doctors and Nurses who do volunteering to rural areas in the third countries .



osie de Leon became the champion of the Student Pop Music Festival 1988 and a recipient of the Fe S Panililio Music Scholarship Awards in 1991 in Manila ,Philippines. She formally trained at the Center for Pop Music Philippines and later on became a vocal coach in the school. She is an active member of the Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang- Aawit or OPM . Professionally she top billed as a solo performer at the Calesa Bar of the Hyatt Regency Manila, Shagrila Hotel , Manila Hotel and many more top notch hotels . In Toronto, she has been dubbed as Toronto’s Josie de Leon Diva with a big heart as she has always shared her time and talent by doing fundraising concerts to benefit ANCOP- Gawad Kalinga, The Gateway Centre for New Canadians, Rebuilding People’s Lives’ concerts ( to benefit the flood victims in the Philippines ) CARP, Multiple Sclerosis Society ( San Diego ) and many more concerts in and around North America. In 2010,she was named as ANCOP Ambassadress and continues to service ANCOP and its projects thru Couples for Christ. She also had the privilege of recording the official song of ANCOP entitled “One” which was composed by the respected hit maker , Miss Cecile Azarcon.

At present, Josie with her husband Mark Crescini heads the Josie de Leon School of Performing Arts mentoring the young and the young at hearts to help them further hone their musical talents.


Greetings from

Eugene Habon





hristina Joy Montero DeVries was born and raised in Etobicoke, Ontario on October 17th, 1991 to Myrna Montero and Douglas Devries Sr. She is the youngest of her siblings and the only girl, and greatly looks up to her studious older brothers Emmanuel and Douglas Jr. At a young age, Christina's mother noticed her dancing and moving to the music in the church nursery, so Christina was enrolled in ballet at the tender age of five. This gave her plenty of time to prosper, competing in various ballet competitions for half a decade, even winning two gold medals during her tenure of the Kiwanis Ballet competition. Additionally, she has performed in Easter and Christmas musical TV productions two years in a row. Despite financial difficulties growing up, her parents have always been firm believers in the arts and music which have allowed Christina to grow up immersed in piano, violin, guitar and alto sax, as well as singing in choirs, acting in Broadway musicals, modelling, figure skating, swimming, drawing and painting. Art has always been a big part of Christina's life. Before she learned how to write her own name, she was a self-taught artist, constantly producing new works of art. Growing up watching her mother who is also an artist and singer, grandmother, aunts and her two brothers who were always drawing and painting, she found herself in an environment in which artistic talent was the status quo. By the age of 14, Christina had flourChristina Joy Montero DeVries ished into an accomplished fine artist, exhibiting her work in galleries, and by 17 she was teaching art across Toronto. In addition to all her hard work, Christina donated more than 78 volunteer hours worth of painting for an art beautification school project by creating five large scale (5 feet by 5 feet) panel paintings. These paintings are displayed permanently at her former high school. Christina stepped into the world of pageants for the very first time at the age of 19, and won the title of Miss Manila 2011 Second Runner Up in Toronto in May 2011. This was her very first pageant, which has opened many doors for her to connect further with her Filipino culture. The following month in June, she met with Edgar Suilt to be enlisted as of one the very last Metro Toronto Prettiest Filipinas 2011. Through her experience being a part of Metro Toronto's Prettiest Filipinas, she was sent to Miss Teen World 2011 in Houston, Texas as Miss Teen Philippines 2011. This experience taught Chistina how it is like to compete internationally, and months later she got the call to fill in for Bea Santiago at the 19th edition of Top Model of the World in March 2012, on behalf of Philippines. Christina is grateful to everyone who has supported her, and guided her through her experience in the pageant world. However the most important people to be recognized are her Tita Doris Elbo, who encouraged her to join Miss Manila, Tess Cusipag owner of Miss Manila, Edgar Sulit for all his support in her major pageants, and her parents for all their unconditional love, support and prayers.



Congratulations Josie From Bong, Cathy and Jarin JC Silva Suzette de Leon



ir JUANCHO MARIANO DELOS SANTOS was born on March 28, 1965 in Pasay City, Philippines. He was a graduate of Adamson University, with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture. He was a practicing architect, property management in Ayala Alabang Country Club Inc. He became a community civic leader and a business man. He migrated to Canada in 2005.


He started a new journey. He joined an organization called “The Order of Knights of Rizal” , a civic and patriotic organization recognized by law as an instrumentality by which the teachings of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, may be propagated among the Filipino people, and others who may believe in his teachings to the end that they may emulate and follow his examples. Aside from its being a civic and patriotic organization it is also cultural, nonsectarian, non-partisan and- non-racial organization. Aside from being a member of Toronto Chapter, he was promoted as a Pursuivant of The Order of the Knights of Rizal Canada Region Council. He successfully chaired a couple of events in KOR. He is also a current active member of the “knights of Columbus” council 12852 and one of the board of directors22 of Canadian Aid Relief Program.



ppoline Penaflor GALLAZA was a candidate for Toronto District School Board Trustee 2012 ward 20 bi-election in Scarborough Agincourt. At present she is the President of Community Oureach Canada connecting new immigrants to get job placements , mentorships and training.. She is an activist and has been very active in a lot of advocacy for social issues like welfare, housing, education , environment ,education , healthcare and childcare in Scarborough and GTA. Member at Large, (SCAN)) Scarborough Civic Action Network 2 years. Her most challenging role as an a lobbyist was the Coalition for Caregivers with Pura Velasco and the recommendations for the caregivers status that started the charges for the MP Ruby Dalla case.

APPOLINE PENAFLOR GALLAZA was Ontario Liberal Fundraising Committee for 2 years.

Appoline entered politics on 2006 as Candidate, Ward 20 Toronto Public School Board Trustee Candidate. Her work as campaign assistant and administrative assistant to MPP Tony Ruprecht of OLP since 1998 has encouraged her to be involved in the community and politics She was sent as a Delegate 5 x in Ontario Liberal Provincial AGM and Provincial Convention. She

.She graduated Management & Industrial Engineer 1981 Batch in Mapua Institute of technology on Philippines. She earned a Certificate in Business Administration at Ryerson University 1990. With per compassion for seniors, she is a Certified Personal Support Worker 2002. She was also an ESL & Computer Literacy Teacher for Market Place Ministries for 3 years . She is serving as Pastor on training at International Gospel Fellowship Church IGFC and Children Minister at ,Toronto Community Housing Bus Ministry, Toronto Housing Scarborough, Chester Le, Glendower, Bay Mills and Glen Morgan Sat Night Kids After -School Program Ministry at APC Agincourt Pentecostal Church for almost 10 years. Appoline on 2009, went to Malawi , Africa as a missionary to help transform 3 communities for the orphans and widows.Recently, she serves as a Board of Directors for CARP- Canadian Aid Relief Projects.Appoline was involved in a lot of committee’s in her volunteer works. Auction/Conference Committee in TIMS- Toronto Micro Finance Summit 2010-present. ...Community Social Planning Council of Toronto, Campaign for Child Poverty 2000, Ontario Woman’s Network, CSAC Notre Dame Catholic School, Filipino Parents Association, Treasurer. Also a BO of Silayan Community Center, ;PIDC- Philippine Independence Day Celebration, Committee Co- Chair-Picnic 2010-11,,Prison Ministry, Federal Penitentiary (Woman, Youth and Adults Advocacy ) She took a civic course at Maytree Foundation. She earned awards Canada Day Achievement Award 2001,Outstanding Canadian 1999 by the City of Toronto,Computer Literacy Enhancement Award 2000. She was 4th Runner for Mrs. Philippines PIDC 2009 , Mrs Fil- Par Charity 1998 . Her best young achievements was being Miss Teenage Philippines 1978 Finalist , Best in Swimsuit and Miss Camarines Sur 1978 She just got married to Wenson Abiado Gallaza, a professor of Math and Sciences and daughter Sandra Frances D’amico, 20 yrs old.


Congratulations to all the awardees of 2012 MOST Beautiful Filipinos in Canada. Best wishes and more power to the International Professional Entertainment Network for a job well done. God Bless, Mel and Rochelle Buenaventura Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rochelle Buenaventura 2011 Awardee Current President of the Guimbanian Association of Manitoba

Congratulations Dr. Tricia Magsino Banabe Your fellow Winnipeggers are proud of you. You're Beautiful inside and out. Keep up the good work Best Wishes from Mel and Rochelle Buenaventura 39

“Just Dancing Through Life With A Guitar On My Back, And A Bible Close To My Heart.” - Leslie Pedernal Leslie Pedernal is a 21 year old student at York University, finishing up her final year in sociology. While she’s not studying, she works part time at the Courtyard By Marriott Vaughan as a Bistro server and cook. She is also a Youth LESLIE PEDERNAL Minister at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, and choreographs cotillions and other dances with her best friend. She is a caring, witty and passionate person who enjoys stories, music, laughing, dancing, and dreaming. Leslie aspires to work with youth and make a difference in their lives. She believes that God has called her to serve - to be that person that helps others, like a crutch to a broken leg and a shoulder to lean on. She helps others with their homework, gives advice when a boy has broken a girl’s heart, and is content to simply sitting someone and listening. She has always enjoyed being there for others. In January 2010, Leslie became a Youth Minister at St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church. There, she serves and attends to the youth by encountering God, educating youth, and evangelizing others. She has organized many events from pasta lunches, retreats, talent shows, summer camp, to STJW’s famous Passion play. On top of that, she plays guitar in the youth band for Eucharistic Adoration and teaches Confirmation. This year, her and her fellow Youth Ministers plan to bring 140 youth to Rochester, Minnesota for their annual Steubenville Youth Conference where teens and young adults from all around Canada and the U.S. can encounter and experience the presence of Jesus Christ through music, adoration, testimonies and community. As God has been a significant part of her own journey, she continues to live her life for Him and strives to bring youth closer to Him. She hopes that the Holy Spirit will continue to work through her and make a difference in the lives of others by sharing God’s word and give others the opportunity to encounter Him and experience His love. She often says, “God has changed my life and I will do anything and everything for others to experience what true love and happiness is.” *Sing*Dance*Dream*Pray*


Greetings from Pedernal Family, Mariano Family, Germino Family Med Health Lab. Edith, Myrna, Gertie, Linda, Merle, Minerva, Minda, Maricar, Rezelle CML Lab. Abe, Naty and Renita Nyren Salon Ninang Hermie 41


amantha Oraa, has been dancing since she was 3 and started competitive dancing at the age of 7. She has competed all across Ontario and in the USA.

She has been training in various disciplines of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, contemporary, musical theatre, hip-hop, acro, latin, ballroom and salsa. She also competed in Germany for a World Tap Dance competition and came home as a World champion. When you get a chance, you can watch her on “Get UP N Dance” everyday on BPM:TV. Samantha has also performed at 2011 Toronto InterSAMANTHA ORAA national Film Festival, Toronto Urban Music Festival, Disney World, the premiere screening of the movie “How she move”, Miss Universe Canada and has done Music video for Shawn Desman, Keisha Chante, Famous and back up dancer for Christian Ty. Her goal is to achieve the highest level of performance in the industry. Samantha has done volunteer work by performing at various Charity events like Goodwilll, Relay for life 2011 for Cancer Society. Currently she is a faculty at Serenity Studio of Performing arts, and has teaching experience at Step with Style, Sandra Amodeo Dance Studio and Sugarfoot. Not only does she dance, she plays the piano too. She completed Grade 8 and Rudiments 2 at the Royal Conservatory of Music , and I have received awards from the Canadian Music League. Competed and trained in Tae Kwon Do and received her 1st Degree Black Belt at age 9. She was selected to participate in one of La Senza Girl fashion show. In addition, she took private voice lessons with one of the most prestigious voice teachers, Jill Kelman. She is part of the Lifesaving Society and has completed Assistant Instructors. In 2012, Samantha had won the title of Miss Manila 2012 1st runner up.



Samantha Oraa

At a young age you have a lot to give, your accomplishments in life speaks for itself. You don't have to prove anything. We are so grateful, that you have won the Miss Manila 1st runner up 2012 but at the same time to be one of the Most Beautiful Filipinos in Canada is more than anything else because it came from your inner beauty and you worked hard for it all your life. Keep doing what you love to do, don't not stop. We are so proud of you! Love always, Dad Edward, Mom Susan & Brother Andrew 43





he only Filipina Ford and Elite Supermodel in Toronto, Bea Santiago has traveled in Asia and North America for her modeling career. She has graced the many different magazines and newspapers in Canada as a print model. She is currently taking up Mass Communications at York University. In August 2011, she was crowned as Metro Toronto’s prettiest Filipina. In November og the same year, she was crowned as Mutya ng Pilipinas Canada. Few days after she was crowned she traveled to the Philippines to represent the Filipino Community of Canada in the Mutya ng Pilipinas Beauty Pageant wherein she bagged the Best in Long Gown Award and ultimately the prestigious Mutya ng Pilipinas Overseas title.

Bea Rose Santiago

Aside from being a beauty queen, Bea also serves as the Ambassador of Goodwill for Gawad Kalinga Canada. While she was in Manila, she visited the Canadian village of the Gawad Kalinga Canada projects. She saw first hand the mechanics and dynamics of undertakings of Gawad Kalinga.

Bea hopes to be the third Filipina Miss Universe. Her current goal is to prepare herself to participate in the Miss Philippines Universe Pageant next year in Manila.



eff Rustia is a Canadian broadcaster, creative director, TV host, and executive producer of Filipino descent from Toronto, Ontario. He is recognized in the TV Industry as a leading creative executive of FRONT TV, an international broadcast design and branding agency. Under his leadership, Front TV created multicultural global design for networks like Nickelodeon (India, Asia, Europe, Africa), Discovery Channel, CPAC, APTN, HBO, CBC, and Current TV.FRONT TV is recognized as one of the first agencies in Canada to specialize in diversity. As a TV host and VJ, Rustia is known for hosting Club Fashion, a weekly national show on fashion, style icons, nightlife, and club culture on BPM:TV, Canada’s 24-hour Dance Music Video Channel. Rustia has interviewed many prominent figures in fashion, entertainment, and music from Jean Paul Gaultier, Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Cox, Dita Von Teese to Fergie (Black Eyed Peas). The style program has taken Rustia to the fashion capitals of the world, New York, London, Paris, Romeand over 38 countries and 121 cities.Rustia also hosts several BPM:TV Specials Upon graduating, he moved to Japan to become an English teacher, and it was there where he first discovered MTV Asia. A year later, Rustia applied to the music channel and got a job with Channel V, (formerly MTV Asia). He became the first Filipino-Canadian producer and director on the network. He produced multiple international music television productions for STAR TV’s Music Channel, seen in 143 million households, across Asia, Australia and Arabia. He delivered a number of primetime TV shows and broadcast specials such as By Demand, Asia’s Video Request Show, Over the Edge, the alternative music program, Lee’s A-Z of Rock Documentary Special. He also developed and produced the primetime show Sigaw Manila, the first international music television video program about the Philippine music and entertainment scene. During his stint, he directed music luminaries Beck, Sonic Youth, Janet Jackson and even Newscorp Head Rupert Murdoch.


In 1995, Jeff Rustia moved to Singapore and became the first Filipino- Canadian Producer at HBO and Cinemax for their broadcast advertising promotions unit. In 1997, Rustia returned to Toronto and became a creative consultant for YTV, producing and redesigning the popular TV programming block, The Zone, with Phil Guerrero and Daryn Jones. After one year, he became the Head of Creative and Marketing for two CBC owned international networks, Trio, the 24-hour pop arts channel and Newsworld International, the 24-hour global news netJEFF RUSTIA work. When Barry Diller of USA Networks purchased the two networks, Rustia launched FRONT TV, his own TV branding agency.[13] FRONT created the on air branding for global networks like Nickelodeon, Discovery Channel, CTV, HBO, MTV, CBC, Current TV, TV Georgia, Vision TV, CPAC, APTN and Global TV Indonesia. FRONT TV is recognized as one of the first agencies in Canada that specializes in Diversity. Globe and Mail writes that Jeff Rustia built FRONT on the "breakthrough idea of using Canadian multiculturalism as a staple resource for branding TV networks anywhere in the world." [14] In fact, Jeff Rustia and his diversity philosophy has been the subject of multiple textbooks in Canada, including University of Toronto and Ryerson University. [15][16] Rustia is also a lecturer and speaker at TV conferences around the world on topics ranging from design to TV promotions.[17] His speaking engagements have taken him to Rome, Seville, Munich, Seoul, L.A, New York, Mumbai, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Johannesburg and Sydney. He also conducts consultations, creative workshops and one-on-one tutorials with TV networks. Always proud of his Filipino heritage, Rustia has been an active leader and supporter of the Filipino Canadian community since his early teen years. He is the founder of the first Filipino Youth Theatre Group, Kabataan, and had written it's first play, "Ala-Ala", a story about a Canadian boy who regains his Filipino pride through recollections of his Filipino childhood. During college, Rustia was the Editor of the University of Toronto Filipino Newspaper, and was also a youth columnist for Fil-Can Newspaper, ATIN ITO with a popular column "GOGETTERS" that showcased young Filipino achievers. He later became Chairperson and Founder of FYC, Filipino Youth of Canada, which banded all the Filipino student groups from all Canadian universities across the country from British Columbia to Montreal to Ontario.


THE ABACA BROTHERS are the fast rising Brothers Trio who loves to perform in Metro Toronto’ Filipino Community.


ERICK, who is 21 years old is the oldest among the siblings of German and Victoria, They immigrated to Canada in 2001. Gerick is on his third year in York University taking up Bio Medical Science hoping to work in Pharmaceutical Field.. He has been a constant honour roll student and received numerous awards from Grade 1 to High School. An A student and was chosen to be a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, a worldwide known organization of honour students. Golden Key has recently nominated me to embark on a scholarship program focused towards medical students in Australia last June of 2011, and the experience I gained has been priceless and invaluable. He loves to sing and play the piano.



EROME is the younger twin brother of Gerick . He is currently in his fourth year at York University, working towards his Bachelor in Administrative Studies and specializing with honours in Accounting. . Like his twin brother, he is also a continuing honour student in school since elementary; also a member of the worldwide known Golden Key International Honour Society.


ERALD is 16 years old, and was born on Valentines Day.He is the youngest in my family of five. He is in Grade 10 in St Jean de Brebeuf Catholic School, Woodbridge and an honour student. He graduated valedictorian in Grade 8 at St Veronica Catholic School, Woodbridge. Like his two older brothers, he also loves music and play the piano. He has learned to play the piano as a child. Immigrating to Canada has not stopped him from pursuing music and continued his musical education in the Royal Conservatory of Music, taught by a Canada Christian College professor. My acquired skills have allowed me to pursue learning other instruments such as the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums.

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