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How Mobile Technology Impacts your business or product If you consider mobile as just a device that lets you connect to the world, and listen to music, or click pictures, beware. The mobile technology cannot be understate this way. Yes, you heard me! Mobile technology has a serious contact on your business. Maybe you are leave this aspect, but the whole picture is taking a different turn. Southern Californian experts assert the mobile technology ranks highest among all technology trends on grounds of introducing change. A few slant of these change may comprise: Customer Satisfaction Certainly, at some point or the other, you have failed to trust an e-commerce site for a simple reason that a third-party website did not brand the particular company. Perhaps, you tried to track your order or gave a ring to the plot to track it. You suppose your transaction to be safe and obvious. But, sans mobile technology, that business might fail to meet your expectations, thereby ending up losing you (their customer) to a competitor. Take into account B2C or B2B business model, consumer expectations have changed immensely ever since the stream of mobile technology into the picture. Google in a complete move even indicate that it would bring out a novel search algorithm to let users discover more mobilefriendly sites in search result. Mobile First, Then The Desktop How you observe software development earlier has a little link to how you see it now. Taking a website to mobile earlier meant making it responsive to fit any device. Regardless’s COO Greg Spillane says it’s not just the display these days. Rather, it is how people use the mobile site, meaning seamanship by using touch and not a mouse.

The present set-up, therefore, demands any company to develop mobile-friendly software before mount it for a desktop. Text messaging still matters.

Even with the growth of iPhones and Droid-powered smartphones, these are still only a slice of the mobile market. Millions of people are still engaging via text messaging and SMS platforms. Your customer will opt-in to text message (SMS) offers. You don’t have to wait for smartphone usage to completely dominate. Text is a favorite way consumers communicate, but is not used often enough as a way to market. Again, this isn’t spam, but permission-based marketing. Do or Die Literally, for businesses, the mobile technology has brought a do-or-die situation. With customer expectations having exploded due to mobile, businesses only have two choices – become accustomed to the latest technology and implement the same or continue with existing technologies and lose existing and new customers to die. Location Location used to be the real estate world’s maxim, but should now be the marketing and small business owner’s maxim. Location-based offers and services will change how customers engage in almost every way. Customers have the ability to be hyper-connected with their social networks. You have only to look at Foursquare and Gowalla to get a glimpse of the power of location. Mobile – Replacing Industries Mobile might have turned our lives into something more comfortable and effective. For individuals, its incursion might have proved a boon. Yet, for some businesses and industries, it is nothing lesser to a scar that compound with time. Clearly, with the introduction of smartphones and the apps they carry, everything ranging from cameras to address books, maps to calculators, and wallets to games, has gone on the alleyway of fade completely. Trends change out of the blue. The mobile technology trend is already in the good space. You have no time to ponder anything, but move and adapt this trend the sooner it is possible.

How mobile technology impacts your business or product  
How mobile technology impacts your business or product  

Mobile technology is the technology used for cellular transmission. Mobile code division multiple access (CDMA) technology has evolved speed...