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10 Ways To Be ProductiveShare7TweetShare3+11 Have you ever encountered hearing the saying, “Time is gold”? Literally, it’s not what you think. Time is not a heavy yellow elemental mental of great value but a precious guide on how we live each day. Talking about beating the supposed deadlines, most people cram. It could be either a report in the office that should be submitted or a required project for a certain subject in school. Perhaps, you’ve experienced procrastinating until the last minute and had to stay up all night to finish the given task. How about considering these tips to make a change? These ways may keep you going with the pressuring, everyday jobs.

1. Organize your timetable.

Before anything else, prepare in advance. Expect for the pros and cons of your work list to avoid disappointments. The importance of using your organizational skills is to have a greater feeling of control. So, start your day early.

2. Withdraw unproductive meetings.

Meetings could be time-demanding and money-draining. If the group can achieve the desired purpose without a gathering, why should it be necessary? Withdrawing unproductive meetings is a practical way of saving effort, money and time. Alternative ways to communicate with the group include chatting them online, texting or calling them via phone and sending e-mails.

3. Interact with the people around you.

Perhaps, introverts wouldn’t understand this. But a person needs to interact with other people to freely exchange productive ideas and to be more knowledgeable of today’s latest trend. You wouldn’t want to be outdated, right? This may help you build your communicative skills, selfconfidence and self-respect.

4. Be in a clutter-free workplace.

Keeping a clutter-free workplace will greatly motivate you in work.A disorganized place is timeconsuming and may cause frustration. As the saying goes this way, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Take time handling those broom, dustpan and feather duster and observe proper hygiene. Instead of keeping a pile of documents, why not scan them for a more paperless desk? When dealing with your computer, try unsubscribing unwanted e-mails, organizing your desktop icons and having the latest virus protection software to

avert valuable losses of data. A color scheme in work which fits your taste, would also do the trick in easing your mood.

5. Utilize the advancement of today’s technology.

Using the advancement of today’s technology may help boost your effectiveness towards work. In this generation, most people use apps to help them remain on task and stay focus. Just keep searching for apps on the net that would suit your needs. shares five apps that would increase productivity, including Shoeboxed, Highrise, Speek, Keeper and Wunderlist. Start browsing and find what’s best for you.

6. Listen to good music.

Who says the world can exist without music? Nobody. Adding music to work could boost moods and focus. Studies out of the University of Birmingham, England show that music is effective in raising efficiency in repetitive work; adding some tunes when mindlessly checking online work-related stuffs or reading scanned documents could make you work faster and lively.

7. Consume healthy foods.

The things you eat affect the way you think, feel and work as it enters to your cells and releases energy to your body. According to the World Health Organization, you can boost your brain power by as much as 20% with a healthy food consumption.

8. Exercise

The health benefits of physical activity is hard to ignore. Exercising stimulates various brain chemicals that would make you feel happier and relaxed. Also, it makes your body deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help efficiently function your cardiovascular system. Busy at work? Don’t worry. Just do brisk walking during lunch time. Never forget to groove and move.

9. Sleep

Sleeping more increases your workday productivity. Take a minimum of 6 hours of deep sleep, and notice that the daily information coming at you are more likely to stay longer in your mind. Sleep your way to success.

10. Take a break.

Our mind and body needs time to rest and recharge to be more creative. Even a machine needs to stop working for a while to prevent overheating and its destruction. Vacations without work-related connections are a must-have for you to be relaxed and worr

10 ways to be productive  
10 ways to be productive  

Being productive is not at all being busy or spending more time in your work, It needs a lot of understanding, patience and practice. Be sma...