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Cornered.. When you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place in a relationship, when you feel ‘cornered’ by the confusions brimming in your mind, write in to us! Cornered is an attempt to help you decipher the mess you are in and hopefully disentangle it. Valentine’s day, or for that matter the month of February, brings forth a multitude of decisions which demand instant attention. In this love loaded issue, we deal with some ‘Valentine’ issues of our readers. If you want to share your concerns with us, simply drop in a mail at You have figured out by now that we will keep your identity a complete secret.

48 February 2013

Q. My boyfriend has forever wanted to make out with me. This has often led me to believe that he has always loved me for my figure and nothing else. We have often fought because I have accused of him of pretending to love me just so that he can make out with me. I have always worried that if I give in and we do make out, he will leave me. But he has been amazingly patient. And now I think I am ready. This valentine’s day I thought the best gift to give him would be my approval to make out. But I don’t know how to do it without sounding slutty or desperate. Please help. A. Every boyfriend dreams of the kind of gift you have in mind. It is not as difficult as you think it is. Boys or men tend to take a hint even when it is not there! You should have no trouble at all letting your boyfriend know what is on your mind. Maybe you could initiate a kiss or something? Don’t worry about coming across as slutty or desperate. Just because you want to make out with someone you love does not make you sleazy. Your boyfriend is going to be the last person to think so. So rest all those worries and follow your instincts. Wish you a terrific Valentine’s day, evening and night!

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