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Senator Gladys A. Robinson Deputy Minority Leader 04.21.2017

2017 - 2018 Session

Dear Constituents,

Standing or Select Committees 

Be sure to attend the Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Guilford County Legislative Delegation: When: Thursday, April 20, 2017 Time: 6:30 pm– 8:00 pm Where: Greensboro Council Chamber 300 W. Washington St. Greensboro, NC 27401 The Town Hall Meeting is open to the public. .

Your Senator,

Gladys A. Robinson

Appropriations on Health and Human Services

Appropriations Base Budget


Health Care

Education/ Higher Education

Select Committee on Nominations

Non-Standing Committees 

Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight

Joint Legislative Education Oversight

Legislative Ethics

Joint Legislative Oversight Health and Human Services

Joint Legislative Oversight on Justice and Public Safety

Legislative Updates Senator Robinson was the Primary Sponsor for the following Bills: 

SB 83 Raise Awareness of Lupus: An act designating the month of May of each year as Lupus Awareness Month and establishing an advisory council on Lupus within the Department of Health  and Human Services . SB 173 Housing Juveniles Under 18 in County Facility: An act to provide that persons under the  age of eighteen should not be housed in local confinement facility occupied by person age eighteen and older unless a sight and sounder barrier exists between the person under the age of eighteen an the older person.

SB 191 28th Senatorial District Local Act-1: An act relating to the 28th Senatorial District.

SB 198 Study Efficacy of Film Credit Versus Grant: An act to require the joint legislative eco-  nomic development and global engagement development and global engagement oversight committee to study the efficacy of a tax credit in comparison to discretionary grant fund for purposes of stimulating film productions in the state and the relative return on investment associated with film  productions.

SB 221 School Calendar Flexibility/Guilford County: An act to provide additional flexibility to Guilford County Schools in adopting the school calendar.

SB 259 Restore Master’s Degree Pay for All Teachers: An act to restore education-based salary supplements for all teachers and instructional support personnel.

SB 305 Raise Awareness About Alzheimer’s & Dementias: An act to appropriating funds to the Department of Health and Human Services divi-

sion of Aging and Adult Services for the implementation of certain recommendation of the task force. SB 463 Caregiver Relief Act: An act to amending the labor laws to provide relief for caregivers in this state. SB 54 Fair Redistricting/Postmark & Absentee Ballots: An act to create the Joint Legislative Study Committee on fair redistricting and to provide that absentee ballots received by a county Board of Elections by mail on the day after the election that are not postmarked are deemed to have been postmarked on or before election day upon verification of receipt by the county Board of Elections. SB 556 Healthy Families & Workplaces/Paid Sick Days: An act providing for healthy families and healthy workplace by ensuring tat all workers have earned paid sick days to address their own health needs and the health and the health needs of their families SB 627 Minority Colleges Advisory Board: An act to create the Historically Minority Colleges and Universities advisory board. Senator Robinson co-sponsored many other bills, not listed here.

Legislative Updates SB:343 Could Hurt Small Papers, Including the Carolina Peacemaker Senate Bill 343: Increase Teacher Supplement/Electronic Notice, sponsored by Sen. Trudy Wade is a continuation of a 7 year effort to have electronic notices of legal and governmental advertisement, rather than publish in local papers. It allows local governing boards (cities and counties) the option to provide public notices (as foreclosures, liens, etc.) to be given electronically, and to opt to post legal advertisements and notices on the county website for a fee with 50% of monies collected to be used for teacher salary supplements and other needs. A representative of small newspaper publishers stated at the Finance Committee meeting that this legislation could put many small papers out of business. Much of the revenue of small papers often comes from fees collected from publishing these notices. Senator Robinson voted against the bill in Committee.

Guilford County Updates Classroom Flexibility Bill Stalls, Leaving Schools with Tough Budget

Pictured with Senator Robinson are Representative Amos Quick, Mark Jewell, and employees of Guilford County Public Schools.

As budget season approaches, school systems across the state are waiting for guidance from legislators as to how they can accommodate the state’s smaller class size mandate for K-3 classes. Last session, legislation passed requiring smaller class sizes, but did not provide additional funding to support the change. Without the passage of House Bill 13 to allow flexibility, some school system are faced with serious budget challenges. HB 13 prohibits the average class size for kindergarten through third grade from exceeding the funded allotment ratio of teachers to students in kindergarten through third grade by no more than three students. State leaders and educators are calling on the Senate to maintain its priorities on strong public education and bring HB 13 to the floor for a vote.

Photos of the Week

Senator Robinson pictured with the High Point Arts Council.

Senator Robinson pictured with the Greensboro Chapter of The Links, Inc.

Senator Robinson pictured with the Greensboro Art Council .

Senator Robinson pictured above with Mayor Howard Morgan and Mayor Pro Tem, Valerie Jones of Sedalia, NC.

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4.21.2017- NC Senator Gladys A. Robinson Newsletter  

4.21.2017- NC Senator Gladys A. Robinson Newsletter