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Mistake #1 – Impatience Yes, you read correctly, impatience is by far the biggest mistake most people make when first starting out in fitness and trying to accomplish goals and body transformations. Nothing happens overnight and there are even people who have been doing this thing for over 20 years who are still learning today so just know it will be a long road ahead. Instead of being impatient, just be sure to enjoy the experience and know that you will get to where you want to be in time so long as you stay committed, open minded and focused.

Mistake #3 - Overtraining Overtraining is a topic often covered but people continue to do it. This side effect can be apparent no matter what your training level is but as a beginner it is important that you understand that training less is the most beneficial to gain muscle and size. In the beginning stages, a person can achieve above average results by training with less volume simply because our bodies are not accustomed to weight training and the stress it puts on our muscles. Take advantage and enjoy the ‘newbie’ gains you will make but understand, that rate of growth you experience will not last forever.

38 February 2013

Mistake #2 – Being Naïve Alright, so I think everyone has been fooled at one time or another and in muscle building, it won’t be any different. You see the majority of people you see in magazines, in competitions or being exposed on every miracle supplement out there did not build their physiques over night. Sometimes you might hear a claim that you can build 10lbs of muscle in 7 days and although you might be excited at first, realize that the likelihood of this happening is slim to none. It’s easy to fall prey to these advertisements but try to avoid this false logic as it will only lead you to disappointment.

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