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Whatson theatre and literature Sticky Bivouac + Post Show Music Saturday January 16 The Black Box, 8.00pm

Feast your eyes and ears on the bizarre, unique and delicate world of Jeff Window aka Paul Currie, street clown and Foolosophist returning to Belfast after a triumphant (ie he’s still solvent) run at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Mining the same seam of comic insanity as a young Steve Martin, Andy Kaufman, Spike Milligan and The Mighty Boosh, Sticky Bivouac is an absurdist, high energy performance inspired by Music Hall, Perry Como, Ironing Boards and The Deer Hunter.

“His redoubtable range, talent and charisma shine through.” - The List “Inspired.” - Fringe Report Followed by: Cabaret folk rock with a contemporary theatrical twist! Katie and the Carnival not only present you with great, catchy songs, they also captivate their audience with an energetic live show filled with fun! Enchanting harmonies and heartfelt lyrics are the core of this exciting band’s being!

Austen’s Women

Thursday January 14 The Black Box, 1.00pm & 8.00pm Jane Austen was a woman ahead of her time creating some of literature’s most celebrated characters and defining her era, her sex and her class. She speaks for the yearning heart as much now as in her own day. But just how much have things really changed for women since then? In a bold revisiting using nothing but the words of Austen herself, the souls of Emma Woodhouse, Lizzy Bennet, Mrs Norris, Miss Bates and many more are brilliantly illuminated. Taken out of context (and in the absence of the men!) these women speak volumes for their sex and their standing constrained by the stringent societal code of their time. Lovers of Jane Austen or the uninitiated few will revel in appreciation of the queen of English of Literature distilled to her essence!Rebecca Vaughan’s solo debut was a fabulous hit at Edinburgh 2009 under the direction of Guy Masterson.

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer Sunday January 17 The Black Box Café, 8.00pm

On a one-man mission to introduce Hip-Hop to the Queen’s English, Mr. B is delighted to present Chap- Hop. Having spent the best part of a decade bringing some manners back to popular culture, this dopest of fellows will entertain and amuse you with his ingenious stylings. Aiming to dazzle with dignity, Mr. B takes to the stage with his Banjolele and stiff upper lip to perform ditties of pipe-smoking, high society, Cricket and sexual misadventure, as well as some more well-known pieces from the world of Hip-Hop, re-worked in true Chap-Hop fashion.

Grace Maxwell

“There has never been a rapper like Mr.B” - Sunday Times “Pure genius” - Tom Robinson, BBC 6Music “Sublime Genius” - The Chap

Friday January 15 The Black Box Café, 6.00pm

Grace Maxwell: Falling & Laughing The Restoration of Edwyn Collins. In February 2005, Edwyn Collins suffered two devastating brain haemorrhages. He then went on to contract MRSA as a result of an operation to his skull and spent six months in hospital. He had lost all movement in his right side and was suffering from aphasia - an inability to use or understand language. With the help of his partner Grace and their 18-year- old son Will, Edwyn fought back. Slowly, and with monumental effort, he began to teach his brain to read and speak all over again with some areas of his mind it was if he had been a slate wiped utterly clean. Through a long and arduous road of therapy he began to reinhabit his body until he could walk again. Grace’s story is an intimate and inspiring account of what you do to survive when your husband is all but taken away without warning by a stroke.

Tickets: £5.00 Tickets available from: the Belfast Welcome Centre on: 028 9024 6609

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