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claims process as well as psychological related adverse effects on client. As insurers, the answer is simple. Require specific postgraduate training from both the plaintiff IME and defense IME firms chosen doctors. Those requesting chronic pain assessments related to motor vehicle trauma or denial of chronic pain benefits related to motor vehicle trauma should have post graduate training in whiplash traumatology as well as in chronic pain from a CME (continuing medical education) or CCE (continuing chiropractic education) approved organization. The current standard in Canada is the Canadian Academy of Pain Management. Those recognized with a Diplomat in Pain Management have obtained this through several qualifying control steps (completed through the AAPM). First, the doctor must have enough CME or CCE training in pain management to be approved to sit for the qualifying examination by a panel of pain experts. Secondly,

the doctor must pass a rigorous and comprehensive multidisciplinary pain management test. Thirdly, and most importantly the doctor must maintain 100 hours of continuing education per cycle. In my view, this is just as important as pain medicine, as medicine in general is every changing and continued maintenance of education is required to ensure the best possible outcomes for those injured. By requesting this specific education from your IME assessors, the overall quality of care will be enhanced and the overall duration of symptoms along with overall disability, and need for additional benefit will be reduced.  Dr. Jason Mazzarella, DC, DAAPM, DCAPM, DAAETS, FIAMA, MVCFRA, CBIS, CMVT, CATSM, CPM, is a specialist in chronic pain and one of only 26 Pain Management Diplomats in Canada.

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OUR SIMPLE CLAIM Efficient Objective Reliable A.R.S. has the experience and medical resources necessary to effectively guide the disability management process and ensure that your client has a safe recovery to maximum rehabilitative potential.

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