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INT. AEROPLANE-NIGHT SOPHIE is sat slumped by the window. The AIRHOSTESS has become aware of how drunk (SOPHIE) has become over the duration of the flight. One couple in particular stare at SOPHIE and laugh, as if they had used her as their source of entertainment for the entire flight. PILOT: “"Hello, this is your captain speaking. We have begun our descent to the Dominican, where the current temperature is 25°C. We plan to arrive at the gate in around twenty minutes time. I’d like to take this time to thank you for flying with Thomas Cook Airlines. We hope you’ve enjoyed your journey with us today. I’d like to ask the flight attendants to prepare the cabin for arrival. Thank you again for flying with us, I hope you have a pleasant stay.” SOPHIE presses the attendant call button. The light flashes and an AIRHOSTESS approaches her. AIRHOSTESS: “Madam I’m sorry but were in preparation for landing, can you hold on for whatever you need until we land?” SOPHIE: “I just want one of those dinky bottles of Malibu!” AIRHOSTESS: “I’m afraid it’s against my regulations to serve any more drinks or confectionary during this stage of the flight. Now I’m sorry madam but I must return to my station in preparation for landing” SOPHIE: “Really? Not one little bottle? I’m just trying to numb the pain of a break-up, surely you can understand that?”

The AIRHOSTESS decides to follow regulation instructions and ignore SOPHIE’S PLEE. She remains seated until landing. SOPHIE falls asleep for the remainder of the flight.


INT. HOTEL LOBBY-DAY SOPHIE arrives at the hotel in a taxi fast asleep. As the TAXI DRIVER opens her door she falls out onto the entrance carpet. A waiter DELROY spots her, and goes to help the TAXI DRIVER get her up and into the hotel. TAXI DRIVER: “Apparently this young lady made quite a scene on the plane journey over.” DELROY: “Oh really? To much to drink was it?” TAXI DRIVER: “Looking at her I’d say so, here I’ll help you take her inside.” DELROY: “Thanks man.” DELROY and the TAXI DRIVER sit SOPHIE down on a seat in the hotel lobby. DELROY: “Hey Bert, fetch this young lady a glass of water would you?” A young man behind reception hurries off through a ‘staff only’ door and comes back with a bottle of cool water in hand. DELROY takes the bottle. DELROY then turns his attention to SOPHIE. DELROY: “Excuse me Miss, I think it’s best that you have some water.” DELROY tries to tilt SOPHIE’S back in attempt at feeding her water and sobering her up. “Miss, you need to wake up now so we can get you safely to your room.” SOPHIE: “Ahhh my head. I’m SOPHIE, SOPHIE TURNER, my name should be on the system”. Slowly opens her eyes.


DELROY: “Right ok, I’ll get someone to find out your room number, there’s some water here for you, it’ll do you some good.” DELROY walks to the reception Desk and speaks to BERT, he finds out SOPHIE’S room number. Shot cuts to DELROY walking SOPHIE to her room. INT. SOPHIES HOTEL SUITE SOPHIE: “I really am sorry, this is very embarrassing, I’m feeling a lot better now so thanks.” SOPHIE reaches into her pocket and hands DELROY 20 dollars. DELROY: “As long as you’re sure miss.” DELROY walks off. INT. SOPHIES HOTEL SUITE-MORNING SOPHIE wakes up mid after noon the next day. Her head hurts. She swings her legs round the side of the bed in attempt to get up. She suddenly feels extremely sick. We see her run to the bathroom and then vomit of screen. SOPHIE: “Urgh, god, my head. Ohhh, fucking Malibu.” SOPHIE staggers into her room, flops down on her bed and dials for room service. ROOM SERVICE: “Hello ROOM SERVICE, how may I help you?” SOPHIE: “Ermm please say you have some paracetamol, my head hurts so bad.”



“Sorry, um please could you send some head ache tablets to my room as soon as humanly possible.” ROOM SERVICE: “ Yes certainly, may I have your room number?” SOPHIE: “Of course it’s, err, ummm can you just hold on one second, fuck, key key key!” SOPHIE runs about the room mumbling and cursing, frantically searching for her key. She up-ends her luggage and opens the desk draws. She can’t see it anywhere. SOPHIE: “Door, door, door.” SOPHIE opens the door to her suite and reveals her room number on it. Her keys are sitting in the lock; she snatches the keys and bolts back to the bed SOPHIE: “Hello, are you still there?” ROOM SERVICE: “Yes, hello.” SOPHIE: “Thank you for waiting.” Room Service: “No problem, have you found your room number?” SOPHIE: “Yes, yes its 506.” ROOM SERVICE: “ Thank you, I’ll have it sent up as soon as possible, bye.” SOPHIE puts down the phone and lets out a long groan. SOPHIE: “arghhhhhhh” She collapses back onto the bed and waits for them.


EXT. HOTEL POOL-DAY SOPHIE decides to take the day to relax by the pool. As she lays relaxing under the shade of an umbrella, DELROY approaches her. DELROY: “Good morning MISS TURNER, how are you feeling today?” SOPHIE: “I have a slight headache but other than that I feel much better thank you……, sorry how rude of me, what’s your name?” DELROY: “Delroy, Delroy Carlisle.” SOPHIE: “Well thanks for your help yesterday DELROY, I really appreciate it.” DELROY: “No problem at all, can I get you anything Miss?” SOPHIE’S phone begins to ring, it’s her mother. As she answers it DELROY walks back to the bar. SOPHIE: “Mum, Hi.” JULIE: “ Hello Poppet how’s the weather in London then?” SOPHIE: “I’m not in London mum, I’m abroad, in the Caribbean for a last minute work trip.” JULIE: “ I did wonder why your phone rang in a peculiar way, the Caribbean really? Where abouts?” SOPHIE: “The Dominican”


JULIE: “The Dominican?” JULIE sounds shocked. SOPHIE: “Yes Mum, Mum It’s really nice of you to call but if you didn’t no it costs me cause I’m abroad so were going to have to make it short.” JULIE: “I see, any excuse to get rid of your mother, well, the only word of warning I must preach is, stay clear of the Local men, they go out of their way to empty the pockets of every tourist in one way or another and I don’t want you falling victim to that, ok petal?” SOPHIE: “Mum, I’m 23, I’ve got my wits about me, plus everyone here is very polite.” SOPHIE looks over at Delroy who waves. JULIE: “That’s what they want you to think, and then snap, a broken heart.” DELROY walks over to SOPHIE with a drink in hand while she is still on the phone. DELROY: “A deetox smoothie? It’s good for your head.” SOPHIE: “But I didn’t order anything.” Delroy: “It’s on the house, free of charge ok”.

JULIE: “ Sophie are you there?” SOPHIE: “Mum, I really must go, I love you ok, I’ll send you a postcard or something”.


SOPHIE puts down the phone. SOPHIE: “Well thanks, that’s really kind”. DELROY: “It’s my special recipe, a few sips and you’ll be feeling fine in no time” SOPHIE Blushes with embarrassment. DELROY walks back over to the bar. DOT a ‘Shirley Valentine’ character has been listening in to their conversation. She leans over to speak to SOPHIE. DOT: “I think he has a hot spot for you.” SOPHIE: “Really.” SOPHIE laughs and blushes then realises how inappropriate that was. “Don’t be ridiculous.” DOT: “Well…I’m just saying, but remember darling nothing comes free on this island if you catch my drift. DOT tilts her sunglasses down her nose to reveal a wink; she then turns around to carry on sunbathing. SOPHIE takes her note-pad out of her bag and secretly begins to scribble down their conversation.


INT. HOTEL RESTAURANT-NIGHT SOPHIE dines alone in the hotel restaurant. She sits with her work pad so that she can make notes on the clients of the island. Unknown to SOPHIE, DELROY has a night off; he spots SOPHIE alone in the restaurant and approaches her. DELROY: “Good evening miss.” SOPHIE jumps slightly. SOPHIE: “Oh you startled me, sorry, hi.” DELROY: “I’m guessing my secret potion worked a treat to see you up and about like this.” SOPHIE: “Yes thank you, I’m feeling much, much better.” SOPHIE suddenly unexpectedly begins to cry. DELROY: “Sorry miss, did I say something?” SOPHIE: “Know you didn’t, I’m just, oh I’m sorry, I don’t even know you and look at the state of me.” Delroy: “ You look just as beautiful, honestly.” SOPHIE: “Sorry, it’s SOPHIE, my names SOPHIE.” DELROY: “Well Sophie, I just came over here to ask if you’d eaten yet? I have the night off you see, and felt like an idiot sitting over there on my own.” He points to a table on the other side of the restaurant. SOPHIE: “ Oh, I see, well I haven’t eaten know, I wasn’t really that hungry.”


DELROY: “What are you doing in a restaurant then? He laughs. SOPHIE: “People watching, I love it, it sounds weird right?” DELROY: “Know, not at all, it’s something I find myself doing throughout the day, not much else to entertain me on this resort.” SOPHIE: “Well, in that case I guess there’s no harm.” DELROY: “None at all. So SOPHIE” He clears his throat. “I know it’s none of my business but I haven’t had a lady burst into tears when I’ve approached her before, is there something wrong?” He sits down. SOPHIE: “ Well know, you’re right, it isn’t any of your business but I guess it’s not like you know the guy.” DELROY: “Ahh guy troubles, that’s my speciality, and I conveniently am one so please, share.” He laughs. SOPHIE: “It’s this guy Mark, well, he’s not just a guy, he’s my ex fiancé, well look at me spilling my beans.” DELROY: “It’s fine, you don’t have to spill, but MARK, I never really liked that name.”


SOPHIE: “Well, long story short, he cheated and then we broke up, and now I’m here, talking about it to someone I hardly know and wait, here they come again, the tears.” DELROY dashes to the loo and brings back a tissue. SOPHIE: “Thanks, now anyway, sorry, let’s please change the subject, how’s working here then?” DELROY: “It pays the bills, just. How about you, what do you do for work?” SOPHIE: “ Um, I’m a journalist, I’m writing a piece about The Dominican, and…what it has to offer.” DELROY: “And what do you think it has to offer then?” SOPHIE: “Well, I’m still finding out, it’s certainly a beautiful place though.” DELROY: “Yes it is, and it seems to attract a lot of lovely ladies like yourself, that’s something.” SOPHIE: “Mmm well, thanks.” SOPHIE Changes her tone. “Are you allowed to say that to me?” She laughs. DELROY: “Well I’m not working so technically its fine.” SOPHIE: She laughs. “Well, I’m going to call it a night, this heat really takes it out of me.”


DELROY: “ Shall I walk you to your room, I’d like to make sure you get there safe.” SOPHIE: “It’s not safe here?” DELROY: “Well, you never no who you could bump into.” SOPHIE: “Right, well in that case, I guess you could walk me.” They begin to walk up the stairs to SOPHIE’S hotel suite; on the way DELROY brushes his hand against hers. As this happens SOPHIE suddenly realises that she’s probably giving DELROY the wrong impression by letting him walk her to her room. SOPHIE: “I’ll be alright here, don’t worry, its only a corridor away.” DELROY: “Are you sure? It’s no hassle for me.” SOPHIE: “ No really, I’m fine, thanks for you company tonight, I had fun.” DELROY: “ No problem, it was my pleasure, another time yeah?” He winks and laughs and then leans in to kiss her on the cheek. SOPHIE blushes, then walks into her suite closing the door behind her.


INT. SOPHIES HOTEL SUITE-NIGHT SOPHIE sits down on her bed and then falls down backwards and sighs. She then gets up and walks over to her dresser and picks up her Dictaphone. SOPHIE: “This is Sophie Turner reporting ‘Sex Tourism’ in the Dominican, it’s (looks at watch) 22.04pm and this will be my second night here. So far I’ve picked up on a few Shirley Valentines hanging around the resort. There’s one character in particular ‘Dot’ a 65 year old woman from Essex who has her eye on every waiters arse in the complex, I’ll make sure to keep my eye on her. I’m yet to see actual money exchange, this transaction must only occur once the deed is done. However I did notice one waiter in particular with a rather flash watch, I’m sure even the simplest of minds could figure out how he could afford that. And then there’s Delroy, who’s also a waiter. He’s quite attractive to be honest, and I’m sure there’s no harm in having a little flirt, I mean he must know I’m not like the other women here, or does he? Anyway ummm yeah, another day in the sun tomorrow to investigate some more.”

INT. HOTEL RESTAURANT-MORNING It’s breakfast. SOPHIE walks in to the hotel restaurant to find her mother nibbling fruit and reading a Jackie Collins Novel. SOPHIE approaches her mother. SOPHIE: “Mum? What in gods name are you doing here?” JULIE: “Well that’s a warm welcome.” SOPHIE: “Really, though, when did you even get here?” JULIE: “Well I hope you don’t mind, I was bored at home and the idea of sitting by the pool and catching a tan sounded to good to miss, your not cross are you poppet?”


SOPHIE: “Yes! I mean, no, but it’s just a surprise, and I’m here on work, it’s not like I’m here to relax.” JULIE: “Well for working you’ve certainly caught a tan.” SOPHIE: “Being outside and mingling with the hotels guests is part of my research. Can’t you understand that?” JULIE: “Yes of course sweetheart, I do, now lets stop this squabbling, I hoped that you weren’t here on work at all and that you were taking this time to clear your head after malicious mm..” SOPHIE interrupts her mother speaking. SOPHIE: “…My head is clear, MARK isn’t a part of my life or my thoughts, and he hadn’t even crossed my head until now.” JULIE: “Oh Poppet, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. I just want what’s best for you that’s all, and that starts with a good breakfast, what are you having?” SOPHIE: “Ummm maybe some toast?” JULIE: “Oh maybe fruit would be best darling, it’s always a good idea to watch what you eat, I wont be a tick.” SOPHIE sighs as her mother walks off to the buffet table; JULIE places down a plate with a few bits of melon on and then sits down. JULIE: “There you are darling, so, what’s the topic of this assignment then?” SOPHIE: “ I can’t really talk about it to be honest mum.”


JULIE: “Oh really? Private and confidential is it? I had no idea you were 007.” SOPHIE: “ Very funny mum, no, I’m investigating something, about the guests here, and their relationships with the staff. That’s all I can really say, it’s just that if word got out I’d loose my cover and the trust of the staff and guests, I hope you understand.” JULIE: “ Oh I completely understand sweetheart, I was just interested that’s all.” SOPHIE: “ So mum, I still can’t believe you’re here, it’s so random.” JULIE: “ Oh well opportunity you must be be nice for you

you no I like being spontaneous, it was an to good to miss, and with all the heartache going through over MARK I gathered it would you to have your mother around, I’m sorry if don’t think I thought this through.” SOPHIE:

“No mum, it’s fine, like I said it’s just a bit random, I’m still a bit surprised is all. Right mum, well I promised my boss I’d check in with him today, I’ll join you by the pool in a bit yeah?” JULIE: “SOPHIE? (Pause, SOPHIE turns back and looks at JULIE), I’m proud of you girl.” SOPHIE SMILES and walks away to her room.


INT. SOPHIES HOTEL SUITE-DAY We enter the scene with SOPHIE ‘Skyping’ her boss BRADLEY in her hotel suite. BRADLEY: “So Turner what dirt do you have for me?” SOPHIE: “ Oh hi Bradley how are you?” BRADLEY: “ Come on now miss, cut to the chase, is the Dominican as dirty as we expected?” SOPHIE: “ Well I’ve certainly clocked my eyes on a few sights, there definitely are some characters here.” BRADLEY: “ Are these sights taboo enough to shock the nation?” SOPHIE: “ To be honest Bradley I haven’t been here long enough to fully comprehend what’s going on here.” BRADLEY: “ Well just remember Turner, time is money, time is money.” SOPHIE: “Yes Bradley, I do understand, and I don’t want you to think I’m taking this time as holiday, I want to crack the best story possible. I’ll contact you again later in the week with possible leads” BRADLEY: “Right o Turner, I look forward to it.”


EXT. HOTEL POOL-DAY The scene begins with JULIE lying by the pool soaking up the sun while reading her Jackie Collins Novel. SOPHIE walks out to see her mother covered in oil and loving life. JULIE: “Darling, I was wondering when you were going to come out and join me.” SOPHIE: “Well I’m here now aren’t I (pause), sorry mum, I didn’t mean to snap, it’s just my boss is doing my head in?“ JULIE: “I’m sorry to hear that, I’m sure he just wants the best for the magazine. Don’t take it to heart.” JULIE stands up and begins to walk away “Now love, would you like a drink?” JULIE approaches the poolside bar without even hearing SOPHIE’S reply. Delroy stands behind the bar. JULIE: “Two Sex on the beaches please.” She orders with her back to the bar, watching a toned young man jump into the pool. DELROY: “Yes sure madam, what room number are you?” JULIE: “Why do you need to know that? Planning on coming there later are you?” JULIE turns to see DELROY face. DELROY: “No, no, I need it to put the drinks on your tab,(pause) Julie?” He trails off his sentence JULIE: “Excuse me? How do you? (Pause), oh, it’s you?”


DELROY: “I can’t believe it, how longs it been 20 years? How are you?” JULIE: “Um, yeah, I’m fine. I’m here soaking up the sun with my dau….. (She stops and changes the subject) I had no idea you’d still be working here, I thought you were set after meeting that Swiss, Swedish whatever she was” DELROY: “Well it didn’t work out.” They continue their conversation, shot cuts to SOPHIE by the pool. You can see JULIE and DELROY chatting in the corner of the shot. DOT: “A little jealous are we? That’s the thing about this island sweetheart, you’ve got to pay the price to receive the prize or he could be claimed at any time.” SOPHIE: “I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, I just can’t stand the way my mum flirts with anything that has a pulse, I mean look at her.” SOPHIE blushes. DOT: “A trip to the Dominican with your mother hey? Now that’s a first, usually at a resort like this you come alone if you know what I mean? But whatever turns you on.” SOPHIE: “No, it’s not like that, really. I came alone and my mother decided to follow”. DOT: “Well don’t let her kill your fun honey, just flash a few dollars at the bar and you’ll have nothing to worry about”


SOPHIE: She laughs. “Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind” SOPHIE turns around, pulls out her pad and makes some notes in it.

INT. HOTEL RECEPTION-NIGHT SOPHIE stands at the reception desk and asks for a taxi into town. SOPHIE: “Hi, can you call me a taxi please?” BERT/RECEPTIONSIT: “ Yes of course, where would you like to go?” SOPHIE: “ Oh just the main strip will be fine.” BERT/RECEPTIONIST: “Yes of course, it will be outside shortly.” As SOPHIE turns to head for the door her mother approaches her. JULIE: “SOPHIE darling, I just spotted you from the bar, I’ve just been talking to a fascinating Dutch chap, actually no he may have been German, either way I must introduce you. You must come over and say hello.” She waves over at the bar and we see a distant figure raise a glass to them. SOPHIE: “ Oh no mum I can’t, I’m just heading into town.” JULIE: “ Oh really, KLAUSE and I were just talking about heading into town ourselves, I know this wonderful little ex-pat bar, it would be right up your street.” BERT calls out to SOPHIE.


Bert/ Receptionist: “ Miss Turner.” SOPHIE & JULIE: “Yes” BERT/RECEPTIONIST: “Your cars here.” JULIE: “Thank you Sweetie” JULIE walks over to BERT to tip him; she slips it in his top pocket and runs her hand down his chest. SOPHIE looks aghast. JULIE then beckons KLAUS over to join them. INT. TAXI-NIGHT KLAUS: In a strong Dutch accent “So basically I’m in charge of the tour reps. I make sure everyone has a good time” JULIE: To SOPHIE “KLAUS knows basically everyone in the town darling, handsome and well connected, what more could a girl want.” SOPHIE: “Oh really, you must let me pick your brain sometime Klaus.” KLAUS: “ Yes certainly, I’d be happy to assist yourself.” JULIE orders taxi driver to stop. JULIE: “ Pull over here please.”


EXT. TAXI-NIGHT Taxi draws to a halt outside ‘Cassie’s’. KLAUS exits, holding the door for the two turners. They approach the bar. JULIE: “Oh this place brings back memories, it hasn’t changed a bit, the stories I could tell you.” SOPHIE: “Maybe another time mum.”

INT. CASSIES BAR-NIGHT The bar is low lit by neon signs and candles with leopard print and velvet dripping from every corner. It contains small tables and intimate wall booths. In the corner of the bar is a jukebox bristling with love songs. Dotted around the bar are groups of women, and couples made of tourist women and local men. Cassie the owner approaches KLAUS. CASSIE: “KLAUS my darling how’s my favourite Dutch Hunk?” KLAUS: “It’s nice to see you, business is good then?” CASSIE: “Isn’t it always?” KLAUS: “Sorry where are my manners, I’d like to introduce you to my new friends Julie, and her daughter Sophie.” CASSIE: “Oh well that’s new.” (She laughs) JULIE: “ I believe we’ve met before.” CASSIE: “I’m sure we have, let me get you seated and I’ll send one of my best boys over to give you whatever you require.” 21

Cassie seats the group in a booth. Once they are seated a well-built young Dominican boy approaches their table and asks for their order. MARCIAL: “ Hi I’m MARCIAL, I’ll be looking after you.” JULIE: “That’s good to know.” (She giggles) MARCIAL: “What can I get you all?” KLAUS: “Can I have a Bohemia, and for my new friends?” JULIE: “A large dry white wine, can you make sure it’s very dry though.” KLAUS: “SOPHIE?” SOPHIE: “I’ll have a…” (JULIE interrupts) JULIE: “Double rum and coke, oh and MARCIAL, make that diet, thank you.” SOPHIE: “Thanks mum.” JULIE: “What darling? We don’t want you ruining your lovely figure do we? I know what break-up’s can do to us ladies.” KLAUS: “ What a pair you are.” (He laughs) MARCIAL approaches the table with their order. JULIE takes a sip of her wine.


JULIE: “Mmm lovely, that’s really hit the spot.” SOPHIE: “Thank you”(To MARCIAL) KLAUS: “As we say in Holland, Proost.” SOPHIE & JULIE: “Proost.” SOPHIE notices two women of that certain age enter the bar. CASSIE approaches to greet them. As they are pointed to a booth, they spot KLAUS and wave. SOPHIE: “Friends of yours KLAUS?” KLAUS: Turns to look. “Ah yes, their from my tour group. Their regulars of the resort” He acknowledges their greeting and waves back. SOPHIE: “Well, why don’t you ask them to join us? The more the merrier right mum?” JULIE: “Yes of course, lets turn it into a bit of a girls night out.” KLAUS: “If your sure?” SOPHIE: “100 %.” KLAUS stands up to beckon the two ladies over. He calls over to MARCIAL. KLAUS: “MARCIAL, two more chairs please.”


The ladies sit down and join them. KLAUS: “Julie and Sophie may I introduce you to Betsy and Dianne.” SOPHIE: “Lovely to meet you, Klaus tells me your both regulars at Pallococo, you must really love it here.” BETSY: “Well I definitely can’t get enough of this place.” DIANNE: “Yeah I really love it here to, everyone’s just so friendly.” BETSY: “I mean the best part of being here, is that you can arrive on your own and never be alone.” DIANNE: “Oh Betsy.” SOPHIE: “So I guess you two met here then?” DIANNE: “Well yes and no, we didn’t come together but we’ve met before.” SOPHIE: “Does that happen…”(Julie interrupts) JULIE: “Oh Sophie, you do ask a lot of questions.” SOPHIE: “Oh sorry, it’s just my first time out here that’s all.” BETSY: “Oh well don’t worry, we’ll take care of you sweetie.”


SOPHIE: “Thanks that would be great. If you excuse me a second I’m just popping to the ladies.” SOPHIE walks to the toilet. Interior ToiletSophie retrieves her Dictaphone from her bag and begins recording. SOPHIE: “Day two, eight forty five pm. I met a woman called JULIE who has taken me to a local bar, CASSIE’S. Place is obviously a pick up point for these women. Have also met a pair of Americans who are regulars to the resort. Have offered to show me around the…” Sound of knocking on the toilet door. JULIE: “SOPHIE, sweetheart don’t be too long, KLAUS has to go now and you must come say good bye to him.” SOPHIE: “Um yeah ok, just a minute I’m just checking my voicemail.” JULIE: “Ah darling, has MARK tried getting in touch?” SOPHIE mouths ‘for fucks sake’. SOPHIE: “No mum, its just my boss checking in.” JULIE: “Best not to let him know that you’re out on the town then poppet.” (She laughs) JULIE then goes back to the table. Sophie waits until she leaves. SOPHIE: “I’m going to try and spend the evening watching how it all works.” SOPHIE then clicks stop on her Dictaphone, places it in her bag and returns to the table. 25

JULIE: “Oh here she is.” SOPHIE: “Sorry about that.” JULIE: “She’s having some man trouble.” SOPHIE: “Mum” (sigh) “Sorry, did I miss KLAUS?” BETSY: “Yeah he had to scoot off, one of the gals in our group has got herself into a spot of bother.” JULIE: “He sent his best though and said he’d catch up with us later on.” DIANNE: “How long you staying out here then sweetheart?” SOPHIE: “I honestly couldn’t say, as long as it takes for me to find what I’m looking for I guess.” JULIE: “MARCIAL, another round for us girls.” He looks over and nods. JULIE: “Thank you.”


INT. SOPHIES HOTEL SUITE-NIGHT SOPHIE has just arrived back from ‘Cassies’. SOPHIE goes to the bathroom and splashes her face. She then retrieves a bottle of water from the mini bar. She sits down and opens her laptop, immediately her Skype begins to ring. It’s BRADLEY. BRADLEY: “So TURNER, how’s the holiday going? Just got back from a night on the town have you?” SOPHIE: “No, I’ve been out following up some leads. I met these Americans who were regular visitors of the resort. A local tour guide introduced me to them. Who ever said prostitution doesn’t wear a polo shirt. We all had drinks at this seedy little pick up joint. This woman CASSIE who may as well have been a pimp ran it. She set these Americans up with two local lads that were young enough to be their sons.” BRADLEY: “This is a start, did you see any actual money change hands?” SOPHIE: “No, not exactly.” BRADLEY: “Well next time you get into a situation as good as that TURNER, you fucking tail them.” SOPHIE: “Well, BRADLEY..” (He interrupts her) BRADLEY: “No excuses TURNER, all you have to do is retrieve me some sellable filth, It’s as easy as that, we’ll have struck gold.” SOPHIE: “To be honest BRADLEY I’m not sure whether I feel comfortable with that, their sad and lonely women, their not freaks show.”


BRADLEY: “Why did you sign up for this then? You told me you would do whatever it took.” SOPHIE: “Look BRAD, I know, it’s just this woman I met out here, JULIE, I’m having to tread carefully cause she’s always on my tail.” BRADLEY: “Right now all I hear are shit excuses falling from your lips, shake the bitch off and get this done or you’ll be on the first plane home. Do you have any idea what I have my other reporters doing?” SOPHIE: “No Bradley, I don’t know.” BRADLEY: “As we speak TOM is sat outside a vicarage, in Sussex, dropping fifties through the front door till his wife sells us the story of how the good reverend likes to pop down his local S&M dungeon before a service, for a few Hail Mary’s” SOPHIE: “Ok BRADLEY, I get it, I know now that I have to do whatever it takes.” BRADLEY: “There’s a good girl.” Bradley suddenly goes offline. SOPHIE: “Prick.” SOPHIE sits back in her chair and sighs. She takes a moment to sit in silence and think about what she has to do. She then suddenly reaches for her Dictaphone and begins recording her plan of action.


SOPHIE: “Right, it’s 1.15am and this will be my third night spent in the Dominican. This is it now, crunch time. I’ve decided the best way of really understanding these women and how they think is by stepping into their shoes. I’m planning on asking DELROY, one of the headwaiters here at the resort, if he’ll join me for a day of shopping tomorrow. He seems like my best bet, and to be honest he’s taken quite a shine to me, (Pause) or should I say my wallet. Now this may not sound like work, a day of shopping that is, but I’ve come to the conclusion of why I had never seen actual money exchange or even the slightest corner of a dollar being handed over. It’s because the women here pay their toy boys through gifts, I realised this when I thought back to that waiter wearing the flashy looking watch. I really have to get out there, deep into these peoples world to truly understand it. I’ll update some more tomorrow.”

INT. HOTEL RESTAURANT-MORNING SOPHIE and JULIE are sat in the hotel having breakfast. The two Americans they met at CASSIE’S Bar have company, two twenty something Dominican boys. BETSY and DIANNE (the Americans) spot JULIE and SOPHIE across the breakfast hall and decide to walk over and say hello. BETSY: “Morning ladies how are we on this fine morning?” JULIE: “Oh hello, were great thanks, very good indeed.” SOPHIE: “And how are you ladies? (Pause) Oh sorry and gents, I didn’t spot you there.” (The two young men smile) DIANNE: “Were all just fine thank you, were actually just about to head into town to do a spot of shopping. Have any plans?” JULIE: “Oh that’s a very sweet offer DIANNE but I’m spending the day with KLAUS today, he’s offered to take me scuba diving.”


SOPHIE: “Oh has he now you never said.” JULIE: “I didn’t want to make an issue out of it, don’t sound so surprised.” BETSY: “Well that sounds like heaps of fun.” JULIE: “To be honest I’m quite scared of water, so I’m just using it as an excuse to see KLAUS without his top on.” (She laughs) SOPHIE: “ Mum, you’ll never change. To be honest ladies I was planning on doing a spot of shopping myself today so maybe I’ll see you in town?” (Sophie smiles) DIANNE: “ Ok yeah sounds good, we’ll keep an eye out for you.” BETSY: “ Oh enjoy scuba diving, as soon as you feel an inkling of fear just focus on his abs ok?” (She laughs) JULIE: “You read my mind. Enjoy your day ladies.” BETSY: “Bye.” DIANNE: “Maybe see you later.”(To Sophie) BETSY, DIANNE and their toy boys begin to walk away, one of the guys turns back and winks at SOPHIE and JULIE. JULIE: “Well well, these sugar mammas’ know how to work it, or should I say their wallets do?”(She laughs at her own joke)


SOPHIE: “Yeah, it definitely looks that way, sweet ladies though.” JULIE: “Real angels.” (She laughs again) KLAUS enters the breakfast hall and begins to approach the table. He waves at both JULIE and SOPHIE. When he has reached the table he kisses JULIE on the cheek. She giggles. JULIE: “Klaus.” KLAUS: “Julie” (He then looks up to speak to Sophie) “Morning Sophie, sorry about that, it’s just your mother, she does something to me.” SOPHIE: “No offence Klaus but I’d rather not know.” (She smiles) KLAUS: “Oh sure, how silly of me, sorry.” JULIE and KLAUS giggle amongst themselves while SOPHIE takes a second to look around the room. On at least 10 of the 30 tables were couples combined of tourist and local. JULIE: “I’m sorry darling, where are my manners, I don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. Now darling were off, so have a lovely day shopping, you deserve it after all this stress from your boss, and of course MARK.” SOPHIE: “Right mum, yeah, thanks, I’ll see you around the hotel later tonight.” SOPHIE watches as JULIE and KLAUS begin to walk away, they turn around simultaneously and wave. JULIE blows SOPHIE a Kiss. As they walk away into the distance KLAUS squeezes JULIES bottom, she squirms and giggles. As she is watching them she doesn’t notice DELROY approaching her from the side. He hears her speak.


SOPHIE: “Yuk.” DELROY: “What’s yuk?” SOPHIE: “DELROY, hi, oh um nothing.” DELROY: “Is your friend and her man making you jealous? Perhaps they remind you of MARK?” SOPHIE: “Sorry? No, no, no, MARK is history and as for my friend she’s no-one to be jealous of, just sickened by” DELROY: (He laughs) “Why do you say that?” SOPHIE: “She just, I don’t know, loves to show of.” DELROY: “Maybe she just really likes that guy, and when you like someone there’s nothing wrong with flaunting it. She seems happy.” SOPHIE: “Sorry can we stop talking about my muu..Mate. So to be honest DELROY, I’m quite happy you came over and spoke to me, you see I want to go into town today to do a spot of shopping but obviously I don’t know my way around, I wondered if you had some time today maybe you could be my local tour guide? I’d be happy to re-inverse you.” DELROY: “Well, yeah that sounds good, if you give me an hour, I finish my shift at 11.30.” SOPHIE: “That sounds perfect, It’s a date. (Pause) Shall we meet in reception?”


DELROY: “Yes sure, meet me out front by the taxi rank.” DELROY walks off. SOPHIE gathers her things and makes her way to her room.

EXT. HOTEL TAXI RANK-AFTERNOON SOPHIE approaches the taxi rank, she is dressed much more glamorous and revealing than usual, it is clear from this that she has made an extra special effort for her date with DELROY. SOPHIE arrives to see DELROY talking to a taxi driver. She walks over to him and taps him on the shoulder. DELROY turns around looking pleasantly surprised to see her. DELROY: “Oh hello, the taxi’s here, are you ready to go?” SOPHIE: “Yeah lets roll.” DELROY: “Let me get the door for you” DELROY opens the door and ushers her in. Interior Taxi DELROY: “There’s only one way to describe how good you look today ‘diache Jevi’.” SOPHIE: (Sophie laughs) “What’s that supposed to mean?” DELROY: “It’s Dominican Slang, which basically means ‘wow you look great’” SOPHIE: “Well thanks, I thought I’d make an effort.” DELROY: “So where dya wanna go?”


SOPHIE: “Mmm, where are the best shops?” DELROY: “We’ll just get dropped at the main strip if it’s cool, the best shops are down streets you can only reach on foot.” SOPHIE: “I just follow your lead then.” The taxi finally arrives at the strip; SOPHIE gets out her wallet and tries to pay the driver. DELROY: “No it’s sorted.” SOPHIE: “Are you sure?” DELROY: “Yeah it’s fine.”


EXT. TOWN CENTRE BOCA CHICA-DAY SOPHIE and DELROY wonder through the milling tourists. As they past by rows of shops, shop owners call out and bellow about their prices and their goods. SOPHIE observes a group of tourists being mobbed as they sit outside a cheap café. DELROY gently and tentatively squeezes SOPHIE’S forearm as if to reassure her. DELROY: “Don’t worry SOPHIE, with your dark looks they’ll just think your another beautiful girl down from Santo Domingo.” SOPHIE Blushes. By re-acting to his compliment she realises that she’s not playing the game anymore. So to counter this she straightens up and attempts to continue her act again. SOPHIE: “So where to then handsome?” (Delivery of this line is forced) DELROY looks confused at this compliment. It seems out of character for SOPHIE. He shakes it off. DELROY: “Lets go this way, there are some local stores not to long away from here. We’ll be away from the tourists.” The couple move of closely together through the crowd, eventually you seem them disappear of down a side street.


INT. LOCAL CLOTHES SHOP-DAY BETSY is picking out clothes for her toy boy. BETSY: “What do you think of this one sweetie?” TOY BOY: “I’m not really sure babe, I like them both.” BETSY: “You know what honey, you can have both.” He leans in and kisses her on the cheek. BETSY: “Oh thank you.” After she thanks him SOPHIE and DELROY pass by the shop front. BETSY calls out to SOPHIE. BETSY: “SOPHIE, sweetie, scoot on over here.” SOPHIE: “BETSY, hi” SOPHIE and DELROY enter the shop and approach the couple. SOPHIE: “I see your shopping’s going well.” BETSY: “Gosh yes, he’s going to look so handsome.” SOPHIE turns to DELROY and says: SOPHIE: “Is there anything you’d like here sweetie.” DELROY looks affronted by this, he muddles through his answer. DELROY: “No, no thank you, I have lots of shirts, I mean to say I have enough.”


SOPHIE: “Oh, ok then.” BETSY turns her attention from her TOY BOY to SOPHIE. BETSY: “SOPHIE sweetie come with me, there are some blouses in the back which are just to die for.” BETSY leads SOPHIE towards the back of the store, leaving DELROY and her TOY BOY together. BETSY: “You boys will be fine for a second won’t you?” They disappear into the back of the store. After an awkward moment, BETSY’S TOY BOY strikes up a conversation with DELROY. The following conversation will be translated in English subtitles on screen. TOY BOY: “Así que el hombre viejo, que has hecho bien en llamar la atención de una chica joven.” (Translation “So old man, you’ve done well to catch the eye of a young chica.”) DELROY: “Tú no sabes lo que estás hablando, esto es diferente, ella es diferente.” (Translation “You don’t know what you’re talking about, this is different, she’s different.”) SOPHIE and BETSY walk back over to the guys with bags in hand. DELROY takes the bags from SOPHIE’S hand and asks her: DELROY: “You ready to go?” SOPHIE: “Yeah sure, nice seeing you Betsy. Probably see you around later.” BETSY: “Oh ok, bye then, have fun you two.” SOPHIE and DELROY exit the store. 37

BETSY: “There so cute together, don’t you think?” TOY BOY: “Tetas Soñador” (Translates to “Fucking Dreamer”)

EXT. BEACH FRONT-NIGHT SOPHIE and DELROY are walking along the shore. DELROY is holding SOPHIE’S shoes and bag. SOPHIE: “So Delroy, I must say, I’ve had such a lovely evening, but honestly I was hoping I could buy you something today to re-pay you for all your kindness, I mean it’s the least I could do.” DELROY: “No Sophie, I really couldn’t accept anything from you. It’s been enough enjoying your company today.” SOPHIE looks away for a moment, into the distance. She bites her lip and then takes a deep breath leaning in to kiss him. It briefly lasts. SOPHIE: “Sorry, that was wrong of me.” DELROY: “Don’t apologise.” SOPHIE: “Now please (changing the subject), let me at least buy you dinner.” SOPHIE takes him buy the wrist and leads him up the shore towards a restaurant. Pointing at one candle lit restaurant in particular: SOPHIE: “Will this be ok?” DELROY: “It’s perfect.”


The couple approach the restaurant and sit at a table. A waiter approaches. WAITER: “What can I get you?” SOPHIE: “A bottle of white wine?” (Looks at DELROY) DELROY: “Yeah sure, why not.” The WAITER walks off to retrieve their order. DELROY: “Sophie, before we order there’s something I must give you.” DELROY reaches into his pocket and pulls out a necklace with heart shape pendant attached to it. SOPHIE: “Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful, you shouldn’t have.” DELROY: “It’s just a little something, (Pause), it’s made of Dominican Amber, we call the stone the juice of the sun.” SOPHIE: “It’s really something.” DELROY: “I’m glad you like it.”

DELROY stands up and walks behind SOPHIE. She lifts her hair as he places the necklace on her; his fingers gently graze the back of her neck. The camera then slowly zooms out revealing SOPHIE’S beaming smile. We leave the couple sitting together as the camera pulls back to reveal the beautiful beachfront.


INT. HOTEL LOBBY-NIGHT SOPHIE hugs DELROY goodbye outside the font of the hotel. Sophie then enters the lobby where her mother confronts her. JULIE: “Where have you been all day young lady, I thought it was just a quick trip to the shops with BETSY and DIANNE. I’ve just had to eat dinner alone.” SOPHIE: (Sarcastic) “Oh sorry mum, how painfully embarrassing that must have been for you.” JULIE: “Don’t you dare talk to me in that tone.” SOPHIE: “Look mum, can we just leave this, I’m going to go and get a drink, (SOPHIE begins to walk away and then turns around to look at JULIE), coming?” In silence JULIE follows her daughter as she moves into the hotel bar and takes a seat. SOPHIE: “So mum, how was Scuba diving?” JULIE: “What or who have you been doing all day?” SOPHIE: “Sorry mum? Not that it’s any of your business but if you must know I spent the day with one of the staff here. He acted as my tour guide around town.” JULIE: “ Oh I see, MARK must seem like only a distant memory now.”


SOPHIE: “Mum, why do you always have to bring Mark up? For goodness sake order us some drinks and when I get back were talking about something else. How about we talk about your day? It’s usually your favourite topic (pause), excuse me a moment.” SOPHIE opens her bag and takes out her compact. She heads to the toilet to freshen up. As SOPHIE leaves, her mother gestures to get a waiters attention. Just before SOPHIE reaches the toilet DELROY spots her looking distressed. He rushes over and hugs her. DELROY: “Is everything ok?” SOPHIE: “I’m fine, It’s just my friend, she has a way of upsetting me.” DELROY: “She doesn’t sound like a very good friend to me.” SOPHIE: “To be honest, she’s been a bad friend since the day I met her. (Pause) DELROY, listen, I think I’m ready for you to walk me up to my room” They link hands and head toward the lift. Shot cuts back to SOPHIE’S mother in hotel bar. She sits impatient, fidgeting with two glasses of wine in front of her. In the corner of her eye she spots SOPHIE’S bag. She takes a look around her and checks that no one is looking. She reaches in and pulls out SOPHIE’S notebook and Dictaphone. She begins to flick through it but closes it, settling for the easier option. Julie presses play. We begin to hear SOPHIE’S voice, something she recorded earlier in the evening. SOPHIE’S VOICE OVER: “DELROY’S just popped to the loo. I’ve honestly had an amazing day with him. I know I must sound like such a fool but I really feel, deep in side that he honestly likes me (pause) like I do him. This is crazy, I mean I’m not only thousands of miles away from home, but I split up with my fiancé not to long ago and now, I seem to be falling for someone old enough to be my dad.”


JULIE is listening looking horrified at what she’s hearing. She jumps up from the table, knocking her chair back. She grabs the Dictaphone and chucks it back in SOPHIE’S bag. She has forgotten to press stop however, so we faintly hear the sound of SOPHIE’S voice coming from her handbag. JULIE begins her accent to the fifth floor. Meanwhile camera flashes swiftly between shots of JULIE rushing through the hotel and DELROY and SOPHIE making love in her room. JULIE reaches the fifth floor; she manically paces down the corridor to SOPHIE’S room. JULIE mumbles the room numbers as she gets closer and closer. JULIE: “501, 503, Sophie (she shrieks), SOPHIE!” Camera cuts back to SOPHIE and DELROY kissing in bed. As SOPHIE hears her mums scream she abruptly sits upright. SOPHIE: “What the fuck, is that my mum?” DELROY: “Your Mother?” (He turns pale) SOPHIE: “She’s fucking mental, what is she doing?” DELROY sits in silence looking shell-shocked. Camera cuts back to JULIE now hammering her fists on SOPHIE’S door. The commotion has disturbed other guests and caused them to open their doors. JULIE: “SOPHIE TURNER, open this door now” SOPHIE answers the door, wrapped in nothing but a bed sheet. Her mother looks horrified and storms in past her. SOPHIE: “Mum? What the hell do you think your doing?” JULIE: (To DELROY) “What the fuck did you do to her, you, you, fucking pervert.” JULIE crumples to the floor crying.


SOPHIE: (Now terrified by this) “Mum, what’s wrong? What’s going on? DELROY?” DELROY turns toward SOPHIE but keeps his eyes focussed on the floor. DELROY: “I, I, I didn’t know until just now I swear, but me and your mother..” SOPHIE: “You and my mother what?” DELROY: “Me and your mother, we’ve met before, (pause), 24 years ago.” SOPHIE: “You what?” SOPHIE runs out of shot to the toilet and vomits profusely. DELROY calls out to her. DELROY: “SOPHIE, SOPHIE.” JULIE: “You’ve done enough, fucking leave her alone. Just get out (screams at him) get out!” JULIE rushes into the bathroom to comfort SOPHIE. SOPHIE pushes her away. SOPHIE: “Just get the fuck off me, this is just as much your fault, why didn’t you tell me? Why?” SOPHIE begins to cry hysterically. DELROY walks toward the suite door, he tries one last time to speak to SOPHIE. DELROY: “Please SOPHIE, I know this is hard, but honestly I had no idea.”


SOPHIE: (To Delroy) “Just get the fuck out” Julie attempts to comfort Sophie once more. “Both of you, get the fuck out, leave!” SOPHIE crawls into a ball and begins to rock back and forth, she is sobbing heavily.

INT. SOPHIES HOTEL SUITE-DAY During the remaining four shots of the film SOPHIE’S final recorded monologue is playing in voice over. The film ends when the monologue has finished. SOPHIE’S VOICE OVER: “DELROY’S just popped to the loo. I’ve honestly had an amazing day with him. I know I must sound like such a fool but I really feel, deep in side that he honestly likes me (pause) like I do him. This is crazy, I mean I’m not only thousands of miles away from home, but I split up with my fiancé not to long ago and now, I seem to be falling for someone old enough to be my dad.” The morning after, the scene opens with a maid cleaning Sophie’s empty room. She rips of the sheets and chucks them to the floor. SOPHIE is nowhere to be seen. Her necklace, notepad and Dictaphone however lay in the bin by her hotel dresser. EXT. POOL SIDE BAR-DAY The shot then cuts to DELROY; he is standing behind the poolside bar polishing glasses. We see a forty something woman approach him. She begins to flirt with him, DELROY goes along with it. INT. HOTEL BAR-DAY We then cut to JULIE and KLAUS who are sitting in the hotel bar. KLAUS is seems to be comforting JULIE by stroking the side of her face; the shot ends once they kiss.


INT. AREOPLANE-DAY In the final shot we cut to SOPHIE who is sitting in an aeroplane. She is looking out the window. An airhostess walks past; coincidentally it’s the same one from her trip over. She cautiously asks SOPHIE whether she’d like anything: AIRHOSTESS: “Can I get you anything? A Malibu and coke? Perhaps a glass of water?” SOPHIE: “No thank you, I’m fine”.



Immaculate Disclosure by Isabelle Wallace  

Script by final year BA (Hons) Performance and Media student Isabelle Wallace