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NP Sculpting Gel Crystal over Tips PREPARATION:



Sanitize your and your client’s hands with NP Hand Sanitizer.

NP Hand Sanitizer


Sanitize your hands first, spraying both sides, then follow the same treatment on your client’s hands. Check your client’s fingers thoroughly before beginning any nail service. Do not apply nail products if the natural nails are irritated, infected or bleeding.

3. 4.

To remove all pterygium, perform a dry manicure by gently pushing back the cuticle with a NP Metal Cuticle Pusher.

NP Metal Cuticle Pusher

Using the NP 180/180 grit File, lightly etch the nail plate from the

180/180 grit File

cuticle to the free-edge, be extremely careful not to over file. Finish 5. 6.

filing by shaping the free-edge.

NP Nail Wipe

Remove the filing dust from the nail plate by using an NP Nail Wipe or

NP Manicure Brush

NP Manicure Brush.

NP Blue Scrub

Apply NP Blue Scrub while thoroughly rubbing the nail plate and

NP Hands Down Pad

sidewalls with a saturated NP Hands Down Pad or NP Nail Wipe as a

NP Nail Wipe

“one-step-nail-prep” to cleanse and temporarily dehydrate and decontaminate the nail plate in order to improve adhesion and prevent lifting. Do not rinse hands or nails with water. APPLICATION: 1. 2.

Select your Tip of choice – NP French Tips, NP Color Tips, NP Pre-

NP French Tip

Airbrushed Tips, NP Natural Tips, NP Clear Tips.

NP Color Tip

Apply the tip - Choose the proper nail tip size, ensuring the tip fits the

NP Pre Airbrushed Tip

natural nail from side to side.

NP Natural Tip NP Clear Tip

In the case of full well natural and clear tips, file away the well to the desired length using the NP 150/150 grit File.

150/150 grit File

In the case of natural tips with a short well, lightly blend before applying them to reduce the amount of filing necessary on the natural nail. Apply a small amount of your choice of NP Glue to the underside of the

NP Glue

_____________________________________________________________________ Date: Januari 2010 Ref: Nail Perfect Sculpting Gel Crystal over Tips International Beauty Partner members: Beauty Company ◦ Beauty Factory De Run 4221 ◦ 5503LM ◦ Veldhoven ◦ Netherlands Tel: +31(0)40 254 7511 ◦ Fax: +31(0)40 254 7773

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tip overlap area. Apply the tip. 3.

Using a NP Tip Cutter, cut tip to desired length.

NP Tip Cutter


Shape the nail:

NP French Tip


NP French Tips, NP Clear Tips – no need to blend, gently file the

NP Clear Tip

entire nail tip to remove the shine with the NP 180/180 grit File.

180/180 grit File

NP Color Tips, NP Pre-Airbrushed Tips – no need to remove the

NP Color Tip


NP Pre-Airbrushed Tip

NP Natural Tips - gently blend tip with NP 150/150 grit File to

NP Natural Tips

eliminate the line of demarcation. Begin blending by filing in one

150/150 grit File

6. 7.

direction over the top of the nail to remove the outer layer of the tip. Once the tip is no longer tacky complete blending the tip to the natural nail. (Note: File graduation will help your product apply smoother and eliminate bleeding of the color. Once you have blended the tip, finish by using the NP 180/180 grit File. 8. 9.

180/180 grit File

Remove filings – Dust off the filings from the nail surface using a dry NP Nail Wipe.

NP Nail Wipe

Apply NP Blue Scrub to the natural nail to dehydrate and

NP Blue Scrub

decontaminate the nail plate. 10. Apply NP Bonding Gel – Apply NP Bonding Gel very sparingly to the

NP Bonding Gel

nail surface from the cuticle out to the free edge. Apply AN Bonding Gel to the natural nail and tips only. Using a clean NP Nail Wipe lightly

NP Nail Wipe

dab the nail surface to remove excess Bonding Gel, leaving the nail surface with a dull grainy finish. Apply Bonding Gel to all five fingers. NOTE: Too much Bonding Gel will cause nails to lift or peel. If surface appears “wet or shiny” too much has been applied. 11. Cure Bonding – Place the hand into NP UV Lamp and cure for 1 minute (cure for 3 minutes for clients prone to lifting). Apply NP Bonding Gel

NP Bonding Gel

to the other hand while the first hand is curing. NOTE: DO NOT CLEANSE AFTER CURING BONDING GEL. 12. Apply NP Sculpting Gel Crystal – Using a NP Gel Brush, apply a thin layer of NP Sculpting Gel Crystal to the entire nail surface. Do not

NP Sculpting Gel Crystal NP Gel Brush

cure. “Scoop” a small ball of gel onto your gel brush. Place this ball in the arch area of the nail by rolling your brush toward the free edge. Drag the gel using a pulling motion to create structure and strength from cuticle to free edge making sure you cap the entire free edge and sidewalls with gel. Do not cure. Gel on the surrounding skin or cuticles will cause lifting. Wipe off any gel on surrounding skin with NP Cuticle

NP Cuticle Pusher

Pusher. 13. Reinforce Gel Stress Area Application – By dipping the application brush (straight down) into the NP Sculpting Gel Crystal, raise the brush

NP Sculpting Gel Crystal

creating a string of product extending from the brush. Place the string of product on low spots or any area of the nail needing reinforcement. Gel applied in this manner creates a slick nail surface, allowing reinforcement string to self-level effectively. Cure one nail at a time, for time saving we recommend that you apply the gel on one finger and

_____________________________________________________________________ Date: Januari 2010 Ref: Nail Perfect Sculpting Gel Crystal over Tips International Beauty Partner members: Beauty Company ◦ Beauty Factory De Run 4221 ◦ 5503LM ◦ Veldhoven ◦ Netherlands Tel: +31(0)40 254 7511 ◦ Fax: +31(0)40 254 7773

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cure the hand, while this hand is curing apply the gel to one finger then alternate hands. 1 minute flash cures are adequate at this point. Continue until all 10 nails are done. 14. Cure NP Sculpting Gel Crystal – Place the hand into an NP UV Lamp

NP Sculpting Gel Crystal

and cure for three minutes. Apply NP Sculpting Gel Crystal to the other hand while the first hand is curing. 15. Cleanse Nails – Gently pat the top of all 5 nails with an NP Nail Wipe

NP Nail Wipe

lightly saturated with NP UV Cleanser. Use the opposite side of the

NP UV Cleanser

lightly saturated NP Nail Wipe to remove the remaining residue from

NP Nail Wipe

the nail. Use a new wipe for each hand. A wipe with too much gel on it will cause dulling. The completed nails should be smooth and free of imperfections. If filing is necessary to smooth out any high or low spots use the NP 150/150 grit file. Remove file dust with a clean nail wipe.

150/150 grit File


Finish Nails – Using NP No-Cleanse Top Seal - Apply a thin layer of

NP No-Cleanse Top Seal

NP No-Cleanse Top Seal to the nail surface. Avoid skin contact. Care should be taken to keep product application thin at the cuticle area and free edge of the nail. Cap the free edge of the nail by lightly brushing the product along the sides and end of the free edge. Apply NP NoCleanse Top Seal to all five fingers. Gel on the surrounding skin or 2.

cuticles will cause lifting.

NP Metal Cuticle Pusher

Remove any gel on skin with NP Metal Cuticle Pusher. Cure for 3

NP Nail Wipe

minutes. No cleansing is required after curing NP No-Cleanse Top Seal. EXFOLIATE AND MOISTURIZE 1.

Massage a scoop of AN Chocolate or Milk & Honey Salt Glow into

AN Chocolate or Milk &

the clients hands and forearms to gently exfoliate the skin.

Honey Salt Glow


Rinse the client’s hands in a skin and dry hands and arms thoroughly.


Finish by applying NP Cuticle Oil and massage into cuticle area

NP Cuticle Oil

followed by a hand massage with AN Vanilla Coco Hand & Body

AN Vanilla Coco Hand


Lotion & Body lotion

_____________________________________________________________________ Date: Januari 2010 Ref: Nail Perfect Sculpting Gel Crystal over Tips International Beauty Partner members: Beauty Company ◦ Beauty Factory De Run 4221 ◦ 5503LM ◦ Veldhoven ◦ Netherlands Tel: +31(0)40 254 7511 ◦ Fax: +31(0)40 254 7773

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NPP Sculpting Gel Crystal Tips