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Thirsty for God (Dionne Carpenter) Blessed are those whose strength is in You, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. ~ Psalm 84:5 READING: Psalm 84:1-5 Recently in one month I was the speaker at a weekend retreat and then took an exhausting trip out of state right before my father died unexpectedly. After the dust settled, emotionally and physically drained, I began aching for a prayer retreat. “My heart and my flesh [were crying] out for the living God.” Some church planters regard prayer retreats mainly as an opportunity to get away to do necessary planning and set the agenda for the next phase of their project. While that’s certainly worthwhile; for me, it pales in comparison with my urgent need to connect with the Lord, to bring my inner turmoil, my sorrows, my wounds, my fatigue, my empty hands and my confusion to the only One who can set all to rights. Because it has been true so often in the past, I’ve become convinced that if only I can steal away to Jesus, He will restore my soul and fill me up again. The Psalmist might have been in exile, pining away because he wasn’t free to take one of the regular pilgrimages scheduled on the Jewish ceremonial calendar. Sometimes we can’t stop everything and get away. But the person who has set his (or her) heart on pilgrimage looks up, above the bustle of urgent tasks and obligations, to plan and calculate, always searching for creative ways to find that treasured time alone with the Lord. If that is your heartbeat, then even if you can’t go quite yet, you are already blessed, realizing as you do that your strength is in God. Father, help me not to give up or shove aside that impulse if I notice that my heart is gasping for a fresh encounter with You. Bless me soon, soon, in Your presence I love so dearly. AMEN. The newsletter is available online at Services are streamed live and then available as recordings afterwards at GENERAL INFO Service time: 11:00-12:00 every Sunday Sunday school: 10:00 every school term Sunday Bible study: Wednesdays, 19:00, Youth House Address: 226 Basden Avenue, Lyttelton (Corner of Basden and Alethea) Church office: 012 664 2614 / 012 664 0004

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27 October 2013

Eph 4:15: “Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ.”

Today’s service Sermon by Rev Maarten v Helden Scripture: 1 Corinthians 10:1-14 Verse: 1 Corinthians 10:13 Songs: Shine Jesus shine What manner of love We have come into His place Whole-hearted thanksgiving Awesome God Amen Music: Christine v Helden Projector: Marcel Wilson

KOINONIA We would like you to share your joy and sadness in order to practice true KOINONIA - to be closely involved in each other’s lives; to love, care and support each other. Please send your prayer requests and news to before 09:00 on a Thursday morning for inclusion in the newsletter. You can also sms or call Magda on 072 246 1815.

Temptations for good reason? Temptations are not from God (James 1:13,14). Temptations are from the evil one and usually come through the channels of the worldly desires of our own flesh (sinful nature)! Thus, the word of Paul through the Holy Spirit in our verse: Temptations which occur are not uncommon to humans - and they are not more than we can withstand. This is how merciful and in control our God is towards sinners like me and you! ~ Rev Maarten

Membership Classes @ Alethea Every Tuesday evening in the church consistory at 18:30. Contact Rev Maarten (012 664 1384/ 072 143 1855) for more information.

Bible Study @ Alethea Every Wednesday evening in the Youth House at 19:00. Bring your Bible, a notebook, pen and your enthusiasm!

We are aware of a lady that is urgently looking for a room to stay. If you know of or hear about accommodation please contact Phia van Helden on 082 541 6388.

Please join us for refreshments after the service

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