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Fall 2015 • Issue 5

Appreciating Our Foundation

Oliver & Company

“When you got your pals, you got all you need!”

Frequent Flyer at Four Lakes Wildlife Center Planned Giving at DCHS

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Pam McCloud Smith, Executive Director

Dear Friends, At Dane County Humane Society (DCHS), we have been taking some time to appreciate the foundation we have developed over the years. This foundation of core programs and services serves our community in our everyday work of Helping People Help Animals. The relationship between the shelter and the community is reciprocal; the support we receive from the community allows us to build upon our foundation so we can help the community’s homeless animals. We provide help through our core programs and services. Compassionate, knowledgeable staff and volunteers provide excellent care to the animals we take in, all tailored to an animal’s individual needs. This includes everything from quality medical care, to enrichment and behavior modification, to foster care. Our Adoptions Program has evolved over the years, enabling us to adopt more and more animals each year through thoughtfully planned promotions and participation in nationally sponsored events. DCHS provides programs for our community members. The Volunteer Program nurtures the training and advancement for those in our community willing and able to lend a hand. Humane education is very important to our mission, and we offer educational opportunities, with a focus on youth programs. And, of course, one of the best things we get to do at the shelter is reunite a lost pet with their owner! Our signature programs include Four Lakes Wildlife Center, seeing increased intake numbers of injured and orphaned wildlife each year, and the Felines in Treatment Center, treating ringworm cases from within our community and beyond. These programs are helping us to build our reputation as innovators in animal sheltering. These are all part of the DCHS foundation. This strong base, along with the community’s support, allows us to look to the future with projects we are currently tackling, like a new Adoption Center location on Madison’s west side and a new horse and livestock barn, currently underway. Thank you to our community and our supporters for your role in our successful foundation and future!

Pam McCloud Smith, Executive Director Dane County Humane Society|


Family Gatherings

<< Rewind Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days On May 30 and 31, DCHS was honored to participate in the 2015 Maddie’s® Pet Adoption Days, a two-day, fee-waived collaborative effort to save the lives of shelter animals. For 2015, participating groups within selected counties of the San Francisco Bay Area, Washoe County, Nevada and Dane County, Wisconsin came together for one goal: to empty the shelters! For each pet adopted, Maddie’s Fund® gave participating shelters from $200 to $2,500. Dane County participating groups (DCHS, Dane County Friends of Ferals, Angel’s Wish, Friends of Noah and Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin) adopted 495 animals and raised $352,900 to support our shelters. We came very close to emptying our shelters with only a handful of available animals at the end of Sunday. At DCHS we adopted 122 dogs and cats, earning $103,700.

Paws for Pints On Sunday, August 23, Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona and Cat Care Clinic of Madison invited supporters to come out for a celebration of our feline friends. It was a beautiful summer afternoon full of great raffle prizes, brewery tours, games and crafts for kids, face painting and of course delicious concessions and brews. We can’t thank Dr. Katarina Luther of Cat Care Clinic enough for coordinating the event and raising over $1,500 for the shelter!

Bark & Wine Thank you to everyone who celebrated DCHS with us on Saturday, September 19 at the 13th annual Bark & Wine. The shelter filled with more than 250 supporters and friends. We enjoyed competitive live and silent auctions, an exciting wine pull, delicious hors d’oeuvres and desserts. With the help of dozens of volunteers and DCHS staff members, we were able to raise nearly $70,000 at Bark & Wine this year! Thank you to our event Best in Show sponsors, National Guardian Life Insurance Company and Liliana’s, as well as Madison Veterinary Specialists, Capital Newspapers, Grand Central and X01 apartment communities, Don Miller Mazda, Metcalfe’s Market, Cat Care Clinic, Dentistry for Madison and many others!


Family Tails|Fall 2015

Fast Forward >> Giving Tuesday December 1, 2015 On Tuesday, December 1, charities, families, businesses, community centers and students around the world will come together for one common purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. Join in this global celebration of giving and help us start a new tradition of generosity. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on #GivingTuesday as we share the amazing stories of the countless homeless animals your donations support.

Camp Pawprint: Winter Break December 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30, 31; January 1 Looking for something fun and educational for your child to do over their winter vacation? Our Camp Pawprint: Winter Break is perfect for you! Children ages 7-13 are welcome to attend day camps that focus on various domestic and wild animals. Activities during camp include service projects for the shelter, games, crafts, interacting with animals and so much more! Registration for Camp Pawprint: Winter Break is open now. Please email the humane educator at education@ for more information!

Toto’s Gala: There’s No Place Like Home February 20, 2016 • Madison Masonic Center Join us at our largest fundraiser of the year, the 3rd annual Toto’s Gala: There’s No Place Like Home on Saturday, February 20, 2016. We will gather for a wonderful evening starting with a cocktail hour of conversation and a silent auction, then proceed to a delicious dinner and live music. This year, we will experience the grandeur of the Emerald City in the oneof-a-kind Madison Masonic Center’s Grand Ballroom. Come dressed in your best green attire to celebrate Dane County Humane Society’s animals, people and programs. Tickets will go on sale at the beginning of January; follow our website for more information. Dane County Humane Society|


Oliver & “When you got your pals, you got all you need.”

Many of you have probably seen a typical 3-year-old Labrador Retriever – a bouncy, playful dog that has miles of energy and is full of life. When Oliver came to Dane County Humane Society this past May, his kindness and love of life immediately showed, but his frail body told a different story.

June 2, 2015

Weighing just 34 pounds, he was extremely thin, had irritated skin and sores on his body, a double ear infection and a very upset stomach. Our veterinary team concluded that “gaining weight was imperative, but it needed to be done carefully,” said Dr. Erica Schumacher, DCHS’s Chief Shelter Veterinarian. “Luckily, Oliver’s blood work came back normal, but his obsessive water drinking was concerning.” Oliver quickly won over staff and volunteers with his constant wagging tail and forgiving character. Our animal care staff carefully followed Oliver’s special feeding program and slowly, but surely, he began to put on weight. Generous community support ensures that we are able to provide care and comfort to animals like Oliver throughout their journey with us.

June 14, 2015

Our behavior and foster teams decided his recovery would be smoother and less stressful in a foster home where he could relax and be closely monitored. Fortunately, a wonderful foster home was quickly found. Sheila, an adoption center volunteer, was moved by his story and condition. She met Oliver and felt an immediate connection. “The day I got to take him home, he came trotting out with the foster coordinator, tail wagging, happy and eager, despite the fact that his body weight was half of what it should have been,” said Sheila, Oliver’s foster mom.

“I absolutely loved caring for him, it was such an honor and blessing. I heartily encourage others to foster.” -Sheila, Oliver’s foster mom July 24, 2015


Family Tails|Fall 2015

Company Three months after Oliver arrived at DCHS, everything seemed back to normal except for his compulsive desire to drink water. With the help of Dr. Bates from Madison Veterinary Services, Oliver was diagnosed with psychogenic polydipsia (compulsive water drinking). While his water intake will need to continually monitored, Oliver’s weight had finally reached a healthy and steady 68 pounds. He was ready to be adopted!

Donna and Dan heard Oliver’s story through friends of Sheila. The power of social media allowed them to see Oliver’s progress and personality via the pictures and videos Sheila posted online. When Oliver was made available for adoption, Sheila brought Oliver to Donna and Dan’s house to meet them in person. Oliver immediately made himself at home. He went straight to the basket of toys they had – quickly digging out the tennis balls bringing them to Donna and Dan to toss! “Oliver has this immensely strong spirit, excitement and jubilation for life that cannot be denied. We fell in love quickly!”

“Dogs have a remarkable sense of forgiveness - if only humans could learn from them! He will always have a loving, stable home with us for the rest of his life - that is the commitment we made to him.” -Donna and Dan, Oliver’s new family Through your donations, these success stories become the norm and not the exception. Your philanthropy supports our adoption guarantee, ensuring that every treatable animal gets top notch care in order to be placed for adoption. Your continued support makes that pledge a sustainable one for dogs like Oliver and many others needing comfort, care and compassion. - Written by Gayle Viney, DCHS Assistant Director of Development

Nemo needed some additional tender loving care. He went to a foster home and just look at his transformation! With some extra love, we found a wonderful guy Oliver, Donna and Dan - October 2015 named Nemo. Dane County Humane Society|


Family Scrapbook

Alumni Updates Paris celebrated her 3rd “Adoptaversary” this past August with her new, loving family. Her family writes, “Paris was really stoic (this day) and reflecting on her time with us. Perhaps she’s thinking about buying a boat. But regardless we cooked her a nice sirloin steak wrapped in bacon. Thanks so much for helping us find her and keep on the great work you’re doing!”

Sam arrived at DCHS as a stray in April. Pigs tend to be a bit defensive in new environments and with new people, but Sam was the exact opposite – he was shy and cautious. To help Sam overcome this, staff started clicker training with him. Sam learned “touch” which involved him gently touching his nose to an open hand, which resulted in a “click” and a tasty treat (usually animal crackers – his favorite!). Sam picked up on this exercise quickly and soon became very friendly and outgoing. In early June, a very nice woman came to meet Sam and, within an hour of her visit, contacted DCHS saying that she wanted to give Sam his forever home. Since then, Sam has blossomed into a remarkable house pig that is housetrained, lives comfortably with three dogs and two kids, and never ceases to do something comical each and every day (such as stealing a beer from the fridge!).

Frequent Flyer at Four Lakes Wildlife Center If you’ve gone to see a movie in Fitchburg lately you may recognize this familiar face - not on the screen, but possibly on top of the AMC Fitchburg theater trying to spot her next meal. Staff at DCHS’s Four Lakes Wildlife Center (FLWC) have been tracking this beautiful, female Red-tailed Hawk since September 2014 when she was first brought into FLWC. She was found outside of the Bavaria Sausage Kitchen, unable to fly and unsuccessfully attempting to eat a frog. X-rays revealed a severely displaced left coracoid fracture (a type of scapular fracture) and an infected leg wound. With the assistance of UW Veterinary Care’s Special Species Service, she was able to make a full recovery and was released in November 2014.


Family Tails|Fall 2015

FLWC staff and volunteers tracked her daily through methods in radiotelemetry until the following February when she made another trip to FLWC, this time after being found in Fitchburg unable to fly while fighting off an infection. The following month, after being treated with antibiotics, she was healthy enough to be re-released. We continue to track her today and are thrilled to see her happy, healthy and keeping a watchful eye on Fitchburg movie-goers.

Building for a Better Future Big changes are taking place to benefit some of the biggest animals in need at DCHS. On Monday, September 28, ground was broken on a brand new barn to house homeless horses and livestock. The current DCHS barn is limited to housing only two animals; all other horses and livestock are placed in foster homes, which can be located as far as an hour outside the Madison area. The new barn will include six stalls opening onto a large fenced pasture, an indoor arena for year-round training and storage rooms for hay and tack. Having horses and livestock located on DCHS property will increase public awareness of their availability for adoption.

September 28, 2015 - (L to R) Gayle Viney (DCHS Asst. Director of Development), Bob Cohen, John and Gloria Etter, Kathy Wall, Bob Rau, Will Anzenberger (DCHS Director of Development)

The new barn construction is the first of three phases, which also include renovating the current barn to allow Four Lakes Wildlife Center to take full advantage of the space and raising awareness and funds to allow DCHS to care for homeless horses and livestock for years to come. Thank you to all our generous supporters who have helped us come this far. We look forward to opening our doors to even more area horses and livestock in need. October 7, 2015

We Moved!

Cats and critters enjoy cozy digs at new Adoption Center West On Tuesday, October 6, we opened the doors to our new Adoption Center on the west side of Madison. The new Adoption Center West is located on Grand Canyon Drive and can be seen from the Madison Beltline. The new building provides a larger space for staff and volunteers to work in, a great retail area where the public can purchase pet supplies, and most importantly, larger and more comfortable housing for homeless cats and critters. Many of the cats at the new Adoption Center West will be living in group housing which gives them more space to move around, other cats to socialize with and in general and a lower stress environment. Those looking to adopt will be able to meet many cats at one time in an environment where each catsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; personality can really shine!

Adoption Center West 680 Grand Canyon Drive, #5 Madison, WI 53719 (608) 827-8997 Dane County Humane Society|


Family Giving Planned Giving at DCHS

Making your planned fift have the biggest impact

Thinking of Selling Your Stocks?

Consider donating your appreciated stocks and/or securities The last few months have seen many U.S. stocks falling sharply, but it should also be noted that the S&P 500 has gone up over 200% since March 2009 when stocks bottomed out after the financial crisis. And while it may be better to give than to receive, with proper planning, it is possible to do both at the same time. If you are considering selling appreciated stock, mutual funds and/or other securities, you can donate directly to DCHS and not have to pay the longterm capital gains as you would if you had sold the stock. If you are holding securities with a loss, it is likely better to sell first, take the capital loss for tax purposes and then donate the cash. Please consult with your financial advisor about the possibilities. If you decide to donate appreciated securities, please provide the following information to your financial institution: UBS Financial Services, Inc., DTC Clearing Number: 0221, Account Number: HZ31195, and Account Name: Dane County Humane Society.


Family Tails|Fall 2015

As a supporter of DCHS, you have made a positive impact with your generosity, and we hope you, as a donor, feel that joy of giving. For some development departments, engaging current donors in planned giving is a monumental undertaking because of the belief that the first priority is to apprise the donor of the latest tax breaks and every single planned giving option. Studies show, though, that donors care more about the impact on their preferred charitable organization than figuring out the complexities of the tax code. For DCHS, planned giving is an extension of our philanthropic philosophy: to build strong relationships with those supporters that want to make a transformational impact on our mission. Thus, similar to other areas of our development/fundraising engagement efforts, we want to build authentic relationships based on trust and stewardship. These relationships lead to a stronger bond between you and DCHS. Sometimes, this will lead to a major transformational planned gift to DCHS, as it will be clear to both you and DCHS that you feel best about your planned gift while satisfying our organizationâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s strategic priorities. Other times, it clarifies to each of us that your philanthropy might be better suited to another worthwhile cause, or that we will continue to have conversations about what impact you want to have on your charitable giving. We recognize that our supporters want to help in larger ways, but you are not always sure what to do. The decision to include DCHS in your estate plans shows a sincere commitment to animals and a desire for your legacy of that commitment to continue for years to come. On October 26, we will be holding a Planned Giving Workshop to go over the basics of planned giving, including caring for your pets should they outlive you. The workshop will go over the typical forms of planned giving: bequests, donating appreciated securities, creating charitable trusts, and naming beneficiaries to life insurance policies, retirement accounts and more.

DCHS Planned Giving Workshop Monday, October 26, 2015 9:00 - 11:00 AM Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. 33 East Main Street, Suite 300 Madison, WI 53701

Please call us at (608) 8380413 ext. 118 or email us at development@giveshelter. org if you have any questions or would like to attend the Planned Giving Workshop.

To learn more about specific types of planned gifts, please visit our website at

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Phyllis Mae Anderson Sally Minick Laurie & Tanjore Splan Steve & Denise Cheramy DGS - PHX Pickles Karen Laudon Poggie Beth Workmaster Radar Adrienne Keith Rally Mary Jones Renee Wallace David Wallace Judith Kraft Colleen Collins Richard “Dick” Anderson Darrell & Karen Luckasson Riley Delwin & Lynda Coufal Charlotte Jerney Riley & Camden Alice & Peter Waldron Robert “Joe” Hastert James & Nancy Herritz Robert Hastert Nancy Nilsen Martin & Julie Stoddard Robert Schappel John Finkler & Nancy DeCori Ronald Roth Dolores Kahl Ronald Sutkay Donna Rifken Rosco Bethany Sorem Rose Rice Jeffrey & Lori Schultz Jennifer Kleppe B. Hornburger Debbie Rice LHS Class of 1957 Rosie JoAnn Hinz Rosie Charles & Sandra Giovetti Rosie Centro Para Crisis-Violacion Ruby Flancher-Antone Walgreens Company Ruth Bachmann Brooke Miller Bachmann Construction Company,Inc. Ruth Huseth Ellis Manufacturing Company Ruth Obermeyer Shelly Obermeyer

Ruthie Kathryn & Paul Nichols Sam Kim Paul Lai Samson Daniel Kim Sandra Hass Susan Adler John & Eileen Bonine State Bank of Cross Plains Sharon Hardiman David & Lynne Roark Amy Bogost Dianne & Rodney Bess Shirley Gunderson Debra & Edward Slotten Michael & Cindy Smits Jeffery & Candi Hron Joseph Romdenne, Jr. Donald & Laurie Selje Smokey Leighty Debra Diestelmeier Sophie Frances Toon Spike Peter & Jill Lundberg Spike Nancy Matthews Starlet Karen Laudon Steven Winspur Ronald & Cindy Klinge Laurey Martin-Berg & William Berg Guy & Joanne Plunkett Debra Fried Mary & Thomas Payton Mary Bina Frymark Larry and Pamela Williamson Catherine Niederehe University of Wisconsin Diana Schultz Anne Newman Timothy Chapman Barbara Brasser David Kummer Teresa Knudson Lois Komai Sweetness Carolyn and Frank Ferriano Sydney Montgomery Dawn Hart Tara Kristi Seifert & Peter Berryman Thelma Cox Hans & Elizabeth Johnson Thomas Weiner Donna Anderson & Dennis Wake

Toby Mary Manering & Dennis Tande Tony Edyie & David Walther Tryg Strend Jeane Kropp & Jay Laurie Tuffy Norma Kohlenberg Virginia Sybers Nancy & David Sarbacker Beverly & Sam Di Maggio Kevin Jensen Cindy Wendorf Scott & Kristi Grady Ruth Hoffman Hein Paul & Patti Cucunato Karen Schlageter & Jim Borkenhagen Linda & Richard Kilgore Wayne Wildt Mae Wildt Janice Jones & Laurence Collins Nancy Duhr William “Bill” West Susan & Steven James Judy & Walter Stevenson Sylvia Armstrong Poppelbaum Richard Halvorson

William “Bill” West (cont.) Jane & Duane Miller Laura McFadden Deborah & William Holden Albert Scott Dean Health Insurance Incorportated Diane & Wayne Corey Matt Terek Calvin Rempert Robert & Shelly Hecht William “Billy” Vega Christine Seagren William “Bill” Jess Elise Wileman Willy Washa Merry Nelson Wilson Barbara Brasser Yukon Madison Veterinary Specialists Zazie Elizabeth & Russ Whitesel Zeke Mach Matthew & Nathaniel Brisher Ziggy Amanda Reeve

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