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Coco Discovery Through the Palate. A Travel And Food Diary.



Freeport Volume 1 2010


Courtney Nzeribe Creator, Writer, Photography

Marc Schmidt Photography, Consultant


Table of Contents Pages 4-5 About Coco Pages 6-7 How to order your coffee in a Viennese Coffee House. Pages 8-9 The Nachtsmarkt and a recipe for roasted Pumpkin and Garlic Soup. Pages 10-11 A Tale of Two Uncles In Vienna. Pages 12-13 Pitour...Viennese Fashion focus. Pages 14-15 Vienna Directory for food, museums, and places of interest. Pages 16-17 Freeport Bahamas and local recipes. Pages 18-19 Stockholm Memories and recipe for Fried Camembert and Cloudberry Jam. Pages 20-23 Stockholm directory for dining and neighborhoods to visit.


About Coco I have always loved the format of a magazine. A childhood dream of mine was to either work for and create one. In this internet age, it’s sorrowful to see the demise of print . I started my blog Coco Cooks on the internet and love to see that finished product on screen. However, nothing can compare to seeing your work in actual hard copy. Coco, the magazine, will be published quarterly. The first issue is devoted to travel via the theme of “Discovery through the Palate". Thank you for taking the journey with me. Courtney Nzeribe


Coco Says… “I have been fortunate to have seen a good part of this world, yet I can’t conceive of travelling and there is still so much to see and not discovering a place or culture discover. I am always amazed at via its cuisine.They say the eyes the people who seem to miss out are the window of the soul. I say, of so much in life , by never venThe plate epitomizes a culture.” turing out of their own backyard. Or those that eat the same sorts of food without ever having the desire to try new things.


How to Order your Coffee in a Viennese Kaffehaus

Pharis채er Coffee with a shot of rum topped with Whipped Cream. Konsul Black coffee with a tiny bit of cream. Einsp채nner (one horse carriage) A tall glass of double mocha, topped with Whipped cream and dusted with powdered sugar. Kaffee Maria Theresa Coffee with Orange Liquor. Kaiser Melange Coffee with an egg yolk

Kapuziner Cappuccino Kleiner Schwarzer Small espresso Grosser Schwarzer Double espresso Kleiner Brauner Kleiner Schwarzer with milk Grosser Brauner Grosser Schwarzer with milk. Melange A weaker version of Grosser Brauner with steamed milk. Viennese life centers around the Kaffehaus and many great minds found their inspiration in the Cafes of Vienna., especially in the past, but even now. Legend has it that the defeated Turks left behind their coffee beans, and thus coffee became quite popular with cafes springing up all over. Leave it to the Viennese to make decadent brews with various strengths , liqueurs, and cream. Each brew tells a story but it color , name or ingredient. Did you know the Kapuziner and Franziskaner get their names from the color of the monks robes( Capuchins and Franciscans). Feel free to linger a bit, read the papers, or play with your Blackberry, The waiters wont mind, and even bring you water. Order a delectable array of Viennese pastry or even a light meal. Savor the history and hospitality while you sip.


Franziskaner Black coffee with enough milk to match a Franciscan Monks Robe Nussbaum Coffee that resembles the color of nuts.

Verlängerter Espresso mixed with water.

Fiaker A Fiaker is one of Vienna‟s horse-drawn carNussgold Light colored coffee like a nut (German riages and their drivers. Strong black coffee with hot word for nut is “nuss”. kirsch, topped with whipped cream and a maraGold The color of gold. schino cherry. Eiskaffee Cold black coffee with vanilla ice cream, Türkischer Turkish coffee, sweet and black topped with whipped cream Milchkaffee 1 part coffee, 1 part milk.



Inspired by visits to Vienna, this is my favorite way to make “Pumpkin Soup". Austrians love their Kurbis (pumpkin) and one can find it all variations on a menu. From Soups, to even breaded and fried like a Schnitzel. The Kurbis Oil is prized for its health benefits ranging from the prostrate, skin, hair, irritable bowel, and cholesterol. It can It’s drizzled on salads , soups, and even vanilla ice cream. Pumpkin Oil is very dark in color and has a nutty flavor. In the US A bottle can cost $25 whereas in Austria its more reasonably priced and part of the daily like. One can bring a bottle to get refilled for a fraction of the cost. The following recipe can be played around with and adapted. I like to roast my squash to coax out deeper flavor. Top this with Chives or a dollop of cream or yogurt in addition to a drizzle of the famous Pumpkin Oil if you can find it. Check online or at a Specialty Store. It’s becoming more available in the US.

Roasted Garlic & Pumpkin Soup 1 Butternut Squash or Kabocha 2 tbsp olive oil Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper to Taste 1 tsp Turmeric 1/8 tsp Chili powder 9-10 garlic cloves with skins on 2 cups Vegetable or Chicken Stock 1 cup half & half or heavy cream Pumpkin Oil for drizzle Fresh Cilantro to garnish On a parchment lined baking sheet add the squash which should be cut up into manageable sections and garlic. Toss with olive oil and season with sea salt & pepper. Roast at 375˚ F or until softned. Remove skins on roasted garlic and squash.Add to a stock pot with the chicken or vegetable stock. Add additional spices. Puree with an immersion blender. Add cream and heat to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.


A Tale of Two Uncles in Vienna I have two uncles in Vienna. One is ma- with amusement and maybe some conternal and one is paternal. Funny how cern about the after effects as I greedily small the world can be and how we are took in Vienna's delights. all connected by various degrees. My maternal uncle was a well known dancer in certain circles , while my paternal uncle is a physician, as are most of my fathers brothers. Neither had met before I came to visit. I have been to visit Vienna four times over the last decade and am always in awe at the jewel of the city nestled at the beginning of Eastern Europe.Vienna is a city that literally is a walking museum of history and art. When one thinks of the enormous impact of the Viennese on the world at large, it can be staggering. Politics, psychology, art, music, food. One can get lost while exploring the remnants of the once mighty Hapsburg Empire, the Kaffehaus’ beckon , with their enticing pastries and hot beverages. Sacher Tortes, and the almighty Weiner Schnitzel. I can never get enough. So naturally the lean dancer Uncle Bob, and the health conscious Uncle Sibby looked on


Visits to Vienna were always mixed with a little of my Nigerian heritage and the whole Artistic culture of my uncle who decided to spend his later years painting and teaching some dance at the Statsoper (Opera House) and other venues, after decades in Rome . Both of their worlds crossed in the dance studios of my uncle who worked extensively with the African Diaspora in Vienna. At my Uncle Bobs funeral this past December, I was amazed at how these two men who had only met on few occasions, were connected through the this African Diaspora of musicians and dancers. His funeral was a celebration of an artful soul.

Palmenhaus Burgagarten 1010 Wien ,Austria 01 5331033

And as most celebrations center on food, the elegant Palmenhaus ( Greenhouse the grounds of the Hofburg Palace, was chosen for the gathering.



Maria Oberfrank is one of Vienna's young up and coming designers. I was fortunate to meet her through her boyfriend , Christoph, an actor and filmmaker who happened to be a great friend of my uncles. In Vienna , Maria can be considered a mover and shaker as she was instrumental in creating an Austrian Fashion Week. When in the Museum Quartier , a visit to her shop Pitour is a must. A collective of young Viennese designers housing selling their fashions under one ancient roof, that’s a work of art itself.

Pitourfashion +43 (0) 699 1200 8920 c/o Combinant Quartier 21/ Museum Quartier Wien Museumplatz 1, 1070 Wien http://




Really nothing more to do than relax‌..


Freeport, Bahamas The majority of resorts in Freeport cant be called gourmet destinations, .and is not really Caribbean food. One will find very commercial establishments and quality of food that easily be found anywhere on the mainland. But Bahamians master Mixology and Conch. So with incredible views and a great drink, it all balances out.

3-4 cloves garlic 3 cups water Black pepper to taste

Here is one of our favorite drinks that leaves a lasting impression. The Gully Wash is a local and native favorite that’s brought out for special occasions and holidays.

In a large skillet fry up salt pork, onion, and pepper for a few minutes. Add chopped garlic. Cook a few more minutes. Add sauce and pigeon peas. Add rice and water. Cover and cook until rice is done. Approximately 30 minutes.

It’s best served up after brewing a few days and in a coconut shell.

*Due to the salt in the salt pork, no extra salt is needed. Bacon is used more commonly.

Gully Wash 1 part Gin 1 part Coconut Water 1 part Sweetened Condensed Milk „Mix all and garnish with shaved coconut meat and Cinnamon.

The ultimate in Island Comfort food is Pigeon Peas and Rice. You can find this on most local, no tourist menus. Maybe be daring and try some freshly caught Barracuda with it., another local favorite. Pigeon Peas and Rice 1 can or 1 lb fresh cooked Pigeon Peas ( fresh is always best) 2 cups rice 2 slices salt pork ( soaked in water for a few hours and chopped up.) 1 small can tomato sauce 1 red bell pepper 1 small onion




The connection to Sweden is strong for me. Both my partner and I have strong familial and personal ties to this nation. My favorite time of year is naturally the summer, with it’s long hours of day light. If you can visit during the holiday of Midsommer, the longest day of the year, do so. Maypole dancing, strawberries, new potatoes with dill, meatballs, pickled herring, songs, and dancing. It’s one of the most important days in the Swedish year. The land of the midnight sun.





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