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The answer for including a multi-vitamin should be obvious but just to be clear, a multi-vitamin serves the purpose of providing your body with essential vitamins and nutrients that you might be lacking even if you are in taking a very healthy and clean diet. I like to think of a multivitamin as a form of insurance whereas you can be confident that you’re getting all your recommended daily intakes of nutrients and minerals. However, a multivitamin will not replace bad habits and a bad diet. Therefore I recommend including a multivitamin as well as following a healthy diet rich in vegetables. Fish Oil: Fish oils particularly omega 3’s, are highly beneficial in fighting inflammation in our joints as well as our muscles. Besides the benefit of decreased inflammation, fish oils have also been known to increase the sensitivity on our receptor sites on our muscles to increase insulin sensitivity which as we had already explained above will result in the body releasing less insulin and in turn means less fat storage and more muscle glycogen replenishing. In plain English, your body will be in a better muscle building and fat burning environment.

Preparation Tip #7 Dealing with the ups and downs This is often something fitness professionals don’t talk about but it is a factor that can affect people negatively if they don’t know how to handle the psychology of building muscle. There’s going to be times when you weigh yourself and its not what you expected and you will get disappointed or you might have cheated a bit too much on your diet and gained a bit too much or you might experience a workout where you don’t progress and you have a terrible training session. Now don’t get me wrong, it won’t always be bad. Often times it will be really good, but when you do experience some disappointment be sure to: > Stay positive and realize it’s not a dead end but rather a slight deviation in the ultimate path to your goal. > Get over it fast and then forget about it. Do not dwell on it. > Realize it happens to everyone at one point or another but the main thing is to continue working at your goals. That’s what the people with the best physiques do. They don’t let something stop them when they reach a road block, they go at it even harder and that’s what you should do.

Preparation Tip #8 Finding the common principles to build muscles Every program has its purpose so just find one that you can relate to and give it a go. Everyone will respond differently to different training modalities so you can listen to others opinions about program selection, but an even better option after that is to just try the program yourself to see how you respond to it, then document your results. Continuing doing this process will lead you to find which training programs you got your best results from. Always search for common principles between workouts and authors and replicate those common points as they are more than likely the most powerful and effective strategies. It’s not so much the workout as it is the principles of those workouts; progressive overload, rest and recovery and proper nutrition. That’s it for part 1 of ‘The Beginners Fast Track Guide To Building Muscle – Developing The Fitness Fundamentals’. Stay on the lookout for part 2 where I will share with you my top tips on how to develop the right habits to begin eating the bodybuilder’s type of diet. February 2013 43

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