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Choose the Perfect Feeder for Your Pet Bird If you have a pet bird like one of the parakeets then you need a good quality bird feeder. You need a wide range of bird supplies to keep them in best condition and feeders are one of the most important supplies. The birds need a good container to feed the seed, grains or food items that you give. It is important to choose the right feeder because not every bird is the same nor is the food item. Today, you have a plenty of options when it comes to bird cage accessories and choosing the best bird feeder requires considering a few things. Here are some of the criteria to choose the best feeder: 1. Kind of Bird Not all birds have same beaks. Birds come in different sizes and beaks. This is an important consideration when choosing the feeders. Moreover birds have different ways to feed. Birds like goldfinches cling and a mesh feeder would be more appropriate for it. For the birds like the sparrows, titmice and chickadees may prefer tube feeders better. 2. The Food Choosing the right feeder for your pet bird depends a lot on the kind of food you feed. For seeds and grains there are seed dishes appropriate for holding seeds and allowing easy access to the birds. For other kinds of food, you can choose feeders that can hold the food well and allow birds to comfortably feed. 3. Ease of Use The birds have to use their beaker but it is you who has to fix it in the cage, clean and refill it. It is important to choose feeders which allow ease of use. Complicated feeders can make things too hard and may cause damage and inadequacy. Better choose a feeder that is well matched with the cage size, bird feeding requirements and your ease of use.

4. Materials Feeders come in various materials with their own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose from wood, plastic, glass or metal. There are other material too that provide strength, durability and style as well. The important thing is to choose a feeder that will last for a long time. Feeders are one of the important bird supplies and need to be chosen carefully so that your bird lives comfortably inside the cage.

Choose the perfect feeder for your pet bird  
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