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The Ninth Circle

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Local Bands

Chase The Sunset: Finally! New Music, Profile design, Information, Shows and Pictures coming soooooon. :) Chase the Sunset arose out of the ashes of previous effort, Endurance of Hate (previously signed to SOAR with distribution in the US with Ferret). After setting the Welsh Progressive scene alight with the energy and technicality as well as song writing, but problems within the band caused their former singer to leave, stunting the bands progress immediately. This resulted in a long search that eventually meant getting dropped from their label, and having to start all over again with someone new holding the microphone, after a long and arduous search a new man was found. The new material that began to emerge when A.J joined the band pressured the boys to find a new name, a new image and a fresh start to leave any old issues and prejudices behind. So, CHASE THE SUNSET WAS BORN, KEEP CHECKING THE PAGE FOR UPDATES! Iif your looking for something and a bit more from a rock band, then look no further! Tell your friends, download our songs and keep spreading the good word! Chase The Sunset - Coming to a Venue near you soon!

Storm The Walls: We are Storm the Walls, five friends that formed a band in 2007 to play heavy music. We’ve played with such bands as: 3 Inches of Blood (CAN), Biomechanical, Anterior, Trigger the Bloodshed, Viatrophy, The Arusha Accord, A Textbook Tragedy (CAN), Brutality Will Prevail, Pay No Respect, Bleed From Within, Shaped By Fate, Your Demise, Lower Than Atlantis, Johnny Mental, Postmortem Promises, My Cross To Bare, Evita, Hang the Bastard, Salt the Wound, Unbreakable (BE), Chasemotive and The Deepest Abyss.

Burn The Hive: Formed in the summer of 2008, Burn the Hive have been busy writing material to get their music to the stage. The band members have been around a while, including members of The Future, Hondo Maclean, Bluntside, Sons of Thunder, Vikki Van Zant and others.... Keep an eye out for a show near you!!

band feel that recently, this method of song writing has been abused, especially in the metal genre, with bands writing songs about issues and hardships that they never have or never will endure, such as drug addiction, child abuse etc. As the members of our band are fortunate enough to have never encountered these issues in our personal lives, we feel that it would be hypocritical and disrespectful to write songs about these themes.

Levianth: We are Levianth (Lev-ee-anth), a five piece metal band from South Wales. Joining forces as a complete band in early 2009, we have recently finished up recording our forthcoming E.P. titled ‘A Psycho Unfolds’. During our short time together, we have shared the stage with the likes of: Blaze Bayley Forever Never Exit Ten Bury Tomorrow Evita Shadows Chasing Ghosts Boys With X-Ray Eyes Shaped By Fate

As a band, we are influenced by “concept bands” such as Mastodon and Protest The Hero and it is our goal as a band to create a series of conceptual E.Ps/L.Ps that link to become one greater concept story. We plan to do this over the course of five releases. This has been our goal since we first started writing as Iconoclast and it is our goal to bring these five concepts to life, regardless of any interest from the music industry. As musicians, we are all trying to push ourselves and this is a medium in which we can push our creativity as well as our musicianship. The first installment of these concepts will be our debut E.P, which will be available before the end of 2009. Our intentions live are to capture the seismic intensity that you will hear on the CD and deliver it with unrelenting energy. However, that doesn’t mean we’re here to play like cardboard cut-outs. We’re here to party, have a good time, get wasted and go home deaf and bleeding! As Ken would say, “it’s going to be rad to the power of sick!” Love, ICONOCLAST X

Iconoclast: Metal music has always had an underlying theme of struggling against hardship. The best songs in any genre, metal included, are always written straight from the heart and about the issues that affect the songwriter. We as a

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Venues Barfflly Opened in April 2001 Cardiff Barfly, situated by Cardiff Castle, has long been the staple place to play when trying to make it big. Helping to increase the credibility of the Barfly venue more Barfly’s started to open up across the country turning it into one of the biggest venue chains in the country. Along with live bands playing almost weekly there are a number of club nights where dj’s play both new and old tunes for the crowd to get their teeth into. Many famous bands have played here on their rise to the top such as: *Paramore *Trivium *Mastodon

The Globe

The Globe on Albany Road in Cathays is a fairly new venue which has been quickly building a reputation despite legal problems. A statement on The Globe’s website has recently indicated this. It says: “The management of The Globe would like to sincerely thank all of the customers who have visited the venue during 2009 and hope you have all enjoyed the experience. As you are probably aware we have had problems relating to noise complaints which have resulted in our live music licence being revoked. This is a legal matter and we are now appealing that decision. Whilst this is ongoing we are making every effort to carry out the necessary work to insulate the building which we we hope will solve the problem and allow us to present more great live music in 2010. Hopefully this great new venue will be able to continue.

Clwb Ifor Bach Coal Exchange Clwb Ifor Bach is a place where Welsh speaking bands get as much of an oppurtunity to play as English speaking bands. Hidden away on Womanby Street this small sized club is perfect for intimate gigs. Ifor Bach also hosts club nights throughout the week with indie downstairs and dance music upstairs. This is the perfect place for a cheap and fun night but make sure you’re there early as it tends to fill up quickly.

Closed in 2007 due to major re-development of the building Cardiff Coal Exchange is now open again and eager to put itself back at the forefront of the Cardiff music scene. This building is full of history, the first recorded million-pound business deal was made there, and many bands have attempted to make their own history at the venue over the years. Famous bands that have played here include: *Killing Joke *Chimaira *Corrosion Of Conformity *Clutch

Buffalo Bar The buffalo bar sits on Windsor Place and is a nice barto go to if you enjoy a bit of sophistication with your music. This small club offers live bands upstairs for very cheap prices nearly every week and has resident dj’s that play the most recent music coming out. Downstairs features a large bar with a large selection of cocktails to entice your taste buds. Also featuring possibly the most comfiest sofas in the whole of Cardiff this club has a massive smoking area to socialise in around the back.

Cardiff International Arena

The Cardiff International Arena (CIA) is probably the most prolific of concert venues in the city. If a band is playing here then you know that you’ve made it big. With a large floor space and seating available on the balcony’s this is a good venue to catch one of your favourite bands. Another positive of the CIA is that it is situated almost in the middle of the city centre and so is easy to find and access. Famous bands that have played here in the past include: *Iron Maiden *Incubus *Audioslave *Velvet Revolver *Tool *Foo Fighters As you can see this venue draws in the big acts so check it out when you get the oppurtunity.

Newport TJ’s This one is a little further afield but is definately worth the trip. Although a very small venue, this only adds to the atmosphere of the gigs that take place here. Opened in 1971 as a restaurant TJ’s has hosted a number of legendary artists. Apparently Kurt Cobain proposed to Courtney Love while here. Many bands have played here in its time including: *Trivium *Buzzcocks *Manic Street Preachers *The Jesus Lizard *Green Day *Offspring If small manic shows are your thing then this place is definately worth a visit.

10 Feet Tall This bar is owned by the same people that run the Buffalo Bar so you know you are going to get the best quality of evrything. Only recently opened this venue has already hosted several gigs and is definately a good addition to the Cardiff music scene. With a bar and restaurant downstairs this place would be nice to relax in before taking the short journey upstairs to catch a band or two. Situated on Church Street this venue is in the centre of town again increasing its prospects of becoming a success with the students that populate the city.

Local Bands cals bring a depth of integrity rarely seen from bands so young.

Fallen From Grace: Hey we are Fallen From Grace a band from south wales from Bridgend we are a 5 man band we should be having more updates and info about gigs and more recording of our new songs we got a rough up at the moment should be better ones up soon do keep your eyes pealed

Looking for something to warm you up this winter? Well – look no further than They Don’t Change Under Moonlight’, the stunning debut mini-album from South Wales five piece Tiger Please. Drawing comparison to the likes of Snow Patrol, Sigur Ros and the enigmatic Kings Of Leon… Tiger Please are a charismatic breathe of fresh air to indie and pop rock. Soaring melodies and front man Leon’s towering vo-

‘They Don’t Change Under Moonlight’ is a twelve track journey which is both uplifting and epic, from the anthemic ‘Without Country’ (which features guest vocals from Attack! Attack!’s Neil Starr) to the poignant ‘No Hero In Heroin’ the album is wall to wall heart and emotion. A collection of finely tuned fables which collectively tell one epic tale… With initial support from BBC Radio 1’s Bethan Elfyn and Huw Stephens, a full page ‘Introducing’ feature in Kerrang! magazine and after shows and tours with Funeral For A Friend, Twin Atlantic,Kids In Glass Houses, Dredg and Attack Attack! this year, Tiger Please are most definitely one to watch for 2010.

The Buffalo Kings: Based in Swansea, South Wales. The Buffalo Kings have been hard at work. With a new lineup, The Buffalo Kings are best heard live and loud. The band are back on the road and hitting it hard with their own unique and potent blend of whiskey laden power grooves. Best

described as a rolling juggernaut of fuzz rock rekindling the very spirit of the golden era of rock n roll

The Death Of Her Money: The Death of Her Money hail from South Wales, having spent the last five years finding Dead Wolves: their way to something that offer’s a unique The Dead Wolves Sonic Liberation Front was take on heavy music, no more generic descripfounded in 2004 by D.King and J.Davies with the intent to develop and deploy low frequency tion need’s to be said other than it’s heavy, sound barrages to cause public (un)wellbeing. and it’s music. To explain what it sounds like is Later R.John joined to contribute his exerptise not a very easy thing. Constructed from improv in advanced electronic equipment. Late 2008, and a freeing of the mind process, TDOHM’s spacious, simplistic driving rhythms carrying (former) members D.E***S and L.J*****N blood clotted veins of sound flowing down to we ebroiled in a scandal concerning Governthe dark pit via strange discordant melody, offment reports into the DWSLF’s research. D.E***S has gone into hiding and L.J*****N kilter chordal progression’s accompanied by intense screamed vocals and layers of feedfled the country, both whereabouts are unback that crack through the battered beast kown at this time. 2009 saw the recruitment that will go down fighting. During the last 3 of J.Launder and L.Stanton, both enlisted because of their vast experience in the subject years they have released a 7” vinyl (Rat Patrol Records), an E.P. (Flood of Love e.p.) through field means they can continue to make vital they’re own Suntreader Recordings. TDOHM’s contributions to the on going research. On current release is titled “Spirit Of The Stairgoing research resumes at a top secret compound located somewhere in the South Wales well” (Superfi Records / Rat Patrol records), countryside, all results of the research shall be they’re debut full length has had praise from the British rock press as well as rave review’s made public as it comes. from various countries around the globe and was also voted number 44 in Rock sound magazines top 75 album’s of 2008. Having just finished the recording of they’re 2nd album titled “You Are Loved” with plan’s to release it next year at some point, and a split CD release with Russian band “Helga” on Russian label KarmaMira Records early this year along with another UK tour in April plan’s to head to europe later in the 2010.

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Local Single Reviews Chase The Sunset:

Storm The Walls:

Burn The Hive:

*Pitiful- Opening with *Mincer- Blending *Oblivious- With an a technical riff that thrash with overlong intro the will instanty stick metalcore seems to song properly in your mind, the be the in thing opens with a heavy song goes from these days and riff thats sure to strength to strength this band isn’t get heads banging. with the singing and really breaking The singer’s voice screaming any boundaries.With resmbles that of complimenting each complicated drum Isis singer. other throughout. beats and guitar The chorus is also work throughout *Hive Whorevery catchy and has there’s no question Opening with a riff the possibility to be that the band is reminiscent of a big hit on the talented but the Pantera the song metalcore scene. music could be develops into a improved. solo based riff *I see you- Beginning before kicking wth a quiet refrain *Hunters- Keeping into something which is different with their other that makes you from the vast songs, the want to get up majority of their heaviness is and jump. material this song intensified with sees the band going the inclusion in a different of more breakdirection. Featuring downs. more singing than screaming this is a refreshing break from some of their more punishing material.

Pitiful= 6/10

Mincer= 4/10

I see you= 7/10

Hunters= 4/10

Buffalo Kings: *Buffalo Riders- A riff guaranteed to get your head nodding while also having an immediately memorable melody cutting through the song. The melody section really drives the song along and the breakdown at the end is as heavy as any metalcore breakdown available. *Son Of A GunThis song really carries the desert atmosphere created by the likes of Kyuss. Ending in a sped up riff that would send a room wild, this band is very accomlished.

Oblivious= 4/10

Buffalo Riders= 8/10

Hive Whore= 5/10

Son Of A Gun= 7/10



*Innocence SereneA powerful chugging riff introduces this song before going into the verse which could be a part of a lost Alice in Chains song. The harmonies on the singing are very good and run throughout adding another element to the song.

*Valley run- Anoher driving riff opens this single from the Swansea band. With a voice not too disimilar to that of Zakk Wyldes the power fits right in. This is rock and roll in it’s purest form.

*A Lost AdorationThe single from their new album tells you what you need to know about the band right from the beginning. A powerful intro/verse followed by a very catchy chorus lay the foundation for a song which introduces a very promising band.

*Devil Woods- More laid back than valley run the power is nonetheless there and an excellent chorus pushes this song along.

Innocence Valley serene= Run= 7/10 5/10 A Lost Adoration= 8/10

Devil Woods= 7/10

Upcoming Gigs 30 seconds to mars: *19/02/10Nottingham *20/02/10Manchester MEN *21/02/10Cardiff CIA *23/02/10London, Wembley Arena *24/02/10Bournemouth *27/02/10Glasgow SECC AFI: *05/04/10Nottingham Rock Citty *06/04/10London, Brixton Academy *08/04/10Glasgow ABC *09/04/10Manchester Uni *11/04/10Newcastle Academy *12/04/10Birmingham Academy Brand New: *23/01/10London, Wembley Arena Breed 77: *30/01/10London Scala Deep Purple: *18/11/10London, Eissporthalle

Enter Shikari: *06/02/10Blackpool, Empress Ballroom *07/02/10Glasgow Barrowland *09/02/10Middlesbourough, The Empire *11/02/10 Bournemouth, O2 Academy *12/02/10London, Hammersmith Apollo Fear Factory: *16/02/10Manchester, Academy 2 *17/02/10Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall *18/02/10Glasgow, Garage *19/02/10London, Electric Ballroom Fightstar: *08/02/10Cardiff, Millenium Centre *09/02/10Brighton, Concorde 2 *10/02/10Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall *12/02/10Sheffield, Corporation *13/02/10Edinburgh, Studio 24

*14/02/10Liverpool, O2 Academy *16/02/10Norwich, Waterfront *17/02/10London Heaven Green Day: *16/06/10Manchester, Old Trafford Cricket Ground *19/06/10London, Wembley Stadium *23/06/10Dublin, Marlay Park Gun: *11/03/10Aberdeen, The Warehouse *13/03/10Edinburgh, Studio 24 Hatebreed: *24/02/10Stoke on Trent, The Sugarmill INME: *09/02/10Manchester, Moho Live *10/02/10Sheffield Uni *11/02/10Norwich, Waterfront *12/02/10Harlow, The Square *13/02/10Brighton, The Engine Rooms

Kiss: *01/05/10Sheffield, Hallam FM Arena *02/05/10Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena *04/05/10Liverpool, Echo Arena *05/05/10Birmingham, LG Arena *07/05/10Dublin, The O2 *09/05/10Glasgow SECC *10/05/10Manchester MEN *11/05/10Birmingham, LG Arena *12/05/10London, Wembley Arena *13/05/10London, Wembley Arena Lamb Of God: *09/02/10Birmingham, O2 Academy *10/02/10Newcastle, Academy *11/02/10Glasgow, Barrowland *12/02/10Manchester Uni *13/02/10London, Brixton Academy

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