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Great Journeys Begin Here

Career Journey Explore

Connect with the Center for Career & Co-op at the beginning of your freshman year and learn how we can help you with career decisions and planning for your future. • Explore major/career options that fit with your interests, personality, skills and values. • Get involved on- or off-campus to build your resume. Student organizations and/or volunteer opportunities are a great way to gain experience and try out something that interests you.

Gain Experience

Sophomore year is a great time to meet with your Career Liaison at the Center for Career & Co-op to identify your core interests and strengths and learn how to utilize the career resources and employer connections available at EKU. • Conduct informational interviews or job shadowing opportunities to learn more about the career fields you are considering. • Begin researching various career fields and experiential learning opportunities through co-op, summer jobs or internships. • Take advantage of walk-in hours at the Center to transform your existing resume into a formal, professional resume that you can use to apply for a co-op or internship. • Plan to make the most of your summer breaks – find out about co-ops and internships through our website – Integrate student abroad or work abroad into your plan of study. • Reassess your interests, skills, values, and career options if you are not excited about what you are studying. Are you feeling stuck? If so, it’s a perfect time to schedule an appointment with your Career Liaison at the Center for Career & Co-op.

Take Action

Use your junior year to sharpen your focus and create a career action plan. Formulate specific career-related goals and build your credentials by gaining additional experience through co-op, internship, study abroad or research opportunities. • Review your resume with your Career Liaison. • Look over your DegreeWorks transcript with your Advisor to determine what skills, knowledge or experiences you still want to gain. • Target specific extracurricular opportunities or leadership activities that will enhance the skills you will need to reach your career goals. • Create a list of potential employers, graduate or professional schools or other opportunities that you are considering. • Attend career events and job fairs on campus. Learn about employers through on-campus information sessions and by utilizing the Center for Career & Co-op’s online database.

Make A Plan

Be proactive in your senior year as you begin your job search. Develop an action plan to monitor your progress on job applications and/or graduate and professional school applications. • Meet with your Career Liaison to polish your resume, narrow your list of targeted employers, learn job search and networking skills, and practice your interviewing skills. • Monitor the Center for Career & Co-op website, along with your preferred job search engines and employer websites for new job postings. • Get a jump start on your job search marketing package by participating in one of the Senior Step Days. • Contact people in your “network” to find leads for jobs in your career field. Use LinkedIn to expand your list of professional contacts. • Attend Fall & Spring Career Fairs and participate in on-campus interviews. • Consider all your career options. Meet with your Career Liaison to discuss your job search and develop a “plan B” in case unexpected circumstances impact your career plans. • Remember that the Center for Career & Co-op is available to you after graduation. Let us know how we can help you! w

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Center for Career & Co-op


Job Search ob

ra o f s tep

eJ v i t c

rch a e S Job Search Success

a Pro

Identify potential employers you want to target and market yourself to the organization.


Work with the Center for Career & Co-op for personalized assistance. Get out of the house and network.

Optimistic attitude. A passive approach to job search may eventually lead to a job, however, these tactics will keep you on ground level much longer than a proactive approach. Examples of passive behavior: Pessimistic attitude, staying at home – isolated, having no source of expertise – not working with a career coach, relying solely on job posting boards.

Myths about Job Search: • Jobs are everywhere and I will easily find a position. • Job Postings websites (Career Builder, Monster, etc.) are the best way to find job openings. • My first job will be as a Director making $60K or more a year.


Eastern Kentucky University

• It is easier to work on my own than to utilize job search clubs or the career center.

• I should not take a temporary job as a stepping stone.

MythBusters: Job Search First Steps Identify Employers • Find companies and organizations within your industry- this will help you identify where potential job openings may surface. Use online resources • Learn about organizations, trends in the industry and networking opportunities that will lead to potential job openings. Remember many job openings are not posted online. Realistic positions- realistic salary • Search for jobs that require the amount of experience you offer. Most college graduates will be targeting jobs that require less than 2 years of experience. Salary expectations should align with the position. Do some research to see your value in the market. When asked your salary expectations, respond with a realistic figure based on your research findings- never leave the question blank. Build your resume while searching for your dream job • Temporary jobs are a great way to build experience and increase your networking opportunities while searching for a permanent position. Temporary jobs can lead to full-time permanent positions. • Volunteering can provide you with an opportunity to learn about an industry/organization and allow you to develop skills needed to be competitive in the job market. Volunteer positions can lead to many industry connections for you and maybe even a job! Network • Networking is something you do every day on our campus. When you ask people in your residence hall the best place for pizza or your apartment roommate where they got their haircut, you are networking! Career networking is creating relationships and connecting with professionals who can advance your career. These connections can provide invaluable information and advice. Networking is one of the most powerful career and job search tools, especially if the economy is challenging.

Networking: How do I begin?

• Ask your family, friends, former teachers, coaches and professors if they know of any professional contacts or employers in your field.

• Participate in the co-op/intern program, or volunteer your services to an organization to gain valuable work experience and build your professional network.

• Contact EKU alumni – speak with alumni about their career path (informational interview) and ask for any referrals to recruiters or positions opening in your field.

Now what do I do?

• Always be professional, reliable and honest during interactions with your networking contacts. • Approach your contacts in a courteous manner, which will encourage them to share information.

• Mention the name of the person who referred you to them. • Once you have established your contact, stay in touch with them by email, phone or LinkedIn.

What else can I do? Follow Up:

• Send a thank you note/email whether you spoke on the phone or met in person. • Networking is a joint effort-it is always nice to let people know how they helped and that you are willing to help them.

Join LinkedIn:

• LinkedIn is a professional networking site used by millions of members including Fortune 500 executives along with • • •

37,000 college and alumni groups including many from EKU. Set up a free account at and create your professional profile summarizing your experience and accomplishments. Keep your profile updated with current career information and any achievements. Visit the Center for Career and Co-op for additional details on building your professional profile, networking professionally and for a guide to LinkedIn etiquette.

Center for Career & Co-op


Career Event Prep Take advantage of networking events, on-campus employer events and job fairs hosted by the Center for Career & Co-op. Here is how to prepare beforehand: Dress professionally. The right choice of attire for networking strengthens the first impression that you make with recruiters. Choose professional clothing that reflects your career field. Research before you go. Often a list of attendees will be published for formal networking events. Review the list and research the companies/ recruiters you want to speak with during the event. Develop a plan to organize your time and meet all of the people on your list.

Sample Business Card Business cards can be a very valuable tool when networking with employers. Be sure to pass them out at career events!

Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and a smile. Within 30 seconds, tell them your name, your degree and why you want to meet them. Communicate effectively with the recruiter. Ask meaningful questions and listen to their responses and advice. Take notes on the conversation you had with recruiters so that you can take action on any suggestions they give you for your job search. Ask if you may contact them through email or LinkedIn after the event. Remember that networking contacts are to be treated in a professional manner. LinkedIn is the appropriate social media to contact recruiters, not Facebook or Twitter.

Need help creating a business card? Contact the Center for Career & Co-op to make an appointment.

Accept job offer Make a great impression in your job Thank you notewithin 24 hours

Interview prepresearch at a higher level

Evaluate job offernegotiate salary

Interview Reflect on interview

Apply online- give the information asked for

Find jobs and employers through your network

Touch base- confirm your application was receivedconnect with a decision maker

Create targeted documents for each job

Timeline 6

Eastern Kentucky University

Stay encouraged-

It is realistic to apply to and interview for several jobs! If you have looked for 6 months and have not secured a position, review your marketing materials and see how you are talking about your skillset. Identify ways to get involved in the community to build your resume, confidence and network!

Online Application Process

“Complete the online application and then we can talk to you.� This may be a statement you have heard from a recruiter. It can be very frustrating to hear this, but it does help to understand why companies operate in this fashion. Most companies and organizations need to gather demographic information about the people who apply for jobs at their company. Online applications ensure the company gets the information they need from every applicant in a timely manner. So what does this mean for you? Another step in the job search process that you can easily complete. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Disappearing Act

Online applications may include qualifying questions to help companies screen applicants automatically. Be very thorough when completing the application. Read every question carefully and respond honestly.

Once an online job posting closes, the job often disappears. This means when the company calls you for an interview and you go back to review the job description before your interview, it may be gone. Keep track of the jobs you have applied to by printing copies of the job description or saving it on your jump drive to access if needed.

Following Up It is important you follow up with each job application. If a contact person is listed for the job, follow up with that individual with an email and attach your resume. Be sure to let them know you have applied online.

Clean up your online presence!

Employers will check you out. Believe it or not, most employers do rely on social media to learn about you. Pictures, posts and likes tell a lot about you, your values and attitudes. Google yourself to see what is in the virtual world about you! You may have to ask your friends to clean up their pictures of you as well.

Use social media to your advantage Inform your friends about the type of job you are seeking. You never know who has connections that could benefit you in your job search.

Research the employer Check out the companies you have applied to on social media. You may find a lot of information about them and their culture online!

Watch your pins

Google yourself

Remember that recruiters may be able to review your pins without your knowledge. Choose your pins wisely.

Google yourself to see what results you find. As an extra precaution, ask your friends to untag you on their photos.

Center for Career & Co-op


Researching Employers

Taking time to research potential employers will make your job search more effective and prepare you for the interview. Employers are looking for someone who has an interest in their organization. Knowledge you have gained after researching the employer will make a stronger impact and impression during your interview. Find the decision maker or a main contact through your company research. Reach out to the contact to put a face to your application!

Where can I find information about an employer? • Employer websites-Find the homepage of the

• Network through personal contacts-friends and

• Faculty, EKU alumni, and Center for Career & Co-op

• • •

company and read the company profile Google the organization-see what news articles pop up Use to check company information and profiles of execs and recent hires. Identify EKU alumni Utilize to research businesses by location or type of company Company literature, brochures and annual reports

family Staff

• Current periodicals and trade journals in your • • • •

career field Professional Associations Newspapers Chamber of Commerce Make cold calls directly to potential employers

“Tell me what you know about our company.”

This can be a make or break interview question.

What information should I learn about the company? • Locate the company/agency website on the

• Know the company’s financial status. Have there

• • •

internet. Know the products sold or services provided. Look at the history of the company/agency. Know the key players: the CEO, President, Managers of Departments, etc. What are the goals and values of this company? Hint: See if you can locate the mission statement and annual report for insight.

• •

been recent mergers, acquisitions, cut backs, etc.? Hint: Look for recent press releases for details. Research the company including origin, location(s), and parent company/subsidiaries. Learn about the industry and who their competitors are. Know what types of positions they have available and opportunities for career advancement.

Develop questions to ask the employer based on company research. • Could you describe the training process for this

• What are three most important qualities or skills

• How do you evaluate success here? • What do you see on the horizon as an opportunity


position? If I were to start tomorrow, what would be the top priority on my to-do list? How would you describe the atmosphere here?

Eastern Kentucky University

needed to excel in this position?

or challenge for your organization?

Profile Statements

Enhance how you market yourself on your resume by developing a profile statement. Use personal marketing phrases, information about what employers look for in your specific career field, and emphasize the knowledge, skills, abilities and any key experiences that you know relate to the position or employer.

How do you describe yourself to an employer? Use personal marketing phrases that describe you – write your own phrases or select from the list below.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Highly effective communicator with all levels of professional contacts Self-starter who enjoys a fast-paced environment Team player who enjoys contributing to a goal Artistic and expressive with an eye for aesthetics Enjoy uncovering new facts, gathering information Calculated risk-taker who enjoys a competitive challenge Effective communicator with empathic sense for others Preference for detail, accuracy, and logical expression Action-oriented with a focus on the bottom-line Humanistic, insightful and understanding Strong multi-cultural orientation Do you have what employers are Execute tasks with style and candor Enthusiastic team builder looking for in today’s job market? Goal-oriented strategic thinker Strong pattern of successfully accomplishing goals Employers want to hire employees who are good Task-oriented professional communicators, problem solvers, effective team members, and decision makers. Use these phrases below to highlight your experience to set yourself apart.

• Ability to verbally communicate with contacts

Enhance how you write about your skills and experience by using career websites. Websites including O*Net and CareerOneStop provide details that will help you when writing your profile statement on your resume and developing your cover letter. These career websites are available to help you write about your knowledge, skills, and abilities, along with helping you enhance how you list the detailed activities from your work experience and/or academic projects.

• • • • • • • • •

inside and outside the organization Ability to work in a team structure Ability to make decisions and solve problems Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work Ability to obtain and process information Ability to analyze quantitative data Technical knowledge related to the job Proficiency with computer software programs Ability to create and/or edit written reports Ability to sell or influence others

NACE Top 10 Skills for Job Candidates - http://www.

Center for Career & Co-op


Cover Letter

During the job search process, there are many times when it is appropriate to write to an employer. The following are basic types of letters that you will be sending to an employer. When writing a letter, be sure to carefully proofread to avoid any grammatical or typographical errors. Many cover letters are going to be in the form of emails, with your resume attached. While most of the same rules apply, you can eliminate the inside address on emails.

Writing a Strong Cover Letter

A strong cover letter personalized to each employer is one of your best marketing tools. Your cover letter communicates your value to the employer and paves the way for your resume. Thoroughly read the job description and research the company so that you will make a positive impression. Create a letter that will catch the reader’s attention and stand out from the other applicants.

Important tips for your cover letter:

• Address it to a specific person - preferably the person in charge of hiring for the department. • Refer to a specific job opening. If no current openings exist, be specific about the position or department you are interested in within the company.

• Show initiative and knowledge of the employer (refer to what they do and why you are interested in working for them). • Point out skills and experience that relate to the employer’s needs using specific examples. Expand on and draw attention to areas noted on your resume.

• Take initiative by outlining the next step. Use the last paragraph to state how you will follow through - mention that you will contact the employer to discuss scheduling an interview.

Cover Letter Format Your Address City, State Zip Code Date Contact Name Title Company Name Address City, State Zip Code Dear (Contact Name): First Paragraph -Why are you writing? Use this paragraph to talk about THEM – what makes you interested in working at their company. After your sentence about what makes you interested in THEM, write a sentence that leads into your next paragraph. Second Paragraph – Explain why they should hire you. Outline your experience (not just where you worked, but what experience you’ve gained that makes you the best candidate for their company!) and your education to show that you are well-rounded and have what it takes to be an asset to their team. Third Paragraph – Follow up with action. State what your next step will be – don’t wait to hear from them, but let them know that you will be following up with them. Sincerely yours, Your Handwritten Signature Your Typed Name


Eastern Kentucky University

Sample Cover Letter Your Address City, State Zip Code Date Name of the person Job Title ABC Retail 123 Main Street Townsville, KY 40444 Dear __________:   Please consider me for the Management Training Program at ABC Retail. I discovered this opportunity through the EKU Center for Career & Co-op office and I am excited about working in retail management. In researching top retailers in the east, ABC Retailing emerged as having a strong market position, an excellent training program, and a reputation for excellent customer service. In short, you provide the kind of professional retail environment I seek.   I will receive my Bachelors in Business Administration in Marketing from Eastern Kentucky University this May. My interest in business started in Junior Achievement during high school and has developed further through the sales and retail experience I have gained during college. My marketing and sales internship at Fox Department Store has given me strong business administration skills and excellent customer service skills that will help me be successful as I pursue a career in retail management. I believe you will find the combination of my education and experience, along with my motivation, enthusiasm, and my desire to be successful to be an excellent match with the ABC Retail Management Training Program.   Enclosed please find my list of references for your convenience. I am very interested in interviewing for this position and I will be contacting you during the week of April 21 to discuss employment opportunities at ABC Retailing. In the meantime, feel free to contact me at 555.555.5555. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Your Handwritten Signature Your Typed Name

Your Address City, State Zip Code Date Name of the person Job Title ABC Retail 123 Main Street Townsville, KY 40444 Dear __________:   I am very interested in the Management Training Program at ABC Retail! In researching top retailers in the east, ABC Retailing emerged as a leader in the industry. I am excited about working at ABC Retail because of the excellent training program, strong market position and reputation for excellent customer service. I believe you will find the combination of my education and experience, along with my motivation, enthusiasm and my desire to be successful to be an excellent match with the ABC Retail Management Training Program.

A table matching your skills with the job qualifications can be used in place of the second paragraph. Please note- this option is most effective with progressive companies and may not be appropriate in very traditional industries or companies. Your company research will give you the information needed to select the best format for the employer.

Position qualifications: Bachelor’s degree 3.0 GPA Customer Service Experience Ability to work well with team Flexible availability

My skills: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing received May 2014 3.5 Overall GPA, 3.9 Major GPA 6 month internship with Fox Retail in customer service and sales Served on the leadership team for 3 EKU registered student organizations Available to work with any shift any day

  Enclosed is my resume and list of references to review at your convenience. I am looking forward to the opportunity to meet you face-to-face.   In the meantime, feel free to contact me at 555.555.5555. I will contact you during the week of April 21 to follow up. Sincerely, Your Handwritten Signature Your Typed Name

Center for Career & Co-op


Curriculum Vitae (CV) vs. Resume

A curriculum vitae (CV) and resume have similar purposes – marketing documents that highlight your skills, experiences, education, and personal qualities. Begin writing your CV with the same guidelines you use to develop your resume – create stationery to use at the top of each page, select a professional, easy-to-read font, and edit your CV before sending it. Check spelling, grammar, tenses, names of companies and people, etc. The main difference between a CV and resume is in purpose, length, and format. • Purpose: CVs are typically used when applying for graduate school, academic/ teaching positions or research and scientific opportunities. • Format: Be consistent in designing each section. For example, if you put the name of one organization in italics, every organization name must be in italics. • If you include a sentence or two about your accomplishments in a particular position, fellowship, etc., make a bullet list of each accomplishment. This will keep your CV organized and easy to read. • CVs provide great detail about academic projects and research experiences. In addition to listing all relevant education credentials and work experiences, CVs also include categories on publications, presentations, conference participation, awards, honors, or additional qualifications that you have acquired. • Unlike resumes, there is no set format to a CV. Discuss any special formatting your career field requires with employers, your mentor or a faculty member within your area of study. • Length: While CVs tend to be longer than resumes, avoid providing too much information thus appearing verbose and turning off potential graduate schools.

There is no need to include your photo, your salary history, or references in your CV. References should be listed separately and given to graduate schools upon request.


SAMANTHA WRIGHT 136 Green Leaf Drive Richmond, KY 40475

What NOT to include on your CV

Page 2


OBJECTIVE Seeking a challenging position in a laboratory setting performing chemical and biological testing; the ideal position will provide the opportunity for team work and offer diverse tasks. EDUCATION Master of Science in Molecular, Cellular and Microbial Biology University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky Bachelor of Science in Molecular, Cellular and Microbial Biology Other emphasis: Chemistry Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky

In Progress December 20xx

ACADEMIC PREPARATION Relevant Coursework: Anatomy and Physiology I and II Biochemistry Clinical Microbiology Genetics Independent Research, two semesters Organic Chemistry I and II Virology

Animal Physiology Cell Biology Experimental Approaches in Molecular Biology Immunology Microbiology Physics I and II

Highly motivated and hardworking student with exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and an extensive background in the following broad-based competencies: Research/Laboratory Skills:  Antimicrobial Testing Techniques  Cell and Tissue Culture  PCR methodologies  Serological Testing  Utilized Genbank, Swissprot, BLAST and other bioinformatic systems frequently  Various immunological assays  Outstanding laboratory skills and techniques Personal Profile:  Goal oriented, outgoing, very organized, dependable, disciplined, adaptable, resourceful and committed.  Excellent communication skills demonstrated by the ability to work with individuals of diverse backgrounds.  Willing to relocate. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY AND CAREER RELATED EXPERIENCE Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory Assistant 

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Research Submitted and in Preparation: Streptococcus agalactiae: Resistance Patterns Across Kentucky. Papers presented at conferences: Streptococcus agalactiae: Resistance Patterns Across Kentucky. Presented at the 93rd annual conference of the Kentucky Academy of Science, Louisville, KY, 20xx. Other research prepared: Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus: A Survey of Community-Acquired MRSA and HospitalAcquired MRSA in Urban and Rural Counties in Kentucky. AWARDS & AFFILIATIONS  First Place in Undergraduate Research Competition, Kentucky Academy of Science, 20xx  Dean’s List  Phi Sigma-Biology Honors Society


Eastern Kentucky University

Farmers National Bank, Lexington, KY Bank Teller 

June 20xx - April 20xx

Handled all bank transactions including cash deposits, withdrawals and loan payments; balanced cash drawer and checks daily; direct interaction with bank members, performing about 200 transactions each day; handled all account inquiries; correctly and efficiently logged all customer transactions and information

Wal-mart Inc., Richmond, KY Pharmacy Technician 

September 20xx – Present

Assist with research projects involving Streptococcus agalactiae and Streptococcus pyogenes; prepare subcultures for growth and storage; perform antimicrobial testing, PCR, gel electrophoresis; compile, analyze and interpret data and results

October 20xx - October 20xx

Handled entry of patient information into computer system; counted, reconstituted and labeled prescribed medication; handled cash drawer and customer transactions; responsible for inventory, ordering and restocking

REFERENCES Available upon request.

Action Words Resumes and letters written to employers should describe your work experience, professional skills and educational opportunities using language that persuasively presents your qualifications and background. If you “developed” a program, “supervised” a group, or “initiated” an idea, say so. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments but do not misrepresent your duties and responsibilities you were actually involved in. Use the words listed below to persuade the employer that you are the best person for the job!

Administrative approved arranged catalogued classified

collected compiled completed dispatched

generated implemented inspected monitored

operated organized prepared processed

Research clarified collected critiqued diagnosed evaluated examined

extracted identified inspected interpreted interviewed investigated

developed enabled encouraged evaluated explained facilitated

specified systematized tabulated validated

Leadership / Management organized reviewed summarized surveyed systematized

administered analyzed assigned attained chaired contracted

Teaching adapted advised clarified coached communicated coordinated

purchased recorded retrieved screened

consolidated coordinated delegated developed directed evaluated

executed improved increased initiated organized oversaw

Helping guided informed instructed persuaded set goals stimulated

assessed assisted clarified coached counseled educated

planned prioritized produced reviewed scheduled strengthened


expedited facilitated familiarized guided referred represented

assembled built calculated computed designed devised

engineered fabricated maintained operated overhauled programmed

remolded repaired solved trained upgraded

Communication addressed arbitrated arranged authored

corresponded developed directed drafted

edited enlisted formulated influenced

interpreted mediated moderated motivated

balanced budgeted calculated computed developed forecast

publicized reconciled recruited wrote


Financial administered allocated analyzed anticipated appraised audited

negotiated persuaded presented promoted

managed marketed planned projected researched

acted composed conceptualized created designed developed

directed entertained fashioned illustrated instituted integrated

introduced invented originated performed revitalized shaped

Miscellaneous accomplished achieved adjusted advertised applied approached budgeted collaborated

compared conceived conciliated conducted controlled cooperated defined detailed

determined distributed estimated exchanged expanded gathered governed handled

hired innovated installed lead merchandised modified obtained participated

perceived presented proposed provided raised funds rectified re-designed related

renewed reported reduced scanned selected served staffed standardized

streamlined synthesized transmitted updated utilized

Center for Career & Co-op


Resume Categories There are a variety of category titles or headers to choose from when compiling your resume. Review the list below and choose the title for each area that markets your skills most effectively. Opening Headers Objective Professional Objective Career Objective Employment Objective Job Target Career Goal Position Desired Statement of Purpose Highlights Profile Executive Profile Key Qualifiers

Skills & Qualifications Languages Relevant Skills Professional Skills Professional Expertise Computer Skills Computer Expertise Computer Proficiencies Software Skills Software Expertise Software Proficiencies Technical Skills Technical Expertise Technical Proficiencies Technical Knowledge Hardware Skills Summary of Skills

Overview Abilities Strengths Capabilities Specialty Professional Summary Proficiency Areas Background Summary Background Qualifications

Skills and Training Areas of Expertise Capabilities Key Qualifications Skills and Qualifications Highlights of Qualifications Summary of Qualifications Qualifications Management Skills Research & Development Marketing Skills Core Competencies Summary of Abilities Research Interests Research Conducted Post Secondary Achievement

Affiliations, Memberships, & Awards Professional Affiliations Notable Achievements Professional Memberships Corporate Highlights Professional Associations Honors Bar Admission Honors and Fellowships Achievements Awards Major Accomplishments Community Involvement Awards/Recognition Accomplishments


Eastern Kentucky University

Education Education Education and Credentials Education/Related Training Continuing Education Study Abroad Programs Overseas Study Professional Seminars Business Training Licenses and Certifications Credentials Certifications Licensure Accreditations Specialized Training Related Training

Academic Projects Related Course Work Relevant Course Work Publications Research and Publications Selected Publications Notable Publications Presentations Notable Projects Work Samples Recent Publications Academic Collaborations Professional Development Professional expertise

Experience Work History Work Experience Recent Experience Relevant Experience Related Experience Experience Highlights Professional Experience Career Related Experience Other Experience Teaching Experience Volunteer Experience Sales Experience Coaching Experience

Activities Activities Extracurricular Activities Leadership Activities Community Service

Additional Experience Career Highlights Academic Experience International Experience Employment History Previous Employment Professional Background Career Profile Apprenticeship Internships Special Projects Military Service

Campus Affiliations Community Activities Activities and Honors International Travel

Sample Resume Cindy Colonel

102 Maroon Way #2 Richmond, KY 40475

Objective: Education:


Cell: 859.314.0000

To gain an internship or co-op for career related experience in (name a specific area of interest, i.e., web design, networking, database management, etc. relevant to the job) Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 3.4 GPA Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY Expected graduation date: May 20XX List student organizations or clubs

Skills Summary:      

Specify technical knowledge, special training and Programming Languages: C#,C++, SQL self-taught skills. Use bullets to designate unique Database: Microsoft Access, Oracle skills and state everything pertinent to the jobs Operating Systems: PC, MAC you are seeking. Networks/Internet: WAN, LAN Web Languages: Java Script, HTML5 Other software applications: MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Suite

   

Web Design Desktop Support Networking Programming


If you do not have related work experience, use 1 - 2 classroom or service learning projects or other experience to explain your knowledge and skills. Remember to be as technical and specific as possible.

Database, Inc.  Created highly interactive web applications in Java Script and HTML5  Allowed users to create, update and delete tables of any size and develop custom queries  Inserted and deleted records from selected tables 3D Cube  Developed in C++ using Visual Studio.NET  Created to manipulate objects in a virtual environment  Used the following to represent 3D objects: matrices, vectors, transformations, lighting, texturing, and collision detection Relevant Experience: Computer City, Lexington, KY Web Application Intern 5/20XX-8/20XX  Developed ten interactive web pages using ASP, HTML5 and Java Script  Built multiple databases in Access for testing the web applications Best Buy, Lexington, KY Sales Associate 5/20XX-5/20XX  Provided customer service to clients on computer hardware including: laptops, desktop pcs, printers, etc.

Center for Career & Co-op


Sample Resume EMMA ROBERTS

859-555-4786 

Education Bachelor of Science, Special Education Early Childhood Teaching Certification: Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (Birth-Kindergarten) Minor: Child and Family Studies Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY Relevant Coursework:  Children’s Health, Safety &  Nutrition  Child Intervention  Interaction and Guidance

 

Language Disorders Program Planning for Infants & Toddlers

Graduation: May 20XX   

Assistive/Adaptive Technology Behavior Management Children’s Services

Professional Experience Independent Developmental Interventionist, Berea, KY Spring 20XX  Provided in-home early intervention and special educational services for children, birth to three years old  Conducted evaluations and assessments  Developed adaptations for children with severe and moderate learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, developmental delays, vision, and speech delays  Implemented the IFSP carrier goal (behavioral interventions, encouraged language, motor, physical, and educational development) Student Teacher, Kingston Elementary, Berea, KY Spring 20XX  Developed adaptations for children with severe and moderate learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, developmental delays, and speech delays  Designed and implemented lesson plans for 40 children using curriculum guides and teacher resources  Utilized computer and smart board resources to enhance classroom instruction Lead Teacher, Kid to Kid at Prairie Children Preschool, Aurora, IL  Created lesson plans for three and four year old classroom  Worked with individual children with special needs  Designed behavior management system and facilitated small group instruction

Spring 20XX

Other Experience Eastern Kentucky University Resident Assistant (RA), Richmond, KY Fall 20XX – Spring 20XX  Ensured safety of residents  Trained in dealing with students who have academic and personal difficulties as well as emotional physical needs  Prepared to respond to emergency situations

Volunteer Experience 

 

Kids Games Spring 20XX – Fall 20XX Summer mission trip designed to facilitate and implement curriculum to help connect with children and the communities in which they live Awana Fall 20XX – Spring 20XX Part of a coordinated effort to minister and provide a consistent presentation of the gospel to children Peer Partners Fall 20XX Program designed to provide peer support for at-risk youth

Professional Organizations  


Student Education Association Future Educators of America

Eastern Kentucky University

Fall 20XX – Present Fall 20XX – Spring 20XX

Sample Resume Jessie L. Jobseeker

3 Maroon Rd. Richmond, KY 40475 859.111.0000 Education Bachelor of the Arts in Public Relations Eastern Kentucky University

Expected Degree: May 20XX Richmond, KY

PR Experience Marketing Assistant - Cumulus Broadcasting, Lexington, KY – 1/20XX-5/20XX 

Organized promotional events such as Rascal Flatts, and the George Strait Meet-n-Greet

Maintained social media networks

Created fliers utilizing Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

Drafted sales proposals

Advertising Representative - EKU Progress, Richmond KY – 8/20XX-12/20XX 

Marketed to businesses for advertising space in the University newspaper

Obtained a client list and regularly communicated with clients

Character Performer and Job Shadow - Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL – 5/20XX-8/20XX 

Shadowed Walt Disney World and Resorts Magic Kingdom Executive Show Director

Assisted with planning process of new castle projection show and performances

Role played as face-character and interacted with children and families on a daily basis

Independent Experience Event and schedule Coordinator - Communication NOW 20XX – Communicated with guest speakers, created professional biographies, organized master schedule of events, coordinated communication activities, managed the budget and introduced speakers at the event. Project Coordinator – Mission Trip to New Orleans 20XX – Recruited volunteers, coordinated schedules for 22 volunteers in various projects related to the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Katrina, rebuilt homes, and prepared food for families, etc. Organizations/Qualifications 

Strong knowledge of marketing, advertising, public relations and social media

Provided project assistance and gained valuable career experience at Walt Disney World

Experience utilizing computer software including: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Consistently demonstrates creative thinking and coordinates effective planning strategies

PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America) Member

Over 300 community service hours with various organizations including: Susan G Komen, Prevent Child Abuse, Girl Scouts of the USA, and the Children’s Miracle Network

Center for Career & Co-op


Sample Resume Anne Smith

365 Street Address, Louisville, KY 40206 • 502.123.4567


• Visual Merchandising: Conceptualized and implemented two window and table displays and put together fashion show to benefit Shriners Children’s Hospital. • Product Development: Developed a store and clothing line including target market, visual displays, advertising and product line. • Apparel Design and Construction: Designed and made three full scale skirts, experience with flat pattern and draping, constructed a replica dress from 1832 and modeled it in a historic fashion show. • New York Studies Program - Spring 20XX: Learned about all aspects of the industry by visiting Doneger fashion forecasting company, Maggie Norris, couture designer, and Conde Nast. • Cooperative Education Internship at Limited Too - Summer 20XX: Obtained lead sales experience, management skills, and was recognized for exceptional sales skills. • Studied in Paris, France and New York City - Summer 20XX through Kent State University: Visited the Yves Saint Laurent achieves, gained draping experience using the Madame Gres Method, made hats with JeanPierre Tritz, milliner for Jean Paul Gaultier, visited Nanette Lepore and Tracey Reeses’ design studios. • Wardrobe Assistant to Natalie Cole - December 4, 20XX: Special concert event in Richmond, KY.


Bachelor of Science, Apparel Design and Merchandising Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

Expected graduation date: July 20XX 3.87 GPA


Sales Associate November 20XX-Present Coach Leatherware, Louisville, KY Sold handbags to customers and completed register transactions. Assisted with visual merchandising and floor sets. Helped with daily inventory control and performed special orders for customers. Lead Brand Representative June 20XX-April 20XX Limited Too, Lexington, KY Sold clothing to young girls and developed clientele. Assisted with visual merchandising, planned and mapped out floor sets. Trained new Brand Representatives and oversaw inventory procedures. Maintained regular contact with District and Regional Managers.


• EKU President’s List & Dean’s List • Member of Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society • Member of the Apparel Design and Merchandising Club


• Assisted with charity fashion show raising funds for poverty in Africa. • Helped with layout and merchandising of a fashion exhibit at Waveland Historical Site in Lexington, KY.

REFERENCES - Available upon request


Eastern Kentucky University


136 Skyview Drive  Richmond, KY 40475  (859) 555-0303 

EDUCATION Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

Bachelor of Science in Nursing; GPA: 3.55

Graduation May 20XX

CERTIFICATIONS Kentucky Registered Nurse, License number 0000000 Healthcare Provider BLS Certified, American Heart Association, Updated: April 2013

NURSING CLINICAL EXPERIENCES University of Kentucky Hospital- Neurosurgical ICU (Preceptorship) ………………….Spring semester 20XX       

Performed neurological assessments and routine assessments every hour for assigned patients. Measured ICP and CVP on critical patients. Utilized computerized charting system. Independent care of one ICU patient. Witnessed G tube insertion, trachea insertion, bronchoscopy, intubation, and extubation. Improved on skills such as starting an IV, NG tube insertion, Foley catheter insertion, and tracheal suctioning. Hung IV medications and programmed the IV pump.

Saint Joseph Hospital, Main- Neurologic Med Surg Unit…...………………………………....Fall semester 20XX   

Performed assessments every four hours on spinal surgery, seizure, and stroke patients. Executed Foley catheter insertions and started IVs. Provided care for three patients assigned for the clinical day.

University of Kentucky Hospital- Pediatrics ……………………..……………………………..March-May 20XX 

Cared for patients with a variety of diagnoses (cystic fibrosis, mononucleosis, failure to thrive, and dehydration). Participated in NICU assessments and routine care.

Central Baptist Hospital- Labor and Delivery, Nursery, Mother Baby……………………..January-March 20XX     

Witnessed two vaginal deliveries and one cesarean section; vacuum was utilized in the one of the vaginal deliveries. Observed the assessment process of patients going through labor. Participated in newborn assessments including APGAR scores. Performed first baths and comprehensive assessments in the nursery. Provided care to postpartum patients including assessments of fundal height and massage and discharge teaching.

Saint Joseph Hospital, Main- Oncology Unit……………………….…………………….……Fall semester 20XX  

Applied learned skills to successfully start an IV and insert an NG tube. Provided care for oncology patients; learned that emotional and psychological needs are important on this unit.

University of Kentucky Hospital- Med Surg………………………………………………..Spring semester 20XX  

Cared for patients with diagnoses of Crohn’s disease, pneumonia, and motor vehicle crashes. Took patient’s vital signs, performed daily baths, and performed assessments.

WORK EXPERIENCE Nanny, Smith Family (Richmond, KY)

Responsible for care of a six and twelve year old; 16 to 32 hours a week. Monitored the well-being of children and provided opportunities for growth and development. Balanced nutritional needs throughout the day.

Summer 20XX

Center for Career & Co-op


Sample Resume Charles Jones SUMMARY 214-555-1213

Honorably discharged veteran with Bachelor’s degree in management and experience in operations, logistics and personnel management seeking entry into corporate business management. Trained and accomplished in management & leadership, operations and logistics and communications management. Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure and manage people, projects and resources efficiently and effectively. Recognized as organized, reliable, dependable, professional and versatile. EDUCATION Eastern Kentucky University Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with a minor in Communication Studies

August 20XX

EXPERIENCE United States Marine Corps – Marine Aircraft Group 29 20XX-20XX Served 13 Months in Iraq. Honorably Discharged, in 20XX Awards: Recipient of a Certificate of Appreciation (2009); Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (20XX); Good Conduct Medal (20XX); and Meritorious Mast (20XX) Accomplishments: Management & Leadership • 3 Years of Supervisory Experience • Directly Supervised 10 subordinates • Wrote performance evaluations, and provided professional counseling to subordinates • Spearheaded organizational mentorship program Operations & Logistics • Moved more than 30,000 personnel and 20,000 tons of supplies in support of operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Djibouti • Helped supervisors create effective and efficient movement plans for more than 30 subordinate organizations • Maintained logistical databases Communications Management • Managed written correspondence between different organizations • Created visual aids to facilitate meetings • Helped organize formal ceremonies • Experienced in delivering oral presentations ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Lexington Public Library Subway

Bindery Preservation Department Clerk 20XX Cashier 20XX – 20XX

SKILLS & ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Logistics: Project Management, Import/Export, Transportation Management Communication: Public Relations Correspondence, Event Planning Business: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Clearance: Maintained Top Secret (TSSCI) Security Clearance


Eastern Kentucky University

Sample Resume PAUL JUSTICE 306 Colonel Blvd. Richmond, KY 40475 Phone: 563.100.1234 Email: www.linkedin/ OBJECTIVE Occupational Safety major seeks related work experience in safety and health utilizing past work experience and knowledge gained through college coursework. EDUCATION Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health, 3.3 GPA Degree Expected: December 20XX Relevant Courses/Skills: • Principles of Occupational Safety & Health • Human Factors in Occupational Safety • Workers Compensation • Hazardous Materials

• • • •

Legislation & Regulatory Compliance Industrial Safety Management Process Safety Management MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Marathon Petroleum, Findlay, OH Health, Environmental, Safety and Security Co-op • Created procedures and guidelines for refineries • Researched rules and regulations for a safety manual • Assisted in implementation of procedures and standards • Developed a training program for contractors • Conducted air and gas monitoring • Participated in safety audits at four refineries

8/20XX – 12/20XX

ADDITIONAL WORK EXPERIENCE Papa Johns, Sparta, OH 5/20XX – 8/20XX Delivery Associate (part-time) • Supervised and trained new driver candidates. • Sustained efficiency in drive times and nightly goal achievement. Ready Mart, Athens, OH 5/20XX – 8/20XX Sales Assistant (part-time) • Communicated with and guided customers. • Trusted to handle large sums of money and balance register at shift closing. LEADERSHIP ROLES • • •

President, American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE- EKU Student Chapter), 2012-Present Treasurer, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, 20XX – Present Student Representative, EKU Center for Career & Co-op Advisory Committee, 20XX

Center for Career & Co-op


Sample Resume Current Address: 100 Star Way Richmond, KY 40475 859.555.3889

Jacob M. Hall

Permanent Address: 1723 Gateway Lane Lexington, KY 40505 859.259.5555


Entry-level management position, particular interest in human resources


Bachelor of Business Administration Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

Option: Human Resource Management Anticipated Graduation: May 20XX


Designed new plant layout for a global manufacturing firm Developed and designed all aspects of a compensation system Developed and designed all aspects of a selection system for recruitment Researched and developed an international business plan to start a joint venture for a manufacturing facility Interviewed several executives and made numerous presentations


Career Services Office, Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY Paraprofessional ~ August 20XX - May 20XX  Conducted mock interviews and advised candidates on effective interviewing techniques  Critiqued student resumes and cover letters to potential employers  Assisted students with job search resources

KFC Worldwide Headquarters, Louisville, KY Administrative Assistant ~ Summer 20XX  Data Entry - helped to change program from Fastar to Frogen  Receptionist - performed general secretarial duties  Controller - coordinated schedules and programs  Human Resource Assistant - created MS Access database on benefits, prepared organizational charts on MS Excel


Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, Kentucky Orientation Leader ~ Fall 20XX – Present  Directed groups of 90-plus students through campus tours and programs  Advised students and their parents in various orientation activities including course planning and college preparation  Responded to any questions or concerns that they may have


Society for Human Resource Management, EKU Student Chapter ~Vice President, 20XX – 20XX Kappa Delta Tau, Service Sorority ~ President, Vice President, Activities Chair, 20XX – 20XX


Eastern Kentucky University

Sample Reference Page Gail Hammond

1522 Tapestry Way Richmond, KY 40475 Phone: 859.223.4567 Cell: 859.889.7654

______________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES Name of Reference, Title Department/Division Company/Organization Street Address City, State Zip Phone E-mail (Short statement explaining their relationship to you - if needed) John J. Jones, Director Louisville Family Therapy 521 Taylor Blvd. Louisville, KY 40505 859.555.6565 (Formerly with Lexington Marriage and Family Therapy, Internship Supervisor) Sally Smithers, Teacher St. Agatha’s Montessori School 3838 Trent Blvd. Louisville, KY 40502 859.555.9897 Dr. Leslie J. Smith, Assistant Professor Department of Family & Consumer Sciences Burrier 102 521 Lancaster Ave. Eastern Kentucky University Richmond, KY 40475 859.555.3445 (Advisor and Early Childhood Faculty)

5 Tips for Reference Selection: 1. Identify references

• Identify people who can speak to your work ethic, performance

quality and dependability. If the reference has not seen you in a work or academic setting, they may not be as effective.

2. Ask permission

• Ask each reference if they will serve as a “positive” reference for you. If the person is not going to be positive, you want to select someone else.

3. Gather correct information

• Confirm contact information for each reference, including email and phone.

4. Inform your references

• Provide your references with periodic updates. If you have a

job interview scheduled, inform your reference of the interview, provide them with the job description and your current resume. This information will help your reference be prepared to articulate why you are a good fit for the job.

5. Follow up

• Keep your references informed throughout the process and follow up with a thank you note to acknowledge the time they have spent to help you.

Center for Career & Co-op


Tips for Interview Success Celebrate your success.

Dress for the part.

Research the organization and the decision makers.

Be professional.

Take time to celebrate the fact that you have landed an interview- your hard work is paying off! Be excited about the opportunity to interview and focus on continuing to prepare and achieve your goal!

Learn as much as you can about the organization and the products and services they offer. Spend some time researching the people who will be interviewing you. Use LinkedIn and other online resources to find out about their background and history with the company. This research may also help inform you about the type of interview you can expect.

Know yourself.

Evaluate why you want to work for the organization and identify strengths you bring to the position. Be able to articulate how the position will fit into your long term career goals. See page 35 for a personal skills match activity.

Practice your responses.

Brainstorm some interview questions you would ask a person if you were the interviewer for the position. Practice your responses to your questions and other general interview questions. Participate in a mock interview to gain feedback from a Center staff member about your interview style. See pages 28 & 29 to help you prepare.

Be prepared.

Select a professional outfit that is appropriate for the environment in which you are interviewing. If you are comfortable and confident in your clothing, you will be able to better focus your attention on the conversation. Arrive at the interview location 10-15 minutes before the scheduled interview time. Be sure to walk into the facility with confidence and be professional and courteous to everyone you meet. You never know who may be asked about interactions with you.

Ask questions.

Develop questions for the employer based on your research. Take a list of the questions with you to the interview to reference if needed. Use your questions strategically to show your interest in the organization and gain more information to help you make a decision about the job.

Reflect on the interview.

As soon as you leave the interview, spend some time reflecting on the experience. This process will help you record important details that may be beneficial to remember in the future. See page 36 for a reflection guide.

Say thank you.

Follow up with the interviewer by sending a thank you email, card or letter within 24 hours of the interview. This is one more way to communicate with the decision makers and make a final impression.

Create a folder with extra resumes, a copy of your references and any additional information you may need. Prepare a portfolio to showcase your work. This is a great way to showcase your talent to employers during the interview.

Visit to learn more. 24

Eastern Kentucky University

Dress to Impress

Making a great first impression on your job interview is crucial! Here are some tips to help you put your best foot forward. A neat, professional cut is best. Be sure that you have a clean shave or your facial hair is well manicured.

Look professional with a low ponytail or neat hairstyle to keep hair out of your face. Fix your hair so you do not have to worry about it while interviewing.

How do you tie a tie? Find easy step-by-step instructions at

Interviews are all about you. Here are some things that may distract the interviewer: large jewelry, especially earrings, brooches, showing cleavage and strong perfume.

Your belt should match your shoes.

Basic pant or skirt suits are the best option for interviews. Non-collared shirts are hassle free and great to go under jackets. Fit is key! Be sure your jacket buttons comfortably.

A suit with a long sleeve button down shirt and tie is the best option. Dress pants with a sports coat or a long sleeve shirt and tie are acceptable.

Be sure to watch your hemline! It should be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Closed toed shoes with a heel two inches or less will be best so you are steady on your feet. You never know where you may walk.

Suit colors that will always be in style: • Black • Grey • Navy • Taupe

Shined dress shoes are a great finishing touch. Socks should match your pants. White athletic socks look great with tennis shoes, but not with leather dress shoes.

The recruiter said the company was laid back and everyone dressed casual. What do I wear? Business casual interview: Business casual on the job: • Know the environment • Dress to fit the environment and nature of the interview

• Read your employee handbook • Observe the people around you • Dress one step above the requirement

Need help finding proper interview attire? Let the Center for Career & Co-op help! The Dress for Success Closet provides business clothing and interview attire to EKU students attending Center for Career & Co-op networking events or who have an interview scheduled for a part-time job, co-op, internship or full-time employment opportunity. The closet enables students, who do not have the ability to purchase appropriate attire, to receive the attire needed to be competitive in the job market.

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Types of Interviews - What to Expect and There are many different types of interviews. Once you are selected for an interview, you may experience one or more of the situations described below. When you schedule an interview, get as much information as possible about the interview and how many people will be interviewing you. Note that it is rare to have only one interview prior to a job offer. Most employers will bring back a candidate a number of times to be sure a potential employee will fit into the company culture.

Individual Interview

The most common type, this is typically a one-on-one exchange at the employer’s office. An in-person interview is to screen you for initial impressions on your attitude, interests, and professional manner.

Video Conference (Skype) Interview

This is a person-to-person interview by video. It can last from 15 minutes to one hour.

Small Group or Committee Interview

The committee interview is comprised of three or more people who will ask you questions on qualifications and evaluate how you fit in.

The Second or On-Site Interview

After your first interview, you may be asked back again for a second interview. This is an opportunity for the employer to know more about you before making their final decision. This is usually the last step before an offer is made.


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In order to best prepare, ask about the length of the interview (these interviews can usually range from 30 to 90 minutes). If the interview is 30 minutes, you have to be concise and have a high impact with your answers. If it is 60 or 90 minutes you will want to go into more depth and use specific examples to support your answers.

Practice before a video camera or mirror if facing a camera during an interview makes you nervous. Make sure that your computer/technology is working properly so you don’t have technical difficulties during the interview.

Committee interviews can be an intimidating experience if you are not prepared. Be sure to make eye contact with everyone, no matter who asked the question. It’s important to establish rapport with each member of the interview team. Try to secure a business card or contact information from the participants for follow up.

Second Interviews can last either a half or a full-day so it is best to get an agenda ahead of time. You may be meeting with three to five individuals, including a representative from Human Resources, the department head, the office staff and the department head’s supervisor. Be alert, professional, and enthusiastic at all times! The more you know about the structure of the process, the less anxious you are going to feel and the better you will perform. You should prepare by thinking of specific examples that demonstrate your competence in core behaviors such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication, creativity, flexibility and organizational skills. You will want to tell your story and structure it by stating your answers in terms of the situation, the task, what action you took, and what was the result or outcome.

Tips for Preparation and Success Phone Interview

A phone interview is a call from an employer to screen you for essential criteria. It can last from 10 to 30 minutes.

Task-Oriented Interview, Testing Interview or Presentation Interview

This is an interview that is designed to test your skills and abilities.

Before the interview, make sure to have in front of you your resume, the job description, a list of references, information about the company, and some prepared answers to challenging interview questions. The vast majority of communication is non-verbal. Because they can’t see your body language, it is critically important to have positive and polished answers with energetic tone and inflection. At the end of the phone interview, ask about the next step.

This interview is focused on your demonstration of your skills and abilities. It could be a problemsolving interview, where you are given exercises to demonstrate your creative and analytical abilities. It could be an interview where you demonstrate the skills that you have listed on your resume, i.e., speaking, writing or translating in another language. A company may ask you to take a short test to evaluate your technical knowledge and skills. Making a presentation to a group helps the employer determine your communication skills. Prepare ahead of time and try to relax as much as possible.

Stress Interview

The objective of the stress interview is to find your weaknesses and test how you hold up to pressure. Such tactics as weird silences, constant interruptions and challenging interrogation with antagonistic questions are designed to push your boundaries. The question you have to ask yourself is: Do I want to work for a company that treats me this way even before the offer is made? Consider the corporate culture and make sure it is a good fit for you.

Lunch Interview

Dining with an interview candidate allows employers to review your communication and interpersonal skills, as well as your table manners, in a more relaxed environment. Table manners do matter! Good manners may give you the edge over another candidate; so, take some time to brush up on your dining etiquette skills.

During this interview, the employer will ask you questions intended to make you uncomfortable. This is a test of how you will handle a stressful situation and to see how you will respond.

The lunch interview is conducted at a restaurant to assess how you handle yourself in social situations.

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The Star Method

Tips on behavioral-based interviews: • • • •

Research the employer/job and identify critical job elements. Prepare short descriptions of situations that demonstrate positive behaviors or actions related to those elements. Be detailed and give specific examples. Responses are like a short story; make sure that every story has a beginning, a middle and an end.

The best way to accomplish this is to use the STAR method: • • • •

Situation - describe a specific situation that relates to the question. Task - what was your task, what goals did you have? Action - what action you took, what skills you used. Result - the positive result or outcome of the situation.

Using the STAR method is a productive way for you to structure your experiences and accomplishments for the interviewer. For example: (Situation) My department had been doing all their reports manually, which was very time consuming. I was confident that we could (Task) save time and money by automating the process. Therefore, (Action) I developed a computer program that would help expedite the report workload. Since then, (Result) our staff have cut their report workload in half, creating time to implement new projects that we did not have time to work on in the past.



Tell me about your previous experiences working as part of a group or team. Who was involved? What role did you play? What were the results? How did you feel about the experience?

As a student at EKU I was placed in a group with four of my peers to teach a portion of the curriculum to the rest of the class.

Task Action

To do this, we split up the responsibility – I volunteered to be the activity planner which allowed me to use my organizational skills and creativity. By planning activities, we enabled the students to put to use the new theory in a practical way.



We had only three weeks to prepare an hour long presentation that would accurately and effectively educate 20 other students on a specific theory.

Eastern Kentucky University

The activities included in the presentation were very much enjoyed by both the presenters and our fellow classmates and were said to have simplified complex material. I am happy to have worked with such an incredible team and even happier about the great score that we received on the presentation.

Possible Interview Questions Anticipate answers to questions an interviewer may ask you.

Creativity & Problem Solving

General • Tell me about yourself. • What are your qualifications for this job? • Why are you interested in working for this company?

• Tell me about a time when you generated a new idea or suggestion. What was the result?

• What approach to solving problems works best for you?

Planning & Organizing

Self-Awareness • Tell me about a time when you failed at something

• Describe your system of planning and organizing

and turned it into a learning experience.

your work. Give me an example of how this system helped you do your job. Walk me through a recent workday and explain how you planned the day’s activities.

Direction • Why did you choose this career field? • Where do you see yourself in five years?

Work Relationships • In your own words, describe the value of diversity in the workplace.

Experience • How has your college experience helped prepare you for this career?

• Give me an example when you demonstrated initiative.

Customer Service Orientation • On occasion, we all wish that we could change

how we interact with customers. Tell me about a customer interaction you wish you could change. What would you do differently?

Integrity • You’ve heard the expression “The end justifies

the means.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?

Stress Management • Give an example of a time when you had to deal with a great amount of pressure.

Visit for additional questions.

Leadership • What leadership positions have you held? • Describe your leadership style.

Closing Questions • What do you know about our organization? • Why do you want this position? • Why should I hire you?

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Thank You Notes and Interview Follow Up Writing a thank you note after a job interview or informational interview is not a courtesy - it is a MUST! In fact, some employers may not offer positions to interview candidates who fail to send this correspondence promptly. Send your thank you note as soon as possible (preferably within 24 hours) after your interview. When the company is making a hiring decision very quickly, sending the letter via email will ensure the recruiter receives it in a timely manner. Take time to personalize the thank you letter so it reflects you and your interest in the position. Use the letter to reinforce your suitablility for the job as well as to show your gratitude for the interview.

Sample Letter or Email Your Address City, State, Zip Code Date Dear Ms. Chastain: Thank you for meeting with me last Thursday, August 8, to discuss the position of advertising designer at Modern Advertising, Inc. As I mentioned during my interview, I believe my ability to work under pressure, meet tight deadlines, and my creative approach would be an asset to Modern Advertising. I thrive in a collaborative environment and I hope that you found my experience and educational background to be a strong match with the kind of candidate you are seeking. Again, thank you for considering me for the position of advertising designer. The enthusiasm and the helpfulness of your staff is very impressive. Learning about Modern’s present media campaign for the Porsche Dealership in Lexington was exciting and I am very interested in joining your creative team. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Your Handwritten Signature

The first paragraph should express thanks to the person for taking the time to interview you. The second paragraph of your thank you letter should include the reasons why you are the right candidate for the job. Reiterate the specific skills that relate to the position or which you interviewed. Use the next paragraph if there is information about your skills and/ or qualifications that you wish you had mentioned during the interview, but didn’t address. In your closing paragraph, express your gratitude for being considered for the position and let the contact know you are looking forward to hearing from them soon.

Your Typed Name

Handwritten Notes

Handwritten thank you notes are also an option, if you have legible handwriting and time permits.

Sample Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name: It was a pleasure to speak with you today about the accounting position at Jones CPA. The auditing position seems to be an excellent match for my skills and career interests. Our discussion confirmed my desire to work with your firm. In addition to my energy and enthusiasm, I will bring to the position strong analytical and problem solving skills, attention to detail and the ability to work cooperatively with the auditing team. Again, thank you for taking the time to interview me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you regarding this opportunity. Sincerely, Your Name Email Address Address Phone Number 30

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Negotiating Salary Understanding what you offer the employer and knowing your “market value” are the most important aspects in negotiating the salary that you want.

To discover your “market value,” look carefully at the following information: • Consider your educational background and the level of experience you offer the employer.

• Identify what new information (new technology, career related experience,

specialized skills, etc...) you offer the employer and put a realistic value on it.

• Utilize informational interviewing to learn what salary ranges other • • • • •

professionals recommend for entry level positions or comparable positions to the one you are pursuing. Research your career field and the organization(s) that you are interested in. What are the company’s annual earnings? How will your contribution increase or improve the company’s productivity and success? Take into consideration any new expenses you will need to pay for - educational loans, car payments, insurance, etc. Estimate a salary range that is realistic for you to live on. Wait until the second interview before asking about salary and benefits. Give the employer time to decide that you are the best candidate; that will put you in a better position to negotiate the salary that you want. Research the standard of living in the particular geographic area that you are targeting. If the salary the employer offers is lower than you feel you are worth - emphasize your potential contribution to the overall success of the organization. Also, you may want to ask how you can increase your market value if you are accepting a salary range that is lower than what you hope for.

Moving for a job? Four things to think about before you pack! The cost of housing and general expenses is important to consider when moving to a new area. Consider if you will rent or buy a home. Also think about utility cost, insurance rates and new products, clothing or items you will need for your new location.

Cost of living

Gather information about possible salary ranges for your field of study in the location. The U.S. Department of Labor has excellent online resources to help you get accurate statistical data.


Educate yourself on what the city and state has to offer. Consider demographic information about the city to see if the location will be a good fit for you. Also think about what the location has to offer outside of work- what will you do for fun?


Taxes are often a harsh reality for new grads! Be sure to educate yourself on state income, sales and property tax rates and policies for locations you are considering.


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Tips for Employment Success Be highly motivated.

Get to work on time. You should be at your work station a few minutes before the scheduled start time and ready to “hit the ground running!” Call and let your supervisor know if you are going to be late or absent due to illness or other extraordinary circumstances.

Attitude is everything.

A positive, can-do attitude is highly valued in the workplace. Be a self-starter and take on all job duties no matter how big or small with great energy and enthusiasm. Be open to and value constructive criticism. Attitude speaks volumes about your character; let it be one of your greatest strengths on your performance evaluations.

Learn the work culture.

Get to know your co-workers early. They will help you quickly adapt to the work environment. Being the “new kid” on the job is like being a freshman in college. You will need to be flexible, observant and willing to learn and process a lot of new material very quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and pay close attention to how your co-workers interact with each other. Listen and learn.

Be Dependable.

Build a reputation as someone you can count on. Be hardworking and accurate in your work. Do whatever it takes to get the job done well. Typically in a new job, you will start out by completing routine tasks. Working eagerly and accurately will let your supervisor know you are ready for more challenging projects.

Prioritize and meet deadlines.

Always ask when a task is due. This will help you understand your employer’s priorities and manage your time effectively. Tell your supervisor if you are unable to meet their deadlines; doing so shows both respect and professional courtesy.


Eastern Kentucky University

Dress Appropriately.

Find out the preferred dress code for your work site and stick to it. If there’s a “casual Friday” or business casual day ask your supervisor exactly what is meant by that term at your workplace.

Be a Team Player.

Learn how your assignment fits into the big picture of how the job gets done. In today’s work environment, success is defined by your ability to get along and interact with others. You win if the “team” wins.

Communicate Effectively.

Don’t be afraid to offer your supervisor new ideas that may help solve problems or save the company time and money. However, make sure that your ideas do not come across as arrogant. Ask the preferred way to address everyone, including your supervisor, co-workers and customers. Maintain a pleasant and respectful manner with everyone. Remember to express thanks to co-workers, supervisors and anyone who provides you with guidance on the job.

Make good use of company time.

Don’t surf the internet, or use social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) on company time unless you have been told to do so for a work-related assignment.

Learn a lot and have fun.

Take this opportunity to build your professional network and gain new skills and experience. Participate in work-related social events and build your contacts by becoming involved in office charity or community service activities. Finally, enjoy learning on the job. A new job is a time for you to grow as a person and a professional.

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Job Search Log

Stay organized in your job search by using a log to keep track of employer correspondence. Make copies as needed.

Organization Name: __________________________________ Recruiter Name:___________________________________________________ Organization Name: _____________________________

Recruiter Name:___________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone: ________________________

Email: ________________________________________

Website: ________________________________________________

Position open: __________________________________

Application deadline: ______________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________ Position open: ______________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Fax: _________________________

Fax: ____________________

Website: _________________________________________________________ Application deadline: ______________________________________________

 Research company via Internet, library directories, or information in the Career Resource Center

 Re s e a r c h c o m p a n y v ia I n t e r n e t , lib r a r y d ir e c t o r ie s , o r in fo r m a t io n in t h e Ca r e e r Re s o u r c e Ce n t e r

 Send resume and targeted cover letter (and any other information requested)

 S e n d r e s u m e a n d t a r g e t e d c o v e r le t t e r ( a n d a n y o t h e r in fo r m a t io n r e q u e s t e d )

 Follow-up phone call to confirm receipt of resume and schedule interview

 Fo llo w -up phone call to confirm receipt of resume and schedule interview

 Interview date: ____________________________________

Date sent: ______________________________ Date sent: ________________________

Notes: _________________________________

Notes: ___________________________

 Send thank-you letter

 I n t e r v ie w d a t e : _______________________________

 S e n d t h a n k -you letter

COMMENTS:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COMMENTS:______________________________________________________________________________________________

Organization Name: __________________________________ Recruiter Name:___________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________ Fax: _________________________ Organization Name: _____________________________ Recruiter Name:___________________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________ Website: _________________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________ Phone: ________________________ Fax: ____________________ Position ______________________________________ Application deadline: ______________________________________________ Email:open: ________________________________________ Website: ________________________________________________  Research company via Internet, library directories, or information inApplication the Career Resource Center Position open: __________________________________ deadline: ______________________________________  Send  Reresume s e a r c h and c o mtargeted p a n y v iacover I n t e letter r n e t , (and lib r a rany y d other ir e c t oinformation r ie s , o r in forequested) r m a t io n in t h e Ca r e e r ReDate s o u rsent: c e Ce______________________________ nte r  Follow-up requested)  S e n d rphone e s u m ecall a nto d tconfirm a r g e t e dreceipt c o v e r ofle resume t t e r ( a nand d a nschedule y o t her interview information

Notes: _________________________________ Date sent: ________________________

 Interview ____________________________________ schedule interview  Fo llo w date: -up phone call to confirm receipt of resume and

 Send thank-you letter Notes: ___________________________

COMMENTS:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________  I n t e r v ie w d a t e : _______________________________  Send thank-you letter COMMENTS:______________________________________________________________________________________________

Organization Name: __________________________________ Recruiter Name:___________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________ Fax: _________________________

Organization Name: _____________________________

Recruiter Name:___________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone: ________________________

Email: ________________________________________

Website: ________________________________________________

Position open: __________________________________

Application deadline: ______________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________ Position open: ______________________________________

Website: _________________________________________________________

Fax: ____________________

Application deadline: ______________________________________________

 Research company via Internet, library directories, or information in the Career Resource Center  Send resume and targeted cover letter (and any other information requested)

Date sent: ______________________________

 Re s e a r c h c o m p a n y v ia I n t e r n e t , lib r a r y d ir e c t o r ie s , o r in fo r m a t io n in t h e Ca r e e r Re s o u r c e Ce n t e r

 Follow-up phone call to confirm receipt of resume and schedule interview

 S e n d r e s u m e a n d t a r g e t e d c o v e r le t t e r ( a n d a n y o t h e r in fo r m a t io n requested)

 Interview date: ____________________________________

Notes: _________________________________ Date sent: ________________________

 Send thank-you letter

 Fo llo w -up phone call to confirm receipt of resume and schedule interview

Notes: ___________________________

 I n t e r v ie w d a t e : _______________________________

 S e n d t h a n k -you letter




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Personal Skill Match This activity will help you identify the specific task of the job, recall the experience you bring to the table and help you brainstorm how you will market yourself to the employer. Job DescriptionThe employer has a problem.

SkillsHow am I the solution?

CommunicationHow do I market myself?

Key tasks from the job description:

What similar tasks have I performed?

How can I include these tasks on my resume?

What skills are needed for the job?

Of the skills desired, which do I have?

How have I articulated my skillset?

What is the goal/mission of the company?

How can I support the goal/mission?

How does the company goals and mission align with your career goals?

This activity will allow you to cross-reference your resume to ensure you are targeting the document effectively. Refer to this activity again as you prepare for the interview. Practice articulating your thoughts aloud. Additional resources to help you brainstorm: CareerOneStop Career Profile- Transferable Skills List-

Center for Career & Co-op


Interview Reflection Sheet

Take time to reflect on the experience. This process will help in your decision making and with future interview preparation.

Names of the individuals you met during the interview: Interview questions: (record as many as you can remember)

Overall thoughts of the experience:

What I loved/would change about the interview:

What I have questions/concerns about as I leave:

Company name:______________________________________ Contact:______________________________ Position:_________________________________________________________________________________


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