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f there was ever a perfect book to sit down and have a crap with, “My First Time,” a 183 page collection of short stories by AK Press, edited by Chris Duncan, would be it. It is people’s brief recollections of the first punk show they had attended. Lots of our guts were roiling as we ditched school or stole Grandma’s car to go see our first show. And there is nothing like a roiling mix of fear and excitement to move the bones along. Folks, this is the book. Many of the stories are O.G. first generation concerts with the Ramones, the Dead Boys, Minor Threat, Wendy O’Williams, the Clash, and many other legends name-checked. Venues include CBGB’s and Boston’s notorious Rat Club. Stolen I.D. cards and back door check-ins are the norm. More than anything, these stories are fun and funny. These are written by people who are now in their 30s or so, and never sold out. Many of them seem puzzled to just be alive. This generation is just now developing its persona, and many are starting to have children. It’s fun to imagine the future. How do you shock a parent who had a peacock blue mohawk? How will someone who safety pinned their nose confront their newer, stranger teenager? This book was provided for review by AK Press, a legend in its own right. Buy a book, Feed a punk! •

State of Disunion NUMBER OF BIRTHS in the US in 2004: NUMBER OF DEATHS 4,112,052 in the US in 2004: 2,397,615 NUMBER OF WOMEN world wide that die as a result of pregnancy and NUMBER OF BABIES world wide that die difficulties in one year: within the first month of 500,000 life in one year: 4,000,000 NUMBER OF US CASUALTIES NUMBER OF in the Iraq War: COALITION 3838 CASUALTIES in Operation Enduring NUMBER OF Freedom in Afghanistan: DOLLARS 713 the top five U.S. weapons manufactures NUMBER OF have donated to Hillary DOLLARS Clinton’s presidential the top five U.S. campaign so far: weapons manufactures 103,900 have donated to all the Republican presidential NUMBER OF candidates combined: BARRELS OF OIL 89,000 the U.S. consumed a day in 2005: 20,802,000



VOL. 5 NO. 15


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ur two party system sucks, a choice between the ‘lesser of two evils’ is, in reality, no choice at all. Soviet Russia and Saddam’s Iraq held regular elections—of course there was only one party on the ticket—but what is nearly as bad as a one party system? A two party system. This election season, the whole facade of our two party system has fractured. Both parties are on the verge of major splits. Republican front-runner, Rudy Giuliani has already irked the GOP’s religious right with his pro-choice, anti-gun views. Christian Conservative activist, Richard Viguerie told Salon. com, “Here’s a man who’s wrong on every single social issue.” Viguerie was amongst a handful of Christian Conservative leaders who meet in Salt Lake City on September 29, where they voted to support a socially conservative third party candidate if Giuliani becomes the Republican nominee. The Republicans are further divided over the campaign of Ron Paul, a libertarian who supports immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Ron Paul’s campaign has reached a fever pitch amongst the grassroots and on the web. His campaign, dubbed “The Ron Paul Revolution,” has low chance of gaining the Republican nomination, but probably has the momentum to wage a successful third party campaign. Poll after poll shows that the issue weighing most heavily on the American voters’ minds is the on-going war in Iraq. Many see the Democrats as the answer to the on-going wars in the Middle East, but Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton is far from an antiwar candidate. Hillary has become the favorite of the U.S. weapons manufacturers, receiving more than $100,000 from the top five weapons manufactures in the U.S. Compare that with the $86,000 that the same weapons companies have given to all the Republican canidates combined


Hillary has also taken a hawkish stance towards Iran, refusing to rule out preemptive military strikes. She has refused to call for an all out withdrawal from Iraq, and has defended her vote authorizing the Bush administration to use force against Iraq. Even Rupert Murdoch, the right-wing media mogul behind Fox News, has been throwing fundraisers for Mrs. Clinton. If Hillary becomes the Democratic nominee, we can expect to see much of the Democratic base out in the streets of Denver during the Democratic National Convention, protesting this wolf in sheep’s clothing. The American people are tired of conflict; they are tired of this war; they are tired of the cronyism and corruption of the Bush administration, and many see the Democrats as salvation, but with Democrats like Hillary, who needs Republicans? •

mortality rates. Ronald David, a physician, professor and co-author of the Joint Centers’ recent research on infant mortality said, “For many years, the operating theory in the health community has been that the high incidence of infant deaths among African-Americans is attributed to higher teen pregnancy rates, single motherhood, lower education levels, poverty and, most recently, genetic causes. However, we found that infant mortality for blacks remained high even when all these factors were controlled.” (http://www. Despite the research and studies being published to understand the disparities in infant mortality numbers,

hat happens when you really, truly die? Not just float down the tube towards the light, but end up d-e-a-d dead? When someone’s head is severed, the brain lives on for 3-5 minutes. What of that time? What next? The truth is that no one knows for sure. There are those who spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about this. They are called morbid. But what of that? Everybody is born, eats, shits, then some day, dies. Try to talk your way out of that down at the crossroads. Zen Guru, Alan Watts, was once asked what he thought of death. After a pause, he replied, “I think they should know that it’s perfectly safe.” Which brings us back to our morbid friends who obsess over death totems and imagery, who poke at corpses with sticks. It may be safe, but is it fun? And the truly miserable person in deep psychic or physical pain? We hope they feel relief,

don’t we? Some countries allow euthanasia as a transition. There must be a place in a rational society for suicide. On the other hand, some southern states charge you with a misdemeanor if you try to kill yourself, a felony if you succeed. Who would want to live next door to some god-awful, pious jurist who voted to convict? Death is the real deal, the one date you’re gonna make whether you’re ready or not, and it sure doesn’t seem like we deal with enough of it in a straightforward manner. Of course, we should not allow ourselves to become so preoccupied with it that we forget to live. That would be a shame. Because, although we know we’ll all die, we don’t know if our lives are just a fluke and death is the point. Death may be necessary. So live your life like you’ll only get one shot and plan on a beautiful death, if you can.•

EVERY MONDAY• 5:30pm A Voice of Reason, the local peace group meets to stratigize local actions to end the war in Iraq.

Tuesday and Wednesday, October 30th-31st Camp Wellstone Activism Training will be held here in Grand Junction with tracks for candidates, organizers, and campaign managers. For more in call Mark at (970) 256-7650

some African-American women are actually doing something about it. One such women is Shafia Monroe, a midwife from Boston, Massachusetts. In 1991, in an effort to network and reach out to other AfricanAmerican women, she started the International Center for Traditional Childbearing. “For Monroe, being a midwife—particularly for the African-American community—means playing a key role in educating black women about their health, reducing infant mortality, and showing women how to raise healthy children with tenderness and attention.” (Mothering, Sept-Oct 2007). The idea is to reach out, build community, and train women in mid-wifery and educating mothers.•




For more info call 245-3720


t’s official, the world’s oil supply is terminally ill, like a patient just diagnosed with a failing liver and given only a few years to live. The recent report just released by The Energy Watch Group, a think tank based in Germany, shows that years of binging and partying, guzzling millions of gallons of oil worldwide a day has finally caught up with us. According to estimates from their report, 2006 was the peak year of global oil production and every year from now on we will see a 7% (or nearly triple this by 2030) decrease in oil output. This means that the world will never again produce as much oil as it did in 2006. Even as consumption rises across the globe to consume a staggering 84,538,000 barrels a day (2005 U.S. Energy Information Administration data) and with oil prices reaching an all time high of 90 dollars a barrel, we will never have enough oil to get our fix, like a junkie on a street corner with a half filled syringe. Just take a sobering looking at the United Kingdom, who’s peak year of oil production was 1999. Eight short years later and the UK is producing just under half of what they did in 1999. Peak oil has come, and with an estimated 854 gigabarrels (a gigabarrel is one billion barrels) left in the world, we have a tiny 42 year gap (most likely smaller considering the growing demand for oil from China, India and the U.S.) in which to come to terms with the death of the oil economy. Or as King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia put it, “the oil boom is over and will not return. All of us must get used to a different lifestyle.” That ‘change in lifestyle’ is going to be more drastic of a change than many people can even comprehend. Worldwide transportation of goods and services is over 90% dependent on oil. If it travels by road, ship or air, the price of products is likely to increase to an economic shattering point and the world economy that is based on cheap labor in one part of the world and rich markets in another is going to collapse. Wars over resources, such as the current war in Iraq, will

increase as the large industrialized nations battle it out in third world countries in a vain attempt to keep their SUVs running and cheap plastic goods on the shelves at your local Wal-mart. Agriculturally, the green revolution that burst onto the scene at the end of World War II is gonna hit a brick wall without its windfall of cheap energy. Thanks to the oil binge, the amount of the U.S. population involved in agriculture has fallen from around half to just under 2%. Basically we are eating ourselves out of oil. Pesticides, fertilizers, tractors, and transportation of food involves massive subsidies from the oil economy. One cow alone from birth to its death in a slaughterhouse consumes about 284 gallons of oil, and that figure doesn’t include the gas to ship it from Kansas to a supermarket in California. Kiwis flown from New Zealand and fresh caught Alaskan salmon served to you at a Red Lobster in the heart of the southwest, will seem like fairy tales to future generations. Oil is dying, and it may end up taking a lot of us along with it if we don’t succeed in changing our practices of consumption. It was one hell of a party while it lasted, but now last call has been announced and it’s time we stumbled out of the age of oil and into the nearest medical facility to get our stomachs pumped.•

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espite the fact that America is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, it has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the developed world. Infant mortality is defined as death within the first year of life. In 2006, according to a report by Save the Children, of 33 industrialized nations, America tied for second to last with Poland, Malta, Hungary and Slovakia with almost 5 deaths per 1000 births. Latvia’s deathrate was at 6 per 1000 births. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2007 the US infant mortality rate is 7 per 1000. Many wonder why in the wealthiest nation in the world, we have one of the worst infant mortality rates for industrialized nations. In an Associated Press article dating October 10, 2006, Kenneth Thorpe, an Emory University health policy expert, had this to say, “Our health care system focuses on providing hightech services for complicated cases. We do this very well...What we do not do is provide basic primary and preventive health care services.” Save the Children also report that short maternity leave and lack of national health care may also contribute to the high numbers.

What is even more interesting is when the numbers are broken down by economics and race, we find that African-American women have nearly double the infant mortality rate of white women. In 2007, the infant mortality rate for African-Americans was at 13.8 per 1000. A half a million babies are born prematurely every year. African-American babies are two times more likely to be born with low birth weights, be born prematurely, or die. Although seventeen percent of US births were to African-American women, thirty-three percent of low birthweight babies were African-American. There are many reasons for the high mortality rates among African-Americans, including poverty, inadequate prenatal healthcare, teen pregnancy, obesity, stress, high blood pressure, and poor nutrition. New studies by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies’ Health Policy Institute show that stress from racism may also be a factor. We know that stress can lead to preterm birth and low birthweight. With the above factors, and racism added to the list, it’s no wonder African-American women have higher infant “MORTALITY” ON SEVENTH PAGE

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he world’s population is growing, and when people think of overpopulation they don’t usually think of it happening in the United States, but as the world’s most resource-consuming country, we have a responsibility to either keep our population in check or learn new ways of reducing our consumption (and that of our children). We should be working on both of these goals. The right-wing “culture of life” is actually going to be the death of us. These holier-than-thou Evangelicals have decided that life is precious in all its forms. But they don’t understand that the more lives we have to protect, the harder it is to make sure everyone is getting what they need. Abortion is their main point of attack: pro-lifers would rather have a baby born into poverty and misery than not born at all. (And on a current events note about the couple in Louisiana who just gave birth to their 17th child: that’s not beautiful, it’s insane. There is no reason for that many children in one family, especially when they’re all being homeschooled to protect them from the evil of those dirty liberal Louisiana public schools). Another issue is the fact that our society is now treating aging as a disease, not a fact of life. You see the commercials everywhere: skin potions and other cosmetics that claim to treat the causes of aging. The only cause of aging I’m aware of is time. How do you treat that? And the life-prolonging technologies on all fronts of the medical field are keeping our seniors alive longer than is natural. These same people who want every single baby ever conceived to be born also want people on life support with no signs of lucidity to be kept alive artificially, and indefinitely, to protect the sanctity of life. They also want every senior citizen with a life threatening condition to be medicated right up to the end, instead of letting that person

decide when and how to die with their dignity intact (that’s why Dr. Jack Kevorkian went to prison). Did it ever occur to these people that the quality of life of billions of people around the globe is being negatively impacted by our naive and selfish views on life and death? Where does it end? Is the quality of life really judged by the quantity of life on the planet? Just because they’re keeping all these people alive artificially, and trying to force abortions into back alleys with “pro-life” legislation, does that mean that our world is going to be a better place? Certainly not. The “culture of life” is working us from both ends: they want more babies born every year, and they want more people on the brink of death to be preserved in a state of artificial life. What about all of us, who have already been born, who are still in our healthy, vibrant years of life? Do our needs matter at all? I don’t want to sound heartless, and I’m not saying that every person who contracts a lifethreatening condition should just be left to die. After all, there are plenty of curable and treatable diseases that we should help people overcome. But death is a part of life, and American society has started to fear death to the point of ridiculousness. When do we let go of a lost cause? We can’t “cure” death, but it seems like that’s what we’re working toward. So with that in mind, let’s talk about our responsibility to the rest of the world. We use well more than our fair share of Earth’s oil, water, clean air, fossil fuels, and just about everything else. So even if we get a handle on our population growth, we still need to find ways to reduce our consumption. And if we want to have children, then we need to make it our job to see that our children learn about American waste and greed. It is fiscally, socially, and environmentally irresponsible to raise children that are not aware of (and trying to curb) their own resource consumption. If we keep going the way we’ve been progressing, then America’s seemingly nonexistent population problem will be the death of our species.•

Thursday, November 8th • 5pm Campus AVOR will be holding a strategy session to figure out how we the students can end the war in Iraq?

November, 16-18th Thousands will gather at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia to protest and participate in non-violent direct action to close the School of the Americas. If you don’t know what the SOA is or are interested in attending check out:

Boettcher Meeting Room in the Mesa State College Student Center


Jay ThomasAubin, RyanAnthony Beaupre, Therrel Shane Childers, JoseAntonio Gutierrez, Brian Matthew Kennedy, Kendall Damon Waters-Bey, Brandon Scott Tobler, Eric James Orlowski, Thomas MullenAdams, Jamaal RashardAddison, Edward JohnAnguiano, George Edward Buggs, Robert John Dowdy, Ruben Estrella-Soto, Howard Johnson II, James Michael Kiehl, Johnny Villareal Mata, LoriAnn Piestewa, Christopher Scott Seifert, Brandon Ulysses Sloan, Donald Ralph Walters, Michael Edward Bitz, Brian Rory Buesing, Tamario Demetrice Burkett, Kemaphoom “Ahn” Chanawongse, Donald John Cline Jr., David Keith Fribley, Jose Angel Garibay, Jonathan Lee Gifford, Jorge Alonso Gonzalez, Nicolas Michael Hodson, Nolen Ryan Hutchings, Phillip Andrew Jordan, Patrick Ray Nixon, Frederick Eben Pokorney Jr., Brendon Curtis Reiss, Randal Kent Rosacker, Thomas Jonathan Slocum, Michael Jason Williams, Gregory Paul Sanders, Thomas Alan Blair, Evan Tyler James, Bradley Steven Korthaus, Gregory Lewis Stone, Michael Vann Johnson Jr., Kevin Gerard Nave, Francisco Abraham Martinez-Flores, Donald Charles May Jr., Joseph Menusa, Patrick Terence O’Day, Robert Marcus Rodriguez, JesusAlberto Suarez del Solar, RodericAntoine Solomon, Fernando Padilla-Ramirez, Michael Russell Creighton-Weldon, Michael Edward Curtin, Diego Fernando Rincon, Eugene Williams, William Wayne White, James Wilford Cawley,Aaron Joseph Contreras, Michael Vernon Lalush, Brian Daniel McGinnis, Brandon Jacob Rowe, WilliamAndrew Jeffries, Jacob Lee Butler, Joseph Basil Maglione III, James FrancisAdamouski, Matthew George Boule, GeorgeAndrew Fernandez, ErikAnders Halvorsen, Scott Jamar, Michael Francis Pedersen, EricAllen Smith, Brian EdwardAnderson, Christian Daniel Gurtner, Nathan Dennis White, Wilbert Davis, Edward Jason Korn, Nino Dugue Livaudais, Ryan Patrick Long, Donald Samuel Oaks Jr., Randall Scott Rehn, Russell Brian Rippetoe, Todd James Robbins, Chad Eric Bales, MarkAsher Evnin, Erik Hernandez Silva, Tristan NeilAitken, Wilfred Davyrussell Bellard, Daniel Francis Cunningham Jr., Devon Demilo Jones, Paul Ray Smith, TravisAllen Ford, Bernard George Gooden, Brian Michael McPhillips, Duane Roy Rios, Benjamin Wilson Sammis, StevonAlexander Booker, Larry Kenyatta Brown, Edward Smith, Gregory Paul Huxley Jr., Kelley Stephen Prewitt, Eric Bruce Das, William Randolph Watkins III, Lincoln Daniel Hollinsaid, Jeffrey Joseph Kaylor,Anthony Scott Miller, GeorgeArthur Mitchell Jr.,Andrew JulianAviles, Jesus MartinAntonio Medellin, Scott Douglas Sather, Henry Levon Brown, John Winston Marshall, Jason Michael Meyer, RobertAnthony Stever, Juan Guadalupe Garza Jr.,Terry Wayne Hemingway, Jeffrey Edward Bohr Jr., RiayanAugusto Tejeda, JesusAngel Gonzalez, David Edward Owens Jr., Gil Mercado, JosephAcevedo, John Eli Brown, ThomasArthur Foley III, Joseph Patrick Mayek, RichardAllen Goward,ArmandoAriel Gonzalez, Jason David Mileo, John Travis Rivero, Roy Russell Buckley,Andrew ToddArnold, Robert William Channell Jr.,Alan Dinh Lam, Troy David Jenkins, Osbaldo Orozco, Narson Bertil Sullivan, Joe Jesus Garza, JesseAlan Givens, Sean C. 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Chen, Israel Garza, Stephen D. “Dusty” Hiller, Forest Joseph Jostes, Michael W. Mitchell, Philip G. Rogers, Casey Sheehan,Aric J. Barr, Tyler R. Fey, Scott Quentin Larson Jr., David M. McKeever, Shane Lee Goldman, Deryk L. Hallal, MoisesA. Langhorst, Christopher Ramos, Matthew K. Serio, Jesse L. Thiry, Gerardo Moreno, Lee Duane Todacheene, Benjamin R. Carman, Marcus M. Cherry, Christopher R. Cobb, Kyle D. Crowley, Ryan M. Jerabek, Travis J. Layfield, Christopher D. Mabry,Anthony P. Roberts,Allan K. Walker, FernandoA. Mendez-Aceves, Tyanna S. Felder, Marvin Lee Miller, George S. Rentschler, William W. Labadie Jr., Brent L. Morel, John Thomas “J.T.” Wroblewski, Isaac Michael Nieves, Levi T.Angell, Nicholas J. Dieruf, Phillip E. Frank, William M. Harrell, Joshua M. Palmer, Michael B. Wafford, Christopher B. Wasser, Peter G. Enos, Raymond Edison Jones Jr., Jonathan Roy Kephart, Toby W. Mallet, Don Steven McMahan,Allen Jeffrey “A.J.” Vandayburg, Felix M. Delgreco, Michelle M. Witmer, Gregory R. Goodrich, Elmer C. Krause, EricA.Ayon, Matthew E. Matula, Chance R. Phelps, Michael Raymond Speer, Elias Torrez III,Antoine J. Holt,Adolf C. Carballo, William C. Eckhart, Justin W. Johnson, John T. Sims Jr., Lawrence S. Colton, Wesley C. Fortenberry, Michael Boyd Stack, Nathan P. Brown, Daniel R.Amaya, Torrey L. Gray, Oscar Jimenez, George D. Torres, Brad S. Shuder, Robert Paul Zurheide Jr., VictorA. Rosaleslomeli, Noah L. Boye, Kevin T. Kolm, Christopher Ramirez, Frank K. Rivers Jr., Richard K. Trevithick, Jimmy J.Arroyave, Brian M. Wood, MarvinA. Camposiles, Edward W. Carman, Jonathan N. Hartman, Clayton Welch Henson, MichaelA. McGlothin, Robert L. Henderson II, Dennis B. Morgan, Richard J. Gannon II, ChristopherA. Gibson, Michael J. Smith Jr., Ruben Valdez Jr., Gary F. Van Leuven, Bradley C. Fox, Leroy Harris-Kelly, Christopher D. Gelineau, Jason L. Dunham, Shawn C. Edwards, Stacey C. Brandon, Cory W. Brooks,Arthur L. “Bo” Felder, Patrick W. Kordsmeier, Billy J. Orton, Michael J. Pernaselli, Christopher E. Watts, KennethA. Melton, Nathan B. Bruckenthal, Sherwood R. Baker, LawrenceA. Roukey,Aaron C.Austin,Abraham D. Penamedina, MarquisA. Whitaker, Jacob R. Herring, Kendall Thomas, James L. Beckstrand, Ryan M. Campbell, Norman Darling, Jeffrey F. Dayton,Adam W. Estep, Jeremy Ricardo Ewing, Martin W. Kondor, Esau G. Patterson Jr., Ryan E. Reed, Justin B. Schmidt, Landis W. Garrison, Scott M. Vincent, Joshua S. Wilfong, Christopher M. Dickerson, Jason B. Dwelley, Ramon C. Ojeda, Oscar D. Vargas-Medina, TrevorA. Wine, Joshua S. Ladd, Ervin Caradine Jr., Jeremy L. Drexler, Todd E. Nunes, John E. Tipton, Michael C.Anderson, Trace W. Dossett, RonaldA. Ginther, Robert B. Jenkins, Scott R. Mchugh, Christopher J. Kenny, LyndonA. Marcus Jr., Erickson H. Petty, Marvin R. Sprayberry III, Gregory L. Wahl, Ronald E. Baum, Jesse R. Buryj, Bradley G. Kritzer, James E. Marshall, Jeffrey G. Green, Hesley Box Jr., Dustin H. Schrage, Isela Rubalcava, Chase R. Whitman, Philip D. Brown, James J. Holmes, RodneyA. Murray,Andrew L. Tuazon, KyleA. Brinlee, Jeffrey R. Shaver, Jeremiah E. Savage, Brian K. Cutter, Brandon C. Sturdy, Brud J. Cronkrite, MichaelA. Mora, Philip I. Spakosky, Edward C. Barnhill, James William Harlan, Pedro I. Espaillat Jr., Rene Ledesma, Leonard M. Cowherd Jr., Carl F. Curran, Mark Joseph Kasecky, Bob W. Roberts, Joseph P. Garyantes, Marcos O. Nolasco, William D. Chaney, Michael M. Carey, Michael C. Campbell, Leslie D. Jackson, Troy “Leon” Miranda, Rudy Salas, Jeremy R. Horton,Andrew J. Zabierek, Jeremy L. Ridlen, JorgeA. Molina Bautista, Beau R. Beaulieu, Owen D. Witt, James P. Lambert, Richard H. Rosas,Alan N. Bean Jr., Kevin F. Sheehan, Daniel Paul Unger, Kyle W. Codner, Matthew C. Henderson, Dominique J. Nicolas, Michael J. Wiesemann, Cody S. Calavan, Benjamin R. Gonzalez, Rafael Reynosasuarez, Kenneth Michael Ballard, Bradli N. Coleman,Aaron C. Elandt, Charles E. Odums II, Nicholaus E. Zimmer, Robert C. 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Collins, CharlesA. “Chuck” Drier, Dustin C. Fisher, Jeffrey R. W Wallace, Peter J. Hahn, Alfred Barton Siler, David Neil Wm Wimberg, RicardoA. Crocker, M Matthew Scott Lourey, M MarkA. M Maida, Joshua M Michael Scott, Phillip N. Sayles, Albert E. Smart, m M Michael S. Barnhill, Victor M M. Cortes III, Derek Argel, Casey Crate, W William m Downs, Jeremy m Fresques, Jeffrey B. Starr, Steven M M. Langmack, m M Miguel A. Ramos, m Phillip C. Edmundson, m Louis E. Niedermeier, m Virgil R. Case, Linda J. Villar, Antonio M Mendoza, Eric J. Poelman, m Brian Scott “Scotty” Ulbrich, Justin L. Vasquez, Theodore S. W Westhusing, Carrie L. French, Brian M M. Romines, m Robert T. M Mininger, Jonathan L. Smith, m Eric T. Burri, Terrence K. Crowe, M Michael J. Fasnacht, Douglas E. Kashmer, m Louis E.Allen, Phillip T. Esposito, RobertoArizola Jr., M Marc Lucas Tucker, M Mark O. Edwards, David Joseph M Murray, Daniel Chavez, Dustin V. Birch, Thomas m O. Keeling, Devon Paul Seymour, m Brad D. Squires, M MarioAlberto Castillo,Andrew J. Kilpela, Stanley J. Lapinski, NeilA. Prince, Larry R.Arnold Sr., Casey Byers, Terrance D. Lee Sr.,Anthony D. Kinslow, Larry R. Kuhns Jr., John J. M Mattek Jr.,Anthony G. Jones, M Michael Ray Hayes, Nathan B. Clemons, m Joshua P. Klinger, Jonathan R. Flores, Jesse Jaime, m Chad B. M Maynard, Tyler S. Trovillion, Dion M M. W Whitley, Cesar O. Baez,Anthony S. Cometa, m Erik R. Heldt, John W W. M Maloney, Robert M M. Horrigan, M Michael L. M McNulty, Noah Harris, W William mA. Long,Adam m J. Crumpler, m Christopher R. Kilpatrick, Christopher L. Hoskins, Nicholas R. Idalski, James m D. Stewart, BrianA. Vaughn,Arnold Duplantier II, Christopher W W. Phelps, Joseph M M. Tackett, HollyA. Charette, Veashna M Muy, Chad W W. Powell, Ramona m M M. Valdez, Regina R. Clark, Carlos Pineda, CharlesA. Kaufman, m M Matthew S. Coutu, Keith R. M Mariotti, Steven E. Shepard, RafaelA. “T. J.” Carrillo Jr., M Manny Hornedo, Robert E. Hall Jr., Chad M M. M Mercer, Jeremy m A. Brown, Ryan J. M Montgomery, m Scottie L. Bright, Lyle J. Cambridge, m Christopher W W. Dickison,Anthony M M. M Mazzarella, Deyson K. Cariaga, Hoby F. Bradfield Jr., Eric Paul W Woods, Joseph P. Goodrich, Ryan J. Kovacicek, Timothy m J. Sutton, Benyahmin m B. Yahudah, Timothy m J. Hines Jr., Tricia L. Jameson, m Clifton Blake M Mounce, Christopher D. W Winchester, Jared D. Hartley, Jorge Luis Pena-Romero, m Travis S. Cooper, Ronald T. W Wood, Ronnie D. W Williams, m Frank F. Tiai, Efrain Sanchez Jr., Lavena L. Johnson,Arthur R. M McGill, Jefferey J. Farrow, Steven P. Gill, Travis L. Youngblood, Bryan James m Opskar, Ernest W W. Dallas Jr., Jason W W. M Montefering, M Milton M M. M Monzon Jr., Christopher J. Taylor, Ramon m A. Villatoro Jr., Jacques Earl “Gus” Brunson, Carl Ray Fuller, James m Ondra Kinlow, John Frank Thomas, m Adam m J. Harting,Adrian J. Butler, Edward L. M Myers, John O. Tollefson, Benjamin m D. Jansky, Christopher P. Lyons,Andre L. W Williams, m Ernesto R. Guerra, Jason D. Scheuerman, m RobertA. Swaney, VictorA.Anderson, Jonathon C. Haggin, David R. Jones Sr., Ronnie L. “Rod” Shelley Sr., James m D. Carroll, JeffreyA. Boskovitch, Roger D. Castleberry Jr., David J. Coullard, Daniel Nathan Deyarmin m Jr., James m R. Graham m III, Brian P. M Montgomery, m Nathaniel S. Rock, James m D. M McNaughton, Thomas m C. Hull, Jerry Lewis Ganey Jr., M Mathew V. Gibbs, Charles Houghton W Warren,Adam m J. Strain, Timothy m M Michael Bell Jr., Eric J. Bernholtz, Nicholas W William m B. Bloem, mM Michael J. Cifuentes, Christopher Jenkins Dyer, Grant B. Fraser, Bradley J. Harper, Justin F. Hoffman, m David Kenneth J. Kreuter,Aaron H. Reed, EdwardAugust Schroeder II, David S. Stewart, Kevin G. W Waruinge, W William m Brett W Wightman, m Nils George Thompson, m Chad J. Simon, m Brett Eugene W Walden, Robert V. Derenda, Terry W W. Ball Jr., Brahim m J. Jeffcoat, Kurt E. Krout, Chase Johnson Comley, m Seferino J. Reyna,Anthony N. Kalladeen, Hernando Rios, Ramon m E. Gonzales Cordova, M Miguel Carrasquillo, Nathaniel E. “Nate” Detample, m John Kulick, Ryan S. Ostrom, m Gennaro Pellegrini Jr., Francis J. Straub Jr., M MichaelA. Benson, Evenor C. Herrera, Rusty W W. Bell, David L. Giaimo, m Brian K. Derks, Toccara R. Green,Asbury F. Hawn II, Gary L. Reese Jr., Shannon D. Taylor, Jose L. Ruiz, Joshua P. Dingler, PaulA. Saylor, Thomas m J. Strickland, M Michael J. Stokely, Nathan K. Bouchard, Jeremy m W W. Doyle, Ray M M. Fuhrmann m II, Timothy m J. Seamans, m W Willard Todd Partridge, Elden D.Arcand, Brian Lee M Morris, Joseph C. Nurre, James m J. Cathey, Hatim m S. Kathiria, Joseph Daniel Hunt, Victoir P. Lieurance, Ramon m Romero, m Carlos J. Diaz, Chris S. Chapin, Trevor J. Diesing, Ivica Jerak, Timothy m M M. Shea, Joseph L. Martinez, Obediah J. Kolath, Dennis P. Hay, Charles R. Rubado, Gregory J. Fester, Jason E.Ames, M m M Monta S. Ruth, Lowell T. M Miller II, George Ray Draughn Jr., Robert Lee Hollar Jr., Lonnie J. Parson, M Matthew Charles Bohling, JeffreyA. W Williams, m Luke C. W Williams, m Jude R. Jonaus, Franklin R. Vilorio, Robert N. M Martens, Christopher L. Everett, Kurtis Dean K.Arcala, Jeremy m M M. Campbell, m Robert D. M Macrum, m Alfredo B. Silva, Shane C. Swanberg, M Matthew L. Deckard, David H. Ford IV,Alan Nye Gifford, Regilio E. Nelom, mM Mark H. Dooley, M Michael Egan, W William m L. Evans, W William m V. Fernandez, Lawrence E. M Morrison, W William mAlvinAllers III, PierreA. Raymond, m Travis M M.Arndt, Kevin M M. Jones, Scott P. M McLaughlin, M Mike T. Sonoda Jr.,Andrew Joseph Derrick, Paul C. Neubauer, Daniel R. Scheile, Brian E. Dunlap, ShawnA. Graham, m Casey E. Howe, Tulsa T. Tuliau, Howard P.Allen,Andrew P. W Wallace, M Michael J. W Wendling, Elijah M M. Ortega, JasonA. Benford, Elizabeth Nicole Jacobson, Daniel L.Arnold, Oliver J. Brown, Steve M Morin Jr., GeorgeA. Pugliese, Eric W W. Slebodnik, LeeA. W Wiegand, Joshua J. Kynoch, Jens E. Schelbert, MarshallA. W M Westbrook, Timothy m J. Roark, Roberto C. Baez, Bryan W W. Large, Jacob T. Vanderbosch, Sean B. Berry, Larry W Wayne Pankey Jr., John R. Stalvey,Andrew D. Bedard, Brian K. Joplin, Jeremiah m W W. Robinson, Shayne M M. Cabino, Nicholas O. Cherava, Jason L. Frye, Patrick Brian Kenny, Daniel M M. M McVicker, Carl L. Raines II, EricA. Fifer, Nicholas J. Greer, Sergio H. Escobar, Gary R. Harper Jr., Leon G. James m II, Leon M M. Johnson, Brandon K. Sneed, Jerry L. Bonifacio Jr., Jeremy m M M. Hodge, M MatthewA. Kimmell, mm Donald D. Furman, m Lorenzo Ponce Ruiz, James m T. Grijalva, Kenneth E. Hunt Jr., Robert W W. Tucker, Howard E. Babcock IV, Samuel m M M. Boswell, Bernard L. Ceo, Brian R. Conner, Thomas m H. Byrd, Jeffrey W W. Corban, Richard Allen Hardy, Vincent E. Summers, mm Timothy m D. W Watkins, M Mark P. Adams, m Paul J. Pillen, Daniel Scott R. Bubb, Chad R. Hildebrandt, Christopher M M. Poston, Lucas A. Frantz, Daniel D. Bartels, Arthur A. M Mora Jr., Russell H. Nahvi, Jose E. Rosario, Tommy mm Ike Folks Jr., Kendall K. Frederick, Norman m W W. Anderson III, Jacob D. Dones, Dennis P. M Merck, Richard T. Pummill, mm Andrew D. Russoli, Steven W W. Szwydek, Kenneth J. Butler, Benny Gray Cockerham m III, Tyler B. Swisher, Seamus m M M. Davey, Christopher W W. Thompson, m George T.Alexander Jr., Jonathan R. Spears, M Michael T. Robertson, Benjamin m D. Hoeffner, Christopher T. M Monroe, Ramon m A.Acevedoaponte, Lewis J. Gentry, Thomas m A. W Wallsmith, m Evan S. Parker, James m W Witkowski, M Michael J. M Mackinnon, W William mW W. W Wood, Daniel R. Lightner Jr., Robert F. Eckfield Jr., Jared J. Kremm, mm Dillon M M. Jutras, DebraA. Banaszak, Kenny D. Rojas, Shaker T. Guy, Raymond m D. Hill II, Joel P. Dameron, m Michael Paul Hodshire, W M William m J. Byler,Adam m R. “A.J.” Johnson, David J. M Martin, Jonathan Tessar, Robert C. Oneto-Sikorski, Derence W W. Jack, M Matthew R. Kading, W Wilgene T. Lieto, DanielA. Tsue,Allan M M. Espiritu, Dennis J. Ferderer Jr., Tyler R. M MacKenzie, Joshua J. M Munger, Benjamin m A. Smith, m M Mark J. Procopio, Gerald M M. Bloomfield m II, M Michael D. M Martino, Darren D. Howe, Jeffrey P. Toczylowski, Daniel J. Pratt, Kyle B. W Wehrly, JasonA. Fegler, James m M M. Gurbisz, DustinA. Yancey, Timothy m D. Brown, Darrell W W. Boatman, m Thomas m A. W Wren, Joel E. Cahill, James m F. Hayes, Ryan J. Sorensen, Brian L. Freeman, m Robert C. Pope II, M MarioA. Reyes, Justin S. Smith, m Alwyn C. “Al” Cashe, Jeremy m P. Tamburello, m Michael C. Parrott, JoshuaA. Terando, Daniel Freeman M m Swaim, m Tyrone L. Chisholm, m Donald E. Fisher II,Antonio “Tony” M Mendez Sanchez, Stephen J. Sutherland, DavidA. M Mendez Ruiz, ScottA. Zubowski, John M M. Longoria, Ramon m J. M Mendoza Jr., Christopher M M. M McCrackin, James m E. Estep, Travis J. Grigg, M Matthew J. Holley, Nickolas David Schiavoni, Dylan R. 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Buzzard, Sirlou C. Cuaresma, m Nicholas J. W Whyte, Riley E. Baker, PaulA. Beyer, M Mario J. Bievre, Ryan J. Buckley, Devon J. Gibbons, Channing G. Singletary, Benjamin m J. Laymon, m Justin Dean Norton, VirruetaA. Sanchez, Paul N. King, Terry Lisk, M Michael J. Potocki, Raymond m J. Plouhar, Jeremy m Jones, Terry O.P. W Wallace, Jason W W. M Morrow, RexA. Page, Ryan. J. Clark, Bryan C. Luckey, James m P. M Muldoon, Christopher D. Rose, Kyle M Miller, Carl Jerome mW Ware Jr., Collin T. M Mason, Justin Noyes, Paul Pabla, Omar m Flores, Troy Carlin Linden, Joseph P. M Micks, Damien m M. M M Montoya, Duane J. Dreasky, Irving Hernandez Jr., JerryA. Tharp,Al’Kaila Floyd, Thomas m B. Turner Jr.,Andres J. Contreras, M Manuel J. Holguin, Jason M M. Evey, Nathaniel S. Baughman, m M MichaelADickinson II, Kenneth I. Pugh, Scott R. Smith, m M Mark Richard Vecchione, Geofrey R. Cayer, Derek J. Plowman, m JulianA. Ramon, m M Matthew P. W Wallace, Christopher T. Pate,Adam m J. Fargo, Blake H. Russell, Christopher Swanson, Dennis K. Samson m Jr., Jason M M. W West, Stephen W W. Castner, JosephA. Graves, EdwardAKoth, James m W W. Higgins,Adam m R. M Murray, Timothy m D. Roos, Enrique Henry Sanchez, Phillip E. Baucus,Anthony E. Butterfield, Jason Hanson, Christian B. Williams, Joshua Ford, Hai Ming Hsia, Ryan D. Jopek, Dustin D. Laird, JosephA. Tomci, MarcA. Lee, George M. Ulloa Jr., Kurt Edward Dechen, Bradley H. Beste, Leroy Segura Jr., Clint J. Storey, Brian J. Kubik, CarltonA. Clark, Tracy L. Melvin, StephenA. Seale, Jose Zamora, Jeffery S. Brown,Aaron Jagger, Steven P. Mennemeyer, Ignacio Ramirez, Shane W. Woods, Jeremy Z. Long, KennethA. Jenkins, Michael C. Lloyd, Kevin L. Zeigler, Jeffrey S. Loa, John P. Phillips, Michael Dennis Glover, John James McKenna IV, James J.Arellano, Ruben J. Villa Jr, MarqueesA. Quick, Gabriel G. DeRoo,AdamAnthony Galvez, Randy Lee Newman, Chadwick Thomas Kenyon, BradA. Clemmons, Paul J. Darga, Thomas J. Barbieri, James Daniel Hirlston, Jeremy E. King, William E. Thorne, Gordon George Solomon, Dwayne E. Williams, Jordan C. Pierson, Edgardo Zayas, David G. Weimortz, David J.Almazan, Kenneth Cross, Dan Dolan, SethA. Hildreth, Moises Jazmine, Joshua D. Jones, Qixing Lee, ShaunA. Novak, Tristan Smith, Darry Benson, Jeffrey J. Hansen, Donald E. Champlin, Matthew E. Schneider, Shannon L. Squires, Matthew J. Vosbein, Christopher Tyler Warndorf, Joshua R. Hanson, Colin Joseph Wolfe, Michael L. Deason,Angel D. Mercado-Velazquez, Cliff Golla, EugeneAlex, EdwinAnthonyAndino Jr., Justin W. Dreese, Richard J. Henkes II, NicholasA. Madaras, Jason L. Merrill, Ralph N. Porras, Shane P. Harris, PhilipA. Johnson, Ryan Edwin Miller, Hannah L. Gunterman, MarshallA. Gutierrez, Germaine L. Debro, Jared M. Shoemaker, Eric P. Valdepenas, Christopher Walsh, JohnA. Carroll, Jeremy R. Shank, LuisA. Montes, David J. Ramsey, Vincent M. Frassetto, David W. Gordon,Anthony P. Seig, Johnathan Benson,Alexander Jordan, Harley D.Andrews, Emily J.T. Perez, Matthew C. Mattingly, Jeffrey Shaffer, MarcusA. Cain, Jennifer M. Hartman, Russell M. Makowski,AaronA. Smith, David Thomas Weir, Clint E. Williams, RyanA. Miller, CesarA. Granados, David Sean Roddy, David J. Davis,Adam L. Knox, James R. Worster, Robert Thomas Callahan,Ashley L. Henderson Huff, Jared J. Raymond, Jane Elizabeth Lanham, Eric Kavanagh, Charles Jason Jones, Robb Gordon Needham, Yull Es M mm m W mm m M M M m m m M M W m M m m m m M m W W m M M m W W m W m M M W m M m W m M M m M m m M M m m m M WW MM MW W M W M W W MM m m M m M mm m M M W m M mM m W M m M W M W M W M W W m m M M m M W m m W m M m W M M M M W m m M W m W m M MM M m m W M m M M MW m m WM M m W M M M M m W M M m M M m W M MM M W M MM m W m M M M M W M W M m M M M m MM M M m M M W m m M M W W M m M m M W W m m M W m W m M m m m M M m m M M m W M m MW W m M M mm m m W m m m m M M M M W M M W m W m M M m m W M W M M M W M M m m M M m m M W mM m M M M M mM m M M M m m M M M m m m MW m m W M mm M M M M W m M M W M M M W m W m W W m W m M M W W m M M m M M M M W M M W m M W m m m W W M M M m m W M m m M W m W m M m m W m m W m m m W M W M m M W M W m MM M M M m W m m m m m M m M M m mm W m m W m m m m m m m m W W M M M MM W M M M M W mW M M M M W m M M M m M W m m W m W M m M M M M m m W m m M M M W M M m M m W M W m W m m M W m W W M mm M m m M M M W m W m M M m W M W W M m W m MW W m m M m m m m M M M M W m m W mm m m MM m mm W M m MW W m MM M M m W m m m W m m m W m M m M W m m M M M m M M m W m m M m W M m W M W W M W m W M W m m m M m m MW m M M m W m m MM M M M m M W m W mW W mM M M W m m m M M W m m M m m M m M M m M m m M W W M M M M m M m W m m M m m m M m M M M W m m W M WM M m M MM W m m M mm m M m m M M W m W W m M m M m W m W M W M W m m m M M m M m m M M M M M W m m M M M m m W M W m W W M M m M W W M m M mm MM M M W M M m m W mM M M M M m M M W m m m M m M M M M m m W M m m M m M M M M M W M


NUMBER OF COALITION CASUALTIES in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan: 713 NUMBER OF DOLLARS the top fi ve U.S. weapons manufactures h...

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