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Rate your romance quotient How romantic are you? Do you put the Badhsah of Bollywood to shame or does your love story deserve to be an inspiration for the next M&B novel? While love is in the air and cupid is lurking around almost every corner, why not put your love to test and discover just how romantic a couple you make? All you have to do is be honest when you answer these simple questions:

1. Even after spending so much time together, the one thing that makes your heart still skip a beat is: a. A romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant b. A long drive to the outskirts c. Watching your favorite movie together 2. Valentine’s Day is: a. Just another day on the calendar because you do not believe one day is enough to celebrate love – it’s a journey of a lifetime b. Is that time of the year when both of you put everything else on a hold and give time just to each other c. Is a day filled with wine, chocolate and flowers 3. Trust, is something you share because: a. You are completely transparent with each other. You even know each other’s email passwords! b. You don’t ask too many questions about your partner’s whereabouts or what he or she is doing because you trust them c Love and trust cannot be separated. If you love your partner you have to trust him or her 4. Five years from now you see yourself: a. Following your individual dreams and respecting each other for it b. Working together towards that dream which belongs equally to both of you c. Living your partner’s dream and loving it! 5. You will always be jealous of: a. You partner’s ex b. Your partner’s best friend because there are times when your partner seems closer to him or her than you c. Your partner’s mother. Because they always share everything! 6. You agree your partner is not perfect because: a. Nothing in this world is perfect. That’s the way things are meant to be! b. There are things about your partner that annoy you, but you can live with them. c. You are not perfect, so why should you be with someone who is?

52 February 2013

Glamcob (February 2013 Issue)  

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