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I love what I do. Graphic design is my passion, advertising what makes my day exciting and photography my hobby. It relaxes me and makes me feel free to experiment with anything. I consider myself a person that sets a goal and works very hard to accomplish it. What I do is what I love. -Gladys Corbala


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Tempo is a retail store with a vintage style and a young target. I developed this logo with a very peculiar thinking process, branching out from words that describe their style in a specific way to concepts slightly related to it. Next you will find 6 different logos that were proposed for the final round, all of them are illustrated in different manners.

Corcets were very sexy and well known. Playing again with the concept of the 1920s in the fashion industry.

This logo mark is based on an old perfume, one of the most iconic elements during the 1920’s.

This logo mark is based on an old camera playing with the “vintage concept� that surrounds the look and feel of the store Tempo.

Back then Dresses were very decorative and at the same time simple. I wanted to emphasize with this logo mark how elegant yet playful fashion was during the 1920s.

This is a less direct logo mark for TEMPO, I played around with words where I went from sexy, to passion to kiss.

For this logo mark I took it away from fashion and more to trendy. Television was the most new and modern technology during the 30s.

This project is a stationary system dedicated to Society of Environmental Design. I wanted to create a sense of corporate design with a hint of an environmental feeling with a very simple style. The logo was created very straight forward but at the same time a twist on the “S� creating a playful image.

This project is created based on a simple grid. The infographs inserted into each page were specifically designed for this magazing using a the-color palette that follows the overall design of the SEGD magazine. All of the the photographs are taken by me and edited in Photoshop to create a specific look and feel with interesting angles.

This project is based on a grid created by a photography, in where I used contemporary achitecture and photography to acquire interesting angles. In the entire magazine design I experimented with brushes, photography color and texture. The typography arrangement is playful and experimental, but at the same time clean and easy to read.

The Brooklyn-Manhatan posters were created for a conference held by SEGD. In both posters I set typography using the specific angles acquired by the photography I took, with interesting angles and color patterns. The two pictures on the side of the second posters are the original images before any manipulation.

This project was done with a surrealistic feeling in mind. I wanted to transform simple headshots in to surreal worlds, each of them with with their specific qualities and unique stories. This was done purely in Photoshop where I experimented with photography, color and textures. After the photo manipulations were done I insert them in a very simple frame to with typography, making the photo manipulation the most important thing.

Love is pure, Daisy is Love. This was created for the new Big Idea of Daisy Sour Cream. I wanted to transmit the purity of the cream through print by using typography and illustration together in a white platform. This gave a sense of the type melting out of the paper.

This Newsletter design is dedictated for Embracing Ambiguity, a company that promotes people to travel around the world and learn from different cultures. The most prominent design element I was trying to use was photography. Through photography I wanted to tell a story and with illustrative typography to contrast it. All of the photography was taken during my trip to Europe a couple of years ago.

Kfactory is an illustrated story book targeted to children. This was a very fun project to realize because I mixed different techniques in to one design. The texture of the background was created with a piece of cardboard and splashes of indian ink. I also used illustration to play with a humorous scene of a cookie holding a closed umbrella and the milk rain about to splash on him.

This is a book jacket and collateral created for the classic novel of 1984 by George Orwell. I was inspired by the detail of security cameras through out the whole novel. I designed this book jacet with a modernist appeal, emphasizing how something that was written long time ago and is know a reality. A well-known quote from the book happens to be one of the most important elements in the design.

This is not only a bag, it is a ready-made. The concept for this bag is that it is created with anything or everything around my environment. As a designer the materials I had around were bristol paper, illustration boards, newspaper, staples, glue and my injeckt printer. As well, the photo collage designed for the front of the bag is composed by all of the tools I used to make this bag.

This is a paper sampler for Bebeleche. This company specialize in recycable paper and vegetable paper. The problem the company had is that they anted to present themselves like who they are a green company, so there packaging is very important. The overall design of the paper sampler portrays the definition of their name “bebeleche� which is a mexican game that consists of numbers from 0 to 10.

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