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MISTY COPELAND Misty Copeland is an inspiration for all dancers. Misty pursued her career in ballet and is one of the best role models there is. She is the first African American principle dancer at New York city ballet company. Misty went through a lot to where she is now. She has preformed more than 10 performances as the lead role.

BILLY ROBINSON Billy Robinson is a man whose work will not be forgotten. Billy was an amazing actor and most of all, tapper. He created many new steps and combinations that have traveled through history. His most famous step is the “staircase’ . He is also most known for his role in Shirley Temple in the 1930’s. Billy will forever be a role model and his soft-toed steps will forever be timeless.

BOB FOSSE Bob Fosse was an incredible choreographer and dancer. He created art and most of all changed the style of jazz. He receive eight total Tony awards. Bobs style was sexy, stylish and easily recognized. Fosse truly resembled a dancer from the heart.

STEPHAN BOSS Stephan Boss also known as “tWitch”, is a young and up coming artist as well as star. Stephan has been on multiple shows including “So You Think You can Dance” and “Ellen”. He has changed the way hip hop moves and a new dynamic.

KIRSTIN MQUAID Kristin is a young, contemporary dancer and choreographer. She has been in popular artists music videos including Prince. She moves in a way that has no dance category. She has no walls. Kirstin currently works for a traveling dace convention called Hollywood Connection. I personally have had classes from her, she is amazing!

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The Art of Dance  

The Art of Dance