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MARCH 1995

THE TANGERINE TIMES A Closer Look at Tangerine

Lake Windsor Thieves Caught; Varsity Football Players Arrested By Maryam Elhabashy, Staff Writer

The burglars of Lake Windsor have finally been caught. After weeks of meetings and searching for suspects, the mystery has finally come to an end. Erik Fisher and Arthur Bauer, both seniors at Lake Windsor High School, were arrested yesterday after Joey Costello gave information to the police about their location. They were both found in the house of the Fisher family. Mrs. Fisher reported crucial information that led to the discovery of the thieves as well. “On November 22nd, I made a shocking discovery. While out at our storage bin, searching for boxes of winter clothing, I found a gym bag that did not belong there. When I opened the gym bag, I found a U.S Army gas mask, a pair of rubber gloves, and a plastic supermarket bag filled with diamond earrings, watches, gold rings, and many other types of precious jewelry.” Paul Fisher, Erik’s little brother who goes to Tangerine Middle, reported the illegal deeds of the two seniors. Before their arrest, there had been reports of many stolen valuables from the blue tents on the lawns of Lake Winsor community members. Some of these objects were jewelry items worth nearly $1500, including a Rolex watch and pearls. After interrogating the boys, it was learned that many other items had been stolen and given away to their friends.

It was brought to light on Saturday, that the two bandits hadn’t just committed numerous robberies, but had committed murder as well. Luis Cruz, originator of the Golden Dawn Tangerine, was killed by Arthur Bauer under the command of Erik Fisher. After being lethally hit by a blackjack, Cruz died as a result of an aneurysm. The blood clot erupted and Luis Cruz breathed his last. It was also recently found that the robbers broke into the poisonous tents that contained the treasures using the army gas mask, while another stayed on the lookout. The authorities are negotiating the punishments that the boys are to receive. Meanwhile, any more illegal actions will immediately land the boys in jail. All the items that have been stolen will be delivered to the owners at short notice when recovered.


The Tangerine Times

Banana Peel Back Flop Performed By Maryam Elhabashy, Staff Writer

Antoine Thomas scores the touchdown

Example of a banana peel back flop (Erik does not want picture shown in public)

On Saturday, Sept. 23, the football game in which the Lake Windsor High and Cypress Bays competed, something happened that will always be remembered. The score was 7-6 and the fans and players of the Lake Windsor Seagulls were trembling. Erik Fisher went up to take the kick. If Erik made this touchdown, the game would be tied and would be an embarrassing way to start the season. Fisher made his run and Antoine, the ball holder, immediately whipped the ball away and crossed the goal line. This action turned the game into a victory for the Seagulls with an astonishingly close 8-7. Meanwhile, the kicker Erik Fisher hadn’t been aware of Antoine Thomas’s thought. He flew into the air landing on his back like Lucy does to Charlie Brown. Paul Fisher described it as a “banana peel back flop.” Later that night, channel 2 on all TV’s showed Fisher’s blunder. It’s a moment that will not be forgotten. Paul Fisher, Erik’s brother, was asked whether this would be something to remember. He replied “Not remember? You’ve got to be kidding. Erik’s flying banana peel back flop in the mud is the one thing about this game that everybody is going to remember!”

From No Playing To Championships In the beginning, Paul Fisher wasn’t permitted to play for the Lake Windsor Middle because of his eyes. An IEP form had been signed because of his eyes, although he could see with glasses. When Fisher moved to Tangerine Middle with the hope of a new beginning in soccer, he was eligible to play having not filled out an IEP form. Soon, with Paul on the team, he and his team of girls and boys moved up to the county championships. They became the County All-Stars winning over Lake Windsor Middle. Paul might just have another chance to become something huge.

The Tangerine Times


The Strongest Aren’t Always the Most Powerful Editorial By Paul Fisher Staff Writer It happened on Friday, December 1, after escaping from the office of Coach Warner from Lake Windsor Middle School. I galloped all the way home with consistent speed. While I was in the backyard catching my breath, I was terrified to see Erik and Arthur standing before me. The two demons that destroyed me whenever our eyes met. I noticed that they were broken into pieces. I learned it was as a result of a meeting in which the relatives of Luis Cruz attacked Erik and Arthur for the assassination of Luis. There they stood. As always, they threatened me, saying multiple times that I would pay for what happened that night. But I had had enough. I was tired of being scared. I took a step forward and challenged them. I argued with them, and I finally let out all the feelings I had been fostering for so long. And this time, I didn’t back down. Taking step after step. To my total surprise, they backed away, and eventually landed in a Land Cruiser, speeding away. This concept was so powerful for me. This taught me that there are so many people out there who threaten others by their physical appearance alone; even though they are the weakest at heart. Take Erik and Arthur as the perfect examples. I’m a seventhgrader. Erik and Arthur are on the Varsity football team. You can imagine the difference in terms of size and form. But as long as I let them threaten and scare me, I was giving them the power--- the power that they didn’t have in their own hearts. Once I stood up to them and took that power from them, Erik and Arthur ran away, with the personalities of toddlers. I now know what I wish I had known so long ago--the strongest are not always the most powerful.

Erik Fisher and Arthur Bauer fighting with Paul

The Tangerine Times


In Memoriam Mike Costello and Luis Cruz Mike Costello, Died on Tuesday September 5th Loving bother, Devoted football player May he rest in peace.

The Golden Dawn Tangerine Phone: 1-800-402-DAWN Tomas Cruz Groves Tangerine, Florida

Luis Cruz, Died on Tuesday November 28th Adoring uncle, Habituated gardener This gift, With love from all

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THE LIFE OF PAUL FISHER This book was written by Edward Bloor about a very extraordinary boy. His name is Paul Fisher. Paul was a very conservative boy in seventh grade. He was always thinking. Either about how much he despised his brother, or how much less his father should’ve been concerned about his brother’s football career. But when he moves to Tangerine, Florida from Texas, he started to learn new things about life than he ever knew. He also learns horrible secrets that have been kept away from him for years. When he finds out about these secrets, he changes forever. In this story, readers will learn about how relationships affect one’s life and how important it is to not underestimate yourself. Being raised in the family Paul was raised in, you would expect him to be a criminal or a villain, but that’s not how it ends. Instead, he overcomes his life’s challenges and he grows up to be a very good person.


The Tangerine Times  

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