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THURSDAY 13th June 2013 EDITION 07/2013

Greetings, Kia Ora, Fakaalofa Iahi atu, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Taloha, Ki a Orana Ni Hao, Buenos Dias, Chao, Malo ni, Habari Dobar Dan, Namaste, Salam

OUR VALUE FOR THE FORTNIGHT HELPFULNESS – “doing something useful for someone else. Making life easier for us or them. When you are helpful you do things that make a difference. It may mean doing something the person cannot do for themselves”. Dear Parents and Caregivers, We have just had another hardworking and fun fortnight here at school. Welcome to all our new families and students in Intake 4 who joined us last Tuesday. This is my last newsletter for this term. Marlise and I are off to London to see our middle son Eric. Jodene, Amanda, Claire and Steph are in charge while I am away so you will be in capable hands. If you have anything you need to talk to us about over the next 4 weeks please make contact with them. PARENTS VS KIDS – FOOTBALL GAME The date is set for the Parents Vs Kids football game. It is Sunday 16th June at Gladstone school with a 2pm kick off. Please be there at least half an hour before so that we can organise teams etc. If you haven’t yet expressed an interest and wish to do so please contact Rasam at the office. So far we have 8 Dads signed up. Woohoo! HAVE YOU SEEN OUR PENCILS? Our large Values pencils are still missing. They are very distinctive so if anyone does see or hear of them please let Rasam, Dave or Judith know. Also if you are a neighbour of the school or just enjoying our grounds outside school hours and notice any unacceptable behaviour occurring please contact First Security on 0800 347 787. THANK YOU Gladstone School would like to thank the Image-centre for their generous donation of paper and card. MESSAGES FOR CHILDREN If you have messages for your children at the end of the day please can these be phoned in before 2:30pm as it is getting difficult to pass on all the messages we are getting in the 10-15 minutes before school ends. If you are caught in traffic and are late they will be sent to OSCAR to wait for you. (unfortunately if you arrive after 3:15 there will be a cost) Thanks.

STUDENTS WHO MOVE OUT OF THE GLADSTONE ZONE a message from the Board of Trustees We are again publishing our policy for students who move out of the school zone. The criteria is outlined below. This information is also on the school website so it is clear to prospective parents. •

Children enrolling at Gladstone School must live permanently within the zone and will be asked to provide proof of this (a power, phone or gas bill; a rates demand; Sale and Purchase or tenancy agreement).

If a child moves out of zone while they are attending Gladstone School please let us know of your change in circumstance immediately. All cases will be presented to the Board of Trustees for discussion and consideration.

In most instances current students will be allowed to complete their education at Gladstone however, unfortunately siblings will not be able to be enrolled.

RECEIPTS FOR DONATIONS Please note that if you pay in instalments you will be issued individual receipts for each payment. Please keep them safe if you intend to claim for them on your tax return. The school financial year runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec while the tax year runs from 1 April to 31 March. While we will try to be accommodating by providing you with a duplicate receipt when necessary, but our preference is that you take responsibility for keeping them safe. We have been inundated with requests of late and it takes valuable time to process. Thank you for your understanding. WATERWISE We are looking for parents who would like to be waterwise instructors. If you are interested please email would not open because of the excitement.

READING TOGETHER WORKSHOPS We have our final Reading Together Workshop to which all parents and caregivers are invited to attend. The workshop will focus on different ways you can help your child with their reading at home. What we will cover is applicable to all ages and reading levels. The sessions have run for approximately one hour and each session builds on from the previous one so it is important that you attend each one. We have already had two so there is one to go. Workshop date and times: Wednesday 19th June 6.30pm – 7.30pm, Staffroom If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of us at school. Kind Regards Amanda, Claire and Steph

CLASS REPORTS ROOM 23, YEAR 4; Writing A sea turtle’s world – an information report Introduction Crack! The baby sea turtles are hatching out of their eggs into the dangerous world of predators. Eggs Mother sea turtles can lay up to 100 eggs. When baby sea turtles are born they are about 7-10 cm long. The baby sea turtles use a special tooth to get out of the egg. How big are they? Baby sea turtles are a few centimetres - big enough to fit in the palm of your hand. What do they eat? Baby sea turtles eat tiny crabs and shrimp. When they are older they eat eel grass and algae. Where are they found? Many sea turtles are found in the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Laws Sea turtles are protected by law because they are endangered. Conclusion Humans are one of their predators.

They hunt sea turtles for their valuable meat and eggs. Molly McGowan

Slice of life writing Year 4 Cross Country It was a rainy day, though luckily it was only spitting. I felt all cold and soaking wet. When it was my race I was so excited. It was awesome, I enjoyed it. My heart was pounding. I had a stitch, oh no! I really had been done with when I got back. I came 25 th place. We sat down in our lines then we went back to class. Ben Thomas

Cross Country It was a cold, soggy Thursday. Everyone was waiting for their friends at the Cross Country at Gladstone. The Year 4 girls were in the waiting place doing our warm ups. We jumped, we jogged and we stretched our legs to our bottoms. Our warm up was done, it was time for the real thing. I felt really nervous. I wondered what place I would come. I thought my friend would beat me. We lined up behind the cones. “On your marks, get set, GO!” We were off. By the time we were out of the school grounds I was puffed out. I felt frustrated. I thought that it was good my friend was there. It made me confident. I wondered where Emily was, then I remembered she was in Australia. We had almost finished. I felt proud. I thought my friends did well. I wondered what my parents would think. Lucy Makinson

The Great Swimming Carnival It was the day of the Year 4 Swimming Carnival. All the birds were chirping. We stomped down to the Gladstone pool. It was a nice sunny day and Group 1 were all ready to race then “honk, honk” the hooter blew. Off they went. People cheered ‘’Yahoo, go!” They all swam back. Who would come first or second for Group 1? Their hearts were pounding, arms tired, breath panting, then Meleki and Xyon gripped onto the handle. “Yahoo,” they said with a smile on their face. Step by step I felt better. Then it was Group 2’s turn. I was shaking and hot at the same time so I decided to jump in with a big SPLASH! I dunked my head then “HONK!” the hooter blew. I swam as fast as I could. I touched the handle and swam back. I suddenly gripped on the handle and hopped out of the pool. Levi Jordan

Swimming Carnival It was Gladstone’s Swimming Carnival for the Year 4’s on Tuesday. When I jumped in the water the coldness went slowly through my body and made me shiver when suddenly “HONK” went the firing can. I dived under and struggled to move my rock hips. I started to gurgle, I knew I had to breathe. I went up and released my jaws but they

I dived back into the water and found it easier to wiggle. But I had to breathe. There was a creak in my jaws and my mouth slowly opened. Could I breathe again? So I went up, opened my mouth and a gust of wind swept into my mouth. I dived under. I was almost at the end. When I was at the end I pushed against the wall. I felt like I was falling through it. I pushed off like a bullet “Vroom!” My hips moved like nothing before. I was doing the dolphin dive. Aria Larnach

BIRTHDAYS The following students will have a birthday over the next 4 weeks. We wish you a Happy Birthday and trust you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday to: 14th June Bryn Burke Ashley Holton Flynn Holton Sofia Skinner Riley Taia 15th June Jack Dagg Court Melissa Moreira Ponzoni 16th June Jesse Burge Amanda chen 17th June Tyler Mackie Yang Yang Xu 18th June Asma Rishard Jack Salton 19th June Jessica Armstrong Carter Edwards Wesley Kirwan 20th June Benjamin Blouin Clifton Vakameilalo 21st June Zoe Burnett Wei Bin Ong 23rd June Lily Curnow Ella Mravicich-Sutton Traya Sukha Josh Werry 24th June Caitlin Church Joseph Gracie Ruby Parr Ryan Zuccani Justin Brendolise 26th June Kelvin Liu Abigail Spring 27th June Thomas Alsweiler Liam Baber Molly Eastwood Samiya Malhotra NB: Please let us know if we inadvertently miss a birthday so we can acknowledge it in the next newsletter

COMING EVENTS June 14th – Assembly Rm 23 17th – NSW Writing Test; 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme 18th – NSW Spelling Test 19th – Reading Together 6.30pm 20th – PTA Movie Night 21st – Assembly Rm 22; Rm 20 Oakley Creek 11.45am 24th – 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme 26th – BOT Mtg 7pm 27th – Newsletter No 8; Interschool Kiwikick 28th – Assembly Rm 37 July 1st – New Entrant Intake No 5; 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme 3rd – Sausage Sizzle 4th – Interschool Kiwikick saving day 5th – Assembly Rm 2 8th - 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme 11th – Newsletter No 9 12th – Assembly Rm 20; END OF TERM 2 29th – TERM 3 STARTS 8.45am; New Entrant Intake No 6 30th – Interschool Netball 31st – NSW English test August 1st – Interschool Netball saving day 2nd – Assembly Rm 14 5th - 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme 6th – Pasadena visit for Yr 6 10.3012.00 7th – Sausage Sizzle; Class/Portrait Photos 8th – Newsletter No 10 9th – Assembly Rm 33 12th - 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme; Tread Lightly Caravan Mon-Wed Yr 5/6 13th – NSW Maths Test 14th – Kowhai Int Open Day; PTA Mtg 7.30pm 16th – Assembly Rm 1 19th - 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme 20th – House Activities 21st – Senior School Speech Comp 9.00am 22nd – Newsletter No 11 23rd – Assembly Rm 24 26th – New Entrant Intake No 7; 7pm Incredible Yrs Parenting Programme 27th – Senior School SPCA Cupcake day 28th – Middle School SPCA Cupcake day; BOT Mtg 7pm 29th – Junior School SPCA Cupcake 30th – Assembly Rm 9; PTA Quiz night Have a great fortnight. Dave Shadbolt PRINCIPAL

PTA Update DISCO THANKS Thanks to everyone who came along to the Junior and Senior ‘White Out’ Discos a few weeks back. Lots of the kids said it was the best disco they had ever been to at school, so big ups to Bruce for the great music and videos and to all the kids who came along and had a great time dancing and hanging out with their friends and teachers. Thanks also to the teachers and awesome team of parent helpers on the night. If you are happy to help out occasionally at future PTA events like this, please email us at: The next disco is for Halloween, so mark Friday 1st November on the calendar now… it’s always a popular one. BIG THANKS A big ‘thank you’ to John Covich for his on-going support for our regular Wednesday sausage sizzles that raise funds for specific curriculum and extracurricular areas. With John covering the costs of the sizzles we are able to contribute all the proceeds back to the school, which is a significant increase in fundraising. Thanks again John. AND, if you are able to help the sizzle team once a month with either serving or cooking sausages, please let us know as we would dearly like a few more helpers in order to keep the sausage sizzles running. Please mail us on: if you are able to help, or pop in to see Rasam and leave your contact details. And, another big thanks to Gladstone parent Denise Culley who audited the PTA accounts for us again this year. Most appreciated Denise! PTA PROJECTS A few people have asked how the PTA decides how to spend the money that is raised through various big and small fundraisers throughout the year. Generally we work to support the school’s key projects or wish-list items. We discuss projects that are suitable for PTA support, generally tangible items that the school community can ‘see’ and the PTA members vote on this. This year’s main project is the new senior playground/all-weather fitness area, which has now been built down by the school pool. Last year it was the new junior playground by the new classroom block. Generally PTA funding is used for items over and above what the school is funded to provide by the Ministry of Education – it’s the ‘extras’ that make our school such a vibrant and engaging environment. We also fund lots of ‘little’ things, like wet weather games, netball uniforms, school flags, and items to support learning, like new reading materials and electronic whiteboards for the classrooms. So it’s a really eclectic mix of needs and wants. For a list of other PTA-funded items there is a board on the wall by the staffroom entrance. Any thoughts on future projects can be sent to or come along to a monthly PTA meeting and share your ideas. The next meeting 14th August, Ph 09is:845Wednesday 5225 7.30pm in the Cellstaffroom. 0274 230 173

JOIN US The Gladstone PTA currently has 6 members and is keenly seeking some new faces. In a school with 840+ kids I’m sure we can do better than this! If you want to make a difference to your school, have fun and meet some new people along the way then we’d love to see you or feel free to drop us a line on and have a chat about what’s involved… it’s probably a lot less than you would think! Likewise, we’d love to see more names on our casual Friends of the PTA list. Thanks to those who have signed up already, I think we have about a dozen great helpers, some of who helped at the disco and the last sausage sizzle, so thanks team!  Email us on: and we’ll add you to the list for occasional SOS help requests! Quiz Night The Gladstone Quiz night is a popular social event on the parent calendar and is coming up on Friday August 31st. For new parents it’s also a great way to meet some new people – so get a class table together and put it on the calendar. There is always a lot of fun, some mad dress ups, covetable auction items… and of course the quiz! More info and ticket details to come. Thanks everyone Karen Burge Chairperson

PASADENA INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL ENROLMENT WEEK AND OPEN DAYS ENROLMENTS FOR 2014 ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED Information Packs with the 2014 Enrolment Brochure and an Enrolment Form have been forwarded to your Primary School. Information about ENROLMENT WEEK: 26 August - 30 August ENROLMENT OPEN DAYS: Wednesday 28 August Thursday 29 August INFORMATION MEETING:Wednesday 28 August is detailed Brochure Prospectus website Enrolment

in the 2014 Enrolment and in the 2014 that is available on our

Parents and families are also reminded, they are welcome to visit Pasadena Intermediate at any time.

Results Board of Trustee Elections Parent representative votes in alphabetical order: Bain, Nicholas Barker, Fiona Hunter, Liz McClymont, Alastair Muller, Jayne Nash, Martyn Rutherford, Emma Schuster, Rachel Tipi, Malua Twist, Campbell Whitley, Gerry


114 256 * 253 * 90 150 164 * 86 155 261 * 104 175 *

I hereby declare the following duly elected: Fiona Barker, Liz Hunter, Martyn Nash, Malua Tipi, Gerry Whitley.

Parents seeking further information, or who would like to make an appointment to discuss the specific educational needs of their child, are asked to telephone Louise or Thelma, our Administration Staff, to arrange an appointment. Your enquiry is welcome. Families with Internet facilities are reminded that further information, including Enrolment Forms, about Pasadena Intermediate School can be accessed on our Home Page

'This IS Education for the 21st Century.' MORAY PLACE PT CHEVALIER AUCKLAND PHONE 846-2169 FAX 846-2586 EMAIL HOME PAGE ATTENTION ALL YEAR 6 STUDENTS Balmoral Intermediate 2014 enrolment process begins Term 3 Application forms, In-zone and Out of Zone will be available from Monday 29 July Open Day and Evening Thursday 8 August. More details can be found at or by phoning 096387960

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