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The sunny side of spring break

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Nicole Heavirland

____________________ Story by McKensey Dahlgren


1) I love Hannah Davis

2) I have a twin brother 3) My favorite food is chicken

4) I wrestled and played football when I was young 5) I love cranberry juice

6) I have Columbian heritage

7) I didn’t comb my hair until the sixth grade 8) I’ve never met anyone I didn’t like 9) I want to play basketball in college

10) I like scary movies

Page 3 March 25, 2011

pring break. That’s right kids, it’s nearing, and some of you know what’s coming for you if you have to stay in Kalispell: A disease called boredom. But boredom does not have to be chronic and mood altering. You just need some help finding things to do for a week. That is why this article will help those of you that are completely helpless in creativity. Let’s start out with categories. We can split up the things that are possible, not just imaginary...Such as? What could you possibly do with a week? See, you are probably thinking of things already. You didn’t need anybody’s help! Yet, as some of you suffer with lack of imagination, at least for spring break ideas, here are some activities you and friends can do. Unearth your spiritual side. Why not make it your goal to visit all the religious or metaphysical sites in the city? For the more adventurous side, explore your surroundings. Go on a road trip to nearby towns that you have never have been to before; explore things, make a personalized CD for the ride, and don’t forget a map! Be Indiana Jones for a day. Put yourself in Harrison Ford’s shoes and make a list of things to search for throughout town. This could be quite fun, if you bring someone to accompany you, and heck, even dress as Indiana Jones to make the best out of your adventure. Get creative! Spend your long days writing music, or creating things like clothing. You can spawn a full-on space outfit, with lame silver fabric and be the talk of the town. Take your old guitar and smash it to feel the full experience of a rock legend, even better, do it in public! Action needs an audience. You can become a sing star and take your karaoke machine to the top of a building and sing for the world to see. Be an astronomer. Pull out the trusty old telescope and scan the star filled night skies. You can always go to town and pick up garbage. Better yet, go chase ducks at Woodland Park. It’s spring; there must be mud puddles everywhere. Go take a mud bath. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is always spring cleaning. Take all your unwanted belongings to the thrift store or donate them to the Crosstown Closet. There is a multitude of things to do; all you need is to consider those things while you are wrapped in your extreme case of boredom. Work on wordplay. Impress people with obscure words and meanings; become “punny”. Some advice from The Finer Things in Life blog; eat fun food, finish projects, set goals, be a ‘yes’ person, do things you would normally say ‘not now’ or ‘maybe later’ to. No matter if you are on vacation or stuck at home, there are always things to do.


5) I love cranberry juice 6) I have Columbian heritage 3) My favorite food is chicken ____________________ 4) I wrestled and played football...

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