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After proper growth is achieved, the dough is placed into forming trays and then run through one of a pair of tunnel ovens for 12-20 minutes depending what product is being baked. After baking, the finished baked goods are cooled naturally and move to a packaging line. At Line No.1 at Del’s, specifically used to pack dessert shells, the product is run through a LOMA Systems IQ3 metal detection unit before passing through a Tevopharm Type Pack VI f lowwrapper, with film supplied by Transal Wrap. The pack then has a label applied to it via a Labelling Technologies labeler with a Hitachi PM inkjet coder attached to apply best-before and lot code data. After hand-packing into corrugated cartons made by Kruger, the cases are closed by a 3M-Matic tape casesealer from 3M, which are Page 1 then moved past a Foxjet large-character car-

A six-pack of cinnamon buns passing through a LOMA IQ3 metal detection unit at the Del’s Pastry facility in west-end Toronto.

for the product to have multiple layers of consistently thin dough,” explains Lerman. “Our Radini line creates products 36 layers thin, each no more than 0.14 millimeters each.” There are three distinct sections to the Radini line, which, according to Lerman encompasses a total of 64 different stages that the dough is worked through, including: a chunker that initially cuts lumps of dough into smaller chunks; an extruder to produce a continuous sheet of dough; umpteen conveyors; f lour sifters to dust both the conveyors and the dough; a fat pump to add a continuous sheet of margarine, butter or fat; folding belts; pressure roller, cross roller; quick reducer, lapper to zigzag dough onto the next conveyor; rotary cutter to ensure proper sheet sizing; water drip units to maintain dough moisture and much, much more.

Key Point One of the key features of the Rademaker turnkey system is a set of rollers called cross rollers that imitate a rolling pin to shape and f latten the dough, ensuring a consistent thickness throughout the whole dough sheet. While possessing the important hygienic properties and low-cost maintenance, the Radini, which is spread around the separate dough-manufacturing room over an approximate area of 40-feet, is centrally controlled by an easy-to-use, Siemens Simatic Multi Panel touchscreen that has a large product information storage system. “It’s a wonderful piece of equipment that has not only helped us increase our production output,” raves Lerman, “but has also helped us achieve a higher quality, f lakier product that consumers notice.” After the dough is f lattened, it is cut and placed onto trays to enter a proofer, a separate room where the dough is allowed grow.


F R E S H like FABB R I PAC KAG ING Fabbri Automatic Stretch Wrappers produce highly attractive packages that make your products look fresh and “just packed”. Fabbri Stretch Wrappers use stretch film to package fresh sausage in preformed trays to provide an in-store wrapped appearance. They employ four-way stretch technology to produce tight, over-the-flange, wrinkle-free packages with securely sealed bottoms and a superb case presentation. And here’s something you might find even more attractive: Fabbri Stretch Wrappers can help increase your profitability. Fabbri packaging is produced using low-cost packaging materials. And when you factor in its Best in Class low cost of ownership, the Fabbri Stretch Wrapper is your most economical and affordable packaging solution. Compact and robust servo-driven Fabbri packaging machines are built for speed, versatility and the highest levels of productivity. Fabbri Stretch Wrappers can handle a wide range of tray sizes with no changeovers, producing up to 62 packs per minute. All models feature a user-friendly full-size control panel for easy operation and maintenance. Test the Fabbri at our Reiser Customer Center and see for yourself how it can improve your packaging. Contact Reiser today.




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