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CREATING AN ELEGANT SOLUTION FOR VERTICAL MOVEMENT DESIGN OF SUSPENDED STAIRS This project began in my Freshman year Design Fundamentals Studio. I became very interested in further applications and possible integrations of a suspended stair system throughout my undergraduate and graduate level studies at NCSU. You will find various iterations, further elaborations, and influences of this innovative stair system design and concept that I have developed throughout many projects and designs found within this portfolio. I still strive to refine the design of and construct this suspended stair concept in some future built form.

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Suspension Cables

Design a stair that is functional and beautiful. It must enhance the experience of ascending and descending. It must also create a wonderful space to be in, either on the stair or in the sub-spaces it defines and in which it exists. Simplicity and elegance of design while using standard lumber are important criteria of successful solutions for this

Loft Bedroom Balcony+ Lounge

Kitchen Area

Living Room






The Site: A two story 18' X 29' space (with walls 19'x30'), with a 14' wide loft area . Entry into the space is on the lower level along the southeast wall. Light can be emitted into the space from the north wall and the roof. Materials: The given space is constructed in standard framing construction. The stair can be built in wood only or a wood