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Inhabiting the Solid within the Solid Traditionally, a museum embodies the idea of a homogenous enclosed space exhibiting specific items; however, this project proposes an alternative experience of the museum using the journey as a device to communicate and to experience multiple perceptions of space by questioning the openness and enclosed volumes within a museum. The site has visual connections with some of Auckland’s prominent landscapes, as well as possessing great historic value, as a coastal military fort, within the built environment. Therefore, the proposed museum establishes a directional approach by focusing on the immediate environment, highlighting and framing specific views and celebrating them at specific points throughout the journey within the building. The degree of openness and enclosure within the linear building experiences a variable dual condition of solid and void, positive and negative, playing one’s perception of the inside and outside, and the inside of an inside.

The Canopy

Waiheke library + service centre

Being the most populated island in New Zealand, Waiheke island has a population of near 8,000, which increase substantially during the summer period as tourist increase. As population continues to grow, the island’s local library and service centre lacks the space to facilitate the needs of the community. Hence, a new library and service facility is required, with an aim to bring the community together. The essence of Waiheke, both natural and green, is emphasised through natural elements and positive feedback into the ecosystem. A tree provides impact to the environment, softens the context, creates interesting lighting quality through its canopy, and provides shelter with the impact of bringing people together. With its surrounding context filled with green areas, the new library and service centre imitates the canopy of a tree, bringing all the functional elements on site and provides a positive impact on the environment while creating a light and eye catching structure that encourages interaction.

Progressive Transformation Centre

Wildlife Santuary in Carsington Water This center caters for the visitors coming to Carsington Waters as well as integrating a private housing unit for the site manager. The building form is derived from the idea of journey and flight. As the building sits among greenery and facing towards the lake, the end cantilevers out and enhances the quality of weightlessness. As one enters the building from underground, the movement progressively changes to cater for different programs within the space.

first floor plan

ground floor plan

floor plan underground floor plan


Christchurch Performaning Arts Centre After the series of earthquakes in Christchurch, the idea of renewal takes place. The brief is to design a performance arts centre on a historical context of 57 Worcester Street, the site of a former theatre. The relationship with the adjoining square is to be re-established and activated as part of the wider cityscape in the design. The site is a nodal point of the city and must relate back to the wider city context. By creating this function, this centre attempts to reconnect and regenerate the most important part of any city - the people.

The Claw House

The twelth house in the commune next to the Great Wall of China

The five-clawed dragon is often referred as the pinnacle creature of China and is associatied with grandeur qualities and royalty. The Claw House, a two story residence designed for a family of five, is located in the Commune of the Great Wall in Beijing. The form of the house is derived from an attempts to explore the dragon’s symbolic idea, drawing elements from it such as the scale and claws. Therefore, the spatial typologies of the dwelling is enhanced.

Skyrise City// Modulit 1:1 Fabrication

The brief of this project is to design and fabricate an eight metre tall structure which will be exhibited at shed 1 + 2 as part of the 2010 skyrise city architecture week. The idea was to recasting materials that we encounter on a daily basis with the idea of modular construction.

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The University of Auckland

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