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DT - How does voice recognition/transcription software work? The upcoming trend in software is voice recognition. Look around and you already see it on smartphones and computers, but it’s being developed by major software companies to completely change the way we interact with our computers and devices, and how we work. The whole concept is to make work faster through the power of our voices. 1 Focus Medical is a major seller of all things voice recognition and transcription software. You will find the latest solutions, products and gadgets through 1 Focus Medical for dictation needs. Dragon® Medical Practice Edition - is a popular medical dictation software that is changing the way practitioners interact with and create documentation, making the process 3x faster than it was previously. The software is so unique that it integrates perfectly with electronic health records (EHRs) and other popular programs, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Exchange and more. Practitioners are able to more in a day and cut out the monotony of document creation and management. Dragon® NaturallySpeaking was developed for all voice processing needs. Whether you’re a business professional or just a typical computer user, you can use this software to craft documents faster than you would by typing. You can even interact with your web browsers and email applications with your voice, speeding up your production and optimizing your time on the computer. Voice transcription software - has truly provided a glimpse into the future, where everything is optimized to recognize our voice and make monotonous tasks, well, less monotonous. 1 Focus Medical, along with major voice processing manufacturers such as Nuance, Philips, Olympus and more, are leading the way in voice recognition technology, and connecting the people who need it the most with the products that suit them best.

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