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Ideal tool for .OLM to .PST Converter Windows is today's most popular operating systems because of its user-friendly structure. However, many Apple lovers use Mac operating systems. The launch of Microsoft Outlook was widely accepted by these Mac users and finally there is an Email Client similar to Windows Operating System.

Need of .olm to .pst converter Today many Mac users are switching from Mac to Windows Operating systems. The major reason is pst files used in Windows Outlook are more capable of handling email files on large scales as compared to Mac Outlook. For switching from Mac to Windows, you need to convert your olm files of Mac Outlook into pst file format. Therefore Application for converting olm files to pst for Mac is an ideal tool for those Mac users who are looking for Email migration from Outlook for Mac to MS Outlook for Windows Operating system.

Available manual solution and its Drawbacks

A few years back, Mac users did not have any tool for easy and quick Email migration tool. They need to follow the manual process where they need to create IMAP account, setup Mac Outlook with this account, synchronize it to the Mac Outlook, then finally moving Mac mailbox

to this IMAP mailbox. Once the mailbox is transferred, you need to create same IMAP account for Windows Outlook and drag IMAP mailbox folder data to this Windows Outlook Inbox Folder. You need to perform these steps carefully otherwise you will lose your important files. Some of the drawbacks of this manual conversion are:

Requires technical knowledge • • •

Complicated and lengthy Risk of losing data Useless for corrupted olm files

You can download olm to pst converter free trial version and check out the following benefits before buying the full version • • • • •

convert olm files into pst files effortlessly within just a few clicks Accurate data conversion Capable of converting your large Email Mailbox Also, converts corrupted files Converts files into pst within just a few minutes

You can download .OLM to .PST Converter from Gladwev Software to solve all your problems.

Olm to PST Format  

You can download .OLM to .PST Converter from Gladwev Software to solve all your problems. Get your order online today!

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