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It was really fun shooting that song on the set. Everyone has done it so well. How much has Bollywood changed? How do you look at actors of today? With whom you look forward to work with? I look forward to work with everyone. See my next film has started. I am doing Jo Bhi Karva Lo with Arshad and Soha. There are so many good directors and producers who are doing good work. I don’t think I can take just one name. I mean I wanna work with everone. Would you like to tell us something about ‘Zila Ghaziabad’? It’s a full action packed film. We’ve got Baba (Sanjay Dutt), Arshad and Vivek at their best. People love seeing them in gangster role and I think this is one of those films that people will really go and watch in the theatre. Anand Kumar is the director and he has done a superb job. And I wish whole team All The Best! How was the experience working with Arshad Warsi, Vivek Oberoi and the co-stars? Yes, it was a good experience. They are so dedicated, so humble and fantastic dancers. They just get it straight away. Everything was like one shot work to them. You know, I had to match with them. Arshad is a professional dancer and anyway everyone knows that. He won the Indian Dance competition, followed by the fourth place in the Modern Jazz category in World Dance championship. He was a choreographer himself so being on a set with him and dancing with him, it was terrifying. I was just praying, I don’t do a bad job. It was really fun, super fun. He is such a nice and noble guy to work with. Are you interested in dancing? You want to do more acting or dancing? I am an actor who can dance. Did you struggle while entering into the Bollywood again? Of course. Life of a actor is always a struggle. It is more difficult because you don’t have a God father who can push you or you know get you more roles, but I think it’s good that I have to do it

26 February 2013

right myself and I can evaluate myself more. It’s been a good journey, very interesting journey for me. Are we going to see you in a more mature role that what we have seen in the past? Yes, of course. I will do whatever I will get the chance to play. I am an actor and you will see a lot more of me. Are there any future projects, you would like to tell? Yes. Two other projects are there that would be starting but I don’t want to talk about it right now. But, Jo Bhi Karva Lo is on the floors. I just shot a schedule with Arshad and Soha. And next schedule would start in Feb. Anything you can tell about? It’s a comedy film. As you have worked as a model and actress as well. Are you open to wearing a bikini on screen, if your role calls it? I can’t say Yes or No. Right now ‘No’ because I wanna work with, what my role requires. I will sit down with the director and see if it necessary, only then. I just don’t wanna say Yes at this moment and anyway wearing a bikini on screen right now is not needed. It really depends on the director and set up of the film. As a person are you a fashion enthusiast? I love fashion. I am very fashionable Off the sets also. What is the secret to your glowing look? Eat well, be happy, drink lots of water. Take care of your skin and workout. How do you keep your body fit and healthy and a positive mental attitude? I believe if you work hard it gives you satisfaction and positivity.. So work hard, be happy and eat right. The most important thing is that eat right. Eat a lot of green veggies and less oily food. How do you describe your style? Be simple and confident.

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