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Preparation tips

Preparation Tip #1 Getting the essentials Alright, now it’s time to get prepared outside of the gym. Why you might ask? Well because you might think that theworkouts are the primary reason you gain muscle and you’re not far off, but the real results come from when you combine nutrition and weight training. The key is to stay prepared no matter what the situation. Here is a list of items you should get immediately that will definitely go a long way in the end. Plastic sealable baggies, 2-3 shaker containers, plastic cutlery, herbs and spices and Tupperware containers (glass or plastic). Be sure to keep the plastic cutlery in places like at work, in the car, in your gym bag and anywhere else you think you might need it in case you forgot your home utensils. Also take the time to purchase some assorted nuts and protein powder and store in the same places. I would store the protein powder using the Ziploc baggies. This way you are always sure you have some form of protein and healthy fat source in case you forget a meal at home. Having these items will really help you stay prepared and better enable you to stay on track with nutrition.

Preparation Tip #2 Picking a suitable program Alright, so now I want you to understand how to pick the right program for you. This is where lots of people surprisingly fail because they don’t really know what goal is best for them and it’s perfectly understandable. If you are super skinny, then obviously, you could benefit to pick a mass gaining program where you will gain muscle and bodyweight. If you are overweight, then again, obviously you would pick a fat loss program. But if you have a ‘skinny fat guy’ syndrome then you need to choose wisely. What’s a skinny fat guy you might ask? Basically it’s a person who is skinny but has a gut on them. The best measure is to get your bodyfat measured and if you are above 18-19% bodyfat, I would recommend losing fat first before trying to gain any more weight. If you are under this marker, then you can go ahead and start a muscle gain phase, but just know you would benefit more from it if you were around 10-15% bodyfat. Your local gym should be able to provide you with the bodyfat measurements.

Preparation Tip #3 Focus on proper technique Like I mentioned above, to be prepared for the long road in the weight room, it’s important to learn proper technique and exercise execution. There are countless resources that you can find online or in person at a gym to learn the exercise properly. Now I know, sometimes money is tight and the idea of spending money to learn exercises might not seem appealing, but remember, this is your body and your life and if you don’t perform the exercises correctly, it can lead to many injuries and a potential end to your workout days. 40 February 2013

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