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Dearest Delegates, Officials, Teachers, EYPers, and other internet users, On behalf of the Media Team of Córdoba 2018 - 13th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain, we would love to welcome you to the first of two written (yet digital) pieces: EQUALITY/DIVERSITY. By highlighting these two aspects in our session magazine, we hope to bring the session’s theme even more alive than it already was. In the end, both equality and diversity were omnipresent at Córdoba 2018. At one hand we are all young europeans with a passion for learning, dialogue and friends and EYP offers of platform to engage with peers in a safe environment. At the other, we all come from different parts of Europe and foster different standards and ideas. Equality and diversity are by some questioned nowadays, but in our opinion both are crucial factors in a healthy society that offers a place for everyone. EYP encourages people to go beyond their expectations, and we encourage you to take your experiences from Córdoba with you wherever you may go. Enjoy this magazine and the rest of our to be published content! The editorial team, Jan, Jason and Gizem 3


EYP by Ayşegül Ağacıklar

EYP sessions are not only for having fun but also to work hard with your team. Therefore, have you ever thought how officials and delegates can survive in a session? The way we see it, it’s about having little but important things in mind. By asking several officials of NSC of Córdoba 2018 we have summarised some pro tips for new EYPers: YP st friend. E e b r u o y is Coffee tiring, but e b t h ig m sessions gain You can . y r r o w up don’t k with a c c a b y g r e your en ee. of hot coff drink too t o n o D . P.S gh! much thou

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Last, but not least, here is our last advice for you by the president of the session: “Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy� Dorothea Weber 5



Susana Diaz Pacheto, member of Spanish Social Workers’ Party (PSOE), is going to visit 13th National Selection Conference of EYP Spain, taking place in the heart of Andalusia. As re-elected Secretary General of PSOE Andalusian branch and active politician, she will deliver a speech on equality and engagement of youth in politics. According to Susana, “having an open conversation with active citizens is valuable not only for young of the conference, but also for regional authorities”. The discussion will be focused on the main topic of the session “Building”. The conference will be taking place on 15th of April, Cordoba.

This is how an article about Susana Diaz’s visit to our session would have looked like. FAKE NEWS!


We had to choose a story that would have the chance to happen, be interesting and easy to remember for the audience. Therefore, we based our fake news on a local politician, who is interested in the development of the youth and has an active social approach in the region. Even though only around 10% of the delegates are into Spanish politics and a few of them live in Andalusia, many participants of the session would enjoy having a discussion with a politician, asking questions about the topics they are interested in or having a friendly conversation.

Fake news are usually created as a part of promotion of certain idea, product or personality or as a part of distraction from important facts and events. They aim to switch the direction of your thoughts and thus leading you to change your opinion about certain things.

To get the attention of the audience there are a few rules the follow: You have to have your audience’s focus on the reliable sources you have while subconsciously sharing the fake news with them. You have to present your topic as an importance for your audience or other people. You have to put a further obligation on your target by going a task or asking for a favour related to the issue. You have to spread the information.


SUBCONCIOUS PLACEMENT OF THE IDEA In order to convey the idea to your audience, you have to find ways to have your target subjects subconsciously accept the idea. The ways may include presenting the idea in public places, having people talk about the idea in daily conversations etc.


thinking about the idea of her coming here planning questions to ask her talking to your friends about Susana Diaz and meeting her doing research about Susana Diaz

Check reliability of the sources Read more than 2 articles on 1 topic Study all aspects of the issue and form a full image of the situation Check facts through fact-checking web sites and applications Inform others about potentially fake articles while advocating removing of the fake news on media by reporting (eg. reporting fake news on Facebook, Twitter etc.) Now that you know what the fake news is and how it is created, what purpose it serves, how fast they can be spread; you can remember to think critically about every piece of information you read - especially on the internet.




Colours and Feelings by Joana Marzo

“What makes me happy is being with people I like as my friends and family and chill with them.� 10

“What makes me feel so sad is when people tell me bad thing or when they disappoint me.”

“What makes me feel satisfied is seeing so many people here in EYP who’re so conscious and interested and politics who will make a better future.” 11

“When I’m not able to express myself or not able to get my points across it feels really stressed and I can not express myself a great way.”


“What makes me feel comfortable might be the fact that I’m surrounded by people that have similar interests that I do or that I feel like I can talk comfortably with.”

“When I cry I feel liberated mainly because it’s a moment when I can finally express all my true feelings and let everything go and be able to take a step back and reevaluate what’s been happening to improve it and make it better.”


“I get angry when I see people doing things in the wrong way when they actually can do it much better.”

“I felt euphoric when my team was selected to come to National Selection Conference in EYP.”

“There’s nothing better than seeing delegates having fun and enjoying because is in that moment when you realize that all the work that it have been done it’s been worth it.”

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Equality and Diversity  
Equality and Diversity