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RUN Everything a woman needs to know about running and healthy life. 01/2010


Cardiff ’s running routes


Do you get enough fibre?

Marathon queen Paula Radcliffe



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Did you know that one person should eat

tree handful of fibre in a day? Lettuce is a good source of fibre. See pages 14-15.





Paula Radcliffe

This lady is a real marathon queen. 36 yearold Paula Radcliffe holds many world records. One of them is women’s world record in marathon. Last year’s marathon in New York Radcliffe was fourth. She was suffering from pain in her knee. The lady approached the final line tears in her eyes. Radcliffe has always shown her emotions very bravely. It tells us that even a long-distance runner with eternal perseverance has her sensitive side. 5


Dive into a clean pool! 98.3 per cent of England’s bathing waters met the EC’s minimum water quality standards in 2009, up from 96% in 2008, tests carried out by the Environment Agency show. In 2007 and 2008, exceptionally wet weather contributed to lower standards of bathing water. Heavy rainfall caused pollution from agriculture and from urban areas to run off and lead to more frequent operation of Combined Sewer Overflows. The Environment Agency investigates the causes of failure at each

bathing water site that falls below mandatory standards and takes appropriate measures to address sources of pollution. Measures taken to reduce and mitigate pollution from agriculture include the Catchment Sensitive Farming Delivery Initiative and the establishment of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, which now cover approximately 70 per cent of England. Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Self-help guide Strange rash on skin? Pain in chest? Now you can search information by body map on NHS’s website. There is a handy self-help guide. It’s simply and easy to use. It doesn’t really nurse you but maybe you can avoid queueing in health centre. Check first on website and decide after that if the symptoms need doctor’s look.

UK Tops International List on Healthcare The NHS has been ranked as having one of the best primary health care systems in the world in a survey by the leading US think tank the Commonwealth Fund, published in November. In a survey of more than 10,000 primary care physicians in 11 developed countries, the NHS was rated top in a number of key areas including being the only country where the majority of doctors feel the quality of healthcare is improving. The annual survey of international healthcare comparisons this year polled primary care doctors for their views on their health systems. The UK was rated top in several categories including: Improvements in quality over the past three years; Least likely to report long waiting times for patients referred for specialist care; Managing chronic conditions with specialist teams; Using financial incentives to reward doctors for good patient experience; The use of patient satisfaction and experience data to improve services; and The use of comparative data to review doctors’ clinical performance. Speaking from Washington at the Commonwealth Fund’s 2009 international health symposium, Health Secretary Andy Burnham said: “This is an important moment for the NHS. The journey to overhaul the quality of care over the last ten years has paid off. The NHS is not perfect but it has moved from poor to good and I want to see it go from good to great on the next stage of the journey. “

Fight for your jab Finns have started to fight for their swine flu vaccines. In November, in Kuopio people got angry in health centre’s waiting room. They have been waited many hours and some clients started to get nervous. In the end members of staff needed to ask for a security guy to come. There have been long swine flu vaccination queues in Finland. People must have returned in another day because vaccines have run out right in the middle. This has frustrated Finns all around the country.


High street restaurant chains’ healthy eating progress Five high street restaurant chains – Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, the Subway chain and Wimpy – have set out how they intend to take further steps to provide their customers with healthier choices. These steps build on commitments made a year ago and demonstrate how these companies are continuing to support the Agency’s efforts to make eating out of the home healthier. Together, the companies operate more than 4,000 restaurants across the UK.

commitments support the Agency’s priorities to reduce salt, saturated fat and energy intakes, and to provide more healthy choices and information for consumers.

Clair Baynton, Head of Nutrition at the FSA, said: ‘The fact that these well-known companies are updating their commitments is good news for those of us who eat out and good news for public health. We welcome the efforts made by these companies to help all of us enjoy healthier diets.’ The Agency is currently working with 44 companies, each of which has produced a commitment document. The documents set out actions the companies have carried out, or are planning, towards healthier catering. The actions cover procurement, menu planning, kitchen practice and consumer information. The commitment work covers the breadth of the catering sector and includes workplace caterers, foodservice suppliers, pubs, coffee and sandwich shop, and restaurants chains. The progress highlighted in the updated

- Calorie labelling: Four companies took part in the Agency’s initiative to introduce calorie labelling at point of choice or ran their own trial. Wimpy made a long-term commitment and rolled out calorie labelling nationwide. - Salt reduction: All companies report salt reductions across core menu items. For example, the Subway chain achieved an average 33% reduction in salt levels across its range of core products; Wimpy extended its salt reduction programme to all 50 of its core ingredients; and KFC launched lower salt versions of its Crispy Strips and Boneless Bites, with 15% salt reductions, and tortillas meeting FSA salt targets. - Sat fat reduction: McDonald’s introduced a range of smaller premium menu items, and Burger King reduced the saturated fat content of its oil by 11%. Saturated fat reduction also features as a key area for investigation and action by the companies in 2010.

FINLAND SMOKEFREE BY 2040 The government of Finland is urged to undertake policies that make Finland smokefree by 2040. This means that tobacco use is reduced by 10 % annually. Nowadays, around one quarter of adults uses tobacco products. A broad range of trade unions, institutes and organizations representing influential actors of civil society call for concrete measures to support Smoke-free Finland by 2040: families need support to raise smoke-free generations, individuals are encouraged to quit smoking and smoking cessation is strengthened. Their letter was introduced to the prime minister of Finland Mr. Matti Vanhanen by director general Pekka Puska at the launch event of Smoke-free Finland in Helsinki. The undersigned propose that the government undertakes a government principle decision during its current term, for reducing smoking by 10% a year and making Finland entirely smoke-free by 2040. The government Around one principle decision must quarter of outline resolutions by which: adults uses Families are supporttobacco ed in the upbringing of products in a smoke-free generaFinland. tion, because a Smokefree Finland will not be attained unless young people do not take up smoking. Quitting smoking is supported and smoking cessation efforts are strengthened, because a Smoke-free Finland will not be attained unless as many adults as possible quit smoking. The social inequality linked to smoking is tackled, because smoking is a significant cause of health differences. The signatories recall that smoking is a significant cause of avoidable premature death and illness in Finland; some 6,000 people in Finland die of smoking-related diseases each year – and of these half are of working age. They are concerned about the increase in social inequality brought about by smoking. Reducing and preventing smoking would improve health improved on an equal basis. In addition, they demand that each person in Finland should be made aware of the severe health hazards and addiction caused by smoking and using tobacco products.

Hamburgers are promised to become healthier in future.

The signatories emphasize the importance of social policy measures in reducing smoking, so as to create the possibilities and circumstances that support health-promoting choices.


Stop smoking - and rise up your team in league A new NHS campaign is calling on football fans in the West Midlands to help their team win the league – by giving up smoking. When smokers sign up online to Smokefree United they are also helping their team rise up the sites’ virtual Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2 or Blue Square Premier in return for advice and support about quitting. The more fans who register at www., the higher their team’s position. Top of the Premier League in the region so far is Villa with Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Stoke behind. In the Championship the leader is West Bromwich Albion, who actually have more quitters than Premier League rivals Wolves, followed by Coventry City. In League One the leading local team is Walsall and League Two it’s Shrewsbury Town. Nationally, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal fans lead the way so more quit-

ters are needed from the West Midlands to move their club up the table and above their Midlands rivals. Any smoker signing up will get a free football and be entered into a draw to win the opportunity to play football on their favourite team’s pitch. Smokefree United is supported by talkSPORT presenters and ex Republic of Ireland and England players Andy Townsend and Ian Wright. Fans can check out their hints and tips online and take part in forums and web discussions with other quitters. Paul Hooper from the Department of Health said: “The NHS stop smoking service is free and you’re four times more likely to quit with our support. There are teams of people who can help you while you go through the process and Smokefree United is a great way to get ongoing advice and support. You’ll get more out of your game in the long run and it is the best thing you can do for your family and your health.”

Sport fans should live healthier.

World class sporting event every two weeks The UK is aiming to host a world class sporting event on average every two weeks in the final 1,000 days before the start of the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2012.

events on home soil. Over 17,000 international competitors would be expected to take part in the events, providing the British public with an opportunity to catch a glimpse of current and potential Olympic and Paralympic champions in action.

UK Sport, the agency responsible for bringing world class events to the UK, has announced The 64 event programme covers 30 different the list of 64 events which it is targeting for Olympic and Paralympic sports and would towns and cities across the country before represent a £32 million pound investment the opening ceremony of the London 2012 - £11m directly from the UK Sport Lottery Olympics. Funded World Class Events Programme. Events started in November with the UCI It was developed by UK Sport alongside Track Cycling World Cup regional partners and the in Manchester. The English An opportunity to relevant sporting National Open Table Tennis Champi- catch a glimpse of Governing Bodies. Of the onships are also currently current and potenevents listed, 25 are already taking place in Sheffield. confirmed, with organisers tial Olympic and aiming to agree the remainAlongside traditional sporting Paraolympic cham- ing 39 in the near future. city venues such as Manches- pions in action. 2009 has already seen 19 ter, Sheffield and Birmingham, world class events successthe final 1,000 days before the 2012 Olympic fully delivered as part of the Programme. & Paralympic Games will see towns such as Dorchester, Hereford & Largs hosting champi- Speaking about the announcement, UK Sport onships that will provide the opportunity for CEO, John Steele, said: top British athletes to compete in world class “We believe this is the most comprehensive


programme of major events leading into a Games that any host country has ever put together. It will provide British athletes with the opportunity to perform in front of a home crowd and the public with a chance to experience world class sporting action in their local area.” Staging major events on home soil not only provides athletes with home support but is also a prime opportunity for the thousands of volunteers and officials that will be required for 2012. The 64 events in the run up to the Games will provide over 13,000 opportunities for such people to gain the necessary experience and key skills that will be needed. Some of the events listed on the programme will be on the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games’ official testing programme for Games readiness. “We always hoped that hosting the Games would leave a legacy of more world- class events happening in this country.” Seb Coe, Chairman of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, commented.



Runner’s Cardiff Are you new in Cardiff and don’t know where to find good running routes? Or are you just fed up with your running routines in home town and would like to try new paths? Here are some routes, try them. But don’t get lost.


Bute Park -route

Time: c. 60 min Start: Cardiff Castle 10

Information: The route is quite flat. The park is favoured by runniers, so you’ll never be alone. You can always choose shorter

way: in addition to Castle Street and Western Avenue, there are two bridges over the river. Saturdays’ Park Run is a part of this route.

Remember: Check the opening hours. Park is closed at night time. For example in winter park is closed quite early.

on the top of the hill. Paget Road is very abrupt. On -route the top there are few paths back to the Penarth PortTime: c. 70-90 min way, but those are quite Start: Millenium hidden. If you don’t like hills, Stadium you can choose another way and go straight to the Information: The start Penarth Portway after the of this route is quite easy, bridge on bay. The crossroads of Barry until you have crossed the Road and Penarth Road bridge on bay and climbed

The Bay

is quite complicated, but when you find the right way out the rest of of the route is very simple. Remember: If you don’t like running in heavy wind, do not run on the bay, there is very, very windy. Notice that there are only a couple bridges over the river in Grangetown.

Running clubs in Cardiff: - Les Croupiers Running Club One of the largest running clubs in Wales, for all runners, regardless ability. Members run together once a week. www.lescroupiersrunningclub.

- Cardiff Amator Athletic Club All kind of running: track & field, road running, cross country, mountain running, race walking.

- Penarth and Dinas Runners For all runners, meeting every Moday at 7pm. The club arranges also some social events. www.penarthanddinasrunners.

- Women’s Running Network, Cardiff This club’s target group is women. Organisation has many running clubs all around the country. www.womensrunningnetwork.

Parkrun There is a 5km run every Saturday at 9am in Bute Park. It’s free event, but everyone has to register online cardiff

Share your favorite running routes On you can get nice tips where you can find interesting, challenging rouning routes in your homecity - or in unfamiliar city. provides Route Planner. Using maps and satellite images, share your own favorite ones or find some new paths. On site you are able to save and edit all of your running routes. Route Planner gives you an opportinity to measure your favourite runs. Search routes by street name or postcode. And ask some people to join you! route-planner




Element Jacket, weatherproof running jacket, Brooks

New Active Gloves £12, Asics

Nike Dri-FIT UV Long Sleeve Women’s Baselayer T-shirt, £17.60, Nike

STAY WARM Adistar Long Sleeve Tee, £40, Adidas

Electra 1/2 Zip Top, Asics

Wear yourself well for cool winter day runs

Nike Therma-FIT Running Headband, £8.80, Nike

Nike Dry-FIT Tech Tight Women’s Running Trousers, £29.40, Adidas

Nike Storm-FIT Women’s Running Jacket £92,90, Nike



You probably try to take care of eating enough vitamins, protain, calcium etc. But what about fibre? Do not forget that. Aim is at least 18 grams in a day. How much you get? Here are some tips about the best sources of fibre. 14

Wholegrain bread, pasta, rice and cereals

British get 12 grams of fibre in a day, aiming in Britain is eat at least 18 grams.

Is there really difference in taste if you try next time wholegrain pasta instead of white pasta?

Finnish people get 20 grams in a day. There the recommended amount of fibre is 25-35 grams in a day. Ryebread is a traditional Finnish bread. It contains a lot of fibre, approximately 7-17 g/100 g.


Try porrige with berries, jam, butter, raisins, honey, yoghourt or milk.

Vegetables and Fruits Eat some more fresh fruits or replace candies with sweet dried fruits. However, remember that you can’t reach the recommended amount of fibre just by eating fruits and vegetables because in that case, you should eat at least two kilos of fruits in a day. So, do not forget to eat food that includes grain in addition to vegetables.

Seeds Nuts Give you energy, fibre and good type of fat.

Add different kind of seeds for example in homemade bread or in salads.

Lentils and beans

Sources: NHS: “Why the fibre is important?”, KELA - The Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

You can replace meat with lentils or beans for example in pasta sauce. Try different colors of them! 15


I was lost. I thought I would have known where I was all the time, but then I realized that I had lost the way back home. The weather was nice, running felt good and easy-going, but I was a bit worried how far away I might be. Suddenly, I saw those familiar colors: blue and yellow – Ikea! In that moment I loved the colors of our neighbour, Sweden. Finns used to say that everything is better in Sweden. They are forerunners, they succeed better than us and they beat us even in ice-hockey. And they save lost Finns, like in my case.

Cardiff step by step A Finn runner smells the worms of Wales.


I like to get to know new places by running. You forget that you are running when you concentrate on landscapes around you. You get to know the terrain, where the hills are and where asphalt changes to sawdust. And when you return to places, it’s fantastic to run the same route again and see what has changed. Running tastes good in different surroundings. What kind of place is Cardiff to runner? The first vision that I get: It’s flat. No hills around the centre. I really miss my hills in Finland. While running top of the hill the heartbeat speeds up. I like to get it back to normal and train intervals. Here in Cardiff, I need to accept stable heart rate. Otherwise, that is not a bad training style at all. The second vision: It’s rainy. In Wales I have got used to run in light rain. Air is full of oxygen. In rainy days in Bute park it smells like worms (and that is just positive thing, because worms indicate clear

nature). The third: In Cardiff running is more communal hobby than in Finland. In UK people run together, they have playful competitions and running events where you can meet friends. They have active volunteers and members in a wide range of cunning clubs. Finns are more solitary runners. Runners have their own tribe all around the world – if you are a runner, you belong to the same family. And that is why it’s so easy to start to run in a new place. In Cardiff unknown runners greet me in a park. With a short glimpse and smile runners cheer each others: How much left? Well done. Keep going! In the first time when I took part to Cardiff’s Parkrun (see page 11) I felt that I was warmly welcome among the group of shiny tight legs and colorful trainers. My tribesmen and -women. In Cardiff the runners really take care of how they look like. I have seen a lot high-quality training clothes on the streets. Many Finns run in an old shell suit and ancient trainers. But there is one thing that I don’t understand: Why people in Cardiff don’t wear warmly? In December you can still see people running in t-shirts. It’s important for runner to keep the muscles warm while running. I already use my beanie while training in November! Even 85 per cent of your body temperature can fade away from head. Who would dress the runners warmly here in Wales? Sara Malmberg


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