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Dr. Anne Pousette


Dr. Anne Pousette

DR. ANNE POUSETTE WANTS TO GET US MOVING! WE HAD THE CHANCE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HER WORK AND PASSION FOR ACTIVE LIVING. Tell us a bit about yourself and Wellness in Northern B.C. (WINBC). I was born in Prince George and grew up in a very active family. We didn’t have screens and were usually outside and active. I have a degree in medicine from UBC and started a family practice in Prince George in 1983. Since selling my practice, I’ve been involved in occupational medicine and sports injury prevention work, devoted a lot of time to volunteer work, and recently began working as Executive Director of WINBC.

and capacity into northern communities. We support research around what works in northern B.C., share knowledge with communities, and try to address physical activity education gaps that currently exist in the north. Why is physical activity important to you? It comes down to feeling healthy. I’ve come to realize both in life and in my medical practice that people feel good when they’re as physically active as they can be. As long as people are active, out, and social – even if they have medical concerns – they tend to feel good! If we don’t recognize and value the importance of physical activity, we’re going to miss all of its benefits: physiological, social, mental, cognitive, and health benefits. Physical activity brings it all! What aspect of living in northern B.C. helps you to stay healthy?

My passion for physical activity started with my active upbringing. As I watched demographics and growth charts change in my family practice, I got very concerned about inactivity. I realized that as a community, we’re not doing what we need to do to stay active and so I got involved with organizations looking to change that.

For me, it’s the ease of being able to go and do things outside. We’ve got lots of options and easy access to natural environments. Take walking, for example. There’s just so much variation in where to walk and what you can see. You can do more than walk, of course, but physical activity can be as simple as that!

WINBC was born out of the 2015 Canada Winter Games as a Centre of Excellence to help promote physical activity in the north. WINBC aims to move projects forward and get the right knowledge

My go-to trail is the Ridgeview Trail in Prince George, where we walk almost every day. In the winter, we snowshoe or put on grippers and use poles. The rest of the year, we just walk the trail.

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