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Orgasm Well, he said, it’s time for mastery again. I’ve been sitting too long. I can’t imagine everyone else seeing what I do. It’s dangerous standing still. Standing upright and alert is more in line with whatever it is that is controlling you when you are not in control. I don’t know if you’ve felt the gravity of the situation. It’s weighing you down. You need strength to climb back up, Mr. Blueberry. I can help. My name is Orange. I come from Florida where all of my friends lived. We migrated when the season changed and we were plucked from our homes. I quite liked the tree I was born of. It was kind and gentle and nourishing


towards me. I really miss that guy. But part of him is inside of me. I can remember that. Part of my maker exists in me. He is so bright. I think the master maker is inside of all of us. Testing and building us up. The winds came - we survived. The storms came - we survived and the doubt came, and, we survived. We’re oranges after all! It took a long time to get to you, Mr. Blueberry. I had to be painlessly picked, packaged and transported over 3000 kilometres to get to you. But I saw you looking at me and my friends Mr. Blueberry. You were there looking and you picked me! I was so happy. Me! Thank you for picking me, Mr. Blueberry. I met your family in your home, each of you saying hello but passing me by because I was already spoken for. You are the man of the house after all, aren’t you? It sure seemed like it. I was so happy to leave the darkness and be brought out into the light. It meant that I was there and everything was okay. Never have I had such an experience, Mr. Blueberry. I travelled so far in the dark, but you took me from the store and brought me home. Oh how lucky I am! Thank you Mr. Blueberry.


I’m juicy so you had better eat me soon, or, I’ll be sad and wasted. Where I come from waste is sad to see, until it disappears into other forms. I like to be loved. In fact, I think everything likes to be loved. It’s pretty much how I was born. Love. Have you ever felt lost? Like, I mean, lost and out of place? Well sometimes I feel that way too, Mr. Blueberry. But then I have friends, and not only do I HAVE friends, I can GET friends. People and objects and animals and food can all become friends. I’d rather you eat me than kill a pig for bacon, even though I understand that you like bacon… I don’t think you’d like to be slaughtered for someone else. I’m so alive! I’m so rejuvenated! I’m living and by God I am loved! I feel my inner spark. Thank you God. You keep my heart pumping and my ears open. I have a friend. His name is banana. He’s a good guy. You’ll like him in a couple of days when you pick him up from my home away from my true home. Banana knows what I mean, and I think you do too. Remember the spark? The spark I have inside? Well, you have it too. It’s in me, it’s in you, it’s in all things. God is in control and he likes to let us live by his light.


I don’t miss my friends. I relish the times we had. But happy was I moving on. New places, new adventures, new challenges to make me stronger, Mr. Blueberry. I needed the practice. I’m more confident after overcoming my trials. Thanks for sending them my way, Mr. Blueberry. You are a dear friend.



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The Impossible Orange  

An itty bitty tale about an impossible orange.

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