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Bonding with Your Baby By Vanessa Salmons

Regional Nursing Lead, Maternal, Child, and Youth Health Northern Health

Take simple steps to ensure a close connection with your baby.

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summer 2016

Have you ever been told that carrying or holding your baby too much will spoil them? This is a common myth held by many parents and caregivers. In fact, the opposite is true! Research has shown that well-loved babies do better in every way. The first six months are an important time for you and your baby. Take time to give love, hugs, smiles and lots of reassurance. Emotional attachment is one of the keys to raising a happy, confident child. The BC Healthy Child Development Alliance ( has some simple steps you can take to help ensure a good, close connection with your baby:

Healthier You Northern Health Summer 2016  
Healthier You Northern Health Summer 2016