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7 Wedding Favors to Wow Your Guests!

Planning a wedding is fun, exhausting, exciting and a mix of all things emotional. When you’re planning your wedding, you want every little thing to be perfectly put together as a whole to go with the theme. One of the things in all of the wedding preps that needs attention too are wedding favors that you give out to guests who join you for your special day. Everyone wants to have a unique wedding and wants to ensure that the guests take home with them something that they remember for a long time in association with your wedding. Here are some exquisite wedding favors that your guests will be pleasantly surprised to have.

1. Scented Candles Scented candles are just the perfect choice for wedding favors. The types of scents available today are endless, some prefer fruity, others prefer flowery scents. Oh, and if you’re thinking men wouldn’t like the idea of scented candles, then It’s time to rethink, because scents that men prefer, such a strong minty scents are also easily available. Let you guests smell the sweet scents and remember your wedding for long.

2. Little Honey Jars

Jars of honey can be a very useful wedding favor for your guests. Fill up the jars with honey and tie a little thank you note around the neck jar. It’s a very practical wedding favor; nothing of the sort that your guests will feel guilty throwing away.

3. Handmade Soaps

Handmade soaps come in different scents and flavors. Packed beautifully in different papers and bags to match the theme of the wedding, guests can take this wedding favor to their homes and use it for a long time.

4. Notebooks Little notebooks always come in handy when you’re out somewhere. They are just the right size for your handbag. Also, notebooks are just what you need when you need to note down on important information when you are out somewhere you don’t have pen and paper. Add a cute pen along with it to make the perfect pair.

5. Coasters

Coasters with themed and thoughtful photos work really well as wedding favors. Make sure not to put photos that are meaningless and poorly taken. If you have a summer wedding, may be you can have photos of flowers, the sea and the beach or you can play around with the types of photos according to the theme of your wedding.

6. Cookie Jar

A jar full of chocolate cookies or macaroons can be the perfect treat for wedding guests. Be it chocolate, vanilla or white chocolate cookies, nobody can say no to chocolate and nobody can say no to cookies!

7. Chocolate coated Coffee Beans

Chocolate coated coffee beans in a tiny bag can be a delicious treat on the go for anyone. Wrap the coffee beans in a brown bag, or a little glass jar, or a glass wrapped with transparent paper and tied with a ribbon. Get creative with the details and wow your guests with the awesome wedding favors.

When you think about wedding favors, think; unique, inexpensive, useful and presentable. Let your creativity come to surface and let this small favor leave a beautiful lasting impact on your guests. Stoles, pretty perfume bottles, a jar filled with nuts, experiment and think of more ideas and let the wedding favors add to the beautiful ambience and venue of your wedding. Many wedding organizers help plan a flawless wedding for you. They take all the stress of arranging everything from the flowers to the wedding favors, so you can relax and enjoy your day with your loved ones. For more information on wedding planners or event planners in Hicksville, NY visit Glamorous Event Planners website.

7 Wedding Favors to Wow Your Guests!  

Wow your guests by giving them these 7 items as a gift. For planning a desired wedding visit:

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