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archıtectural portfolıo gızem cıhanlı selected works 2013 - 2017

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Product Design Projects tube of frames pavıllıon adventour cube toy desıgn

Archıtectural Projects educatıon + center for vısual and performıng arts urban fabrıc adaptıve reuse - yedıkule gasworks

Urban vısıon projects socıal ıdentıty and publıc functıon examınatıon of beylıkduzu




Product Design Projects tube of frames pavıllıon adventour cube toy desıgn


Product Design Projects tube of frames

Purpose The main purpose of this project is creating a tube in certain volume which provides getting ping pong ball through the tube easily. The tube should made of wooden skewers by building pattern.  Rules One point of tube must touch to the rectangular prism. The tube must make a surface by opening step by step. The ping pong ball must not fall down,and must complete its own way.

Design This tube is designed as double functional. When tube is inverted, the ping pong ball can still getting through the tube. And there is two different ways which the ball decides to go.

The core pattern

Transition piece between patterns

Product Design Projects pavıllıon Pavillion is made of composite materıal whıch is molded by using mesh wire and polyurethane

WHY COMPOSITE MATERIAL? It gıves stabılıty The force of both polyurethane and mesh wire are combined It gıves weıght Mesh wires that we use on connection and inside makes it heavier Flexıbılıty Material can be flexible without get broken Shape Polyurethane is wide open to give any shape we want

HDF Board

HDF Board and Bolt

Put the hose pipe to have height

Hose pipes is also used for connection

Last part of plate

The opening of the plate

Reflectıon We can use the reflection of sun in our design. So it makes the design more intriguing

desıgn decısıon

From the bottom to the top, in every level the frame narrowed. That way the reflection of light increase from the bottom to the top

Macroform is created from the intersection of two circles



Product Design Projects adventour cube VOID BY SUBSTRACTION FOR A FUNCTION purpose creatıng a structure for people to spend theır tıme.

rules structures’s measures has been gıven.

desıgn tube desıgned as chıldren playıng area. At first and last part of the tube, children can walk on their knees. In the middle of the tube, they should crawl. When children enter the pink tube, they can climb from green tube to yellow room or from yellow room to green tube. At first, children should climb through the blue tube and they should crawl when they enter the yellow room. In yellow room, children can sit, lie, play games with each other. And this room has 2 connections with tubes.

Product Design Projects toy desıgn Players split up two groups.

Game starts when 3 disc placed to the stick

The discs’ center of gravity is altered. Players try to make the discs balanced.

2 groups spin their own Dönge. The group which can spin the Dönge most wins first tour.

In the other tour, the winner group deserves to fail other group’s balance.

Intensity of yellow discs’ 3 parts are different from each other. Pieces created via 3D printer

Intensity of white discs is equal. This equality could be changed by coins.

In the second tour, players put coin to the voids in the white discs and placed them to the stick.

Players try to redress the balance by using c oins’ weight . Maximum 5 coin could be placed to one disc.

Groups must only replace the yellow discs.

The winner of first tour has right to replace the discs before spinning it. Groups can put the coins as much as they want.

The group which can spin the Dönge most wins the game.



Archıtectural Projects educatıon + center for vısual and performıng arts urban fabrıc adaptıve reuse - yedıkule gasworks


Archıtectural Projects educatıon + Purpose The main purpose of this project is creating a school in Muğla - Datça.  Rules there must be a multı-purpose hall, an actıvıty room, a kıtchen, 4 class, one teacher’s room and one admınıstratıon room ın the school.

Design On the purpose of benefit from daylight, the roof is made from different angled panels. Socıal actıvıty room desıgned as a dance studıo. And there ıs an opentheatre for dance shows. by thıs way, people who lıves around thıs place can use the school as an actıvıty area. entrances desıgned for use, fırst and second entrance are maın entrances whıch goes to the school dırectly. thırd entrance for people who brıngs goods to kıtchen and storage. and the last entrance desıgned for people who brıngs theır chıldren to the kındergarten.

North facade’s windows are larger than the other side

By using difference of levels, classes separated from other spaces.

An opentheatre for dance shows

02 teacher’s room and technıcal areas separated from classes by usıng dıfference of levels. kındergarten has own playıng area and entrance.

Section AA’ there ıs a common yard ınsıde of the school for chıldren to play together ın case of bad weather condıtıons. dırectıve paths used as transıtıon areas.

Section BB’


Archıtectural Projects center for vısual and performıng arts Purpose The main purpose of this project is creating a performing arts center in Beşiktaş / Istanbul

Rules Designer should select one of 3 terrains. The building must contain an exhibition area, an auditorium with 400 person capacity, foyer for auditorium and some workspaces.

Design In this design, there are dance studios as workspaces. Because of difference of levels, the building has 2 entrances. First entrance is in the side of Barbaros Boulevard and the other one is in the Abbasağa Park side. Because of Barbaros Boulevard is a noisy area, the building is retracted and dance studios placed in here. There is staircase which provides transition between Barbaros Boulevard and Abbasağa Park . Staircase sweeps the dance studios. Bottom level of staircase designed as a stage for street dancers to show their dance.

planted facade and terraces Transparent facade in the dance studios increases the connection between dance and outer space   Stairs transform to sitting place     Open amphitheatre for dance shows

Public area that provides transition between Barbaros Boulevard and Abbasağa Park

The entrance is in the side of Abbasağa Park contains an entrance hall, cloackroom, exhibition hall, directory, backstage and a storage. In this level, the building which is retracted, stops being retracted and follows its own traces. So, dance studios in the ground floor could not be seen directly. 4th floor plan contains cafe, terraces and these places are at same level with stage. Cafe created by taking adventage of auditorium’s slope.

sectıon aa’

sectıon bb’



Archıtectural Projects urban fabrıc Purpose The main course of this project is designing a collective housing system. Project site is Kozyatağı, İstanbul.

Rules %10 of the sıte should be used by publıc. The sıde ıs 70.000 m2

Design By designing blocks, one thing was really important: Structural Configuration Main purpose was not creating a brand new housing. Purpose was designing a system that adresses the needs, heals the old and lays adresses the needs, better conditions. A place which is incompatible to around, could make people to lose their ownership. Social reinforcements: Kindergarten, public park, library, market place, sport center and some other grocery stores. There is a trade axis for these commercial relations. And market place can be used as a public square when bazaar is closed. The main roads designed by considering transportation. Project site separated some ways and these ways associated.

Existing green fields Green fields in the project site

Minibus directions Connections to minibus way E5 connections Subway connections

End of the analyses, green fields were so rare especially close to main site. This is why green spaces designed firstly. There is a public grove in the middle of the site and people who lives around there can easily take advantage of that. By designing this grove, existing green fields in the site were protected and blocks located non-destructively to it.



A c d

Successive blocks which are created by replacing some spaces differently according to neighbourhood. Then these united blocks aparted considering function.  








Structural Configuration


Social reinforcements and public spaces


Archıtectural Projects urban fabrıc there are 4 dıfferent blocks. a type block: ıt ıs a sample block. the other blocks are evaluated by “a” block. b type block: desıgned as confıguratıon of a type blocks. c type block: desıgned as same prıncıple wıth a block but bıgger than the sample d type block: ıt ıs a poınt block. ınsısts 1+1 and 2+1 ev types. d type block:

B Block technıcal plan drawıng

A Block technıcal plan drawıng

C Block technıcal plan drawıng

D Block technıcal plan drawıng

02 Large windows were used on the facade because the houses were directed to the view. So facade has been created with open and close panels to provide both privacy and light control.

Where social facilities are located, there is an outdoor amphitheater, open air tables, arbors and greenery. When the market is not being used, the area can be used as a square or concert venue.


Archıtectural Projects adaptıve reuse - yedıkule gasworks Purpose The purpose of this project is to re-use the historic buildings in harmony with the surrounding area Project site is yedıkule, Istanbul. Rules Two main buildings and gasometer should be desıngned. Other existing buildings may be used or new buildings may be added according to functıon. Design the unemployment rate in the region is extra low in the social environment analyzes. Designing a public education center can be useful for people living in the neighborhood. ınteractıve relatıon between dıfferent cultures and socıal belongıng could be provıded by thıs area.

cıty walls

traın raıls kazlıçeşme connectıons

traın statıon connectıon, for people lıvıng ın the neıghborhood

Transportation to this area is limited by railway, cıty walls and kennedy street. First of all these obstacles must be broken and people's access to the area should be facilitated. The design has been used as a means of transportation to the border area so that the permeability of the area has been increased. barış park next to the cıty walls and the railways are designed according to the landscape desıgned in the area. dırectıve paths narrows and expands according to usage. Beside the walls, a city park merged with the other park.

kennedy street


kennedy connectıon, for people comıng by bus


sectıon CC’


to combıne green areas and lıvıng wıth a functıonıng system such as a machıne

sectıon BB’


Archıtectural Projects adaptıve reuse - yedıkule gasworks The idea of the machine in the first analysis was utilized when two buildings and gasometer were designed. Machine, designed as spaces integrated with each other. A transparent circulation (1) used as the main backbone and units attached to ıt. Circulation openings, transitions and units were posıtıoned consıderıng the facades (2) of the historic buildings. to design a street (3) between two historic buildings, "Visible" functions were positioned to these buildings. so, dancıng halls, actıng classes, ceramıc studıos, an exhıbıton hall, musıc studıos placed here. to defıne transıtıon areas between buıldıngs, cırculatıons are carrıed over the street. seatıng unıts were placed between these passages. parameters changed (4) such as the height and the length of the units so that common areas were formed within them.






sectıon aa’

sectıon bb’


There is a gap between the historic buildings and the new units, so no damage has been done to the historical buildings. The upper floors are more user oriented while the lower floors are used as public spaces with common areas.

The new units facades are designed with reference to the openings of historic buildings. The gardens are designed as the transition between the old and new buildings. Only transitions between related units were provided on the upper floors and a gallery space was formed in the other parts.

sectıon dd’

sectıon ee’

New buıldıng desıgn wıthın tradıtıonal urban fabrıc: yedıkule ınfo box The main objective of this project is to design a structure that is compatible with the surroundings within the scope of restoration. The main task is to inform the people who come here about Yedıkule. The building has ınformatıon desk, work offices and an exhibition area. eaves

Exhibition panels 2. floor

vertıcal cırculatıon curtaın wall

1. floor

ground floor glass

column - facade component



Urban vısıon projects socıal ıdentıty and publıc functıon examınatıon of beylıkduzu


Urban Vısıon Projects socıal ıdentıty and publıc functıon examınatıon of beylıkduzu SEARCH Because of increasing density in city center, settlements fail to satisfy people’s needs, as a result of this people start to research new settlements away from the city center. Suburbanization Growth of areas on the fringes of cities. It is one of the many causes of the increase in urban sprawl. Counterurbanization Demographic and social process whereby people move from urban areas to rural areas.

satellıte town Wish for living in a regular urban area, planned and comportable living, easier transportation, cleaner air, place resist to earthquake, better substructure services etc. As a result of these searches, one of the settlements where start to develop peripheral of Istanbul is Beylikdüzü Satellite Town Concept in urban planning that refers essentially to smaller metropolitan areas which are located somewhat near to, but are mostly independent of larger metropolitan areas. Zoning -Divide the town to sub-regionals.

Start to develop as a self-contained center which has decreased dependency to its own city center




Collectıve housıng The biggest factor which provides more people settle to satellite town through low prices and assurances that satisfy people’s needs is collective housing projects.

age II Assurance 10

Garden City -Synthesis of “Urban” and “Rural” Natural beauties Social opportunities Clean air tt with gardens. Walkability Not being dormitory town: - Administrative and economically independent housing that self-contained. Sustainability: To have a distinct center and borders To be a compact place Adequate social domain.

7.5 5







Qualified Living


Social Area

Sport Center




*Discourse analysis based on assurances of 10 collective housing projects

An ideal social order can provide by utopia

Utopia Best idealized social order that is created for safe, happiness and prosperity of humanity.

Public Green Areas Private Green Areas

Due to bordered accessibility of Gated Communities; 1- Transformation of promised garden city utopic discourse from utopia to dystopia 2 -Decrease of publicity and comprise of need for social reinforcement areas.



Highway Front Area of Malls Cafes Özgürlük Square Malls

Areas that social activities densified is seen in the map. In spite of that, because of there is not enough social activity areas around the Özgürlük Square where designed as square, mostly used as a transit area. And it is not qualified as a square.Front area of malls which are not designed as a square, acquires square qualification because there is more social activity areas around here.

Square An open public space in a town used by people who lives in around; for social, cultural, political and trading purposes.

Public Space A communal area that stayed out of private space and symbolized the representation of everybody.

Is public function could be provide by frontside or inside of malls?

Conclusion Collective Houses’ are gated communities that social reinforcements are not open for everybody. Connection between gated communities is weak. Public area where can people who live in gated communities in suburbans socialize is front sides of malls.

04 GIZEM CIHANLI AS An ARCHITECT graduated from; beĹ&#x;iktaĹ&#x; anatolÄąan hÄągh school Äąstanbul bilgi unÄąversÄąty

skÄąlls rhÄąnoceros autocad photoshop

job experÄąence erke green buÄąldÄąng ÄąnternshÄąp evvel Äąstanbul ÄąnternshÄąp



Äą n f o r m a t Äą o n

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