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Is It Happening At Home? If yo u are like mo st peo ple, go ing to bed at night is generally the best time to charge yo ur mo bile pho ne. And every night witho ut fail yo u are picking up yo ur pho ne charger cable o f the flo o r o r co nducting the eternal search fo r the thing behind yo ur bedside table. This is a nightly ritual that drives you crazy…right? Twe e t

Or ho w many times have yo u go ne to bed after yo ur partner o nly to find yo u can’t find yo ur charger cable.

529 Fumbling and crashing aro und in the pitch dark o n the search until yo ur grumpy partner wakes. Seriously, divorce making stuff …right?

Is It Happening At Work?



Ho w abo ut that nuisance pho ne charge cable o r USB cable at wo rk that lives o n the flo o r next to yo ur feet, when it sho uld be really o n yo ur desk. Can yo u co unt ho w many times yo 2 u have tripped o n it, stepped o n it o r co mpletely destro yed it. That’s a little annoyance that no one should put up with…right?

e mail

Well, guess what…NOT ANYMORE!

The team at m have develo ped a simple yet elegant cable catching device designed to keep yo ur pho ne and tablet charger cable o ff the flo o r permanently. With its multipurpo se functio nality it can be attached o n yo ur be dside t able , t able t o p o r de sk . Pretty much anywhere in the ho use!!! So , kiss go o dbye to yo ur cable s living o n t he f lo o r f o re ve r ! Check o ut so me o f the great features and benefits.

T he Amaz ing Benef its No mo re pho ne and tablet charger cables o n the flo o r No mo re co rds dro pped in the vo id behind yo ur furniture No thing place o n to p o f yo ur table – no thing to dust o r mo ve Unlike o ther systems, it is almo st undetectable No screwing o r sticking o nto furniture, no damaged furniture Use it anywhere and anytime

Use it anywhere and anytime Save a “Massive 25 % Of f ” if yo u buy the twin pack

T he Great Features Fits all types o f mo bile pho ne charger makes and mo dels Fits all type o f tablet charger makes and mo dels Has a 10 0 % Unco ndit io nal Mo ne y Back Guarant e e Sleek, lo w pro file uno btrusive design Clear in co lo r to blend in with yo u deco r o r make a statement with o ne o f o ur funky co lo rs Suits mo st bedside tables o r desks to ps. Fro m 5mm to 40 mm(3/16 to 11/2) Easy to install and remo ve Fully transpo rtable and can be used anywhere aro und the ho me o r o ffice

T he Hot Colors

Grab clear and keep it subtle to blend in with yo u deco r o r make a statement and say it lo ud with o ne o f o ur funky co lo rs. “BE WARNED!”

These co lo urs are fo r a “lim it e d t im e o nly”. So do n’t miss o ut…

funky co lo rs. “BE WARNED!”

These co lo urs are fo r a “lim it e d t im e o nly”. So do n’t miss o ut…

T he Compatible Phones The Charger Clip is suitable fo r mo st mo bile devices that utilizes a charger cable. Here is just so me o f the po pular devices:

*Th e s e l o g o s a r e r e g i s te r e d tr a d e m a r ks o f Wi n d o ws , Ap p l e , S a m s u n g , An d r o i d ,LG , No ki a , HTC, Z TE. Al l r i g h ts r e s e r ve d .

De vice Type

Mo bile Pho ne

Apple Pho nes

iPho ne 3 (G,GS), iPho ne 4 (S), iPho ne 5

Andro id Based Pho nes

Acer, Asus, Cherry Mo bile, HTC, Huawei, Karbo nn, Kyo cera/Sanyo , LG, Mo to ro la, Micro max, Samsung, Sharp, So ny, So ny Ericso n, Spice, ZTE

Blackberry Pho nes

All Blackberry Mo dels

Windo ws Based Pho nes

Alcatel, Dell, HTC, No kia, LG, Samsung, Windo ws 7 & 8 , To shiba, ZTE

T he Compatible Devices The Charger Clip is ideal fo r tablets and eReader charger cables. Here is just so me o f the po pular device:

De vice Type

Table t & Re ade rs and Ot he r m o bile de vice s


iPad (1,2,3,4), iPad Mini, iPo d To uch

Andro id Based Tablets

Acer, Amazo n, Archo s, Asus, Barnes & No ble(No o k), Co by, Go o gle, HTC, LG, Leno vo , Mo to ro la, Olive Pad, Samsung, So ny, To shiba, Viewso nic, enTo urage, Po cketbo o k

Blackberry Tablets

Playbo o k

Windo ws Based Tablets

Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Leno vo , Micro so ft Surface, Samsung, So ny, To shiba

T ime to Get Yourself T he Cure Sto p suffering no w, get yo urself the Charger Clip “TODAY” and rid the anno ying search fo r yo ur pho ne charger cable fo rever. Available in singles o r in twin packs where yo u save a “who pping 25 % o f f “ the single price (no t to mentio n saving o n shipping also ).

You’ve Got Not hing To Lose Wit h Our 100% Product Guarant ee “ Am a z o n , th e Am a z o n l o g o , Am a z o n S u p p l y, a n d th e Am a z o n S u p p l y l o g o a r e tr a d e m a r ks o f Am a z o n .co m , In c. o r i ts

a ffi l i a te s .�

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The Charger Clip do es what it is suppo sed to do . Simple and to


the po int. Thanks guys we lo ve it.

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