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Erica Lee Rahola was born July 14, 1991, in Tarrytown, New York. She found a love for the arts at the young age of 3. Always dancing, drawing, and acting, her mother knew she was going to be a star. Being raised in a military family, she constantly moved while growing up seeing all of the world. Settling in Florida, Erica joined The Element, a dance crew that gave her avenues to progress as a dancer. Her commitment led to local performances such as Wildsplash, LDS and opening acts with Busta Rhymes, Rihanna, and many more. At 19, Erica pursued other opportunities when she moved to Atlanta. After 6 months of training, networking, and dedication in Atlanta, Erica was approached with a position to go on a 10 month tour with the Universoul Circus. So quickly she found herself growing as an everyday entertainer. After ending the tour, Erica was given a chance to release her love for acting. She was asked by Thor Entertainment Group to be a principle actress in Lena Street Ladies: The Web-series. Shooting 7 episodes and completing Season 1 of the series, Erica was more driven than ever before. Eager to dance, act, and perform Erica was determined to make her next move in her career. A few weeks later, Erica was asked to join Swagger Crew, a former contestant in America's Best Dance Crew from Season 5, and she happily accepted. Since then, Erica has been performing all over Atlanta whether she's doing back up dancing for local artists, hyping up bar mitzvahs, or instructing hip hop classes. She even was a lead dancer in Waka Flocka's "Get Low" music video featuring Nicki Minaj and Tyga. Now a days, at 21, Erica has been choreographing for artist such as Casme, girl group Icy, and Jinjer just to name a few. Erica will continue to train, stay focus, and be true to herself as her long journey continues to following her dreams.

Erica Lee Rahola  

The Choreographer