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The company’s first Chevy trucks from 1969.

“We have never been out of compliance in all our years of business,” Louis says.

Operations The transfer station is equipped to handle electronic waste, wood, metal, concrete, paper, cardboard and blue box material. A shredding division was added in 2011 where confidential documents can be brought and stored in security before shredding. The electronic waste is processed in Brantford where it’s separated

for further processing as part of Ontario’s electronics stewardship program. Wood is separated and ground up to supply fuel to several greenhouses in Ontario, including the Debono’s family-owned greenhouse operation. The wood is also formed into pellets for wood stoves. Paper is sent to further recyclers to mill and re-use. Three large concrete open bunkers sit at the back of the site. From one of them a loader operator packs general garbage into trailers to be taken to landfill. Another bunker has a loader for cardboard; the third bunker is set aside for public drop off, to be hand-sorted.

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