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Photography Everywhere!

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Hi, I am Grace Khieu and I am very passionate about computer graphics designing. I also love music, and I listen to classical, and I play piano, viola and percussion. I go on a lot of trips, and I am always sure to bring a camera, because you’ll never know what you’ll find. I also make color palettes using a site called COLOURlovers. A lot of these photos you are about to look at in this magazine are either not edited at all or slightly edited. They are all taken by me. The program used is Picasa by Google. These pictures are mostly taken with a Fujifilm x10 camera.

C u p c a k es I like to bake, and I decided to take pictures of the cupcakes I made for my brother and his friends. These are lemon cupcakes, with vanilla whipped cream and topped with coconut.


I have a passion for music, and one of the many instruments I play are the viola. The shape is interesting and the lighting was great in my room while I was practicing, that I decided to do a photoshoot.

Pa p e r A i r p l a n es In 2009, I got a box of paper, with patterns on them to make paper airplanes, one for each day. Every day, I would take a picture of it. Here are a few of my favorites.

Spring break of 2010, I went on a road trip that went through Death Valley. There were many photo opportunities and terrains such as mountain and salt flats.

G ra n d C a n yo n

F low e rs a n d S a lt F l at s


H ea r s t C a s t l e

A l a s ka Wo o d l a n d

H u m p b ac k W h a l es

A l a s ka G l ac i e r s

By Grace Khieu | Student Original design Š 2013

Photography Everywhere!  

30% project 2013

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