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Evoque Models is a London-based leading modelling agency. Evoque has been providing experience worth 22 years to its models and clients. We supply models throughout the UK for a variety of campaigns. Evoque offers the perfect modelling talent for an assignment. Evoque specialises in providing models for commercials, advertising television and fashion. We believe in building a friendly and personalized relationship with our models and clients. We strive to provide an exceptional service to clients and the highest quality representation to our models. Evoque symbolizes success, reliability, enthusiasm and quality. Male models: In the modern times, modeling as a profession for men is as popular as it is for women. One can find increasing number of male models walking the ramp for high profile fashion designers. Male models showing off their toned bodies is a pretty common sight in commercial advertisements. Companies approach Evoque regularly to enquire about male models for marketing activities aimed varied audiences. Each company looks for a definite look. We choose a variety of male models with different looks and types including fashion models, classic models, plus size models, mature models, young models and many more. If you're over 18 years of age, you have a chance to be selected as a male model - despite your body shape and looks. Female Models: One can find many glamorous female models in television commercials, fashion magazines and on billboards. Do you want a career in modeling? Are you looking for modeling agencies in London? If you're a woman above 18 yrs of age, you can apply at Evoque and be selected as model. We choose female models of different looks ranging from fashion models, mature models, traditional models and others. Evoque is a reputed glamour modelling agency that assists its clients in discovering male and female models of all variety for various promotional activities, TV programs, catalogues and billboards. So if you want to become a model, do not waste your time. Come to Evoque, one of the top Glamor Model Agencies in London. Applying at Evoque is simple: you just need to fill in the online form and upload your photos. If your application is accepted, we put you forward whenever a client asks for your kind of look. We are one of the best known Glamour Modelling Agencies not just in London, but also in Manchester and other parts of UK.

If you are above 18 years of age and want to pursue modelling part time or full time, please help us assess your potential by sending us two of your ordinary photographs. We do not insist on professionally done pictures at this stage so you may send any ordinary pictures of yours irrespective of quality. Applicants may fill out online form and upload photos of themselves with their face clear and visible. We advise that you wait until you hear from us before getting a professional portfolio done. Please bear in mind that applications without pictures will be rejected instantly and the candidate applying without pictures will be considered a timewaster. URL:

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Evoque Models is the largest and most successful modelling agency in London and one of the top and most respected agencies in the UK.