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Celebrating women around the world displaying

GRACE, TENACITY & COMPASSION Here are our 2021 Women of the Year! Vera Wang Jennifer Trinkner Antje Utgaard Tess Annique Deborah Silver Tash Greizen Arielle Raycene Katelynn Burns Ashley Alexiss Trinity Carder Abigail Ratchford Janet Layug Sherri Carter Darla Allgood Tishy Hornsby Melanie Blake Gigi Gustin Katherine Smith

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Shoes|Bella Belle, bellabelleshoes.com, Photography|KT Merry, ktmerry.com, Model|Samantha Archibald, @samantharchibald




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Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion


Celebrating women around the world displaying

O KS T LOO SS UPGRACE, TENACITY DRE LIFE& COMPASSION R Here are our 2021 YOU Women of the Year! Vera Wang Jennifer Trinkner Antje Utgaard Tess Annique Deborah Silver Tash Greizen Arielle Raycene Katelynn Burns Ashley Alexiss Trinity Carder Abigail Ratchford Janet Layug Sherri Carter Darla Allgood Tishy Hornsby Melanie Blake Gigi Gustin Katherine Smith



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Arielle Raycene Katelynn Burns Ashley Alexiss Trinity Carder Abigail Ratchford Janet Layug Sherri Carter Darla Allgood Tishy Hornsby Melanie Blake Gigi Gustin Katherine Smith

Grace Issue 2021 gladysmagazine.com $9.95

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Grace Issue 2021 gladysmagazine.com



2021 m $9.95 Issue .co Grace magazine gladys

About GLADYS GLADYS Magazine was established in 2009 as a full service creative magazine within the fashion industry. GLADYS Magazine is built on the belief that fashion should be shot beautifully and supplemented with exclusive interviews, groundbreaking editorial features and powerful journalism. Our magazine is a place for all creatives to express their thoughts and ideas. We showcase the best of beauty, haute couture, jewelry, celebrity, travel, design & exclusive events. Photographers, designers, models and creatives from different parts of the world, help us in producing four print editions a year and we are distributed Nationwide and Internationally. In our 13th year of publishing in 2021, GLADYS attracts passionate readers from different parts of the globe and we are highly regarded for our editorial quality and features. Named after our Editor-in-Chief’s Mother Gladys Patrick, our magazine hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams and never give up.

2021 LOVE, GRACE, GRATITUDE, HOPE Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 1

Gladys Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion


Celebrating women around the world displaying

GRACE, TENACITY & COMPASSION Here are our 2021 Women of the Year!




Vera Wang Jennifer Trinkner Antje Utgaard Tess Annique Deborah Silver Tash Greizen Arielle Raycene Katelynn Burns Ashley Alexiss Trinity Carder Abigail Ratchford Janet Layug Sherri Carter Darla Allgood Tishy Hornsby Melanie Blake Gigi Gustin Katherine Smith

Grace Issue 2021 gladysmagazine.com $9.95

Gladys GRACE Issue

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Gladys is a quarterly high end, luxury lifestyle, inspirational magazine showcasing the best of haute couture, jewelry, celebrity & exclusive events. Gladys can be found at upscale booksellers like Barnes & Noble, sophisticated retail outlets and select newsstands throughout the country. With each issue, Gladys brings you the best goods, services, and trends in today’s industries; reflecting upon unparalleled understanding of the passion and pursuits of its discerning readers. We are focused on providing our Advertisers with the quality of exposure expected to successfully market their fine goods and services. Kudos! Our 2013 Holiday 5 Year Anniversary Issue was honored with“The Silver Award” at the 2014 Print Excellence Awards! Celebrated our 10th Year publishing GLADYS in 2018.

Women of the Year


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Editor's Letter, Be Known for your Kindness and Grace.


At the Cover Shoot

6 Staff 7

10 Ways to Take Care of YOU, 2021

8 Contributors 10

The Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece


Golden Hour, Designs by Eva Lendel


Gladys Beauty & Fashion The Key to Soulcare


Sailing Away with Style and Grace, Jana Ann Couture


Gladys Bridal Fashions


When in Rome, Photography by Peter Muller


Metamorphosis, Photography by KT Merry


Gladys Bridal Ideas, Bella Belle Shoes


Splurge Blantyre & Cafe Bould, By Karen Holly Berliner


Amazing Grace, Photography by Peter Muller

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The Jewel Box


Gladys Featured Designers


Birds of Love, Photography by Greg Alexander


Gladys Gifts for Dad


Gladys Women of the Year 2021


Jenny & the City Interview with Chef Corbia


Gladys Models to Watch


Gladys Featured Artists, Hurricane Girls


Sun, Cruise and Fun


Bloom in Grace, Photography by Greg Alexander


Prestige Top Model


Golden Goddess, Photography by Kuirsta & Seth LLC


Jenny & the City Interview with Gamila Smith


Jenny & the City Interview with Miranda Spigener-Sapon


Featured People


Graceful Picknicking, By Karen Holly Berliner


Dream Stars


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Gladys Girls


Jenny & the City Interview with Anja Skodda


Coming Soon... Gladys Gratitude Issue

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 3

Gladys Editor's Letter

Gladys GRACE Issue

Be Known for your Kindness and Grace. How you climb up the mountain is just as important as how you get down the mountain, and so it is with life, which for many of us becomes one big, gigantic test followed by one big, gigantic lesson. In the end, it will come down to one word… GRACE. It’s how you accept winning + losing, good luck + bad luck, the darkness + the light. This issue exquisitely captures the essence of the Gladys Girl - resilient + confident. After this season of going inward, slowing down and re-emerging, we are excited to showcase women of substance, resilience + tenacity with the naming of our 2021 Women of the Year List! She is a woman who walks in Beauty and we are so excited to celebrate these accomplished and beautiful women from around the world who are displaying grace, tenacity and compassion. A woman of grace spreads goodwill to all she meets and isn’t that the most important thing? Now is our time, sisters, to go for our dreams and be our bold, beautiful selves. We can do anything especially when we uplift and support each other. So, here’s to all the ladies in the place with style and grace - This issue is dedicated to you. Here’s to being Grace-FULL in all you do! I hope you love our GLADYS GRACE ISSUE!

Andrea Patrick Forte Editor-in-Chief

Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion

Gladys Magazine The Love Issue 2020


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Gladys Magazine Holiday Issue 2020

Gladys Gladys

For #2020


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Inspiration For Life

Inspiration For Life


Super Models Rising Stars & CEO’S

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+ 100 Gifts Luxe VELVET Looks we LOVE

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SuperModel Olga Kwasniewski

Meet Our Super Stars of

2020! INSIDE

Jessie James Decker Lisa Rinna Monte Durham Rita Ora



There’s no place like Home

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G ladys

At the Cover Shoot

Gladys Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion




of theYEAR


Celebrating women around the world displaying


GRACE, TENACITY & COMPASSION Here are our 2021 Women of the Year! Vera Wang Jennifer Trinkner Antje Utgaard Tess Annique Deborah Silver Tash Greizen Arielle Raycene Katelynn Burns Ashley Alexiss Trinity Carder Abigail Ratchford Janet Layug Sherri Carter Darla Allgood Tishy Hornsby Melanie Blake Gigi Gustin Katherine Smith

Grace Issue 2021 gladysmagazine.com $9.95

Cover Credits

Photographer: Peter Müller pem-photography.de Insta Main, instagramcom/peterulimax instagram.com/petermuellerphoto Model: Tilda März Agency:|Iconic Management|iconicmanagement. com/female-models/development/598-tildamaerz, https://z-p42.www.instagram.com Hair and Make-up: Elouisa Kotterba makeupbyelouisa/?hl=de Designer: Hanna Erz hannaerz.de/hanna-bridal-couture-campaign-2020

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Gladys Staff

a magazine dedicated to anyone who has been inspired to pursue their dreams by someone they love.

Dedicated to Mom & Dad

Publisher GLADYS LLC

ANDREA PATRICK FORTE Editor-in-Chief Managing Director FABIAN FORTE Director of Development ELIZABETH LYNN Creative Director SUSAN FONTAINE Travel Director KAREN HOLLY BERLINER Associate Director of Fashion West Coast JENNY LEESER Associate Director of Fashion East Coast MONTE DURHAM Associate Director of Fashion North East Coast OLGA KWASNIEWSKI Fashion Features Director CARLY BRIGAMAN Writers KAREN HOLLY BERLINER, ANDREA PATRICK FORTE, JENNY LEESER Art International Director of Photography DJORDJE BUKVIC Cover Photographer PETER MÜLLER LISA WEAVER PHOTOGRAPHY, MEAGAN GILBERT PHOTOGRAPHY PIPER SCHOFIELD, SANDYCREEK STUDIO, KRISTINA PHELAN PHOTOGRAPHY, SOTO ACADEMY KUIRSTA AND SETH LLC, KT MERRY International Photographers DJORDJE BUKVIC, PETER MÜLLER GREG ALEXANDER @MEPHISTOPHELES PRODUCTIONS Design SUSAN FONTAINE GladysMagazine.com Director JASON MCCRANIE Social Media Strategist JOSEPHINE ANTHONY Business Director of Development ELIZABETH LYNN Advertising Executives ELIZABETH LYNN, CARLY BRIGAMAN, DEBRA WILSON Culture & Lifestyle Development Manager DEBRA WILSON Production Assistant DEVIN SEARS Our Forever Gladys Mascot MAX Articles, Letters and Press Releases: Articles and letters may be edited for clarity and length and may be published with space providing. Articles and letters submitted to us may not be used in any other publication, printed or online. Submissions will not be returned unless accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. We are not liable for missing articles. Copyright Information: No part of this publication may be reproduced, by any means, print, electronic or other without prior written permission. Acceptance of an advertisement does not imply an endorsement by Gladys Magazine. Gladys Magazine disclaims responsibility for the statements, either of fact or opinion advanced by the contributors and/or authors. Gladys Magazine reserves the right to revise or reject any advertisement and only the publication of the advertisement shall constitute acceptance. Gladys Magazine is not responsible in whole or any part for any advertisement or typographical error. Gladys Magazine P.O Box 951, Connellsville, PA 15425 ph: (888) 840-5448 fax: (724) 626-3343 email: info@gladysmagazine.comwebsite: gladysmagazine.com

6 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys Take Care of YOU

10 ways DONGINBI Power Repair 24K Gold Ampoules $269 amazon.com

COCO & EVE Beauty Sleep Bundle 1 x Satin Eye Mask: A soft luxurious eye mask for uninterrupted beauty sleep with anti-aging benefits.  1 x Beauty Sleep Pillow Case (Pink): Keep you hair protected all night long with our silky pillow cases to wake up with smooth zero-frizz hair. $32.20 cocoandeve.com


BEYOND GLOW Beyond Glow Skin Care Foam Cleanser $37 chi.com

To take care of YOU

CHERRY BRENCHEZ Venus Reviver Serum $25 brenchezbeauty.com ELINA ORGANICS Angelite Crystal Elixir $88 from elinaorganics.com

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BAYLIS & HARDING Elements White Tea & Neroli Hand Wash - $3.97 walmart.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 7

Gladys Contributors

KAREN HOLLY BERLINER Travel Director/Contributing Writer


Known For: Being an inspiration warrior--making me an authentic Gladys Girl! Also, smiling through absolutely everything!

Known For: Natural look and story-telling photography, mostly black and white and showing women as strong and self confident.

Inspired by: Children, particularly my grandsons Landon and Teddy, who in their innocence, deliver pure joy, love, excitement..actually pure everything!

Cover Photographer

Gladys is a quarterly high end, luxury lifestyle, inspirational magazine showcasing the best of haute couture, jewelry, celebrity & exclusive events. Gladys can be found at upscale booksellers like Barnes & Noble, sophisticated retail outlets and select newsstands throughout the country. With each issue, Gladys brings you the best goods, services, and trends in today’s industries; reflecting upon unparalleled understanding of the passion and pursuits of its discerning readers. We are focused on providing our Advertisers with the quality of exposure expected to successfully market their fine goods and services.

See her Articles on pgs: 10, 36, 111

Inspired by: Peter Lindbergh, Greg Gorman and Helmut Newton. Social Media: inst main: @peterulimax Color @petermuellerphoto Webpage: Pem-photography.de See his Cover Editorial on pg: 38

JENNY LEESER Associate Director of Fashion West Coast, Contributing Writer

Gladys Your Source for Inspiration & Fashion

Known For: There are really two sides of me a business woman who has launched brands like Catherine Malandrino and Sandro, and an image-maker who handles PR and even styling for personalities. "Jenny in the City" is my hashtag, but it's really about who I am. Someone who loves to feel the city's pulse, meet new people, and connect people with each other and what's new in town.




of theYEAR


Celebrating women around the world displaying


GRACE, TENACITY & COMPASSION Here are our 2021 Women of the Year! Vera Wang Jennifer Trinkner Antje Utgaard Tess Annique Deborah Silver Tash Greizen Arielle Raycene Katelynn Burns Ashley Alexiss Trinity Carder Abigail Ratchford Janet Layug Sherri Carter Darla Allgood Tishy Hornsby Melanie Blake Gigi Gustin Katherine Smith

Inspired by: Life, Art, Music, Success and people who have an extraordinary vision to achieve in life what they want and inspire others to have that zest in life Social Media: Instagram @Jenny_leeser

Grace Issue 2021 gladysmagazine.com $9.95

See her Interviews on pgs: 81, 101, 102 and 126

Karen Holly Berliner page 10 8 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography by KT Merry page 32

Designer Ziad Naka page 54

Kudos! Our 2013 Holiday 5 Year Anniversary Issue was honored with“The Silver Award” at the 2014 Print Excellence Awards!

Celebrating 13 years of Gladys!! For Article submissions and photography considerations, Email: info@gladysmagazine.com Customer Care Subscriptions, renewals, gifts, address changes, payments, inquiries: Email: info@gladysmagazine.com Advertising & Opportunities Advertising rates or for Sponsorship Opportunities: EMAIL: info@gladysmagazine.com PHONE: 888.840.5448


Photography Kuirsta + Seth LLC page 98

"Be Free, Be You" this holiday season with whimsical blush jewelry by Filienna



ziadnakad.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 9


GRACE- fully Swept Off Your Feet

The Grace Hotel

Auberge Resorts Collection, Santorini, Greece By Karen Holly Berliner


It means many things to many people, but how does it translate universally? It’s a noun and it’s a verb in its action, simple elegance or refinement, elegance, stylishness, poise, finesse and charm. Universally, it is Grace Hotel, a spectacular resort plunked majestically atop the Caldera. Visit and take in the luxurious rooms, suites and villa here, from intimate to sprawling in size, resplendent in natural materials, encompassing Santorini’s seaside splendor, all with expansive indooroutdoor spaces featuring heated plunge pools, some with an authentic hammam bath and spacious terraces, opening to sweeping views of Santorini’s sparkling caldera. The Villa Perfect for an extended stay or a luxury escape, the 400-square-meter luxury villa offers space and privacy with top notch amenities such as a full kitchen, dining area, swimming pool, and sprawling outdoor terrace, either to be used as a one-bedroom honeymoon suite or as a two-bedroom suite. It’s your choice. Enjoy your very own Dedicated Villa Manager, a Dedicated “Personal Explorer” concierge service with 24-hour access, a private spa treatment room, Hammam area and your private heated indoor plunge pool with seamless, direct access from your master suite. Take a swim in your private heated swimming pool or enjoy personal upscale dining with your own personal chef. Afterward, retire to your wine and cigar bar and open-format kitchen, which comes pre-stocked and with the best culinary amenities. 10 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021


Ready to dine out? Santoro restaurant is perched atop the striking cliffs of Santorini onsite at the Grace Hotel, overlooking the bay’s caldera and the ancient fortress of Skaros Rock. Enter this candlelit space surrounded by an extensive infinity pool and enjoy the cuisine, featuring ancestral recipes fused with contemporary Mediterranean fare, courtesy of their consultant Executive Chef, Jean-Charles Métayer and Head Chef, Giannis Koutsoperakis. For a sublime spa experience, the Grace Hotel is inspired by this volcanic island’s natural surroundings and rich history, the waters of the Aegean Sea and the black and red sandy beaches of its coastline. Holistic spa treatments done in the privacy of your room, combines the power of healing traditions with modern techniques. The fitness studio is available with the same glorious views, along with the private yoga and pilates facility. aubergeresorts.com/gracehotel

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 11

G ladys

Bridal Fashion


The most magical moment of your special day, introducing the Golden Hour by Eva Lendel. This new 2021 collection of stunning bridal gowns features unique and luxurious laces, romantic mermaid silhouettes, draped capes and detachable skirts. As part of Wona Concept group, Eva Lendel gowns are available at the flagship salon, WONA NYC and at select bridal retailers nationwide. EvaLendel.com

12 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 13


14 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 15


16 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 17


18 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

G ladys

Beauty & Fashion The Keys to Soulcare -

Be your most Beautiful Self with our Gladys GRACE Issue Top 13 Picks! SPONGELLÉ Sea Salt Rose Hand Sanitizer SRP: $12 spongelle.com DR. HAUSCHKA Rose Nurturing Bath Essence, dr.hauschka.com

INNA ORGANIC Myrrh Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask Set $44.95 for 5 sheet masks from amazon.com

ELIZABETH ARDEN Visible Brightening CicaGlow Concentrate $70 ElizabethArden.com

SIMPLE SATCH The newest masks include a wide variety of prints like Pink Floral Lace, Rose Gold to name a few to see more styles at simplesatch.com/collections/masks

CODE MINT Code Mint's 9-Color Eyeshadow Palette Now available at TMall

ELIZABETH ARDEN PREVAGE Anti-Aging Serum 2.0 $105-$162 ElizabethArden.com

SPONGELLÉ With Love | Gift Set $30.00 USD spongelle.com


Wash Day Delight Water-To-Foam Shampoo + Wash Day Delight Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner with Rose Water CarolsDaughter.com

VITABRID C12 FACE Brightening Powder $60 from vitabrid.com

DR. HAUSCHKA Revitalizing Day Lotion dr.hauschka.com MASONgrey BIOGRAPHY Active Face Oils Classic Short|Black Stars Golden Ray GLOW DROPS $112.00 , Long June EVERYDAY Kimono masongreyla.com DROPS $85.00, Petty Grudges RENEW DROPS $112.00, Few Words SHAVE DROPS $52.00, biographynyc.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 19

20 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Sailing Away with Style and GRACE Designs by JANA ANN COUTURE

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 21

JANA ANN BRIDAL Plunging V-Neck Fully Sequined Colored Wedding Dress janaanncouture.com

22 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

JANA ANN BRIDAL Sweetheart Off the Shoulder Formal Dress with Plunge and Slit janaanncouture.com

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 23

JANA ANN BRIDAL Satin V-neck Formal Dress with Low Back janaanncouture.com

24 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

JANA ANN BRIDAL Off the Shoulder Chiffon Wedding Dress with Tiered Skirt janaanncouture.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 25

G ladys

Bridal Fashion

ALYNE by Rita Vinieris - FALL 2021 COLLECTION

RIVINI by Rita Vinieris - FALL 2021 COLLECTION

26 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021


G ladys

Bridal Fashion

EVA LENDEL- Less is More 2021, EvaLendel.com

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 27

When in Rome


28 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography|Peter Müller, pem-photography.de, Insta Main, instagram.com/peterulimax, instagram.com/petermuellerphoto Model|Lara Aylin Winkler /Agency, /izaio.de/940/lara-winkler MUA|Lukas Kuciel https://z-p42.www.instagram.com/lukas.k_hairstylist_makeup/?hl=de Design|Emanuel Hendrick, emanuelhendrik.com

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 29


G ladys gladysmagazine.com

30 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021


An understated luxury but with the House’s authentic signature know-how: the finesse of the most beautiful leathers on the outside and the softness of a Monogram-embroidered jacquard on the inside. The engraved chain adds a stylish accent; it can be removed to offer an array of carry options: cross-body, over the shoulder, held in the hand or even next to your heart like a talisman.

us.louisvuitton.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 31

Metamorphosis Photography by KT MERRY Shoes by BELLA BELLE

32 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 33

Shoes|@bellabelleshoes, Photography|@ktmerry ⁠ Design & styling|@joyproctor, Cinematographer|@alevidal ⁠ MUAH|@ufazalova, Model|@samantharchibald⁠ Jewelry|@vividdiamonds , Gowns:|@krikorjabotian @edwin_oudshoorn @dylanparientyparis @nicolefeliciacouture ⁠ @marchesafashion @madebride @saramrad⁠ Venue|@vizcaya_museum, Veil|@madebride @thewhitedress⁠ ⁠

34 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

G ladys Bridal

& Ideas

Bella Belle Shoess Inspired by the Italian word for “Beautiful”, Bella Belle was born to make women feel stunning and comfortable. Exquisite details and feminine silhouettes are the hallmark of our shoes. Disruptor to cookie-cutter shoes, we design for #TheRealYou. bellabelleshoes.com

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 35

Gladys Wine & Dine


Let’s face it; we all long to get back to going out and about. Dining, flying, traveling; all of it. And we all also deserve a splurge. by Karen Holly Berliner When you visit some places, you are greeted with endless possibilities in splurging and spoils for the senses and the soul. The Berkshires region can be counted among them, as this area is spectacular in scenery all by itself, with its old rustic barns and silos, rough non-manicured landscapes, its pretty sunrises and sunsets, all seemingly sprinkled with fairy dust at every turn. Located in Western Massachusetts and originally an exclusive playground for the affluent New York City dwellers during the Gilded Age, this region is comprised of 32 separate towns, which now open up their magical doors in welcoming all who choose to travel here. From the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Tanglewood, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (most temporarily virtual), the Norman Rockwell Museum, MASS MoCA (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) and more, there are endless things to do and places to see, stocked with historic landmarks, museums and performing arts venues. Perhaps do an antiquing crawl throughout the region or enjoy their treasure trove of culture, a variety of top quality dining spots or maybe chance upon a piece of untouched land and have a delightful impromptu picnic at the dozens of picturesque parks and gardens here.

Enter Blantyre Country Estate, the first United States hotel to become a member of Relais & Châteaux. This sprawling estate is set amidst 110 acres of lush lawns and woods. Arrive and take in this Tudor Style House built in 1902, transporting you to an era of grandeur and opulence. Blantyre’s 24 elegant accommodations are located in the Manor House, the Carriage House and four charming, well-appointed cottages. Featuring New England’s most extensive wine cellar with a private tasting room and thousands

Blantyre Blue Room 36 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

GladysWine & Dine wine-by-the-glass list, allows for tasting and creative pairing throughout the meal. Beer is graciously offered as well. House Cocktails such as the Ernest at Sea; Hendricks’s gin, fresh grapefruit and hibiscus syrup, or the Cooler than Yesterday; Elijah Craig bourbon, Szechuan peppercorn, Fino sherry, lemon, plum compote and apple cider among other mixology masterpieces, add sparkle and celebration to the meal.

Cafe Boulud at Blantyre Chef Daniel Boulud


Starters such as the pumpkin soup with a rich gruyère espuma, spiced croutons and lingonberry or the popular Spanish octopus with sunchoke skordalia, pickled ahi-dulce peppers, marcona almond and nasturtium whet the appetite, and the Scottish sea trout gravlax with marinated beets, horseradish crème fraîche, pumpernickel also entice. A favorite, duck pâté en croûte with dried figs, gem lettuce and a whole grain mustard Chantilly is consistently divine. Main courses such as the Branzino "Cha Cha" with vermicelli noodles, turmeric, scallions, peanuts, fish sauce and lime seasoning satisfies discerning palates. The grilled lobster tail with littleneck clams, fingerling potatoes, bacon, celery root and chowder sauce is a hit for seafood lovers. The Crescent Farm duck breast with wild rice, quince, fennel, duck leg pastilla and anise scented jus is both classic and refreshed. For lighter fare, the Frenchie Burger with confit pork belly, morbier cheese, tomato, onion jam, cornichon, pommes frites, mesclun salad and sides such as sautéed spinach, garlic and fried shallots or roasted cauliflower vadvouvan yogurt, parsley, make for a perfectly rounded meal. Meal service throughout the property is offered in complete compliance with state and CDC Requests for private events and intimate celebrations will also be accommodated. Guests of Blantyre can enjoy topnotch culinary moments throughout the estate, including gilded-age picnics amidst the 110-acre grounds. Dinner service Wednesday through Sunday, weekend brunch and private parties at Blantyre, this Relais and Châteaux property. blantyre.com En Route To or Fro:


of bottles of wine, this in itself beckons an unparalleled visit, while The Spa at Blantyre- the Potting Shed, provides a calming respite for those who seek rejuvenation, itself featuring 5 treatment rooms, including a water suite and a private shower, guests can relax and indulge in a sauna or a Eucalyptus steam room, a peaceful relaxation lounge, a vitality bar, a fitness center and a spa cuisine menu. Services include massage, facial and body treatment therapies (Temporarily closed due to COVID 19 restrictions). A heated pool, tennis courts and manicured croquet lawns along with impeccably decorated rooms warmed up by luxury fabrics and wallpapering, fresh flowers, antique appointments and endless shelves of books beckon you back to centuries past, if even for a stolen moment in time. This Relais & Châteaux Forbes Five Star resort has refreshed New England travel with brand new offerings and exclusive guest amenities, including the region’s premier dining experience, Café Boulud at Blantyre. Splendid. Café Boulud at Blantyre Since its debut in July of 2020, and under the helm of Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud, Café Boulud New York at Blantyre has established itself as the area’s most sought after and treasured dining destination. This pop-up offers the flavors of the original award-winning Café Boulud on New York’s Upper East Side to the Berkshires, featuring inventive seasonal French cuisine, enjoyed in a more comfortable and casual café vibe. Using fresh and local ingredients in an impeccably authentic farm to table manner, French classics are featured with a whimsical freshness, a distinct Boulud signature seen woven throughout each menu. For perfect pairings, Blantyre’s wine collection provides endless premier and rare bottles of wine, and has enjoyed distinction and international acclaim such as the much revered Wine Spectator Grand Award. Their

John Adams Farmhouse Since 1990, chef and owner Dan Smith, has been offering farm-to-table dining experience, long before it was in vogue. Since then he has continued to delight guests, from local regulars to travelers far and wide. Built in the late 1700s, this rustic farmhouse remains surrounded by beautifully landscaped perennial gardens along with panoramic views of its sprawling natural forest backdrop, including an old icehouse built along with the original farmstead. Enter and find a sprawling bar on your right, perfect for an après touring cocktail. Be seated in the cozy dining room to the left, encompassing several beautifully appointed rooms in the house and granting a comfortable at home feel. Enjoy the candle lit white tablecloth dining, casual and elegant all at once. On chillier days or evenings, take in the crackling fireplace while you dine, providing the perfect ambiance. Al fresco dining is available on the terrace as well, providing an ideal outdoor dining experience. Chef Dan Smith as always, develops his menu around regional producers and is inspired by what’s fresh and current in seasonal produce and all ingredients. In addition to his work with farmers in the region, Chef Dan created his own garden on the property, which supplies additional produce for the restaurant. The appetizers here such as the fried oyster salad with mesclun, caesar vinaigrette and parmesan crisps is a well-known signature dish and for good reason. The oysters are plentiful, plump and just the right amount of crispy, giving texture and balance when on the palate. The P.E.I. mussel in coconut milk with lime, chili and scallion is exotic, flavorful and satisfying. Casual fare such as fiery duck wings with blue cheese and celery, offers a unique spin on the standard Buffalo wings appetizer. Main dishes such as the seared duck breast, crisp leg confit, mashed potatoes, balsamic and maple syrup is classic while at the same time amplified by the fresh maple syrup flavor while the seared diver scallops with cauliflower-pancetta ‘risotto’, garlic, spinach, with red quinoa, leeks, roast mushrooms and braised greens offers a delightful seafood selection. Enjoy an extensive wine list, a full cocktail bar and a bar menu for lighter fare. The John Andrews Farmhouse and Chef Dan Smith, have achieved high accolades from The Daily Meal, is a Lonely Planet Top Choice and have been awarded the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, Yankee Magazine Editor’s Choice and the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. johnandrewsrestaurant.com Prime Steakhouse: primelenox.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 37



Photography by PETER MÜLLER Designer HANNA ERZ

38 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 39

40 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 41

42 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography|Peter Müller, pem-photography.de, Insta Main, instagram.com/peterulimax, instagram.com/petermuellerphoto, First Model|Tilda März, Agency:|conic Management|iconicmanagement. com/female-models/development/598-tilda-maerz, https://z-p42.www.instagram.com, Short Hair Model|Svea-Jill Czech Agenca: Place models https://z-p42.www.instagram.com/sveajillczech/?hl=de Hair and makeup|Elouisa Kotterba/makeupbyelouisa/?hl=de, Designer|Hanna Erz, hannaerz.de/hanna-bridal-couture-campaign-2020

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 43




Inspiration for Life list products you can’t live without. Gladys Magazine

Inspiring Handbag Pick fom

A ndrea

A ndrea Patrick Forte

Editor-in-Chief of Gladys

Inspiring Jewelry Pick from


Cleo by Marli Collection (Amethyst)

DANIA SHINKAR Dania Shankar’s beautifully crafted, chic, and environmentally-friendly bags. The Saudi brand fuses innovative design with sustainability to create elegant, but charming accessories that are perfect for storing your belongings. Stand out with the Python print, or keep it neutral with their beige and black croc embossed pieces. Carry a lot of baggage? The Moe is the perfect crossbody to hold your larger items, with its' stylish and unique shape. @daniashinkar_official, dania-shinkar.com

Inspiring Jewelry Pick from

A ndrea

LOUIS VUITTON B BLOSSOM Pieces range from $2,910 to $7,050 LV Blossom is now available in stores and online. This is Louis Vuitton’s first fine jewelry collection under the new artistic director of watches & jewelry Francesca Amfitheatrof. The collection features Louis Vuitton’s signature flower magnified by gold, stones and diamonds creating powerful and daring pieces. The iconic flower design can be found on bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings that can be stacked or worn on their own that all showcase the essence of femininity. us.louisvuitton.com 44 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

ABOUT MARLI MARLI is the fine jewelry brand from New York. Created by Maral Artinian and founded on the principles of timeless presence and individuality, MARLI has a minimal, magnetic aesthetic that draws inspiration from the world’s most dynamic city and the amazing women who live in it. Hand crafted in 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds and touches of vivid color from an array of exquisite gemstones, MARLI pieces stand apart for their fluid lines, perfect material vocabulary and flawless reflective qualities. Architectural, contemporary, and refined, MARLI appeals to a new generation of women who go beyond the obvious cues of status. Maral’s vision is to create bold, emotive pieces that assert an unmistakable presence yet are effortless to wear, day and night. From the avenues of New York to the women of the world, MARLI enhances the unique allure of those who choose it. ABOUT MARAL ARTINIAN, FOUNDER Maral Artinian is a designer and entrepreneur hailing from a family whose history in fine jewelry goes back a century. Having lived in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Maral was inevitably drawn to New York where, inspired by the incredible energy and the amazing women who create it, she founded MARLI. Leveraging her deep industry knowledge and exceptional eye, Maral put her vision into motion; creating contemporary fine jewelry that uniquely captures New York’s magic and enables smart, accomplished women to express themselves. From her New York atelier, Maral has guided a fluid, minimal aesthetic that makes each MARLI piece visually distinct and innately magnetic. marlinewyork.com

Jewel Box The

A symphony of soft colors mixed with platinum, gold, diamonds, pearls + opals evoke pure romanticism.

STEPHEN SILVER FINE JEWELRY This platinum Art Deco style bracelet from Stephen Silver takes a classic buckle motif and renders it in diamonds. The alternating links feature 6.90 total carats of round and baguette diamonds and 11.00 total carats of graduated square step-cut sapphires. shsilver.com

ZOE LEV Los Angeles Diamond Opal Necklace $760, zoelev.com

UNCOMMON JAMES Seashore Bracelet $58 UncommonJames.com

DIANE KARI FLEUR Bracelet, @fedomajewellery fedomajewellery.com

Kristin cavallari Uncommon James

UNCOMMON JAMES Chunky Chain Ring, $52 UncommonJames.com ZOE LEV Los Angeles Double Diamond Eternity Ring $980, zoelev.com

STEPHEN SILVER FINE JEWELRY Peacock Tahitian and Kasumiga Pearl Earrings These double-sided stud earrings modern elegance from every angle. The 18 karat yellow gold studs feature 9.5mm peacock Tahitian pearls on one side, and 14mm purple Kasumiga pearls on the reverse. shsilver.com

MARLI Cleo Rev Luxe Diamond Drop Earrings $8,900 marlinewyork.com

UNCOMMON JAMES Boho Babe Necklace $62 UncommonJames.com

NOÄ @noa.jewelryline noajewelry.shop Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 45


Fancy is back! Thank Netflix's steamiest new hit series, BRIDGERTON for bringing swoon-worthy style back in the limelight. While this Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl show boasts the most glamorous costume color-palette ever, these period piece garments are just not ready-to-wear! Enter designer Ivan Young and his SS 2021 Collection designed for ladies living the life of modern-day royalty. From ostrich feathers, layers of ruffles, sequins, and 100% mulberry silk, Ivan Young's gorgeous garments are here for your real-life romance. Ivan Young creations are swoon-worthy styles that reflect sophistication and high attention to every detail. His masterful garments are true works of art; feminine and delicate ensembles crafted with premium materials, handpicked by the designer himself. 100% premium mulberry silk is the fundamental material in Ivan Young's collections, embellished wih ostrich feathers and luxurious detailing. Founded in 2017, Ivan Young's fashion line includes his signature collection of trench coats, luxe ready-to-wear featuring trousers, blouses, skirts, blazers, dresses, shoes and jewelry, as well as seasonal collections and bridal, offering stunning eveningwear and gowns, available online at IvanYoung.com for worldwide shipping. “Ivan Young is a labor of love and I believe that it shows in our work. A lovingly made garment is really something that I believe every woman should allow herself to experience. Every time I sit down to sketch a design or touch a fabric sample I do so with the hope that our pieces can be the ones to give you that experience.” - Designer Ivan Young 46 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 47


Founder and Creative Director of Aranyani Haresh Mirpuri is the Founder and Creative Director of Aranyani, the luxury Indian handbag company. He began his career in the manufacturing industry in Indonesia and worked in numerous positions throughout Southeast Asia. After 20 years working in manufacturing and mastering textiles, Haresh launched Aranyani to revitalize and redefine the luxury industry in India, as well as to spread Indian artistry and the message of sustainability to the world. Aranyani is the only luxury goods company in the world that owns and operates its own atelier and also trains, educates, and houses all staff members their families.  Haresh was inspired by the paradoxical experiences that we all lived through this past year, when creating Aranyani’s new collection. “Fluidity to me implies a state of continuous allowance. In the past year we all have had to be open to fluidity in order to live our lives,” says Haresh of his inspiration behind the collection. aranyani.com 48 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

ARANYANI The Baguette bag is an essential everyday soft bag handcrafted using the finest French calf - Italian finished Napa leather. The vibrant burnt orange represents creativity, while the Golden Rutilated Quartz stones are well known for enhancing spiritual growth and stimulating the alignment of mind and body. All hardware is in antique gold finish Burnt Orange, $1,050 USD aranyani.com



Designers Nicole & Felicia Chang

@nicole.by.nf, nicole-bynf.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 49


Designer & Founder of Elbeth Gillis Founded in 1997, Elbeth Gillis is internationally known for her bridal and evening couture. As the head of her world-class brand, Elbeth embodies the same virtues that her brides find in her dresses – style, charm and uncompromising class. Elbeth is relentless in her pursuit of distinction and refinement. She searches for opulent French laces and sumptuous silks, satins and chiffons made by prestigious fabric houses known to supply bridal royalty. Fashion History As a young girl, Elbeth was surrounded by the beauty of fabrics. She was inspired by the magic that took place as her aunts and mother brought beauty and grace to the garments they sewed. By the age of 12, Elbeth knew she was destined to study fashion. Now, over 20 years later, the reputation of this wedding dress designer is a testament to her ability to create the perfect garment. Brides looking for something different will fall in love with Elbeth’s enduring, Audrey Hepburn-like design aesthetic. The epitome of style, sophistication and uncompromising luxury. An Elbeth Gillis bridal gown is forever. With the highest quality craftsmanship, Elbeth and her team produce uniquely personal wedding dresses. Each gown is handcrafted to ensure impeccable fit and quality. Elbeth Gillis Bridal Collections are available in boutiques around the world. Elbeth takes private appointments at the Elbeth Gillis Atelier in Cape Town, South Africa. elbethgillis.com 50 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 51

Photography|Kiki SanMartin


Designer & Founder of New Clothing line VERINA

You can find more about Verina Marcel here: WEB: verinamarcel.com INSTAGRAM: verinamarcel FACEBOOK: Verina Marcel WEBSITE: verinamarcel.com/ 52 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography|Kiki SanMartin

Verina Marcel It Girl Verina Marcel Set To Release Her New Fashion Line: VERINA Verina Marcel has spent much of her fashion career modeling for the top names in the industry – but now, Marcel is embarking on a new journey: creating her own clothing line. Marcel, who has walked the runway for brands such as YSL, Fendi, and Chanel, has been hard at work on her new clothing line, VERINA. Working with celebrity fashion designer Lloyd Klein, Marcel aims to encompass femininity, strength, and empowerment in each of her pieces. The line will consist of a compact collection of dresses that are sure to be staples in every woman's closet. Marcel is, without a doubt, a powerful woman; her ‘VERINA’ collection will empower women, support noble causes, and become the newest musthave collection!

Radiance Photo Rejuvenation Red Orion or Radiance Photo Rejuvenation Red and Infrared LED Light Therapy Beauty Device by Azure Medical Technologies that uses concentrated beams of infrared light to help remove and diminish skin blemishes, acne scars and wrinkles.



LOUIS VUITTON Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 53

Birds of Love


Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 55

56 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 57

58 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

G ladys Gifts for


THE BEARD CLUB Advanced Beard Growth Kit thebeardclub.com

LOUIS VUITTON Louis Vuitton Tambour Street Driver This water-resistant watch has an unidirectional rotating bezel and available in 4 colors. The Tambour Street Diver is unisex and has interchangeable straps. us.louisvuitton.com

FATHER’S DAY GIFT: TRUE CLASSIC TEES Butter soft, high quality, premium fitted tees designed to accentuate the arms and shoulders but leaving room in the stomach area for “Dad bods." They're also super soft, wash well and reasonably priced starting at $20.99. The collection includes best-selling packs, crew neck, v-neck, pocket, henleys, long sleeve, hoodies and sweatshirts, tank tops and tall-long bodies. trueclassictees.com Give Back: True Classic firmly believes that building a business that helps a good cause along the way is the only way to grow. A portion of every sale on their site goes towards helping homeless vets get the housing they need to get off the streets.

COACH Coach New York Boxed 3 in 1 Wallet Gift Set in Signature Canvas coachoutlet.com GUCCI OFF THE GRID Having launched in June 2020, Gucci’s Off the Grid was designed for those mindful of the environment. The collection uses recycled, organic, bio-based, sustainably sourced materials, and is composed of duffle bags, backpacks, sneakers, small accessories, and readyto-wear pieces. gucci.com

DODO BURD Funny and thoughtful Father's Day Shirts. dodoburd.com

BEVEL Shave Kit, amazon.com

PERSONALIZED CUTTING BOARD The Man, The Meat, The Legend Personalized Extra large Cutting Board 15x21 personalizationmail.com

THE ART OF SHAVING The Power Brush with Pre-Shave Gel gently exfoliates and massages the skin $40 theartofshaving.com

GUCCI Men's Gucci Off The Grid Slides gucci.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 59

Gladys WOMEN of theYEAR

Celebrating women around the world displaying

GRACE, TENACITY & COMPASSION. Elegant, Stylish & Accomplished. Here are our 2021 Women of the Year! Vera Wang Jennifer Trinkner Antje Utgaard Tess Annique Deborah Silver Tash Greizen Arielle Raycene Katelynn Burns Ashley Alexiss Trinity Carder Abigail Ratchford Janet Layug Sherri Carter Darla Allgood Tishy Hornsby Melanie Blake Gigi Gustin Katherine Smith 60 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys 2021




WANG Vera Wang has become the face of her latest sunglass campaign for

Spring 2021. The iconic designer incorporated feminine bridal elements to the otherwise tailored, modern looks. She styled each of her various looks in the campaign role playing iconic fashion personalities from ladies who lunch to disco queens. "Eyewear is one of my favorite fashion/ beauty accessories. Like a new lipstick or eyeshadow, a special pair of glasses can express your own sense of style, create a new persona and most of all, protect your vision... Eyewear is FUN CREATIVE EASY PERSONAL PRACTICAL!," said Wang. Known for balancing modern designs with traditional elegance, Vera Wang is one of the most prominent bridal wear designers in America. Vera Wang was a senior fashion editor at Vogue for 15 years and then a design director for Ralph Lauren. After designing her own wedding dress, she opened a bridal boutique and soon launched her own signature collection. Now hugely popular, she has a large Hollywood following and in addition to her new sunglass line she also designs lingerie, jewelry and home products. Arguably the most prominent designer of bridal wear in America, Wang has been honored with a number of accolades for her achievements, including the 1993 Chinese American Planning Council's Honoree of the Year Award and the 1994 Girl Scout Council's Woman of Distinction Award. Later that year, she was elected as a member of the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). In 2005, the CFDA selected Wang as the Womenswear Designer of the Year. In 2019, the iconic designer was honored with the Sandra Taub Humanitarian Award by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 61

Photography|Lance Andrews, Make up|Heather Satterfield

Gladys 2021


62 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021



Gladys 2021



KNOWN FOR: Empowering men and women across the globe through nutrition, wellness and helping them establish financial security on their own terms. INSPIRED BY: I am inspired by tangible change that impacts the people I love. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? I am a professional Network Marketer in the Health and Wellness industry. I am so blessed to have created a 7+ figure annual income by building a global health and wealth organization of 97,000+. Now, I show others how to do the very same for themselves. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? My mom. She is the most prominent woman in my life. She is an outstanding lady and is the reason I am the woman I am today. She always taught me about being a kind, strong, independent woman, but she also taught me hardwork and dedication to making a positive impact in the world. She taught me one concept -- that I am continuously following -- and that is, to live life is on your own terms. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? Grace confounds certain very natural human tendencies. Grace teaches us to let go and let God. It isn't based on a scorecard. Grace just happens. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? I want to say it's my ability to do multiple things at the same time which is essentially the manifestation of my working mom guilt of “being there for everyone all the time." but in all honesty, I think my superpower is courage. Let me explain: Being an entrepreneur is hard work! There are lots of "wantrapreneurs" out there who are in love with the idea of running their own business...but aren't willing to stick it out through the challenging times. If you get knocked down seven times, you've got to get up eight...entrepreneurship isn't for the faint of heart and I am proud to say I made it and now I coach other people how to do the same. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? I am so passionate about health and wellness because I have learned how much it truly matters and I have experienced life-changing benefits from eating clean (majority of the time), exercising, practicing mindfulness, self love/self care. I have fallen in love with this balanced healthy lifestyle that I have found and I am confident I can sustain it for life. I think that living a healthy lifestyle has a domino effect on our lives. I feel like I am just a better, happier, more intentional, loving, grateful, and spiritual person since making it a priority to take care of myself. And that is truly why I have made it my mission to share this feeling with the people I coach.

THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY IS? Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Reading the quote years ago is what made me realize that I was stuck in a life that wasn’t truly mine. I was bound by chains that made me afraid to experience life, so I decided to make a change and start my business. I still think about this quote and it is a reminder to myself to go beyond my limits. WHAT IS THE BEST DECISION YOU’VE EVER MADE? The best decision I ever made was saying 'yes' to my health. It has led me down a path that I am truly grateful for. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? I have made it my mission to share my success with all of my clients and help motivate, uplift, and inspire them to live their healthiest and happiest life. If your readers have resonated with anything I've said, I would love for them to reach out to me through social media so we can connect and potentially work together! And I’m looking forward to turning 50 this year! jennifertrinkner.com

Photography|Lance Andrews, Make up|Heather Satterfield

BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? "Life is all about managing expectations—most of all your own." This is advice my dad gave me when I was modeling in my 20's and it has stuck with me for years... The world will expect many things from you and you will expect many things in return. The key is to manage its expectations of you—and yours of it.

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 63

Gladys 2021






KNOWN FOR: Dubbed “Next Kate Upton”, Played Angela in the movie "Mob Town”. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Model, Actress, Social Influencer and TV Host WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? In my personal life, my Mom has inspired me to not care what others think about me and go after what you want. Cameron Diaz was another inspiration to me. I love her energy and vibe on and off camera. She’s the sexy, fun, cute tomboy that is always enjoyable to watch. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? To move with elegance and beauty. To remain poised and to not react poorly to any given situation. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? I’m very creative and I’m great at Improv. I love making people laugh and putting on a performance. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? I’m passionate about the environment. I try to do my part daily in ensuring I reduce my daily carbon footprint as well as donate to preserve nature centers in my home state of Wisconsin. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? Continue to grow my name and myself as a brand. Also, getting more into the film industry again and really positioning myself so that I’m ready for what life has to offer. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Instagram: @AwesomeAntjay, Twitter: @AwesomeAntjay TikTok: @AntjeUtgaard, Facebook: @Antje20

64 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys 2021




WELLNESS COACH KNOWN FOR: Model, health + fitness enthusiast.

WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Model + wellness coach, founder Wellness With Tess. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? My future self. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? The ability to navigate adversity with poise. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? Resiliency NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? Mental health + wellbeing. We only have one body. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? The launch of my wellness site, Wellness With Tess. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. @tessannique Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 65

Gladys 2021


Photographer|Fadil Berisha

of theYEAR

66 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021


Gladys 2021




KNOWN FOR: Billboard Chart topping Jazz vocalist and Philanthropist INSPIRED BY: All people who make a difference in this world helping others. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Vocalist, Actress and self titled “Fairy Godmother” WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? My sister Marjie, who has ALS. She has been bravely fighting this disease for 11 years with grace, dignity and kind heartedness. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? My sister’s name, Marjie Berman Block, sure could be listed in Webster's under Grace. Grace to me is accepting what you’ve been dealt in life and making the most of it with class and elegance. Grace to me is the ability to be uplifting and try to turn any negatives into positives. I raised my children on these principals as well. Ever since their first day of preschool, I told them, if you see another child having a bad day or anyone not being nice to that child...you go over there and be especially kind to that child who may be having a tough time. That is grace to me! WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? My super power was the ability to pull all-nighters and continue working on projects through the night, surviving on very little sleep. I am afraid a 40 day battle with Covid has made that super power of mine weaker, as I get tired a lot easier now, but I still fight to stay awake as long as I can to accomplish as much as I can. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? There are so many I am passionate about including fighting for a cure for ALS, as well as all neurological diseases. I have started many campaigns and fundraisers for over the past 10 years to do this with my children, raising thousands of dollars. Many times I donate concerts to help others and on two separate occasions my concerts raised almost a quarter of a million dollars to help homeless women and children. I pledged 100 percent of the proceeds from sales of my first CD ‘Pure Silver’ to ALS research - as well as the first week of sales of ‘The Gold Standards,’ to various charities including but not limited to United Way, Semper Fi Fund (supporting injured members of all branches of U.S. Armed Forces) Nascar Victory Junction Gang Camp (for children with serious medical conditions) and ALS research. Most recently, after recovering from the Covid-19 virus, I teamed up with 12x Grammy® nominated songwriter-producer Dennis Lambert to write “Covid-19 Blues” to help people in the entertainment world out of work due to the pandemic. All funds raised from the recording will go to The Actors Fund and Jazz Foundation of America, no administration fees will be taken out, and 100 % will be used directly to help individuals who desperately need assistance. Dennis Lambert and I sing on the lyric video which can be found on youtube https://youtu.be/hdYBYxITsZY. The remix music video due out in the spring has various celebrities from different genres of music, including Tony Orlando, Melissa Manchester, Susan Anton, Darlene Love, Melissa Errico, Bill Medley and other incredible artists along with winners of competitions such as American Idol, The Voice, and America's Got Talent.

BEST ADVICE YOU'VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? From my Dad, who borrowed from Winston Churchill, “Never, never, never give up.” WHAT IS THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? I want to leave this world having helped make a difference in others lives. WHAT IS THE BEST DECISION YOU'VE MADE? To marry my husband. He is my best friend and we both believe that the most important thing a person can do is help others in need. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? Hoping to lift some spirits during the pandemic, I released a joyful and uplifting album in August with the legendary Ray Benson and his 10 x Grammy winning band Asleep At The Wheel. I am truly grateful to everyone involved in that project; the album landed #1 on iTunes Jazz Charts, #1 on Current Traditional Jazz Chart, in the Top 15 of Billboards Traditional Jazz chart and also crossed over to Country music in the top 10, landing #1 on Western Swing. It was recently named Best Commercial Album by Broadway World and we are looking forward to doing a sequel in the future. Right now, I am getting ready to release a new EP that includes a duet of "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" with Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and a remix of "Almost Like Being in Love" from my “Glitter & Grits” album as a duet with Raul Malo of The Mavericks. Later this year I will be releasing a brand new jazz album with lots of surprises! I would love for your readers to follow my social media to find out details of all my projects, sending me messages about the different ways they are helping others. Perhaps I could get involved and we could work together, as well! PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA? Facebook: facebook.com/DeborahSilverMusic Instagram: instagram.com/deborahsilvermusic/ Twitter: twitter.com/deborahbsilver Website: deborahsilvermusic.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 67

Gladys 2021

Photography|Noel Daganta




FOUNDER OF NOW PR KNOWN FOR: NOW PR agency and NOW Magazine WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Officially speaking, I’m the founder and creative director of NOW PR Los Angeles, a public relations agency that represents fashion designers, beauty and lifestyle brands, as well as influencer talent from across the globe. Through the agency, we’ve also launched NOW Magazine, a publication that features all of the latest trends in lifestyle and fashion, where I serve as Editor-in-Chief. On a more personal level, I’m a jewelry designer by trade and a mentor by nature. My passion in life is to help others tell their story, whether that’s my clients, my employees, my friends and family. I want to help others have a voice in a very loud world. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? One of the most inspirational women to me in my life has been Malala Yousafzai, a young woman originally from Pakistan who sought to provide an education for young girls like herself who weren’t given the opportunity to receive one. Malala truly epitomizes the courage and selflessness I seek to emulate in my own life. No matter what environment we’re in, we have a responsibility to support those around us and create a more equitable world for the generations to come. 68 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? To me, grace is perfectly incapsulated in the phrase “silent waters run deep.” Grace is a quiet elegance that radiates from those who think before they speak and listen before they act. One does not have to be loud to be powerful. It is the quality of the words you share that have impact, not the number. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? I feel very grateful that I have the opportunity to support others in making their dreams come true. I love my work because I’m able to represent up and coming designers and brands and help make their greatest ambitions a reality. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? I’m a staunch advocate for women’s empowerment. As a businesswoman, I strive to ensure that all of the women around me have the tools and opportunities necessary to succeed in life. At my agency, I’ve made it a point to create a female team that generates success for themselves as well as our clients, the majority of which are also women. But one cannot empower others without being empowered herself. Every day I seek to demonstrate in my own life how important it is to be a proud woman that loves herself and others deeply. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? I consider my agency and businesses to be an extension of myself. I believe that developing my company helps me to develop personally. That being said, I’m really looking forward to expanding the agency and diversifying our client base. We will be opening another branch of NOW PR in Paris very soon and exposing ourselves to all of the wonderful opportunities Europe has to offer. Expansions like this not only elevate my agency but they elevate me personally through increased cultural awareness and consciousness. I’m very grateful for where I am and incredibly excited for what’s to come! PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA? My personal account is @Greizen_T, but follow @NOWPRLA and @NOWMagazineLA for more on the agency!

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WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? I would consider myself an artist, but not the painting kind, just the creative kind. Though I do paint, I wouldn’t say they are groundbreaking pieces by any means! My main and true pursuit is acting while I continue to model and be an influencer and I have many other artistic ventures I still want to pursue. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? It would probably be my wonderful grandmother Gloria! She was a true light and had the best spirit and outlook. She always used to sing the song “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine” and it always stuck with me. She was a powerful woman who gave love and joy everywhere she went. She really knew what taking the higher road looked like and did everything with poise and style. I don’t think I’ve met a woman more comfortable with herself. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? If I could bottle up the essence of my grandmother, I would call it grace! Grace to me is being true to yourself, knowing yourself inside and out, walking tall with pride and confidence and having the ability to stay calm under pressure. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? I can’t say never but I will always take on a project no matter how far reaching it is. It won’t scare me because I know I can get there. The scariest of moments I will take on. Not that it doesn’t scare me, but I know it’s the only way to stretch and grow mentally!

WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? Well, Covid-19 delayed a TV series in 2020 that took place in many parts of the world but 2021 is looking hopeful so far! I can’t yet talk about the project but let’s just say I can’t wait! PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. IG @thearielleray Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 69


NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? There’s a few topics actually, self love and accepting ourselves from the inside outing women supporting women, but I’m very passionate about mental health. I really love how we are talking about it more and more openly. I fought so hard in my younger years to take control of my mental health. I was very depressed and I didn’t know how to get out of it. It took me lots of studying, reading and listening to anything I could get my hands on over the years and tons of patience to finally understand the things going on in my head. Nobody is alone in it even though we think we are.

Gladys 2021



Photographer|Nick Tabidze, Location|Turnipseed Farms (Fayetteville, GA)

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KNOWN FOR: Gladys Girl, Dreamstar and Bella Gladys Magazine covergirl WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? I'm an actress, writer, and model in Atlanta, Georgia! WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? My mom will always be the biggest inspiration in my life. Her selflessness, optimism, and determination are what inspire me to be the best version of myself. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? The year 2020 was about social awareness. We have all become conscious of the gap in equality and I've been trying to learn, listen, and empathize. As someone who loves all things beauty and wellness, I discovered a lot of amazing brands that were spearheaded by black- female entrepreneurs. I think we should all be supporting these wonderful brands and the impressive women that run them and do our best to support one another. A few 70 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

of my favorites are: The TinyTassel for cute jewelry, Golde for the best wellness (and cutest) products, and for beauty and make up Beauty Bakery and KNC are my go-to's, so be sure to check them out! WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? The "New Normal" challenged me to explore different avenues for my creativity and work on my craft in ways I wasn't able to in our fast paced world. I got to experience acting and voice-over classes in COVID-19 safe environments and started creating my own content. I will star in a short film I wrote this April, and perform the voiceover for a commercial I wrote! I even get to work behind the camera as a "Behind the Scenes" photographer and an art department PA for music videos. I'm a storyteller first, and finding a way to express that passion in this uncertainty was a necessity for me. I'm very thankful to have a supportive group of friends and mentors to help me through these times. My favorite saying is "Great things never came from comfort zones,'' and I think we have all emerged as stronger individuals throughout this period. Whatever the next chapter holds, we'll face it together. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Katelynnaburns

Photography|Haley DeBolt

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Photography|Martin Thornburg

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KNOWN FOR: Working hard, and striving to accomplish the goals that I set. INSPIRED BY: he world around me, but mostly my father for how hard he works and starting from the bottom but working his way up. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? I am a Psychology student, but also a full time server. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? Taylor Swift, she is so powerful in her music, but also strives to make the world around her a better place, as well as putting who she is out there. I think that’s all we can ask of people. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? I feel grace comes along with experience, so I define grace as always staying true to who you are but being polite and strong while doing it. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? I always seem to know what to say even if I can’t take my own advice in the long run. I am a very good talker with people, and seem to always know how to help. BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? In the end you have to live with yourself, so make sure you’re making your life count, time flies by. THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY IS? Enjoy life now, don’t wait till later. WHAT IS THE BEST DECISION YOU’VE EVER MADE? Applying to the company I work for, four years ago, they are another family to me and have helped me become the person I am today. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? I will be graduating next fall(2022) and then starting graduate school for Neuropsychology. I am also putting together a look book for modeling, so any connections I can make for that would be amazing and I would be so thankful. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. @trinity_19 – instagram, Trinity C. Carder – Facebook




KNOWN FOR: Plus size model & entrepreneur WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Business owner & full time model WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? I believe I’m extremely lucky to have come across so many unique and inspiring women in my life and continue to be blessed with new inspirations daily. My mother & grandmother are the true definition of perseverance & that’s where I really dig deep to find my daily motivation. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? Serving love, light, and kindness even during the hardest moments. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? Having the ability to see the positive in every single situation & truly adapting to create my own success. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? Honestly, anything mental health or rescue puppy related. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? I have so many unique projects I’m working on that range from a variety of things. I’m excited to share as the year goes on! PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. IG: @ashalexiss , TikTok: @ashalexiss , Twitter: @ashalexiss Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 71

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KNOWN FOR: Abigail Ratchford is a model and social media personality with over nine million followers on Instagram. She has been featured in Esquire, Maxim, E!, The New York Post and People Magazine, etc. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? I think most people would call me a model or a social media personality, but I really like to think of myself as not only that, but also a businesswoman and entrepreneur. I know social media doesn’t seem like your average 9 to 5 job but building and maintaining an audience really is a full-time occupation! I’ve built a business that I’m very proud and I work to expand that business everyday just like any other entrepreneur! WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? I know everyone says their mother is the best mom out there, but mine truly is. I’m the fifth child out of seven and my mother is just an abShe’s 72 solute Gladyssuperhero. GRACE Issue 2021supported me since day one, back when I was

raiding her closet and smearing her favorite red lipstick all over my face as a child. Nowadays, she’s the first person I call with any exciting news. She’s the one who taught me how to work hard and be confident in who I am —two things that are integral to my career and my being. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? To me, grace is the perfect balance between genuine humility and striking confidence. You can’t have one without the other. To be graceful, you have to know your worth and your value while simultaneously being generous and considerate to those around you. We can know ourselves to be wonderful and special people without treating others as lesser in the process. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? I’d have to say my superpower is confidence! Not only am I confident in myself but I always try to evoke confidence in others. By doing something as simple as paying a compliment to a stranger, you can pass on your confidence to others like a domino effect. You never know how a few kind words can totally alter someone’s day. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? Sky is the limit! I have so many goals I’d love to achieve but first and foremost, I really just want to keep expanding my business and my social media. I’d love to venture into new mediums as well! I really love acting and would love to get more into that. I also would love to release my own products, like a lingerie line or a cosmetics line. I’ve been able to do such incredible things, but I know the best is yet to come! PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. IG: @AbigailRatchford,Twitter: @AbiRatchford, TikTok: @AbigailRatchford, You can also download my app from the app store, Official Abigail Ratchford!

Photography|Sarah Orbanic

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LAYUG FITNESS & HEALTHY LIVING CELEBRITY KNOWN FOR: Fitness and Healthy Living Celeb WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Professional Bikini Champion, motivator, Mom. Nurse. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? I’m inspired by all women who have the courage to take on all facets of life, fearlessly and courageously.

WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? Someone who radiates strength and beauty, confidence and poise. Wise and intuitive, a natural born leader. Demonstrates elegance. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? My superpower is showing all women that they have their own superpowers within. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? As a mom, my passions lie in making sure children don’t fall victim to the pressures brought on by social media and the numerous forces that make children’s mental health an issue that simply can’t be ignored. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? Continuing to use my platform to inspire healthy living, while building companies that help men and women become the best version of themselves. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Instagram: @Janetlayug Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 73

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DIRECTOR OF PRESTIGE TOP MODEL KNOWN FOR: EVENT PLANNING Inspired By: Women in Business WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Director of Prestige Top Model and Prestige NYFW WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? My Mother has taught me how to love unconditionally, how to hold my head up high, no matter what and to learn from mistakes and to know my worth. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? Grace, class, elegance cannot be bought, it’s how you conduct yourself with others. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? Memories. I have a long memory. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? Bringing awareness to child sex trafficking. BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? Keep your circle of trust small. Not everyone wants you to win. THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY IS? Do one thing and do it better than anyone. WHAT IS THE BEST DECISION YOU’VE EVER MADE? Getting a higher education. I have my Masters Degree and I believe knowledge is power. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? We have all of our Summer events coming up. We will be in Dallas, Long Beach, New Jersey, Tennessee, NYC and we are currently casting for NYFW in September. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA: @Sherridvorkincarter website: prestigetopmodel.com

74 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

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Photographer|Billy Montana

Photography|Gordon Cavalero

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KNOWN FOR: Public Speaker and Pageant Queen and Fashion Model INSPIRED BY: I am inspired by Empowering Woman who are role models for younger and older woman, always supporting each other and lifting eachother up. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Elite Pageants and Fashion Director for Comeonin.org WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? My Mom has inspired me my whole life. I try to live by her example and make a difference and bring hope and encouragement to others. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? My definition of Grace is pure elegance and beauty. Always hold yourself to a high standard of elegance and grace, let your inner beauty shine through. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? My superpower is strength and perseverance. I believe God gives me strength to preserve anything that comes my way and the endurance to acheive it. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? Bringing awarness to Type 1 diabetes. I almost lost my son to type 1 and feeding and helping the homeless through Comonin.org. BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? Always be yourself. Be courteous be kind and be confident and always see the best in everyone use your gifts God has equipped you with and be a shining light to others. THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY IS? The motto I live by is SOAR SEE what God has for you ACKNOWLEGE the Needs around you. OPEN your hearts to others. REACH for the IMPOSSIBLE because God will do the POSSIBLE. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? My goal I have set is to reach more people through my testimony get more speaking engagements and take the Elite Pageants and Fashion Shows to another level and make an impact on each life I encounter. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. FB Pages Darla Allgood Life Time Queen Elite Pageants and Fashion Director Runway and Cover Model Fashion Director Comeonin.org, Misseliteusa.com, Instagram dbas5



SINGER/SONGWRITER WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? I am a singer-songwriter, musician, actor, model, and student. I will be attending Berklee College of Music in the fall, majoring in vocal performance and minoring in songwriting. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? I am inspired by Katy Perry because she is a successful performer, musician, and songwriter. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? Poise and Elegance – Grace is responding in a positive way to the ups and downs of life. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? Music. Music is the key to inspire hope, positive change, and transforms all who will listen. NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT. I am passionate about raising awareness for the role of music therapy in medicine. THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY IS? “Keep your eyes on the prize.” WHAT IS THE BEST DECISION YOU’VE EVER MADE? Taking piano lessons and not quitting. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? To attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. I will continue to further grow and develop myself as an artist, musician, and songwriter. My original music can be found on all platforms. I am incredibly grateful for all your love and support. PROVIDE SOCIAL MEDIA? TishyHornsby.com, Instagram: @tishyhornsby Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 75

Gladys 2021


Photography|Nicky Johnston

of theYEAR

76 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys 2021

Photography|Nicky Johnston



WHAT ARE YOU KNOWN FOR: For being the most powerful soap agent in the UK and a bestselling author. In the UK I am nicknamed the 'queen of soaps' because I have represented more leading ladies from international soap operas than any other agent based here. WHO ARE YOU INSPIRED BY AND WHY? My writing inspiration was always strong feisty females from the 80's like Jackie Collins, Shirley Conran, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Judith Krantz and Danielle Steel and of course the original queen of the high octane novel, Jacqueline Susann who wrote Valley of the Dolls in the 60's. 'Dolls' is currently in its 60th year of print which tells you that behind the scenes of showbiz toxic themed novel plots as retro as they may seem never go out of fashion. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? Jackie Collins. I first read her novel rock star when I was 9 years old and living in a poverty stricken poor neighbourhood with no prospects, her novels and her glamorous lifestyle gave me both my hope and ambition to escape my meagre beginnings. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? Grace to me is being grateful and kind. So many people don’t know how to say thank you. I’m forever grateful to anyone who's ever helped me on my journey to becoming a bestselling author which has not been easy, so I like to consider grace a form of gratitude and paying it forward WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? Writing kick-ass strong feisty women and being one myself in a world of men who want to keep us down.

NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? Older women's rights to be seen as still vital and attractive in the public eye, whatever their age, shape or size. All my heroines are always older women, collagen is nice but nothing is more sexy or powerful than life experience. BEST ADVICE YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? To set my second novel Ruthless Women in an exotic ocean based location rather than in London and they were right and it worked, because my new book Ruthless Women set in the fictitious St Augustine's off the Jersey coast has been sold all over the world. THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY IS? Don’t take no for an answer and the day you stop waiting for validation is the day you will be validated by the most important person - yourself. WHAT IS THE BEST DECISION YOU’VE EVER MADE? Best decision I've ever made was running away from home when I was 16 from a small rough poor area in the North to the bright lights of London city. I had no education, no connections and hardly any money but a lot of determination and big dreams of working within the entertainment industry and within 10 years of my arrival I was a multimillionairess and one of the most successful agents, publicists and celebrity managers in the UK, so dreams do come true, if you work hard enough. I always wanted to write but it took me until I was 40 years old to get my first book published which is another example of it's never too late to go after what you really want. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? My follow-up to Ruthless Women which is called Ruthless Men. My favourite part of being an author is the interaction with the readers and having a no 1 bestseller is a great feeling but hearing the words direct from the readers of how much they enjoyed what you've created for them means everything. So if you're online and have read my books look me up and tell me what you think of them. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Twitter: @MelanieBlakeUK Instagram: @melanieblakeuk Website: melanieblakeonline.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 77

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KNOWN FOR: American Grit S2 winner and Actress. WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? Actress WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? Nichole Kidman is someone who inspires me daily! She’s an incredible actress, and I look up to her.

NAME A CAUSE YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? I am passionate about all sorts of charity, specifically surrounding children. To name one, I would like to mention Cancer research institute. I have visited children’s hospitals multiple times. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU? I have two films coming out in 2021! I can’t say much about them just yet, but one is starring Dove Cameron (the Descendants) and Rj Mitte (Breaking Bad). Stay tuned! PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA. Instagram @gigigustin, Twitter @gigigustin0

78 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography|Arthur Davis IV, Instagram: @pimp4art

WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? My superpower is being able to say the alphabet backing in four seconds!

Gladys 2021 Photographer|Ashley Reed (@ashleyreed_photography) Hair and Makeup|Emily Lau (@emily_artistry)


Katherine SMITH


KNOWN FOR: Model, Performing Artist, Influencer INSPIRED BY: The art of drag

WHAT IS YOUR OCCUPATION? By day I work for a large healthcare company in western Pennsylvania, but my true passion is to model. WHAT WOMAN HAS INSPIRED YOU IN YOUR LIFE? My mom was the first woman that I ever looked up to. I would look at old pictures of her before she gave birth to me and I was inspired by her beauty. She taught me everything that I needed to know and now I can take my knowledge and inspire others to feel confident about being a woman. As mentioned, I am also inspired by the art of drag and the performers. I love the whole transformation from the outfits they wear, to to the makeup and how they entertain the audience. It’s truly mind blowing and beautiful. I sometimes feel like I am a drag queen myself every time I do a photoshoot. WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF GRACE? Grace to me is showing dignity and respect for all people regardless of who they are or what they are. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERPOWER? To be honest, I never thought of myself as a super hero. I am grateful for the people that have supported my work since the beginning and I wish to continue to inspire other people to spread their wings and follow their passion.

NAME A CAUSE THAT YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT? A cause that I am thankful for is NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association). For years, I have struggled with a disorder that not many people bring attention to. These times were difficult and I was faced with obstacles and challenges that tested my strength and resilience to failure. Through trials and tribulations, my recovery strengthened the amazing individual that I already am. BEST ADVICE THAT YOU’VE EVER BEEN GIVEN? When opportunity knocks on your door, open it. The unknown can be fearful at times, but you never know what lies behind those doors unless you open it. That is when you can decide what you want to do with this opportunity. THE MOTTO YOU LIVE BY IS? I go by two mottos. The first one is, “Self-creation not self-destruction”. You are the creator of your own universe and you have the power to control your life. The second one is a quote from Rupaul “We’re all born naked and the rest is drag”. From the clothes that you wear to the makeup that you want to wear, this is your aesthetic and this is how you present yourself to the world. WHAT IS THE BEST DECISION YOU’VE EVER MADE? The best decision that I have ever made was when I decided that I wanted to become a model full-time. For the last almost 4 years, I have learned and have grown so much about the industry and these last 4 years have blessed me with beautiful connections and I have been able to travel and share who I am to the world. I am creating and building a platform that is diverse and inclusive to showcase that beauty comes in all forms and in all walks of life. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU AND HOW CAN OUR READERS SUPPORT YOU? I am working on a few big projects both professional and personal which I am very excited to share with all of you soon. This is going to be life changing. Until then, I will continue to live my best life. Instagram is my main platform so you can follow me on there. Are you ready? SOCIAL MEDIA Instagram: @katherinepatrice92, @katherinepsmith_ Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 79




IvanYoung.com 80 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

G ladys Interview

Photography|Anne Fishbein


Photography|Anne Fishbein

800 g San Marzano tomatoes, whole plum (1 Can)

Jenny & The City Exclusive interview


SERGIO CORBIA Interview by Jenny Leeser

I'm so excited to share an exclusive interview with Chef Sergio Corbia a Hollywood food industry veteran with over three decades of experience feeding the VIP LA diners. WHEN DID YOU START YOUR LOVE AND PASSION FOR COOKING? I grew up eating my mother's home-cooked meals that were always made with real, wholesome ingredients and her secret ingredient: love. The kitchen became my second home and I watched in awe as she prepared classic Italian dishes with ease. I saw how her food brought huge smiles to the faces of our loved ones. My passion for eating delicious food evolved into a passion for cooking delicious food.. TELL ME ABOUT BROTHERS MEATBALLS HOW DID IT BEGIN? WHAT MADE YOU OPEN A PLANT BASED RESTAURANT? A lot of times people will say that plant-based food is tasteless. We took that as a challenge. We wanted to create a menu of food that tastes absolutely delicious and just happens to be plant-based. We think that following a plant-based diet shouldn't mean you're deprived of great-tasting dining options, so we put a modern spin on our mother's authentic Italian recipes. The results were unbelievable. Since we use Impossible meat, we like to say that our meals make the Impossible possible.

125 g Carrots 125 g Celery 150 g Onions 1 bn Basil, leaves picked 1 gr Salt TT Pepper 1/2 Tbsp Oil Heat a saucepan on medium heat. Add oil and sauté carrot, onion and celery until softened. Approximately 10-12 mins. Add tomato and cook for 45 min on medium heat.at. Remove from heat, add seasoning and basil. Blend the sauce with hand blender or vitamix until smooth. Taste to adjust seasoning.

Photography by Anne Fishbein Photography|Anne Fishbein

WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES WITH COOKING EVERYTHING PLANT BASE? The difference in consistency and texture of plant-based meat substitutes initially took some getting used to, but now that we've refined our recipes we are confident that we created a menu that even the most carnivorous meat-eater will devour. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DISH TO COOK? That's an easy one: Meatballs! The look of joy on our customers' faces when they take a bite of our sandwiches is simply priceless. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DISH TO EAT? That's even easier: Meatballs!!! Just kidding, I love all food in general. I love to taste every type of cuisine because it helps to give me a perspective of food. I have to have an open mind to be able to appreciate the flavors and the passion that there is in every meal.

Gladys Associate Director of Fashion West Coast and Contributing Writer Jenny Leeser, with Chef Sergio Corbia.

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 81

Carter SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: MadisonLexiCarter


Summer Colemano

SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: SummerColemano3

Photography|Brett Martelli


Photography|Brett Martelli

Photography|Brett Martelli Photography|Brett Martelli

82 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021





SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: Emmafalesto




SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: Paris.Zelyakovsky

Photographer|JAC King Photography, Hair/Makeup|Jada King

Lisa Weaver Photography


THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED? When a younger girl says I am her idol. YOUR STYLE IS... multi styles but love classic/edgy. WHO IS YOUR SUPERMODEL CRUSH? CURRENT ENDEAVOR: LWP 2021 Model Team Cindy Crawford because she has a mole that some FASHION MUST HAVE: A nice ring or piece of jewelry people would say makes her less perfect, but I FAVORITE DESIGNER: Versace love it because she is real. She is so successful and works so hard. WHEN DID TOU START MODELING? 2019 WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOU? WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST BREAK IN THE INDUSTRY? Chosen for Top 100 for Child Model Continue on Lisa Weaver Model Team SOCIAL MEDIA INFO: instagram @lovely_lucyf and for their In Style.

Stephanie Adams

CURRENT ENDEAVOR: Senior in High School FASHION MUST HAVE: Rue 21 FAVORITE DESIGNER: Kate Spade PASSIONATE ABOUT: Helping others WHEN DO YOU FEEL MOST BEAUTIFUL? When I am around the ones that I love.

WHEN DID YOU START MODELING? I started modeling with my best friend about 2 years ago. THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED? The best compliment that I have received is that I am courageous. WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOU? Graduating high school and attending college.

Photography|Eddie Sakaki

Photographer|Kara Clouser from Conte Photography




WHEN DO FEEL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL?: When I look at myself in the mirror and feel CURRENT ENDEAVOR: Pursuing an acting and modeling career. confident and strong. THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU'VE EVER FASHION MUST HAVE: Sexy shoes! RECEIVED?: "Your smile lights up the room." FAVORITE DESIGNER: Louis Vuitton PASSIONATE ABOUT: Animals and the YOUR STYLE IS... Chic with a comfy sexiness. environment. WHO IS YOUR SUPERMODEL CRUSH?: WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST BREAK IN Cindy Crawford! Hands down! THE INDUSTRY: Doing print ads for Fredrick and Nelson. SOCIAL MEDIA INFO: FB: Melissa Niece-Smith WHAT'S YOUR DREAM MODELING JOB? IG: melissa.niece.smith.seatac and melissas_food_fashion_home To do a photo shoot in Italy.


WHAT IS MY DREAM MODELING JOB: My dream modeling job is either to be a Versace runway model or working with Victoria Secret. THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED? "You inspire me!" CURRENT ENDEAVOR: Instagram Model YOUR STYLE IS ... My style is very colorful FASHION MUST HAVE: I love color. My fashion and fun! I love the 70's style and bright colors. must have would be colorful clothing. (I have I love flowers and flared pants. a red beret I love right now!). WHO IS YOUR SUPERMODEL CRUSH? FAVORITE DESIGNER: Versace I have two. Romee Strijd and Adut Akech PASSIONATE ABOUT: Modeling and SOCIAL MEDIA INFO: IG: strangervinyl, world peace! Tiktok - annaliselove1d


Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 83

Anna Anna Kathryn Kathryn Kovach Kovach

CURRENT ENDEAVOR: I take every opportunity to share my love of animals and nature with those I meet through my modeling career, circle of friends and especially young people I meet along the way. What is especially rewarding to me is helping to manage a feral cat colony by hand raising motherless newborn kittens with the goal of getting them adopted into loving homes. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) awarded me their 'One Can Make a Difference' Award in 2021 in recognition of my whistleblowing on an unethical and cruel electrocution device to kill mice and rats when cruelty free catch and release traps are widely available.

WHEN DO YOU FEEL THE MOST BEAUTIFUL? I feel most beautiful when I walk down the street on a sunny day and I feel the breeze blowing through my long brunette hair, which I NEVER plan to cut.

FASHION MUST HAVE: A stylish vegan satchel bag

YOUR STYLE IS... My moods change with the seasons as summer is light and carefree with cheerful colors accented with bright and bold accessories. In the winter months I enjoy classic dark dramatic colors with emphasis on heavy metallic accessories and classic plaids and warm nubby tweeds.

FAVORITE DESIGNER: Stella McCartney PASSIONATE ABOUT: Making ethical fashion choices. Whatever I decide to wear must come from a place and source of compassion. This is what makes me feel beautiful from the inside and out. Our choices as consumers speak louder than words, so please make more compassionate choices with any clothes or accessories you purchase. In other words, act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly and you will change the world! WHEN DID TOU START MODELING? At the age of 15, when I was selected to participate at a local fashion show. From there I joined a local talent agency in Pittsburgh and worked on more modeling jobs. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST BREAK IN THE INDUSTRY? Back in 2012, when I was selected to represent the USA in Top Model Worldwide. It opened a lot of doors and gave me the opportunity to walk in London Fashion Week. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM MODELING JOB? To model for a designer like Stella McCartney. 84 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

THE BEST COMPLIMENT YOU'VE EVER RECEIVED? A photographer I have frequently worked with once told me she enjoyed photographing me because of my chameleon-like looks that blend beautifully into whatever essence, style or genre of fashion shoot we were doing at that moment. I felt so flattered!

WHO IS YOUR SUPERMODEL CRUSH? I don't have a supermodel crush, but I do admire many inspiring individuals who have become role models and trailblazers for veganism, such as Pamela Anderson and Joaquin Phoenix. WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOU? When the world heals from the pandemic, I plan on continuing to model forever and to write and hopefully help the world find an end to animal cruelty, experiments and exploitation. PLEASE PROVIDE ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA INFO: Instagram @kathrynkovach Photography|John Kovach, Location|Photo on this pg. Clearwater Beach, Florida Photos on second page shot at Location|MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa Florida

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 85




WHEN DID YOU START MODELING: 7 years ago WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST BREAK IN THE INDUSTRY? Walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week 5 years ago. CURRENT ENDEAVOR: Working at a salon. WHO IS YOUR SUPERMODEL CRUSH: Tyra Banks FASHION MUST HAVE: Purse WHAT IS YOUR DREAM MODELING JOB: Vogue FAVORITE DESIGNER: Kendra Scott (jewelry) SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook and Instagram JJJKingGirls PASSIONATE ABOUT: Hair styling

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM MODEL JOB: Modeling with my sisters in Paris (Paris Fashion Week) MY STYLE IS: Feminine & vintage. WHEN DO YOU FEEL MOST BEAUTIFUL? CURRENT ENDEAVOR: After washing my face. Working on a Bachelors Degree. WHAT'S NEXT FOR YOU? FASHION MUST HAVE: Lipstick Graduating college and finding internships. FAVORITE DESIGNER: Teuta Matoshi SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook and Instagram PASSIONATE ABOUT: Women's Rights. JJJKingGirls

Lynn King

86 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Marie King

Photographer|JAC King Photography, Designer|Why Dress, Hair/Makeup|Jaime King

Nicole King


Photographer|JAC King Photography, Designer|B Darlin Hair/Makeup| The French Twist Salon in Shreveport, Louisiana

Photographer|JAC King Photography, Designer|Eliza J, Hair/Makeup|Jenna King


Sabina Mach

Sabina Mach can be seen in the action/sci-Fi feature film THE PERFECT WEAPON opposite Steven Seagal. She also landed supporting roles in crime drama movie LA RUSH starring Elijah Wood, and the thriller FATALE with Hilary Swank. Her unique ethnically ambiguous look has led to success modeling for Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, and Guess. It has also led to success in in music videos where she has worked with artists like Halsey and Post Malone. @sweetlittlesugarplum, @iamsabinamach Photography|Sara Katz For Moschino

Rachel Ashley Johnson Instagram: rachelashleyjohnson Photographer|Dirk A, Instagram: supercarfocusdotcom

Paige Mallon

Photographer|AJ Johnson, A.Johnson Photography, Jackson, TN

Valerie Bruno

Instagram: @valeriebruno.model Photographer: @jnh.portraiture Makeup Artist: @wickedmakeupboston

Brianna Gonzalez

Photographer| Joanna Prisco IG @joanna.prisco @thebutterflyphotography H/MUA|Carissa Swany IG @carissaswan @swanxkids Edit/Digital Creator|Anita Surma IG @anitasurma @thebutterflyphotography

Paige Mercer Photography|Peter Theis

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 87

Gladys Featured Artists

Hurricane Girls

Hurricane, also known as Hurricane Girls, are a pop-R&B Serbian girl band ,consisting of three members: Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević. Passionate about music, dance and fashion. They sing mostly in English; although they have also sung on occasion songs in their native language Serbian. Hurricane aims to be recognized globally; In September 2018 they collaborated with Hollywood producer Stephen Belafonte. Following their participation in the 2020 edition of Beovision, they were representing Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, with the song "Hasta La Vista" (24 Millions of Views on YT ). However, on 18 March 2020, the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On 23 November 2020 it was confirmed that Hurricane is selected to represent Serbia in the 2021 contest with "Loco Loco" and here they are being selected as Featured Artists for GLADYS Magazine serving an absolute fantasy. Hurricane Girls ( IG @hurricane_official ): Ksenija Knezevic, Sanja Vucic, Ivana Boom Nikolic Director of Photography|Photographer, Producer and Creative Director: Djordje Bukvic, Make up|Marija Jolic and Jelena Cvetanovic, powered by JASMIN Hair|Aleksandar Suljic ( AleAlehandro) and Branko Bogicevic, Animation|Special thanks to endlessly talented MILENA STANKOVIC Assistant of Photography|Ilija Ristic, Uros Marjanovic, Location|Happy House Mermaids tails and crop tops CUSTOM MADE by Marija Vitez Fashion Design., Editorial Stylist|Hana Olajic Fashion|jewelry, Katriel, Dresses|Hana Olajic Fashion, Pastel Swimwear|Marija Vitez

88 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

G ladys

Sun, Cruise & Fun



BECCA Swimwear Brand BECCA Launches BCA by Rebecca Virtue Diffusion Line Popular swimwear brand, BECCA loved by many including JoJo Fletcher, launched today a chic new diffusion line, BCA by Rebecca Virtue available at Walmart.com! Designed for the modern woman, BCA by Rebecca Virtue offers premium style and quality at an unbeatable prices! From asymmetrical bikinis to bold one-pieces and cover-ups, the line is sexy and sophisticated with prices ranging from $16 to $25, sizes S to XL.

COCO & EVE Bronzing Face Drops $27.90 cocoandeve.com BALI BODY Clear Self Tanning Water $28.95 us.balibodyco.com

LOUIS VUITTON ON THE BEACH Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud created the fragrance in Grasse, France – the cradle of perfumery – to capture the emotions of a day on a sunny beach. us.louisvuitton.com BECCA

STEPHEN SILVER FINE JEWELRY These earrings feature two splendid, strawberry-hued rubellite tourmaline cabochons (11.73 total carats), framed by a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds (0.62 total carats). shsilver.com

Kole- Off White Studded Sandal $90

Idrah - Dark Sand Embossed Leather Sandals $120

Brycen - Teal Multi Tie Die Canvas Sneaker $80 COCO & EVE Healthy Hair Bundle $65.40 cocoandeve.com

DOLCE VITA 2021 From upgraded essentials in cool silhouettes with fresh details to chic platforms, sporty slides, and strappy knotted sandals featuring sculptural hand-crafted detailing. This season is truly a dream. dolcevita.com Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 89


PARIS FASHION WEEK HAUTE COUTURE SS21 Collection printemps été / Spring Summer 2021 LA MÉTAMORPHOSE (Fleurs de Ville)

The flowers of rebirth and renewal bloom in the tropical garden of La Métamorphose for this spring summer 2021 couture collection. Light, airy, delicate dresses in which silk, chiffon and embroidered tulles mingle ; hand-cutted petals embellish the shoulders of the evening gowns. The colors are frank, assumed, like the desire to return to recklessness and sweet summer dreams. Like an outbreak, we go from pastel blue, to nude pink, to powder violet, then come fuchsia and royal blue, symbol of rebirth. An assuredly joyful and romantic collection. The collection is made only with fabrics made in France, Ewa and Margaret, the designers, once again underline their attachment to France and to French know-how. lametamorphose.eu 90 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 91

92 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 93

94 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 95

Photography|Brett Martelli

SUPERMODELS Paris, Summer, Emma, Madison & Sass


96 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021


Madison Carter with Supermodel Avadora Mimouni showcasing Avadora’s luxury bags on the cosmopolitan nyfw runway at Gotham Hall.

Katie Davis of Charjean Couture takes the Cosmopolitan runway by storm with her first collection Angles.

Brooke Miranda gorgeous in haute couture by international designer Adrianna Ostrowska exclusively at Cosmopolitan Top Model.

Kayzhia snow Showing off her new line KZ couture with headpieces by stylist to the stars Amber Snow take the Cosmopolitan Runway by storm. Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 97

98 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Golden Goddess Photography by Kuirsta and Seth LLC

Model/Hmua|Krystian Leonard Wardrobe|Oliverio’s Bridal, Prom and Pageant Boutique

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 99

100 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

G ladys Interview

WHAT IS A SOUND BATH & WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO BE PART OF IT? The Sound bath is the practice of using Audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissues and cells within the body.Playing tones that promote healing and happiness & vitality will allow DNA strands to repair themselves & sound baths are also a form of healing alternative medical practice that allows the body to heal and repair it-self. This information is why sound bath activations are so important in my life & helping heal others.

HOW & WHY DID YOU CREATE HOLY SAGE? I created Holy Sage in 2014 after taking a perfume course in L.A. with Celebrity make up artist Jeffrey Paul & taking a yoga workshop in L.A. where the beginning of class was blessed with rose water spray, Intuitively I decided to create my own organic wellness spray using quartz crystals and my own sound current and mantras.

Jenny & The City Exclusive interview CELEBRITY WELLNESS GURU


Interview by Jenny Leeser, Photos Courtesy of Gamila Smith


HOW DID YOU TRANSITION FROM STYLING ALL THE A-LIST AND HOLLYWOOD'S ELITES TO SPIRITUAL HEALING? For many years as a celebrity stylist working in so many films & TV shows I always pre set the talent & artist room with all of their outfits & accessories. I neatly presented and always did a little blessing and clearing with lavender & holy water. I would personally take some Bach remedies to be extra calm & centered for my fittings, everyone who would come into my fitting room would feel immediately at home and felt safe and could feel the relaxing environment that I intuitively created prior to their arrival. That was the beginning of me knowing that I needed to create my own luxury wellness & healing collection. I then started to focus more on my daily Kundalini yoga practice & working with crystals & essential oils & Bio photonic glass. WHY DID YOU FEEL THE NEED WHILE HAVING A SUCCESSFUL CAREER TO TAKE THE TIME TO STUDY SOUND BATHS & CHANNELING ENERGY? I went to Tej Khalsa Yoga Class at Yoga West Studio & she had a substitute, Ana Netanel who was so uplifting and high vibe. She laughed and made everyone feel so happy that by the time the class ended, I really loved her energy and started taking her teacher training classes to get certified as a sound healer. Once I finished the course, Ana asked me to do the residency with her & her group of sound healers each week in Brentwood. Once I was in residency with my teacher Ana, doing weekly yoga and workshops, Spellbound Sky had been carrying my Holy Sage energy clearing mist & crystal perfume at their store which became a customer favorite and a success for me so it was natural for me continue my studies to follow the path of energy work with my products and clearing energy before every sound bath. A lot of people who attended weekly sound bath activations were so excited to get blessed and have a clearing with a smokeless organic sage that really made them feel connected and relaxed. WHAT IS YOUR DAILY ROUTINE? My daily routine consists of a few practices: I do an online Kundalini yoga practices with Tej TV guided meditations and exercise 90 minutes in the morning. Then late afternoon or early evening I do the Amma I AM 35 minutes Program. Amma is the hugging saint who lives in Kerala India who is a humanitarian as well & I also get my holy water from her American tour programs, her meditation program is a daily meditation practice.

WHAT IS IT AND HOW DO YOU USE IT? I created Holy Sage to use instead of burning dried Sage, which is Smoky, and the Smell is particularly strong and lingers. You Hold the bottle close to your heart, place your intentions at the top of your crown chakra then shake the bottle to activate the crystal then spray around you in a circular motion. You can also spray the inside of your hands then rub together and bring up to your face-inhaling gently and exhaling slowly to activate and amplify your personal energy and ground yourself. Releasing everything that no longer serves you and creating a sacred space for yourself at home work or where ever your travels may take you. WE ALL, WELL THE WORLD HAS GONE THROUGH SO MUCH OVER LAST YEAR AND ALL THE EVENTS THAT WE ARE LIVING. WHAT ADVICE CAN YOU GIVE US TO BALANCE OUR ENERGY AND SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE? Our nervous systems have been maxed out since the start of the pandemic and all of the events we have survived. My advice is to make the time everyday as a daily practice to give thanks for everything you have. Always drink plenty of water, eat healthy, be conscious, do commit to daily meditation unplug from electronic devices, find a yoga practice that you are comfortable with, surround yourself with uplifting supportive friends and family, edit and say goodbye to people and situations that are negative, toxic and draining, everything you're searching for is already within you. My Holy Sage Holy Frequency sets and sound baths are available now in Los Angeles for & soon to be online. Instagram: @holysagela

Gladys Associate Director of Fashion West Coast and Contributing Writer Jenny Leeser, with Gamila Smith.

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 101

G ladys Interview

Jenny & The City Exclusive interview


Miranda producing in the studio for my Global syndicated podcast Inspire Change with Gunter


Award Winning Writer & Director

Interview by Jenny Leeser, Photos Courtesy of Miranda Spigener-Sapon Miranda is a multiple-award winning writer/director. A graduate of UT/Austin with a BFA in Film/Television, Miranda’s student short True was purchased and screened by L’Entrepôt Cinema in Paris, France (1997). She later directed an art magazine episode for the show Eat Art on PBS that aired in 5 US markets (Houston, Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles). In 2001, she Executive Produced/Wrote/Directed Marisa Romanov, a short that debuted that year at the International Venice Film Festival Official Shorts Selection and received Audience Choice. The short also screened that year at Berlin Film Festival in the Alternate Selection. Spigener-Sapon’s play The Flame, in which she directed in 1997, received praised by The Village Voice during its' Off-Broadway run at the former Bleecker Street Theatre in NYC and also by The Houston Press at the NY Deli Theatre in Houston, Texas. Later, in 2017, Miranda directed the 20th anniversary short-run of The Flame in Los Angeles, gaining praise from The Los Angeles Times and several blogger influencers. Miranda has produced and directed a number of local, regional and national commercial spots for television as well as documentary projects as a producer at Discovery Networks that included Walk On,, about equine/hippotherapy for the disabled. In 2018, Miranda directed the stage adaptation of her WCOP award-winning, timetravel/sci-fi/romance short story, Coffee with John, which received a glowing mention in The Los Angeles Times and Broadway World. Miranda produced/directed the documentary feature, Masculinity That Inspires Change and directed the short film The Power of Forgiveness, both acquired by Amazon. In Addition to her work in TV/film/theatre, Miranda was signed by Winterwolf Press to write a 4-book prequel series to her Marisa Romanov TV series project that is development. The first novel, Charles: A Marisa Romanov Story, to debut later in 2021. She also produces a nationally syndicated podcast on iHeartRadio, Audible, Spotify and Apple that is in its third season: Inspire Change with Gunter. Most recently, Miranda made her narrative feature film debut as a director in the feature film “Lifelines”, a noir psycho-drama starring Lew Temple, Ross Gosla, Fern Lim and Jeremy Denzlinger that takes the audience through the depths of mental illness and depression. It is set to debut in limited theatrical release plus streaming in 2021. Additionally, she is the Showrunner/Creator and Director of a sci-fi/animated/mixed-media series “Haisley” that is currently in production and will debut later from a major streaming network to be announced soon. Social Media links/handles: Instagram.com/TenaciousMiranda Twitter.com/MirandaSpigener facebook.com/mirandasapon

102 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

G ladys Interview

A panel Miranda was on Giving a Voice to the Voiceless at Book Expo Amercia 2019 in NYC with authors Jerry Pinkney who worked with MLK Jr and his family and also Sharon Robinson (daughter of Civil Rights Leader and famed baseball legend Jackie Robinson)

background or social status is…we have an uphill battle to be heard and to tell our stories, but the glass ceilings are being shattered and we must keep up and continue to the finish line!

Miranda with fellow author panelists at BookCon 2019 NYC for the Publishers Weekly.


HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU WANTED TO MAKE MOVIES? Oh man, I think I got bit by the bug very early on. I have childhood friends that remind me how I used to “direct” little mini-plays with my friends. I’d do everything from writing up a little script or just telling them the script and then we’d go through our clothes as wardrobe, pull things out of the house to use as props and “set design” and all my friends were cast in specific parts and we just perform them around the neighborhood. Sometimes we had an audience of passerbys sometimes not, but it was fun. I was probably about 5 or 6 when I started doing this. As I got a little older like around 8 or 9, I’d grab a hold of any camera I could find and shoot photo collages or sometimes play around with an old 8mm film camera for little movies. HOW AND WHEN DID YOU CREATE NOIRTAINMENT? Noirtainment started conceptualizing around 2017 as I wanted to create projects that had a “noir” aesthetic and feel. In 2019, I actually started registering, branding and building my core team. WHAT IS NOIRTAINMENT? Noirtainment Productions www.Noirtainment.com is an independent production studio that produces quality film, television and stage projects that are noir in aesthetic whether it's scripted or unscripted. The name is a play on Noir Entertainment and merging to form Noirtainment – an independent studio that creates content that enlightens, empowers, inspires, entertains and finds the light in the darkness WHAT DO YOU ENJOY THE MOST OF YOUR JOB? I think I just love writing and creating projects that not just entertain, but inspire change, hope and a deep human connection even in troubled times when there feels there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There is always light in the dark and if we can all just spend a smidge of our time to create something beautiful that gives hope to all even in the darkest times. WHAT ARE SOME CHALLENGES THAT YOU FACE IN THIS PROFESSION? TThere is a lot of elite-ism in this industry. It's tough, but you have to make your mark. If you have a dream or a goal, stick with it and persistence is key. As women, we ARE all minorities…no matter what the color of our skin or

WHAT MAKES A SCRIPT A MOVIE? WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR? Great question and I may have to answer in parts. First, a script is the paper once you’ve gotten it out of you and then you go through a few revisions to get it where it needs to be to start pitching or developing it for the screen. Second, film (and television) is a very collaborative medium with many moving parts and people to get it to the point that you end up seeing on the screen. Finally, whereas your choice to go a traditional route by having the script shopped around by your agent/manager or you decide to go the independent route…there will be a long journey of more changes, casting, producers, etc, that will come on board with you to shape into what will be a movie. If you ever read a script of release film or show episode sometimes you remember everything you read actually on the screen, but then other times or sometimes there is rewording or scenes cut or scenes flipped around. This happens because once its in development and headed towards production, the script takes an organic form. It is no longer just words on paper, but it's brought to life by the actors who invest their skill in the characters, the scenes and settings/locations are now a true visual you can watch (or in a way visit with your imagination), the music score makes you feel a level of emotion, etc. I can go on, but this is a glance into the ingredients of the soup — from concept idea to script to development/ production/post and eventually to the viewer in distribution. TELL US ABOUT YOUR LAST PROJECT HAISLEY? Haisley started out as a project that my manager brought to me through the production arm of his management company in the middle of the lockdown in April. All production had shutdown and everyone as you know was concerned about working and paying bills. The idea was to launch an animation division of Noirtainment. I was a little leery about taking on another project, and animation is new to me, but my team at Noirtainment includes DeVonna Prinzi, she is our Director of Creative Affairs and an Executive Producer on the project. She was key in the hiring of our animators, VFX artists, editors, etc to get this project off the ground. Haisley is a 100% virtual production from the writers room to each department of production. It is a mixed-media meaning we have animated characters that inhabit and navigate through a real world environment and locations. The story is a noir/sci-fi series that follows a strong young female, a precocious 7 year old named Haisley when she awakes in a strange alternate universe and encounters individuals, creatures and beings that she has to learn to trust in order to find her way back home and with her father. These beings include a Raven and a talking Saxophone. This project is part of a larger project that I can’t discuss publicly yet, but it takes you on a journey that will make you think about how you view life, those around you and the importance of the human connection. You can follow the series here at HaisleySeries.com. WHAT ADVICE DO YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE WHO IS PURSUING YOUR CAREER? JJust be strong, stick with it and don’t give up. This business is tough and can even be mean at times, but you don’t have to feel like anything is out of reach. With a good attitude and if you are nice to everyone (the best you can) even when it is challenging and people aren’t so nice to you… you never know what lies in the road ahead. Stay grounded, but keep your dream in clear view and you will get there. Also appreciate the little things, those little accomplishments that might not seem like much, but actually can be huge and a blessing in disguise in the big picture of your career as you keep moving forward! Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 103




Natasha Calis

KNOWN FOR: The Possession, Nurses SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram.com/natashacalis twitter.com/natashacalis


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Francis McDormand. IF I HADN’T BECOME AN, ACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN: Lawyer THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU  ARE: Adventurous, compassionate, spontaneous. 

WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? We recently finished filming season 2 of Nurses. Still waiting for a release date but I'm so excited for it to come out! Season 1 can be streamed on Hulu and Peacock as well as NBC's website and GlobalTV in Canada. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? I'd love to do an action movie! A Laura Croft Tomb Raider type of role would be a dream of mine. 104 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography|Noah Asanias




Photography|Anton Komar



FAVORITE APP: Instagram INSPIRED BY: Jessica Alba

Amber Lee Diamond

KNOWN FOR: MTV’s hit reality dating show ARE YOU THE ONE? SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: @amberleediamond


Alondra Delgado

KNOWN FOR: Playing Vanessa Montes on The CW’s All American. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: You can find me @ialondradelgado on Instagram.


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: The greatest influences on my career are: Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Nicholas Sparks, Steven Spielberg. I admire them so much!

THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: The greatest influences on your career are: My family.

IF I HADN’T BECOME AN ACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  If I wasn’t acting, I would be a lawyer or a doctor.


THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU ARE: Passionate, perfectionist, perseverant.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU ARE: Bubbly, compassionate, fierce.


I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... My children. WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? Can’t disclose… but it includes roses and tiny socks. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? Travel show where I trek across the world with my family one meal at a time.

WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? I’m currently still working on All American. You can catch new episodes of Season 3 every Monday. I also have two feature films that should be coming out soon called Aimee and Safe House, so be on the lookout for those. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? I would love to play a strong female lead in an award-winning motion picture. Photographer|Tim Schaeffer Photography @timschaefferphoto Hair and Makeup|Johnna J. Perez @johnnajmakeup Styling|Sean Dylan Perry @seandylanperry

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 105


MUSIC OF THE MONTH: Too many to name. I have way too many playlists. But never country or metal. FAVORITE APP: Instagram close second is Amazon.  INSPIRED BY: My daughter. 

Emma Caulfield Ford

KNOWN FOR: I am best known for my iconic role of Anya on the cult classic Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My other credits include Once Upon a Time, Supergirl, Royal Pains, Fear of the Walking Dead, Beverly Hills 90210, and Training Day and Marvel Studios WandaVision. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram: @EmmaCaulfieldOfficial Twitter: @Emmacaulfieldofficial


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: Those who hire me vs those who don’t. IF I HADN’T BECOME AN ACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  Child Psychologist 

Photographer|Dean Foreman ,Hair|Robert Steinken, Makeup|Motoko Honjo Clayton


Photography|Karri Bowman



MUSIC OF THE MONTH: I’ve recently discovered Londrelle, and I’ve been vibing to him nonstop. His music is about self love and positivitywhich is what I’m all about these days. FAVORITE APP: Instagram INSPIRED BY: Oprah. A woman who came from nothing and built the life she wanted. She didn’t let her circumstances or environment stop her from achieving every dream she envisioned for herself. She was one of the first people who taught me about the power of the mind. Not to mention the Oprah show was one of my first modeling jobs in Chicago!

Alise Willis

KNOWN FOR: Stars on the BET + series Ruthless SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram - sheisaliseshaunte, Twitter-alisewillis123, Website- alisewillis.com


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: I’d have to say Tyler Perry and the producers at Tyler Perry Studios for giving me my first shot as a series regular actress. IF I HADN’T BECOME AN ACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  I honestly don’t know what I would be doing if I weren’t acting. Acting is my passion. It’s what I was born to do. I’d be doing something artistic for sure. I’d probably be behind the camera as a director. Or possibly still in fashion. THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU  ARE: Optimistic, fun, spiritual.


I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... Regina King. If I could just shadow her for a day, pick her brain and get as much advice and knowledge as I could. Wow, talk about a real talent. She’s an amazing director and actor. I just love everything thing about her. I dream to work with her in the future.

WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? I’m not allowed to talk about it.

WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? I wrapped season 2 of Ruthless a few months ago. Hoping to film season 3 soon!

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? To make a third season of Bandwagon but with deep pockets.

WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? Being directed by Steven Spielberg and acting alongside Viola Davis.


106 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Vincent Vallejo, VP Pictography

Photographer|Tim Schaeffer Photography @timschaefferphoto Hair and Makeup|Allison Noelle @allisonnoellemakeup




MUSIC OF THE MONTH: Ashnikko FAVORITE APP: My favorite app is definitely Pinterest because I often spend a couple hours on it organizing my thoughts and artistic interests. INSPIRED BY: Im heavily inspired by Margot Robbie’s film career.


MUSIC OF THE MONTH: Ella Fitzgerald and big bands in a continuous loop. FAVORITE APP: TikTok INSPIRED BY: Joni Rogers-Kante, owner and founder SeneGence International™ and Maria Ardita, a principal scientist and mentor.

Vince Spinnato

KNOWN FOR: Being a cosmetic chemist and certified nose/perfumer to the stars, in addition to developing hundreds of skincare products for private brands, doctors, and retail companies. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: mypursuitofbeautythebook.com vincespinnato.com, vincenzoskincare.com, facebook.com/vincespinnato facebook.com/My-Pursuit-of-Beauty-1453800758263572 instagram.com/vincespinnato/, twitter.com/vincespinnato


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: Coco Chanel, Elizabeth Arden and Estee Lauder. IF I HADN’T BECOME A CHEMIST, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN: A career in meteorology, a subject that continues to fascinate me. THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU ARE: Irreverent, loyal and dedicated.  I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... The hottest, most handsome, most fit male model and see what it feels like to turn heads. WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? My newly released memoir “MY PURSUIT OF BEAUTY” and Caviar & Diamond, the first skincare line under my Vincenzo brand. It’s made from real caviar and real diamond that rejuvenates the skin for a more youthful appearance. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? I am currently creating a perfume for the family of a legendary Hollywood star that will debut in 2022.

Emma Norton

KNOWN FOR: My acting, style, my characters, and my special-effects makeup looks on TikTok. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: TikTok: @emmanortss, Instagram and Twitter: @ emmanorts, Snapchat: @enorts_18


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: Lady Gaga and Margot Robbie are my most influential celebrities. Lady Gaga because she is uniquely multi-talented (singing, acting, style). But, more importantly, I admire how she gives back to the world and to communities in need of resources and support. She’s so unapologetically herself. Margot because of her film career and poise as a person. The versatility of the characters she's played and their power is exactly the kind of career I dream of having. IF I HADN’T BECOME AN ACTOR/INFLUENCER, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  I would pursue other avenues within the performing and visual arts and fashion. In fact, I very much hope to create my own fashion and makeup lines. I also dabble in songwriting - something else I’d like to pursue formally down the road. THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU  ARE: Passionate, driven, and kind. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... Definitely Lady Gaga. Her life is filled with so much variety and I'm sure it takes constant drive. It would be so invigorating. Every day I work towards one day having a career like hers. To actually experience it firsthand would be a whole new level. WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? I’m working a lot on brand partnerships and charity work! WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? My dream project is to play a villain or antihero in a Marvel or DC film. Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 107




MUSIC OF THE MONTH: Bob Marley, Three little Birds FAVORITE APP: Daily Calm, Tamera Levitt INSPIRED BY: Brenee Brown, Tyra Banks, Mariah Carey, Viola Davis, Shonda Rhimes

Gwendolyn Osborne

KNOWN FOR: Actor, Entrepreneur SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: IG: @itgwendolyn @lomolique, twitter: @itsgwendolyn FB: Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: In the beginning it was my older sister, Jude who was a theatre major at Italia Conti in London. She worked her tail off to receive the last scholarship in our county at the time and got it! Mariah Carey made a huge impression on me because she represented what I looked like and her incredible songwriting skills emotionally touched what I was going through also.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU ARE: Vibrant, active, ambitious. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... Michele Obama to find out how she so gracefully maintains and handles her lifestyle. WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? My podcast Tea With Gwen where I interview Wonder Women of the world, learning how they maintain their health, wellness and beauty. My new fresh, luxurious, antiaging and hydrating facial oil Lomolique is being recognized as we chat. lomoliqueskin.com WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? To work with Shonda Rhimes in my home town Bath, England on the Netflix series Bridgerton as a series regular. Hey Shonda after working as an Amazon in Wonder Woman 1984 Im ready for any set! 108 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photographer|Dean Foreman, Makeup|Jourdan Loving Hair|Matilde Campos, Hidden Crown Extensions Styled by|Lisa Cera for Crosby Carter Management @lisacstyles

IF I HADN’T BECOME AN ACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN: Music, business or Motivational speaking - Wait I'm doing all of those already!

Photographer|Ryan West, Grooming|Laura Arango




MUSIC OF THE MONTH: “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis and “The Best” by Tina Turner. Having a big 80’s love song moment! FAVORITE APP: Spotify! I’ve just made the transition from Apple Music and I’m obsessed with the Daily Mixes. I feel like I’m a little late to the party on that but happy to be here! INSPIRED BY: My Mom and Tina Fey. And my Dad.

Dominique Druckman KNOWN FOR: HBO's Fake Famous SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: @dominiquedruckman


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, Kristen Wiig, Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell. IF I HADN’T BECOME AN ACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  A Painter, but live in France and really commit to the serene painter lifestyle. THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU  ARE: Playful, hard-working and hungry. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... Michelle Obama. I love her and her podcast and would just love to meet some of the influential and inspiring people she works with. WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? Fake Famous on HBO. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? A reboot of Friends where I get to play the Rachel Green role- Jennifer Aniston.



Adam McArthur

KNOWN FOR: Voicing Marco Diaz on Star vs. the Forces of Evil and Yuuji Itadori on Jujutsu Kaisen.   SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram, Twitter and TikTok @ninjamac


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: My martial arts instructors. They instilled philosophies and ways of thinking in me that have helped me believe in myself and persevere when facing challenges. IF I HADN’T BECOME AN ACTOR,  I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  A career in mixed martial arts. THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU  ARE: Adventurous, fun, and thoughtful. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... The President of the United States. WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? I’m currently working on an anime show called Jujutsu Kaisen, where I voice the main character, Yuuji Itadori. It’s streaming now on Crunchyroll and HBO Max. WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? I would love to work on an iteration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one day. I’d like to be Donatello.

Photographer|Christopher Brown, Makeup|Deborah Isshac, Stylist|Tatiana Isshac, Hair|Arsineh Ghazarian, Dress| Rodarte (@rodarte), Pumps|Free Lance (@freelance_paris) , Necklace|icandirocks (@icandirocksjewellry) Rings|icandi rocks (@icandirocksjewellry), Ruminations Studio (@ruminationsstudio) Bracelets|Ruminations (@ruminationsstudio), Showrooms|@thepop.group, 626fashionhaus

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 109

Photography|Jim Fabio


Photographer|Dean Foreman, Makeup|Ashely Donovan, Hair|Matilde Campos



QUICK SOUNDBITES: MUSIC OF THE MONTH: Ben Howard Collections from the Whiteout

FAVORITE APP: Morpholio Board (for interior design) and Instagram INSPIRED BY: Eugene and Dan Levy

Jenny Cooper

KNOWN FOR: Virgin River, Greys Anatomy, Open Heart SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram: @jencoop111


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: Definitely my parents, who were huge movie and theatre buffs. Also, I went to a program at Northwestern University the summer after 10th grade that changed my young life and affirmed for me that this was the direction I wanted to go in career-wise. And then just really amazing theatre and film experiences that moved me and made me want to strive to keep working and honing my craft. IF I HADN’T BECOME ON ACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  Interior Design. Well, I don’t know that I would have chosen it back then, but if I changed directions now, that’s where I’m drawn. THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU  ARE: Sensitive, loyal, determined. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF...Michelle Obama! WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? I am developing a few projects that I am writing and producing and renovating my house, which is always fun. But loud! WHAT IS YOUR DREAM PROJECT? There are so many amazing actors and directors I would love to work with. It would be a dream to work with Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Amy Adams, and directors Sam Mendes and Sophia Coppola, to name a few. 110 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Dr. Kevin Khalili

KNOWN FOR: Trying my best SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram: instagram.com/drkhalili.thrive/ Facebook: facebook.com/watch/drkhalili.thrive/


THE GREATEST INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER ARE: The greatest influences on my career are Don Harrison, DC, Ph.D., and Deed Harrison, DC. The late Don Harrison was the founder of Chiropractic Biophysics, and his son, Deed Harrison, is the current president of the organization. They found a way to standardize the spinal assessment and the appropriate protocols for intervention via proven peer-reviewed research. Even though it is the most researched method in the profession, less than 1% of today's chiropractors are certified Chiropractic Biophysics doctors, most likely due to the additional expense, time, equipment, and study. Despite the extra effort required, I am optimistic that more chiropractors will realize the importance of learning this method for the sake of their patients. IF I HADN’T BECOME A CHIROPRACTOR, I WOULD HAVE CHOSEN:  If I hadn’t become a chiropractor, I would have tenaciously been persistent in finding a way to become one. I am so proud to be a chiropractor and knew this was my path in grade school. It is the only thing that I ever wanted to do, and I feel like it was my destiny.   THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE WHO YOU  ARE: Generous, passionate, open-minded. I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND A DAY IN THE SHOES OF... I want to spend a day in the shoes of Hippocrates. He is best known as the father of medicine, but many people don't know that he was also a chiropractor and a naturopath. He also walked the talk and lived to over a hundred years of age. Here are a few of my favorite quotes by him: “Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases.” “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” “All disease begins in the gut.” WHAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT YOU ARE WORKING ON? One of my greatest passions is the game of tennis. Unfortunately, the game is very hard on the body, and I frequently see injuries from this amazing sport. I am working on a second book that will empower players with the ultimate off-court handbook to help prevent injuries and increase performance while on the court.


Gladys Wine & Dine

The art of sipping and dining outdoors! by Karen Holly Berliner With hope, spirit and a sprinkling of grace and finesse, we are all beginning to rise above a tough year and return to the joys of life. Why not plan an outdoor jaunt in a park, a botanical garden, even your own backyard and enjoy a few delightful treats with friends, family or anybody you desire? Everyone likes a nice hearty bread, perfect as the air still has a bite and a breeze and the weather thanks to Mother Nature, decides what it wants to deliver next. This signature artisan bread is fermented for at least 14 hours and slow-baked culminating into a delightfully rich flavor and crusty texture; enter The Rustik Oven™. Using an authentic and traditional European baking process, baked in stone ovens and being non-GMO project verified bread, you can be health conscious without compromise of flavor. Perhaps a lovely bite such as prosciutto with brie and raspberry jam on bread; toast the bread, Slice the prosciutto into slivers and spread some jam on the toast, topping it off with cheese and prosciutto. If you’re looking for something more brunchish, try lox breakfast toast; using the Rustik Hearty Grains and Seeds variety, cream cheese, capers, chives, a garlic clove, smoked salmon and arugula, chop the capers, chives and garlic into small pieces, add the chopped mixture to cream cheese, then mix it all together. Toast the bread and add a schmear of the cream cheese mixture onto the toast. Place slices of salmon on top of the toast, then add arugula and voilà! This artisan bread is available nationwide so start planning recipes your style and taste and enjoy every last bite! therustikoven.com Who doesn’t love a little chocolate treat? Or even more than a little. Stock up on some decadent chocolates from Maribel Lieberman of MarieBelle, New York. Enjoy delights such as the New York City themed ganache (a real morale booster) or perhaps a thermos full of their famous Aztec Hot Chocolate along with some of their signature brownies. Their fine art edibles are made in their Brooklyn factory with retail locations throughout NYC and Japan! Rich and creamy truffles, artisanal ganache are also fabulous choices. Take in the beautiful and detailed edible art work on the face of the chocolate, an unexpected treat. Made with Criollo cocoa beans, Tahitian vanilla, Japanese matcha and Puerto Rican rum, the taste reflects these fine ingredients with every bite. Feeling ready to take your experience on the road? MarieBelle New York introduced a High Tea concept which allows customers to enjoy this British tradition while indulging in chocolate bites, chocolate fondue, scones and assorted finger sandwiches such as salmon and dill cream cheese. A cacao bar in the rear of the Soho store, serves desserts, pastries and hot chocolate. mariebelle.com

Sipping with GRACE Marini(que) or Quarantini Beginner: Equal parts blanc rhum and dry vermouth Dash of orange bitters (optional) Stir in mixing glass with ice until desired dilution is achieved. Pour into stemmed glass with lemon peel. Advanced: 1.5 oz blanc rhum .5 oz dry vermouth .5 oz blanc vermouth .5 oz fino sherry Tiniest pinch of salt Bar spoon of Suze Stir in mixing glass with ice until desired dilution is achieved. Pour into stemmed glass with lemon peel. Mai Tai 1 oz Aged Rhum Agricole (Clement VSOP) 1 oz Chairman’s Reserve 1 oz French lime juice .75 Clement Liqueur D’Orange .75 oz of orgeat (almond syrup) Shake with pebble ice if available and pour into glass. Top with more ice and garnish with mint and nutmeg if desired. Mahina Spritz 1 oz Mahina Coco 1.5 oz Bruto Americano 4 oz dry sparkling wine 1 oz soda water Build over ice in wine class. Garnish with citrus. Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 111


Gladys Dreams Stars

112 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photographer|Kuirsta and Seth LLC,Model|Krystian Leonard Hmua|Krystian Leonard, Wardrobe|Oliverio’s Bridal, Prom and Pageant Boutique

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 113


Gladys Dreams Stars

114 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography|SOTO Academy Dream Star Model|Luissa Gallegos HMUA|Dulce Jaime

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 115


Dreams Stars Stars Gladys ladys Dreams G

116 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photographer|Kristina Phelan Photography Dream Star Model|Bailey Rose, Location|Lakeside Venues

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 117

Dream Star Finalists

Kennedy Fox

Isabella Barrett

Aline Corona

Janie Martin

Photography|Get Media Ready

Photographer|Tuan Pham, :Facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006434106307 Instagram: instagram.com/tpmagic_man/

Photographer|Getty Images Photographer Bennett Raglin instagram.com/benragphoto?igshid=1qo6ny2yzw6zi

Photography|ADJ Media in Alpharetta, GA

Peyton O’Kelley

IG@princesspeypey09 Photography|Brittany Leigh Photography, Designer|Lauren Girl Couture

Haley Poe

Instagram: haley_grace_poe Carlos Velaz Photography

Ruth Kamp Photographer|Luis Omar Cajigas

Amy Lamb Dean Kramer Photography

118 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys Girl Finalists

Gladys GRACE Issue

Alley Blackmon

Rylie Celo

Photographer|Terrence Smith, Mobile AL , Make and Hair|Alley Blackmon

Photographer| Haley Rosa Photography

LaLa Maldonado A. Johnson Photography

Miranda Rayne

Instagram @miranda_rayne_model Facebook @MirandaRayneModel

Molley Blackstone Photography|Ed Blackstone

Jordyn Nicolosi Hutcheson Photography facebook.com/hutchesonphotography

Zoe Clifton A. Johnson Photography

Kennedy Grace Photography|Red Bird Photography

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 119


120 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photography|Piper Schofield, Sandycreek Studio Gladys Girl Model Faith Schmur, Gowns: D. I. Bridal Boutique Make-up|Sydney Seezox, Hair|Lexi Kaffalas, Gene Seezox Salon

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 121


Breckyn MAY

122 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Photographer|Meagan Gilbert Photography, Gladys Girl Model|Breckyn Bussey HMUA|Ashley Urban Artistry

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 123


Selah JUNE

124 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

Gladys Girl Model|Selah Price, IG: @selahmp123, FB: Selah Price Photographer|Lisa Weaver Photography IG: @lisaweaverphotography, FB: Lisa Weaver Photography

Gladys GRACE Issue 2021 125

G ladys Interview

Jenny & The City Exclusive interview FOUNDER OF HAPPYBOND

Anja Skodda

Interview by Jenny Leeser, Photos Courtesy of Anja Skodda


What is HAPPYBOND? HAPPYBOND is a Pet Healthcare Company that provides science based nutrition and health span knowledge to keep your puppy happy and healthy. How and why did you start HAPPYBOND? I started HAPPYBOND to help my own dog Tony to get back on the skateboard again. He was suffering from arthritis and due to my background as a scientist specializing in Cartilage Tissue Engineering I was able to formulate a unique supplement to get him back within a week. Our patent pending formulation helped so many other dogs to ease their joint discomfort that I started HAPPYBOND to help more dogs. Getting more and more into the Pet Industry I also realized that consumers are facing the problem of transparency and missing regulations in marketing claims. It is very confusing to navigate through the jungle of products out there. We created a science based pet company with the aim to help pet parents make the right decision, show transparency and knowledge of the whole health: Body, Mind and Play. Did you ever imagine founding a company for dogs? Not really, I worked in the lab and created 3D test systems for drug screening with Stem cells to avoid animal testing and later on founded two companies, one in Entertainment and the other in the Beverage Industry. One goal for me was always to somehow combine science with our everyday life and as a huge animal lover; my first focus was always to help them. I started with formulating nutrition and supplements for my dressage horses, but than I had to help Tony. What defines a healthy diet or nutrition for dogs? A dogs diet needs to include all 11 essential Amino-acids everyday. Those are naturally in a good source of Protein, like muscle meat, heart and liver. I prefer fresh or raw food to kibble, but either or, less ingredients, clean, no fillers artificial flavors or coloring and no preservatives is my standard. Be sure the first ingredients is meat and it comes from a good source not meat meal. The other thing is prevention; start early to support your dog’s joints, as a guideline your dog’s collagen starts declining with 2 years of age. Also support their immune system and make sure there is enough fatty acids in their diet or supplement with salmon oil or similar. A good indicator is the poop, best as little as possible and not too soft or hard. If your dog poops 3-4 times a day big piles there are most likely a lot of fillers in the diet. Tell us about the collagen, What are the benefits? Collagen is the biggest structural protein in the body. It is responsible for your connective tissue, cartilage and skin. Mammals produce it themselves, but with age the balance changes and there is a point where the decline is higher than the production. That’s when we as humans start to feel some ache in our joints and see our skin gets saggy. Supplementing with the right, high quality, hydrolyzed Collagen can induce

126 Gladys GRACE Issue 2021

the biosynthesis of collagen again to keep the balance. Make sure to add Vitamin C at the same time. HAPPYBOND combines not only a high grated hydrolyzed Collagen, but also Vitamin C, D and E, plus Hyaluronic acid and Glucosamine. You have a long successful career and elevated education, with all of this what is your highest accomplishment? To be able to help dogs! When I saw my dog running and skating again after a week, it just made me so happy. Seeing this everyday now with our customers and getting calls to thank me, is the highest reward I could dream of. What inspires you? A lot of great founders and leaders inspire me, but if I am honest my real inspiration comes from Animals and nature! The unconditional love dogs give us, they never judge, they always forgive, they live in the now and they don’t regret. I am inspired how the circle of life is functioning, or used to, before we interfered too much. This last year showed us all a way back to connect with nature and to cherish the simple things in life, like walking your dog or harvesting your own vegetables. What is a day like in your life? I usually start my day with exercise, whether a beach run, a barre class or a long dog walk. Than getting ready for work, including making breakfast for my daughter and discussing the day with my husband. At latest 9am everyone is in school or at work. My usual days included many meetings and traveling, now it’s mainly zoom calls, next to product development, interviews, team meetings and of course IG live with Nando, our chief tasting officer and beloved bulldog. My day usually ends in the office around 5-6pm but can be extended to some to catch up after 8pm, when my daughter sleeps. I try to put some time for creative thinking and of course time with family and friends, including dogs: Tell us about the collaboration with Halle Berry? I met Halle over a year ago and we talked mainly about Nutrition and health. She is a huge dog lover and has two amazing puppies. She launched her own company last summer, re*spin and I admire her for the female role model she is. We decided to create co branded products for dogs to keep them healthy. I was honored and excited to be able to work with her. We are now launching 3 Elixirs for pets, all natural and human grade. They support digestion, immunity and skin and coat IG @happybondpet , Facebook @happybondpet


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AUGUST 2021! gladysmagazine.com Photographer|Peter Müller, peterulimax@me.com, pem-photography.de Insta Main: instagram.com/peterulimax, Insta: instagram.com/petermuellerphoto, Noirstudio|facebook.com/noirstudio/, Models|Loyd Bartis, promod.org/men/lloyd-bartis/ Johanna Orthey, model-management.de/book/mai/johanna-orthey-1672

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