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Marvel Comic & Colombia Picture’s

Spiderman 4 aka Spiderman Reboot


Objectives • The main objective of the unison among these companies is to mutually increases sales and brand recognition in the target market, which is male and female 18-25 year olds with $35,000+ income. • By using this cross promotional strategy the Spiderman 4 film will be promoted much more than it could have done on its own, and the success of the film will encourage sales in Vespa and Activision’s new game.

Strategy • Advertising on the medium of television will be the main strategy to accomplish the objectives. • The product placement within the Spiderman film and game will be a secondary strategy for Vespa to increase brand recognition.

Mutual Benefits Overview Spiderman 4



Spiderman 4 will promote Vespa scooters by having product placements within the film. Peter Parker will drive a Vespa and there will be billboards and advertisements for Vespa cleverly placed within the film. Since the film does take place in a city.

Vespa will promote Spiderman 4 with their advertisements on TV and in magazines that show the new “Spiderman 4” red and blue color option for Vespa scooters. The scooter shown in the commercial will be the same one Peter Parker will drive in the film. Vespa’s advertisements will encourage its audience to see the film and buy the game and DVD when available.

Activision’s new game will have Vespa scooters within the game. Peter Parker will drive a Vespa as will other citizens in “traffic.” There will be product placement on billboards around the city similar to that in the movie.

The film itself will prompt demand and create buzz for the videogame released by Activision. Spiderman fans will want to play the game to get a similar feeling like in that of the movie.

Because it is a Spiderman game the promotions will naturally promote the film as well.

Benefits Cont’ • Because the success of the film will affect sales in both Vespa and Activison’s new game all three sources will be promoting the film in their own way.

Time Frame •

Spiderman 4 will air sometime between 2010 and 2012; the promotion for Vespa, Activision and Spiderman 4 will center on the release of the movie and later on the release of the DVD and game.

Vespa should not start advertising their new Spiderman 4 colored Vespa more than 2 months before the film starts but should continue their promotion 3 months after Spiderman 4 comes out on DVD. But stress to the public that this promotion is for a limited time only. 2 moths before the release of the DVD Vespa’s media strategy should change to focus more on the release of the DVD and the recently available game.

Activision will follow a similar television media strategy as Vespa with their advertisements for their game, since the game will be released shortly after the film.

Overall Media Strategy • All three companies will advertise Nationally. Because Vespa is big in Europe it will advertise nationally in England as well. • The primary medium will be television, because this is a film it needs to be promoted visually. • Activision and Spiderman 4 will also advertise on the internet on game and movie Web sites.

Overall Media Strategy Cont’

Spiderman 4 Media Strategy • Colombia Pictures should use the strategies they normally exercise to promote a film in order to create buzz by using lots of national TV and internet advertising.

Spiderman 4 Media Strategy Cont’ • Their television ads will be on many stations like Fox, ABC, TNT, TBS, and Disney. The frequency of the advertisements will increase heavily within a week of the films release. • Their television advertisements will have a clip (only 2 to 3 seconds) of Peter Parker driving his Vespa. The scooter is not the focus it is just part of the trailer. • Their internet advertisements will be on many sites that discuss review movies such as G4.

Vespa’s Media Strategy • Vespa will advertise on television nationally in the United States and the U.K. on the same stations Spiderman 4 uses. The commercials will have teasers from the new movie, encouraging viewers to go see it and later purchase the game. • They will also introduce their scooters in magazines in both the U.S. and the U.K. such as “Box Office” and “Future movies.” The magazine ads will show both Spiderman 4 and the Vespa effectively advertising for both parties.

Promotion • The NEW Vespa GTS 300 will be the spotlight for Vespa’s advertising. • The advertisements will focus on gas mileage and affordability. •

Vespa could also offer a discount or free Spiderman 4 DVD with the purchase of a new scooter later on in their promotion.

Magazine advertisement (example)

• Spideys got his eyes on New limited time only Red and Blue Spiderman 4 Vespas.

Activision Media Strategy Cont’ • Activision will advertise on many of the same TV stations as Colombia Pictures, thus more effectively tying the game in with the Spiderman 4 brand. • Unlike Vespa however it will not advertise in Europe, but focus mainly on TV and internet ads. Its magazine ads will only focus on its own target market in magazines like Nintendo power and Xbox magazine. • The internet advertisements will range from online gaming sites to blogs about the upcoming movie.

Spiderman 4 Game •

Activision has been making Spiderman games since 2000 and has made a total of 8 Spiderman games. Creating a new game would be simple for a company with such a good reputation. • Shortly after the release of the film Spiderman 4 the game will come out for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. • The game will feature the same villains as the film.

Spiderman 4 Game Cont’ •

Obviously the web slinger has no need for any vehicle since he uses his webs to travel high over the city; But when playing as his alias Peter Parker when traveling he has the option to go on foot or use his Vespa. At the start of the game Peter will have to drive an older model like the VBB Standard 150. But as the game progresses more options will become available, like the PX 125 working all the way up more recent models until the player gets the GTS 300. This will give them a knowledge of Vespa and a sense of accomplishment and respect for the newer models.

Spiderman 4 Game Cont’ Vespa in-game rewards

• This wouldn’t be the first time Vespa advertised with superheroes. • Not exactly Spiderman but the colors are still correct.

Conclusion • The Tri-Promotion of these three brands will effectively create increased interest for the new movie. The advertisements will be prevalent enough that Spiderman 4 will reach nearly 100 percent of it’s target market to inform them when it will be released and persuade them to go see it. • The fanbase of Spiderman, Vespa, and Activision will merge increasing profitability for all three brands.

Spiderman 4 /Vespa Cross Promotion  

A cross promotional stratgy that combines Vespa, Spiderman 4 and Activision.