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Glam couture magazine still holds to it's promise to highlight and publish some of the most promising emerging talent. Our mission is to share with you, those that dare to say something, to create, to capture, to try, to do or to be. The likes of promising actors, actresses, models, photographers, musicians, fashion designers and other creative minds. Within these pages you will behold the beauty of such creativity, you will read in their own words about their struggle and triumphs to rise to the top. As well as those that have tried and now conquer their dreams. We strive to continue to bring you the brightest and most promising emerging talent. As well as some very recognizable faces. From issue to issue you will also see us grow. We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Our columnist are eager to answer your questions. And or perhaps we can tell your story. In this issue of Glam Couture we explore the creative and thought provoking side of the industry. We hope you will enjoy every page.

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Robbie Jones

Hell Cats By Tj Scott

Robbie Jones is a man on the move – and recently that means a move to Vancouver to star as Lewis Flynn in the hit series, "Hellcats," which airs directly after ‘America’s Next Top Model’ on the CW Network. Robbie’s character takes more then a skirting interest in the series lead female Marti Perkins, a young, prelaw student who loses her scholarship, and realizes the only way she can stay in school is by making it on the cheerleading team. The scenes between them heat up the

screen and when he posed for us, it wasn’t hard to see why. In person Robbie has the calm quiet inner confidence of an elite athlete – and the smoldering charm of a matinee idol. His athletic training and acting chops are tied perfectly together in Hellcats, where he performs with the lead actresses some of the most difficult cheer routines ever choreographed for film. Robbie says part of that confidence comes form the experience and education he garnered attended Ber

-kley on a Basketball Scholarship and from his time playing in the Entertainment League along side Ice Cube, Don Cheadle, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, Taye Diggs and Brian McKnight.. Robbie also starred as Quintin on the hit CW series ‘One Tree Hill’ and has guest starred on ‘Southland’, ‘Dark Blue’, and opposite Angela Basset on ER. Robbie's feature film credits include ‘Hurricane Season’ with Forest Whitaker and Isaiah Washington.

Linda Posnick Victoria Secrets Photographer Linda was born and raised in Los Angeles California. As a young girl she was enrolled into a photography course taught at Barnsdall Park, in Hollywood, CA. There she learned the basics of photography. Linda then fell in love with photography and decided to go to college where she graduated from Santa Monica City College photography dept. While working at PRS (Photographic Rental Service) in Hollywood in the late 80’s, Linda was approached by an assistant to Herb Ritts noted photographer and director. Herb was well known for his black and white photos of celebrities and fashion models. Later known for his music videos and commercials with some of the most memorable musicians to grace the screen such as Madonna,

Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson and the list goes on. Herb’s female assistant at the time Lorraine, was having trouble with male assistants taking direction from her. She asked Linda if she wanted the job contingent of Herb liking her, and the rest was history. It was through her years of work with Herb that she developed a rapport with numerous celebrities, magazines, fashion houses, ad agencies, and major companies, the most recognizable being Victoria’s Secret. While working with Herb, Linda discovered her talent for shooting “behind the scenes” photography. Linda describes this time as “When Herb first started directing videos, he would often have his crew including me on set just in case he wanted to shoot stills. Well this never

happened because he was busy directing the video or commercial. There was no way to do both at the same time. I then decided to pick up his cameras and shoot some behind the scenes footage”. Linda would continue doing this while still assisting Herb on shoots for various fashion magazines like British, Italian, French, American Vogue as well as Ad campaigns for various designers and companies like Victoria’s Secret. Linda worked as Herb’s photo assistant for 7 1/2 years and then continued working with him by documenting him “behind the scenes” for another 7 years. Linda’s work has been published in varies books and magazines. Her most notable work has been with Victoria’s

Secret. You may see some of her work in campaign ads, and in photographs gracing the walls of Victoria’s Secret retail stores. Linda describes her work as “Raw and Natural”, inspired by years of experience assisting Herb Ritts. She loves movement in her photos, but recognizes that there is a time and place for contrived/staged looks. When she shoots a job, she uses a digital Canon 1DS Mark III camera. Linda prefers film to digital, with her favorite being a Mamiya 6x7 medium format camera. We asked what advice she would offer the upcoming photographer and Linda offered this wisdom; 1. Go to school. If you don’t have access to an Art School program, try a smaller college such as a community college. You would be surprised at how informative these classes can be. 2. Shoot and keep shooting. The more you practice, the better you’ll become. 3. Develop your own personal style. 4. Visit Museums and photo galleries. Looking at different styles of photography can be very inspiring. Linda’s list of inspirational photographers: Herb Ritts George Hurrell Irving Penn Horst Richard Avedon Annie Leibowitz William Claxton Andre Kertesz Henri Cartier-Bresson

Glam Couture Magazine

Christine Lakin’s Guilty Pleasures By TJ SCOTT

TJ : You're always on the 'Red Carpet' - is there a Dress Designer you love to wear right now? CL: I love Nicole Miller. !Her designs are always so classy and timeless. !Very American and feminine. !I chose a navy strapless satin Nicole Miller for the "Valentine's Day" premiere, which was such a nice alternative to the reds and pinks you normally associate with that time of the year. !Navy looks very lux on the red carpet and is formal yet just a little more exciting than your basic black. !I just wore a dress by Mandalay to the "You Again" premiere and I was obsessed with it. !It was this gorgeous, black, one shouldered, beaded number that felt modern yet appropriate for a red carpet evening event. !Plus one shoulder in/one shoulder out somehow made me just the right temperature. !It's like when you're in bed at night and you do the one leg in/one leg out of the covers thing. !I'd be remiss if I also didn't mention Rag and Bone. !They loaned me a beautiful runway dress for the "Race To Witch Mountain" premiere and as a modern American made line, I just think they are on the cutting edge of urban design. !I am really excited to see how their cocktail and formal ready to wear will evolve. !They are definitely a new designer to collect and watch.

TJ: What jewelry would you wear? CL: Lila Sophia makes beautiful carpet jewelry. !I have worn so many of their pieces to events. They are beautifully crafted and have just the right amount of sparkle to dress up any outfit. !I especially love their cocktail rings and earrings. !I'm not going to lie- Forever 21 and Express also make some great trendy pieces too. !Many an outfit of mine has been accessorized on the carpet by a necklace or earrings from Forever 21 or Express- including my "Valentine's Day" premiere look. !Mixing high end fashion

with everyday affordable pieces is what makes your look your own and I don't see any problem with it! !I don't have a stylist so I'm constantly rooting through my closet, looking for unique pairings that are distinctive and express who I am or how I feel that day. !When my grandma passed away, she left me some gorgeous, very unique pieces of costume jewelry that I absolutely love wearing - not only because they remind me of her- but also because they are oneof-a-kind. !I never throw anything away - I need a closet intervention eventually! !Maybe that Hoarders show can come to my house, lol.

line called Arcona that is wonderful. !They are all natural and really make your skin soft in the morning. !The Papaya Enzyme gel and the Magic Ice lotion are particularly wonderful and majica indeed. !My mom gave me a Clairsonic brush for my birthday and it's the greatest invention in skin-care. !It's like an electronic toothbrush for your face. !Really fabulous for getting off all that makeup.

TJ: We kept switching your Lipstick during our shoot and they all worked great. Do you have one that you absolutely can't live without?

CL: Oh good lord... the fantasies of closets I'm having at this moment in time! !Well, I'd have to start with Kristen Bell because she's a peanut like me so likely everything would fit me pretty well and I know for a fact she's got some killer dresses and shoes... and I'm a sucker for Louboutin's, what girl isn't?! !Carla Gugino has to have a pretty fabulous closet. !I would definitely raid hers anytime. !She's got utterly fabulous taste and is always impeccably put together. !Although just for sheer fun and excitement, Paris Hilton has a pretty major closet. !I know because I've seen it. !It's an entire room converted into closet wonder. !I could spend hours in there. !She's way taller than I, but looking at the clothes is like being in a museum and the whole thing is covered in mirrors and has this plush delicious carpet. !Give me a futon and I'd move in.

CL: Boy Bait Lipglass by MAC is the ultimate nude. !It has just a little pink in it that gives off a more polished look than a clear gloss and it's not crazy Cher-1970's sticky either. !Less hair stuck and harmed in the wearing of this gloss! !Im also a big fan of hot pink. !I know, a little nuts but again, for me, a change up to the classic red. !MAC's Girl About Town and Pink Poodle are both good ones. !Plus, you can be wearing a basic tank and jeans and adding fun lips and earrings can be a quick change that amps your outfit for night. !I mean, look- I'm an actress. !I end up having to change in my car a lot for auditions when I'm running around town so believe me, I know the art of a quick change. !On another note, Victoria's Secret glosses are surprisingly great. !The mint one in particular is a favorite of mine. !It's like a breath mint and gloss all in one. !! TJ: I'm intrigued by face creams - there seems to be a new 'magic' one every month for women - give us the inside scoop - !is there a guilty pleasure one we should know about? CL: Ah... the magic of face creams! !There's always something new in this arena isn't there? !We women love this stuff. !I've been using Ole Henrikson African Red Tea cleanser and night cream since I started getting facials there. !By the way, Robyn MacDonald gives a wicked great one if you're in the Sunset Plaza area of Los Angeles! !!Was also recently introduced to

TJ: You must have a lot of Celeb friends - if you could raid one of their closets, who's would it be? !What would you be going after?

TJ: Are you a gadget girl? !Have you splurged on an iPad yet? CL: I'm such a gadget NERD! !My boyfriend has an iPad and I decided he wasn't using it nearly enough so yes, I stole it and took it over. !Nice girlfriend I am huh? !It's super helpful for being on the road when you don't want to take your heavy laptop. !Plus it makes for watching movies and shows on the airplane so much better than on an iPod. !I got the portable keyboard as well for when I have meetings (I was elected to the Hollywood Screen Actors Guild board this year!) and using it with the iPad really makes it feel like a complete computer. !I'm a Blackberry person (aren't people one or the other these

days?) but I love all the iPad applications so now I can participate in the iphone world. !I can't wait for Google TV. !That's the next thing that is really exciting me. !See, I told you. !Nerd!

TJ: What music is on your playlist that you can't live without right now? CL: Loving Katy Perry. !She and Gaga pervade all my workout music these days but Brokedown Cadillac is my new favorite band!! !!They've been featured on "Hellcats" a bunch of times now and I've been lucky to see them get their start here in LA and now they are starting to blow up in Nashville so I feel quite cool to have see them from the beginning. !They are really great Country/Rock/Americana - the kind of music you want to listen to at a party or while you're BBQ'ing outside with friends. !The National and Matt Nathanson are both great for chill music and Sara Barielles's new album is fantastic too. !She's quite a talent and a fellow UCLA alumni, so of course I love that.

TJ: I have to admit I'm a fan of America's Next Top Model and Hell's Kitchen !- any must see guilty pleasure Reality TV in your DVR? CL: I'm so ashamed. !So very ashamed. !My Tivo carries so many secret loves. !Lot's of guilty pleasures including Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Survivor, Amazing Race, Bachelor Pad, Project Runway, Kendra, Rachel Zoe Project... oh lord, I fear I've said too much. But I swear, if I ever get to meet Tim Gunn, that might make my life complete. !I might cry just a little.

TJ: Gina Holden who is staring in Saw 3D is also in this moths issue - 'Horror Films', a guilty pleasure or not? Any must see films for you?

CL: Saw 3D is just guilty for me! !I can't watch the Saw movies! !Too scary for me!! !Eeeeeeikes! !Makes me nervous just thinking about it. !I do however, like suspense thrillers like Paranormal Experience. !That movie is crazy. !Older horror movie classics like The Fog and Halloween are also on the top of my list. !I LOVE the Scream franchise. !Scares the living daylights out of me but in a good, smush the person sitting next to you kind of way. !Zombie movies also get me pretty good. !28 Days Later is a really good one- as is Shaun of The Dead, which is probably the sole reason I can watch scary zombie movies to begin with! !Laughter always makes scary stuff more fun.

TJ: You've filmed all over the country !- do you have favorite restaurants that you can't wait to get back to? CL: I'm such a foodie so I always research restaurants in different cities on Citysearch and Yelp before I go and seek out what's new and hot and talked about. !The Mermaid Inn in NY is excellent and a great new find that I will revisit as is Bubby's in the Village. !Open 24 hours and has some killer organic homemade drinks, plus breakfast all day!? !Beat that! !Cafe Habana on the Lower East Side just came to Malibu and I'm dying to get there so I guess that counts as a revisit. !The sushi in Vancouver is always so good so I very much look forward to that whenever I work there. !Tomato in Vancouver works with local organic farmers, which is something I think is really cool, not only for supporting that kind of farming but also because the produce is significantly better and tastes amazing. !The Hungry Cat in LA uses a rotating array of locally grown produce and is probably my favorite restaurant so anytime I'm in Hollywood I always find an excuse to go. !In Santa Barbara I can't help but crave The Palace Cafe for some delicious Creole but for the authentic thing, Jaques-imo's in New Orleans can't be beat. !San Francisco is one of the best cities to eat in and The Slanted Door for Vietnamese fusion is a place I dream of. !Bix is also a haunting treat down a dark alley when you're in the mood for a shaken martini. !I could talk about food for days....

TJ: You're in a bar for a celebration - what do you order to drink? !What bar did you go to? CL: Hmm... all depends where I am and who I'm with. !I'll put it this way: !Soho Club: champagne. !4100 Bar in Silverlake: delicious muddled cocktail. !The Burgandy Room (really fun and divey): Stella Artois.

TJ: Actresses have the odd job requirement of having to 'kiss the boy' in the movies. If I was casting a guilty pleasure male to star opposite you , who should we put on the list? CL Oh I hate saying this because my friends will read it and I'm already having trouble living it down... Zac Efron. !So guilty. !I feel like a dirty cougar. !Somehow he grew up and I saw him in some magazine and he has officially become my kissable fantasy crush. !What a cutie pie. !Wow, I've already said too much. !Let's just leave it at that with the shreds of dignity I still have.

TJ: Do you have a guilty pleasure 'getaway' you frequent - or want to get to? CL: The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa is a getaway in which there is no guilt whatsoever! !It's a short drive from LA and there's something really awesome about the town of Ojai. !Mystics say it has magical healing properties and energy vortex's if you're into that kind of stuff but I truly never feel so relaxed as when I go. !From wine tasting to bike rides, massages, strolls and sunsets... it's really the ultimate in good oldfashioned relaxation. !I'm just happy I keep getting invited to weddings there as it gives me a great excuse to go and make a weekend out of it. !Perhaps a bit more guilty would be Cancun. !I know it sounds like a spring break destination but I can't get over how crystal blue that water is there. !I'm a sucker for paradise beach. !And any kind of drink that comes with it's own umbrella. !Last year I took an awesome trip to Japan. !This year I'm eyeing Crete and Egypt... we'll see what happens. !I wonder if they serve umbrella drinks on the Nile or if you have to bring your own?

Glam Couture Magazine